Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Evening Visit

I had a full day. Places to go and things to do. Family matters. Writing, both scripts and blog/letters. I got up and stretched and retrieved a cup of fresh brewed tea. When I sat back down, I couldn't quite shake the growing fatigue. As I occasionally do, I laid my head down on my arms and dozed. Quick naps get me through the night.

As I drifted, I heard a whisper.


I rolled my head and tried to resettle.


This time, more insistent.

I raised my head halfway and opened my eyes slightly. What I saw made me sit up straight and focus.

Before me was a young woman. She was strikingly beautiful. Long shoulder length hair fell to her shoulders. It was pale, what we called towheaded. Her face was porcelain and the features seemed delicate. But underneath there was a strength that bespoke resolve. Most noticeable were her eyes.

Compelling, crystal blue, they radiated and instead of piercing, they enveloped warmly.

Her gown was floor length, dark blue, like velvet with long sleeves. It seemed medieval/Celtic and plain except for what appeared to be little symbols round her neck.

Most unusual was the sword she cradled in her arms. It was brilliant, like silver and seemed alive with light.

"Michael", she said again, this time clear and musical, "I have a Gift for you. Before you decide to accept or not, I must explain."

I attempted to speak, but she smiled and bade me quiet with a finger to her lips.

"There is a choice you must make. You alone must determine if you are ready. We believe you are. But we cannot force you to agree."

I nodded, yet didn't utter a sound. There was something warm and trusting about this young woman. I listened.

"We offer you this sword". She held it up slightly as it continued to almost vibrate with light.

Before I could answer, she said, "The Republic is dying. The Dream of your Fathers is almost over. We offer you Hope." She lifted the sword higher. "With Hope comes Assurance." She skillfully swept the sword down and guided it through the air as though it had a life of its own. It seemed, and it could be I misheard and did not see clearly, that the sword appeared to dance and sing. A perfect weapon. She wielded it so skillfully, belying her delicate appearance.

"With Hope comes responsibility", she replied as she returned the sword to the cradle of her arm.

"Your Fathers AND Mothers risked much, risked all. Many paid the ultimate price. Blood tears sweat despair were their constant companions, including death. From far and near they gathered and gave you something that can only be surrendered if you let it be so. And many in turn have betrayed that gift. The trust has been seduced, suborned. The gall is great. The Light is fading. But it is NOT dead." She smiled as though for whom she spoke.

"This sword", she swept it forward and down, "can go right into the cave of darkness, right into the throat of evil. It can pierce the heart of false light. Those who have betrayed the Light and have embraced false light will pay. Their oaths are null and void. Many who have sworn have been betrayed. All who follow the Light of Freedom have been sold into slavery. Many who say they are of the Light are lying. Brother will turn against brother. The sword will tell."

"None are perfect. But there are those who compromise their work. There are those who willfully forego what was given them. Their delusion is great. They move amongst people and seem the same. They have sold their humanity. They have betrayed sacred trust. Yet they are delusional. They 'think' they are right and better than the Light. Yet they still deliver death to Freedom, and thus, the Light dims."

"The sword will point to the Truth." She pointed it at me. I felt shame and burning and wanted to run. I closed my eyes and stayed.

"Oaths sworn and handshakes given, will sometimes be forever riven. But the truth, though misspoken, will shine over all, for weal or woe."

"Will you, Michael, take up the sword? Its way is perilous. However, the rewards are beyond measure. Life comes again to the Republic. Light lives forever in the Republic." Again, she pointed the sword at me. Though I felt pain, I accepted the danger.

She looked at me. Her smile was tempered with gravity, yet it was liberating as well.

I looked at her. Eye to eye. I nodded and reached out.

"Before you take the sword, before you walk the way of the sword, know this", she held back slightly and the heat I felt became somehow instantly cold, lonely, vacuous. "Once taken, you can never let go. If you accept, you can never relinquish. The price is great. Your Forebears paid. This way is fraught with peril. The reward, however, is greater than gold, brighter than diamonds."

She came closer. Somehow, I saw. I KNEW. I was willing to risk all. I was joining something greater than myself, yet it was my essence.

I knelt and held out my hands. This visage came closer and held out that shining blade. A blade that would tell the truth. A blade that would not falter and would empower not just me, but all I touched.

I awoke. And knew what to do. I went about the work given me. The work of Freedom. Pointing forever forward. Cutting to the quick. Inviting others to the same work that awaits us all.

