Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Being incurably musical, 'The Night Has a Thousand Eyes', 'Private Eyes' and 'Eye in the Sky' come to mind. Watching while time ticks away. Never blinking.

I will attempt to chronicle some of our experiences with certain 'alphabetters' who at times have taken an interest in us and our activities.

It's been a long and winding road. A lot of it resembles stories shared with me and maybe some you've seen or some of your own. Part of it appears to be rather fantastic. Considering the scope of events now and who we have known and others we have run into, it's not. You may believe what I have to say and/or take it with a grain of salt or even deep six it. So here we go on a journey from the mundane to the bizarre and back.

As you may have noticed, I have strong opinions, thoughts, principles especially when it comes to Restoring the Constitutional Republic. Over time, my writings and other correspondence/associations, including this latest endeavor, have caught the attention of many people. I've made and lost friends, confronted enemies of Freedom and have made enemies because I won't go back on my beliefs.

Composing this (Before I finally talk about the subject of this post), I've had the feeling of stepping into something murky and soft. Touching the subject is like an indeterminate plushy even wispy surface shifting as I lay a finger on it.

We've been bugged, including house, phone and PC. We have been followed, locally and elsewhere. We have been photographed and taped.

One of the 'outstanding' examples happened the weekend of the MMM and its counter, the Armed Informed Mothers' March on Mother's Day, 2000.

Though AIMM had its equivalent in DC and even in Indy, we decided to visit Chicago. We started early and made it a family day as was intended by the organizers. It was a day to remember my Mom, long gone and my wife's as well, who had just died that previous April. My wife and I the two kids and our dog made the trip. It was good travelling weather, clear and sunny.

We were followed, once stopping at the same filling station. It was apparently just for observance, to see where we went etc. At least we thought so (More on that in a minute.).

We trekked straight to the March area. Maybe another time in retrospect we will go into detail of our experiences (Who's more dangerous-s-?). Suffice it to say, the antis were their usual obnoxious selves and we the reasoned yet passionate.

Sticking to the topic of surveillance, everyone was watched at this event. It appeared 2A folks more than the antis. There were a few agents provocateurs, mingling and trying to get some of us to 'say or do the wrong thing'. Didn't work.

The ones who followed us from Indy wandered about, but stayed within eyeshot of us. It was an interesting dynamic. Moreso than we knew at the time.

Other than a stuffed tailpipe (Courtesy of the MMM methinks), the drive home was uneventful.

When we got home, we went about unloading etc. I let the dog out back and glanced down at the inside of the door. The locks had been slipped and the alarm defeated. I checked around the house. Nothing appeared disturbed, at least to a casual observer. The computer seemed to be ok, again with a perfunctory glance. I don't do perfunctory. I do thorough. Plus, I had someone check further. He agreed. Someone else had gone throughout the house and fiddled with the PC.

Why? Because of our stance against an encroaching police state. Because we are working, along with so many others, to Restore the Constitutional Republic. Because we have guns and want to be left alone. And, no doubt, our association with like minded folks.

There are a few international reasons as well. Part of it has to do with Scottish clans oddly enough. Then there is my contact with Tibetan Buddhists and the Dalai Lama. Various activities concerning international Freedom vis a vis our Republic as an example still play a part too.

However, a great deal of the intrigue from several years ago dealt with actual successful attempts at getting drug labs/houses and dealers out of our neighborhood. We had narcs of all stripes checking us out. Cops I knew (most retired and tired of what's happening) and cops who were dealing, FBI and DEA all crisscrossing and wondering what I was doing. In spite of the mishmash, we indeed rid the 'hood' of some very nasty folks. Then some of the druggers followed us -s-. (At this time, I began to realize how cops were serving the state more than the people and how the robbers contributed. More on that in another post soon.)

My renewed interest in speaking out and what to do about the encroaching police state brought a whole nother level of spying on me and mine.

I researched and corresponded all over the net. KABA, Sierra Times, Tyranny Response Team, Citizens of America (Where along with KABA, I encountered David Codrea and Brian Puckett writings for the first time.) among other sources. That certainly got attention from some of the federales.

I met people who worked for the gov. Among them, a pro Liberty guy who had done computer work for them. He among others, helped me research 'conspiracy theories' as it were. The more I collected them, the more I analyzed to see what might be plausible and what might not. How they can be used to either shape events or be 'smoke and mirrors' to deflect from truth. Particular interest was given to events that contributed to turning us into a democracy from the Republic.

As a result, I was subjected to that scrutiny that I aforementioned as being 'fantastic' (Including some of my intl contacts). And because of his stand, my friend has gone underground. Don't know where he is and don't want to for his sake.

