Thursday, January 31, 2008


We could use a change around here. The whole family has had flu/croup. I never get this sick. The kids generally get colds now and then. We could make a case for a sick society being more easily controlled. Another time.

Notice the word 'change' rears its knobby head during elections. And like dumb clucks Americans fall for it every time. Doesn't matter the party. Again, they are more alike than not. Some ditzy eternal optimist seems to spring forth from people's psyches, thinking someone will make it all better. Or at least voting for the 'lesser of two evils'. I've been told 'we must be realistic'. Indeed we must.

Change could be great, if we were swinging back from a democracy to a Republic. We are not. We are continuing our incremental death by a thousand cuts. The seeming arguments among candidates are mere staging. Clinton/Obama are greatly in lockstep. Their socialist agendas are quite similar. So too is the RINO claptrap of McCain/Romney. It's never been more dangerous for these united States. It's all our fault.

We LET these things happen. I suggested Ron Paul as the only hope we have at the moment. Perfect, no. But the alternative is MOS. I see how Dr. Paul and we who seek his election are being held in derision. This indicates to me someone is scared. The others are platitudes with legs. Paul is an iconoclast. That does not go well in politics. My experiences with the bureaucratic dweebs in Indiana have taught me a lot about that. I was told we must be careful how we present ourselves. Absolutely. There should be no compromise. We must speak plainly and let all know how we feel. No prancing about being 'well versed on politics'. Enough of that crap. Vote your conscience!

It is NOT throwing your vote away nor giving it to the opposition. If enough people do so, then we can send a message to the perfumed princes etc who think they decide for us. Keep getting folks to think. The difference can be made. Change can take place. If we do not, we are one step closer to Unintended Consequences. Can we not effect change otherwise? I hope so.

I haven't been shut up yet. Sidelined a bit. But that will turn into a surprise. Changes are coming here to this blog soon. It's going to be more interactive. More dialog and exchange of ideas. I still don't care to make it a Grand Central Station of buzz. I will continue to make it a place for folks to come, read and then go forth and spread the word. But I want to make sure we disseminate even more. More on that very soon.