Will you take up the sword as well?

Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm interrupting my regular posts to bring you this special message. I'm a trifle dumbfounded by a recent thread on a list I frequent.

Originally, it dealt with a national reciprocity bill introduced recently in Congress. There was talk about how it would affect various states' permit systems. Now I know what the gov gives it can take away. The talk was in the parameters of that 'permit' system most states have to some degree. Under this system, it would be a solution toward what I would hope someday would be disbanding permits and reverting to simply the basic right to keep and bear arms. Maybe I dream. How to get gov to suspend de facto registration? As I have suggested, 'bit by bit' to undo the web gov has weaved is a start. Opposing and exposing the antis outright as well. Staying armed so we may be prepared to fight tyranny. And waking up as many as possible.

At any rate, I wasn't participating in this thread. Too many prags and too little time for me to p*** against the wind in many conversations there. I wasted enough time in the past arguing against 'my mind is made up, don't confuse me with the facts'. And yes most of these folks are good people. There are some absolutists, Constitutionalists, restorationists etc., including some (suspected) three per centers. However, there is of course that small group whose opinions predominate. I let em go at it. I'm accustomed to deep sixing most of their views. The main reason I stay is the tech info and growing unrest with 'gov' which are valuable and the eclectic topics are entertaining. I have noticed say in the last two years certain topics have disappeared or been quieted down. Most conversations are now offlist pertaining to what is freely discussed here, at War on Guns, Sipsey Street etc. I relay some info with no response, though I know there are some who find it useful.

What I noticed next was interesting. One of the guys wants to see a 'Vermont style system of licensing'. Sheesh. OK it's a start? Then this. 'Like the Founding Fathers meant it to be.' Ye gods! Then the response from one of the guys questioned how the Founders felt about concealed carry. Yikes! Next, a comment that if we say they advocated concealed, it could be challenged. OMG!

My reply was simple. I said it wasn't something important enough to specify. Common sense at the time and now say how one should carry. Too much fear has been engendered. We must 'unfear'. Then it can be made plain if you don't want to carry or even have any guns. As for those of us who do, leave us alone. Results would and actually already do speak for themselves. I don't think it can be clearer than that. The antis we will have with us always. Let the chips fall where they may.

The one guy was still worried about credibility. He's afraid of saying 'this is what the Founders meant' without proving it beyond any doubt. WTF? I understand credibility well. Though sometimes I don't include cites for some of my views here, I encourage people to find out for themselves. I do this on purpose so that folks have a hand in their own education. He mentioned some stuff floating on the web re Hitler and gun control. Here he didn't specify. Hopefully, that I do myself. All I ask is for the reader to do some research him/herself.

What puzzles me a little is his insistance on 'what the Founders said'. OK. Again he asks that all quotes be varified by several sources. Alright.

My reply was again simple.

Much was left to the individual. That is the beauty of a Constitutional Republic. As for attitudes at the time re how to carry, open carry was endorsed. Concealed was considered underhanded vis a vis highwaymen etal (For some 'special' or intel jobs during the War for Independence, I wager some weapons were concealed). There is plenty of credibility concerning the Founders' intent. Volumes by Jefferson etal are available. Many other Founders have similar writings. The credibility problem is only one for our enemies. They have the burdern of proof. We readily and always supply proof. If something is in doubt, then we acknowledge that. Try the DoI and the BoR for starters. Go for the Federalist and Antifederalist papers among others. Then as I said, much was left up to the individual.

I left it at that and he shut up. Maybe he wanted to see what I'd say. Good for him. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I hope I am at least SOMETHING like our ancestors.

And as they were, I'm willing to hear criticism and debate. Openly factually concerning truth presented plainly. Was that not what the Founders intended?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fluff And Buff

I watched and listened to the events that occured in Washington DC January 20. Many tears were shed by the devotees of Barry Soetoro, a mixture of true believers and useful idiots. I shed a couple myself.

My reason is different than those others. I'm sad that on a day that should be a truly great day, it is a hollow echo. The joy that should be felt for a first black President is soured by the sham this event was. It was more a liberal parody of such a happening.

We should be celebrating triumph of American humanity over injustice. We should be witnessing a chief example of E Pluribus Unum. We should have someone who values Freedom and the Founder's intent for a Constitutional Republic. We do not. It's more of the same with a new 'coloring'. It gives us style vs substance, fluff and not buff.