One more anecdote. As my research continued in mid 1998, we suffered phone trouble. We were visited by two 'repairmen'. These guys stank of fed. The hair, demeanor - and the overalls. They wore deep tan overalls with ID tags. I had just taken our then pup out back. As I carried him back in, these two goons eyed me like I was some specimen. No smiles and the tone of voice was neutral. No pleasantness but no vehemence either. They were out of a bad cop show. As they descended to the basement, they insisted we stay upstairs. They would find the wires etc.

I allowed them to proceed on purpose. They left quietly and I made some inquiries. They were NOT phone men (duh). I also made sure that what they did amounted to null.

A PS to this tale. When we visited His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Bloomington the summer of 1999, guess who one of the feds assigned to his security detail was? Yep. Either Mr. Wint or Mr. Kidd -s-. His stare was one of discomfort and antipathy. My wife and I just smiled.

One last story. I was talking to Militias round the country. And like duh man, that got a heads up. Charlie Puckett and I corresponded for some time. He was a decent man, a country boy who cared about his country. Charlie was Commander of the Kentucky State Militia at the time. When he was nabbed on trumped up charges, I had just sent him an email telling him not to let the JBTs get him down. I would say it was not altogether flattering to certain fibbers and f troopers.

His email had already been seized and the feds tried to screw up my PC. They attempted to install a trojan, along with some very funny stuff. Again. Didn't work.

In short, for various reasons of the state, we have been watched. Don't laugh at the following. We've seen black helicopters. Had one hover over the roof as close as he could get. Not so weird. Feds have OD and Black copters w/o numbers for assorted missions. And there is the wtf factor. If you tell some that a black helo floated over you, it might get the same response that some give when you tell them we are becoming a police state and be treated to sighs and eyeball rolls.

I've chronicled some of the weirder surveillance stuff here. But most have been phone taps and email checks. I suspect that is the usual routine activity in which the feds engage. And if they surveil you they are survelling anyone in contact with you etc.

These days, with events quickly unfolding, I could care less that I'm on a list because of my beliefs and principles. That's de rigueur. I'm sure the Alphabetters watch David Codrea, Mike Vanderboegh etal.

All they see are Americans raising concerns and probable solutions to Restoring the Republic. And of course, getting rid of lists -s-.

Any feds reading this, no you are not too close. You should think what your Oath to protect and defend the Constitution means. What country do you want to live in? If you are watching us, who might be watching you?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Uncle Forry

To my sadness and embarrassment, I discovered Forrest J Ackerman passed away December 4, 2008. Though Wikipedia can be at times questionable, I'd say his bio etc there is a good starting place for those who don't know about him. His MySpace page is still up. I'm sad because he's gone and embarrassed that I didn't keep in closer touch.

'Uncle Forry' (one of many nicknames) was a writer and literary agent, including many well known writers of fiction and fantasy. He was an avid scifi (a term he coined) fan and collector of a vast array of scifi books and memorabilia, including many props from scifi and horror films.

He appeared in mostly cameo roles in over 50 movies. 4E was a pioneer instituting widesperad fandom for the aforementioned science fiction and horror genres.

Perhaps he is best known by most as the editor/founder of Famous Monsters of Filmland. A magazine dedicated to horror scifi/fantasy, each month it was filled with stories and tales of the old horror masters, such as Lugosi and Karloff among so many others. For a kid much in love with movies and heavily into the golden oldies, it was a dream come true, a treasure trove of entertainment and inspiration. Yep, he helped nurture my interest in writing, filmmaking and acting. Many others were likewise motivated. Many writers/filmmakers including Billy Bob Thornton, Frank Darabont, Steven Spielberg etc. benefitted from his expertise. He certainly promoted ALL of filmmaking/writing, unlike many others who glorified only the actors.

I owe him a debt for being one of the earliest mentors for my endeavors. I didn't know him well but occasionally called, trading quips and word play (something for which he and FMOF mag were nonpareil) while he spun tales of 'old Hollywood'. At the same time, I offered him my voice characterizations of Bela, Boris and many other greats. He laughed but never mockingly lol! Once, I almost sold him an exclusive interview with Geraint Wyn Davies late of the Forever Knight tv show. Almost is still no cigar, but grr Ger wasn't available at the time. That really bit.

As with many others from Hollywood, I have passed an appreciation to the kids of the classics in all genres, though my faves are still horror/scifi/westerns. Not to mention that historical drama now and then -s-. My son remembers chatting with him when he was about five. Forry told him that Baby-lon 5 was a bio of Lon Chaney's childhood, lol. Dr Acula always had a prescription for pun. These days, needing a laugh at times with the darkness closing in and real horror very apparent, I remember and smile along with judocious dishes of the 3 Stooges among others. To them I plate my trough.

He was an avowed atheist, though I never knew him to bad mouth other faiths. Personally, I look forward to a big party with him, Bela, Boris, Lon etc one day (but not TOO soon I hope).

