Friday, May 30, 2008

The Invasion

There are a lot of invasions. Illegals across our borders, communist/socialist/one world ideology aka cultural shifts, and certainly business incursions by other countries. These have been debated and 'proed and coned' ad infinitum. I am, as is my wont, talking of a movie.

I watched 'The Invasion' with my daughter the other day. It stars Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig with a good cast. It is a new take on 'The Invasion of the Body Snatchers',two versions and 'Body Snatchers'a third take on the theme. The first three and this current one are based on a novel by Jack Finney. Check it out. The first three deal with extraterrestrial 'pods' taking over and/or destroying the original human and leaving an unemotional 'shell' or 'vegetable' being. This latest one is much more interesting though I still love the original with Kevin McCarthy.

There is a plethora of analyses, ideas re the versions. Everything from creeping communism to creeping McCarthyism to cultism has been sliced and diced. The latest deals with a 'virus' like substance. Pandemics etc come to mind.

Here is my take on the flick. Granted, we have some liberal statements re war and conflict in general. Neocon fearmongering about disease and how easy it is for a substance to permeate the world health grid (Notice we are not dead from avian flu yet -s-). Fortunately, thanks to my inductive and deductive reasoning, my ability to analyze aka think for myself, I will give you my impression of this story, shortly.

Briefly, a virus like spore is brought back on the outside of a shuttle that crashes, strewing debris. The spore spreads by direct contact with one infected. Some of the methods are gross (My daughter's comments re the 'puking' into coffeepots and directly onto people included 'ewwww, gross, ugh, disgusting etc. Mine too lol). It becomes more surreptitious with injections, supposedly for a 'flu' brought back by the shuttle, distributed at 'innoculation centers'. How's that for a fear factor re our current talk of vaccines for various maladies?

My core reaction and interpretation is simple. It is the increasing lack of humanity that merits concern. This is true in real life as well as the metaphor 'virus'.

The infected experience a core personality change. This excludes emotion. The 'pitch' for this kind of existence is equally simple. No more war, conflict, arguments. Everyone is 'better', all is well. Humanity progresses in lockstep toward some utopia that is never made clear, just that the result is 'better'. In reality all is stagnating.

Sounds like a socialist world? If we all were commies then communism would work? Control is endemic. The ultimate in life is feeling that is not feeling. It is directed to the central matrix of unity? Then we all can have a 'better' world? Better, with no explanation save for the end goal. If we all 'felt' (unfeeling) the same way, then we would 'progress' (regress).

On the inter and intrapersonal level, there would be only directed logic. No more pesky emotions, which would create individual thought. A new day is dawning.

Per our discussion of the film, my daughter and I came to an elemental conclusion. We must balance our 'head and heart'. Neither emotion alone which would lead to cataclysmic destruction, nor logic, which would lead to stagnancy, cut the mustard. It takes that yin and yang constantly churning to produce a productive life.

I don't scare easily. Loss of humanity is a gut wrenching proposition. Reminds me of the Borg from Star Trek TNG. Particularly Star Trek First Contact. That unswerving onslaught on all that is cultural, human and in the Trek world other cultures replaced by machinelike exclusion. The anguish supplied by the music added to the dread.

Liberals often resort to emotion to win a point, vis a vis gun control (with 'facts' that are skewed or outright lies). We must counter with a balance of emotion and reason, with facts that are imbued with both. That is an unbeatable combination that will ensure a renewal of our Republic and at the core, our humanity. Without humanity how could we have a Constitutional Republic?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Staying Sick

I've talked of slavery. I've mentioned how my German Prof, who was a translator at Nuremberg, stated that many in East Germany were comfortable being controlled. They got used to their leashes. Some people simply 'like' being told what to do. Or they are afraid to speak out, to resist.

I've talked of being sick. I've stated that a sick society is more easily controlled. Disease can be used as a tool to manipulate society. Both mental and physical illness, often together, are used as excuses rather than alarms that lead to treatment and healing. It can be that illnesses are contrived in order to accomplish compliance or silence.

Working with this, from the patient/client side, some are as comfortable with sickness as there are those 'at home' with government restraint.

Some people simply prefer to suffer. They are used to it. Any remedy is viewed with fear. I'm not talking hypochondria. I mean real illness, beyond delusion, with symptoms and actual bodily/mental disorder.