First, there were numerous references to our being a democracy. Unfortunately, that is becoming all too true. However, we are still nominally a Constitutional Republic, and will be again. The aim of the parade of traitors I saw Tuesday, is just the opposite. A cruel oligarchy is in the works and well on its way.

Next, BO's first words were 'My fellow citizens'. What became of 'my fellow Americans'? Citizen implies owing allegiance to a 'state'. That further gives way to citizen of what? It could be of the world or the western hemisphere for instance. We have gone from a particular and singular term to a watered down label that lends itself well to democracy.

It contradicts the Presidential Oath of Office, "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." The contradiction is simply the implication that we are merely units of society and that individuality is deemphasized.

The inaugural address in general gives that very feeling of fluff and not buff. It hits tiny 'ups' that seem to ring true. Mostly, it waters down individuality and that particular drive that made us great. It offers no solution nor comfort as to reestablishing same. Also, those ups are already being contradicted. I predict that BO and his gang will say one thing and do another, or be so vague that any interpretation can and will be applied. Like the constant 'assurance' that the libs respect and defend the 2A, their efforts obviously contravene and subvert.

I will leave it to the pundits to dissect the speech bit by bit if they wish. read it yourself and decide what it says. I'd rather we all did this and not be dependent on others. Is that not the essence of our Republic?

My son heard it at school. He caught himself feeling that some of BO's words made sense. They made him briefly feel like all would be well. Then he applied his critical thinking and listened. He became aware that BO was causing with seeming platitudes, an actual discomfort with the system as is. His constant ascription that change is coming denotes further altering of the original intent of the Founders. It is evolution according to this light worker. Indeed, it is a false light.

I myself tried an experiment re the speech. I stopped thinking and just listened. I let it happen, just feeling. I felt warm fuzzies. Then I discarded what appears to be the general way people respond to this usurper. My conclusion was similar to my son's. Past the occasional 'good thought' was the promise of erosion and reshaping of the original matrix of Freedom to something unrecognizable. Further tearing down and reinterpreting the 'living Constitution' as the libs call it is going to continue as it has for decades. It is what it is.

Singsong falsity does not cut it. We must be specific and demand specifics from our employees, though most of them no longer think of themselves that way. They are our saviors, in that delusion that subs for a mind amongst them. We owe them big time so they believe and their actions bear this out.

What we 'owe' our wouldbe masters is to oppose them in all ways at all levels. We owe it to ourselves and the future of the Republic to hammer them with truth ceaselessly. We must prepare and instill in our children the clear thinking and individual hunger for Freedom that is our heritage from our forebears.

The choice is clear. Either we settle into the increasing chains being offered or to make our future free. We settle for fluff in a dream becoming nightmare. Or, we wake ourselves and others with that lean buffed arm that smashes this tyranny.

Lee And King

This year Martin Luther King Jr. Day fell on January 19. This is the birthday of Robert E. Lee.

He was at leasst ONE of the greatest generals this Republic has had. This Republic and that other Republic which he served. No particular details re the War of Northern Aggression here. Maybe later. Suffice it to say, I believe the two Republics would have become one again by natural course. ALL were American.

He opposed slavery and worked to end it. It was ending at least as early as the first War of Independence. It was well on its way out by the time of the Second.

BTW, there may be a third one day. We should study well the first and second. One of the results of the second was the attempt by some to disarm blacks. That is worthy as well of a separate post. A warning of what is now happening.

He was tortured, a man of deep conscience, who loved his country. He saw how that Republic was so quickly veering from the Founder's intent. He believed that serving his state was the right path and the path to bring us all back to what was meant to be.

A man of honor, he was the antithesis of Grant, Sherman etal. Lee never spoke disparagingly of blacks, unlike Grant and Lincoln. He was a Christian gentleman who saw the humanity of all God's people.

He along with many Southerners, worked to dismantle slavery and called it moral and political evil. This is unlike the Northern politicos who maneuvered to keep it intact or at best did nothing to stop it.

Of course, Lee, Jackson and Pickett, all born in January, are still besmirched by revisionist leftist thieves of history.

While I wonder if Dr. King deserved a day to himself at least so soon, some of his words would find, I believe, agreement with the convictions of Lee etal. That all men are created equal, content of character not color of skin, blacks and whites joining hands as brothers and sisters etc.