Not only can this evidence control from gov or other institutions, it can be a perverse control on the part of patients/clients. If said people can just stay sick, they can be assured they will not only get attention, but that there need not be any 'striving'. They stay 'safe', 'under the radar'. Can they be treated? Sure, but they must be convinced they need help and further, to help themselves at the same time.

As for the Republic, woe are we if this continues. We are sick with the disease of democracy. The cure as told before is to realize this and bring us back to health aka Constitutional Republic.

Of course, it's not as easy as it sounds. Being cured is frequently painful. There will be plenty of pain. But then this is always so, especially for that which is most precious.

If we have our health, we have everything.

Monday, May 12, 2008


A sick society is more easily controlled. Sickness, both physical and mental, often together has become a sickness itself. If we are very ill, we cannot make decisions for ourselves or at least are impaired. We are not able to concentrate on anything but getting better. We lack wherewithal to criticize, to analyze, to 'parse'. This can be made worse or made up.

I'm reminded of Tom Stoppard's "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour". Alexander Ivanov is being held in a Soviet 'mental facility'. He will be held until he admits his criticism of the government is a result of a (made up) mental disorder. It's rarely performed. I saw it in Chicago in 1993 with Patrick Stewart and several Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members. Also, there is a full symphony orchestra. Research it, as I always say, for more info online. Interesting, though there is a liberal bent, it is nonetheless true re what is happening to us in these united States.

I believe that many disorders are being propagated and exacerbated to instill obedience to the state. According to many current psychological definitions, we must ALL have a problem. How analogous to my previous comments concerning crime (check out 'Guilty' at this blog).

Of course, there are physical and mental diseases (We got over some horrendous 'flu' at the start of the year). But I have long held they are not and should not be 'politicized'. Let healing come from those who truly seek to heal, not cover up the sins of impending tyranny. Let healing lead to cures and not just treatment of symptoms.

Part of my background is in Psychology. I was on the fast track to be a therapist when I went into acting etc. I strove to work with a client to find a solution rather than keep adding problems. One must learn to help oneself. So it is with our Republic.

We have a very sick country. It is degraded into a fast sliding democracy. The 'cure' is to admit we need to make US a Constitutional Republic again. That is considered by some an illness to declare this. Then the Founders were sick as well. Those who want Freedom must be nuts. Why not let the state take care of us?

Because, THAT is the sickness masquerading as the cure. Let us take responsibility and cure ourselves!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Overused. I see attempts ad nauseum to hit us up for assistance to help the 'needy'. Sounds like I'm a parsimonious skinflint. Maybe even a niggard (more on the ignorance of people soon).

The people left by Ray 'I'm self inflated' Nagin in New Orleans come to mind. So do the kids who misuse firearms.

People have been carefully taught to rely on the state instead of themselves. Thanks to that criminal Johnson and the 'war on poverty'. Our self reliance quotient has decreased steadily. Teaching self respect and personal responsibility have eroded.

It seems calling this country a democracy has become a self fulfilling prophecy (with lots of help from socialists, leftists, commies, one worlders). I'm sure it is both on purpose and done in ignorance. The road to mob rule is greased with irresponsibilty, passing the buck. It doesn't happen over night.

I remember a time when firearms safety was widely taught. Noone would dream of taking one to school unless it was for hunting or target practice later. Kids were taught (as our son and daughter now) how to use them for self defense. One of the rallying points for the antigun crowd is the negligent use of firearms by kids. They claim that it would be imprudent to allow kids to have guns or for guns to be shipped to homes or carried in statehouses -smile-. I see how that works and I cry BS!

With rights come responsibilities. If a few cross the line and misuse guns, then they should be prosecuted. But they should have had the opportunity to know how to handle guns responsibly. If they don't of course they should be dealt with anyway. With dependence on the state has come a lack of knowledge for self reliance. It logically stems from the 'entitlements' of the war on poverty.

As for that said 'war': TEACH PEOPLE TO HELP THEMSELVES! When someone is hungry, feed em. THEN you have the chance to give them a gift that noone can steal. Self reliance, cum self confidence. If they have that we are on the road to a revitalized Constitutional Republic!

The only neediness should be the desire to learn more about helping ourselves.