History was hijacked by those mentioned revisionists. They attempt, to this day, to twist the intent of those who would draw us together. One of the worst offenders was Abraham lincoln. His actions exacerbated an enmity whipped to a fever pitch in order to keep people apart. We are thus more easily controlled and susceptible to Hegelian dialectic and the other tricks of the enemies of Freedom. I'll be writing of 'Honsest Abe' come near his birthday.

Lee and King, white and black are examples of a personal conscience that demands we look at ourselves and find what we have in common. We are all Americans. E Pluribus Unum-From Many One. Let us defend this truth together.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Paddy Fitz

Patrick McGoohan will be missed. For me his friendship and advice will never be forgotten. We were not close, yet his insight gave me the encouragement I needed to continue in the tenuous world of 'show business'.

He did not suffer fools but he cared about people and cut to the quick when it came to his belief that the world was indeed becoming the 'village'.

I had planned to do a post, probably more, to examine his seminal work, 'The Prisoner' and I will. Suffice it to say the man nailed what is happening to the whole earth and what some want re control. How some accept the control and how some-resist.

Underneath the 'curmudgeon', beat the heart of a man who cared about family, friends and Freedom.

He cared about detail and sought perfection in his storytelling. He could intimidate but I didn't let it get me. I was interested in what he had to say, but I was not a sycophant. In fact, I dared to challenge him and even disagree at times. I think that may be one reason he trusted me with his private number and expected me to honor his privacy, including not personally 'bugging' him. I accepted what he taught me and hope I'm taking it into my work.

David Codrea last weekend mentioned him and The Prisoner as an inspiration for all who fight for Freedom. A man imprisoned at a resortlike place, that under the surface was quite an evil spider web, he sought to escape and resist. Though often thwarted he never gave up. His ingenuity was nonpareil. Number 6's commitment to his own integrity and individuality was unconquerable.

Paddy Fitz was a pseudonym he used that transposed his Mom's maiden name, Fitzpatrick (He was aware of my BurlyRose origin).

He was a loving and beloved husband and father, grandfather and greatgrandfather. He was a steadfast friend. I'm grateful he suffered THIS fool. I believe it's because I didn't waste time fawning . I was respectful and when I disagreed, he seemed to not spurn me -s-. Apparently, I made some sort of sense to him? His talent intelligence and grace were appreciated.

Don't ask me more. Even if I knew more, I'd be as stubborn as Number 6 and refuse to answer!

Thoughts and prayers to his family friends and fans. May he be known for more than just one thing. But may that one thing inspire and aid us in this fight to restore our Republic!

A more complete man I may never know. The light in Heaven is a little brighter.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I wanted to take this opportunity and thank all the people at the Indy Knife and Gun Show who bought guns, ammo and mags.

Part of the swelling wave of people who are responding to the ascendance of the pretender to the throne on the 20th. As a result, the batfus are telling FFLs to copy the 4473s because they have run out! Who knows what little intrigue they'll cook up next, but it's sweet to see bureaucracy especially the gun grabbing criminals in a quandry -s-.

Also, thanks for the discussions, the challenges and history lessons. Gunowners are the most convivial, informed intelligent folks on the planet!

I learned a great deal. I hope I contributed and reciprocated.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Theory Re Conspiracies

I collect conspiracy theories. I have volumes of ideas concerning a kaleidoscope of topics. Some seem plausible. Others are at the least fantastic. The terms canspiracy and conspiracy theory are worth examination.

A conspiracy is merely a plot. Usually it has a negative connotation and tends to be applied to a higher level of government behavior. Of course, it can mean acting in harmony toward a common end. You can add sweet or sour good or evil to taste. Certainly, we can work together to bring back the Republic. Others can conspire to destroy it. People could plan a bank heist. Some might put together a sweet sixteen party. We all should look at words and their meanings and see all the nuances. I believe we who are restoring the Republic do much more of that than the libs etc. We vary and celebrate such. They use the same old tired terms phrases and definitions ad nauseam. It's really pretty cut and dried.

Conspiracy theory is a different kettle of fish. It is almost always negative and is often used to discredit ideas 'outside' the supposed norm. Here is where the kaleidoscope rules.

To enter the world of conspiracy theories is to enter a maze. Look for something in particular, find a miasma. I collect them for their ingenuity and outlandishness. I also look for the truth, for that 'message in the ravioli'.

Be it JFK or 911 or so many other acts, there are so many opinions. I remember what my Psych prof/dept. head said about that. 'Opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one.' And so it should be. Wouldn't want to erase individuality -s-. Those opinions can however be shaped by carefully crafted 'facts'. Some would say nonsense to that. Facts are facts. I say no. Facts are easily manipulated. For a public that accepts sound bites and capsulation of the 'news', there are many who are satisfied. 'Oh, this must be right. These authorities know what they are doing, etc.' I'd rather find out for myself.

Take a particular incident in history, JFK for instance. Pure fact is he was killed (Then again there are some who say he was wounded and has been kept in a 'home' -s-). From there it becomes, as I said, a maze. Was it just Oswald? Was it the Mafia? CIA? Johnson and a cabal of businessmen? Etc. Whatever the truth, it has been neatly tied up. We may never know exactly.

Look at the result of JFK's murder. What has happened as a result? We have progressively degenerated from the Republic for which he was President, to the full of holes democracy the pretender to the throne will 'rule' January 20. He dares btw to compare himself to Kennedy. I couldn't think of two people more apart though JFK wasn't perfect. Who is? More on that in Pale, a missive examing character. Those shots that took him out started a steady fracturing and deterioration that of course had been in the works probably since before the Republic and certainly progressed with Lincoln on through FDR. Along with Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, it started the next severe robbery of civil rights aka '68 GCA.

All the what ifs, winding roads and intrigues, both mystical and political tend to obfuscate. They are the 'smoke and mirrors' that so often pepper our current fight with antigun liars who will do anything to enslave us. If we get lost in seemingly eternal what ifs and subsequent arguments, it keeps us from effecting change to reverse our downfall. Divide et Impara.

Focus. Concentrate. Find out what happened by all means. But know the RESULTS. Search for reasons but know that the main reason for JFK, 911 etal, is control. Means to an end.

We are being disarmed. We are not safer but we are more enslaved. These are the results of so much more that just two events in history.

Study history. Dig for facts. Be a student of human nature, of the struggle between good and evil, Freedom and slavery. And see what the endgame is now, has always been. Total subjugation of humanity. A matrix of control that would reach to the very depths and heights of all we are. The texture can vary, but the kernal of truth is simple.

I have my own conclusions re several events including JFK. There are scenarios. Games. Some are played out. They are tools to ensure that endgame of which I spoke.

Don't get lost in the maze of conspiracy theories. DO put together the pieces concerning outcomes. Cut through the barriers and get to the center. Then effect change. Those who would be our masters cannot stand against that.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


New year. Lots of changes coming. On many levels. It is true for this Republic, and true for all of us.

We know there are some terrible things brewing with the ascendence of the pretender to the Oval Office and his notorious band of unmerry Republic wreckers. More nails in the coffin of Freedom. Restrictions on many civil liberties and continued dismantling of the Bill of Rights. I don't wish to regurgitate them here. There are so many sources including David Codrea's War On Guns, his new 'gig' as Gun Rights Examiner and Mike Vanderboegh's Sipsey Street Irregulars and so many more.

There will be cause and effect that will reach to the limits of each being. These will be the 'times to try men's souls'. External seemingly, changes will attempt to rewrite the matrix of everything constituting life.

For my family and me, we are at a crossroads personally. All four of us are on the verge of profound challenges. We will all go in different directions, in particular degrees. We will each be very much on our own.

My son will soon go forth to pursue more education for his life as a Marine pilot and areospace engineer.

My daughter is fast approaching womanhood and will be in high school to continue preparing for singing and teaching.

My wife is interested in changing jobs and an aspiring entertainment career.

I will stay at my chosen path of writer and actor.

Sounds as though there is little change for us. But it is deep seated and entails living apart more and more.

Such is life.

We will literally travel more. We will actively seek our destinies.

Love will suffice.

Many adventures lie ahead with all the joy and pain along the path.

One thing will not change. Our devotion to Freedom and our part of the fight to bring it back. With our love for one another, that will sustain us no matter what.

Whatever changes come for you, in all the varied ways we live, be of good cheer and hold fast to that quest, that fight now and in the future.

Like the Founders, we share similarities and differences. Let us be glad we have that common goal.

Whatever comes, that cannot be taken away.

This is as close to a 'happy new year' that I can envision.