He called himself a 'scifi sponge' that should be squeezed for info and anecdotes. Exsqueeze me Forry for not staying in touch. Like you, when the time comes, I hope I'm dead on time -s-.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It is a slow poison. A very pervasive poison. It blinds many to a path right off a cliff.

It is the stuff of fabled addictions. Whatever one's view regarding same, when there is a problem and it is ignored, well now, it becomes worse. Denial is the clutter of the mind.

I've witnessed it firsthand, in prep for counseling/ministry previously. But also personally, amongst friends and family.

It is absolutely astonishing how people can overlook horrible disfunction and muddle on. They isolate the problem. Even if they acknowledge whatever caused a problem, they tend to rationalize, not in the sense of bringing reason but delivering plausible yet untrue explanations for their conduct. It is safer to hide than to face.

Lying to oneself, just like any kind of lie, gets easier the more it's done. Abuse corrodes judgment. In cycle, it seems like a ripple effect, reaching out to say children of an alcoholic, then from them to whomever they touch and right back to the original abuser.

Say a guy beats the hell out of his wife and oldest daughter. Unimaginable events like holding a gun to the wife's head and making her talk to his hooker friend. Or knocking his daughter's head repeatedly against walls til she develops a brain tumor. Add other events then flash ahead decades.

He now denys his role in the abuse. Some could claim the self abuse with booze damaged his memory. I don't think so. He conveniently 'forgets' his savaging a marriage and family. What is left is the aftermath.

The aftermath includes defensive reaction on the part of those he abused. Though they may admit there was abuse, they deal with it poorly. They develop their own manipulative ways, seeking to control others due to lack of self. That includes blaming others, starting projects etc and not finishing them, tricking others into enabling dependency, particularly depending on others to manage their lives instead of doing it themselves. A generation of spoiled self indulgent brats develops. They carry on, blithely resistant to criticism. They build intricate defenses to ensure the disfunctional behavior perpetuates.

When one is exposed to this situation, one should simply apply the truth. It hurts. The scorn and well, abuse is great. In a furor to maintain the aforesaid defenses, the family members spare no emotional expense, nor psychological twists to demonize the person attempting to get them to face themselves. Then in a strange twist, after any admission of problems, they try to isolate and minimalize.

Applying the truth is not easy, though I did say it was to be simply applied. One must face oneself, otherwise anything else could be one's own denial kicking in. Then, be consistent, don't retreat and face the conundrum even when others don't.

If one's own kids are present, do everything to protect them and be just as honest. Reach out for help. Not just people taking sides, but seek professional guidance/advice. Knowing you are not alone is vital. One can't play doctor, that is fatal on many levels.

If necessary, make sure you and your kids are safe, even to the extent of retreating from the people who would try to 'pull you in'. Misery loves company. Don't buy it. Search out health and happiness for yourself and those you defend. Be true to yourself. And remember, you can NOT solve other folks problems. They must be brought to the point where they have the ability to discover answers. That last is the core of counseling.

Again, I urge any who read this in such a situation to remember that you can't be anyone's psychological 'chief cook and bottle washer'. Do what you can and then if there is no other choice, GO. Physician, heal thyself. Get right and go on. find others who do the same.

Denial applies to our endangered Constitutional Republic. So many want others to solve their problems. Maybe they want their rent paid. Perhaps they want to be taken by the hand and given rather than earning themselves. Mind you, there might be a need to jump start lives. But teaching someone to fish gives them the skill to feed themselves. Whether they do or not is up to them. Educate, then set free for weal or woe.

In the midst of the deterioration, there are those who claim 'it's not so bad' or 'it could be worse'. How frigging worse must it get? It won't get better by itself. Do whatever part you can to MAKE it better.

That facing self and others as they/we truly are is the key. Easy? Absolutely not. But the Founders knew we must.

Given a Republic, it is up to us to keep it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's A Living/Privacy

A lot of thoughts have crossed my mind since Patrick McGoohan shuffled off his mortal coil.

Pat's privacy comes to mind. He was intensely private and sought to keep his family out of the limelight. I'm somewhat the same way, though I like to share things about my kids here. People have a right to privacy and can decide just how much for themselves.

So many people make up casts and crews of movies, tv shows, and to a lesser degree stage plays. Every one of them have their own lives. They have friends, families, other interests. They come to work, do their jobs and then go home as do so many others.

The kind of work done in 'showbiz' seems different than other walks of life. Yes and no. Most people see a lot of the 'glitz' on ET and other shows. Really, there is a lot of blood toil tears and sweat. That hour on tv, that two hours on the movie screen, that effort onstage are just the tip of the iceberg. Every job done is essential to the successful end product.

Some ask me what I do. I often reply that I try to turn words into money -s-. It's not easy and that seemingly throwaway statement belies a lot of effort not seen just preparing scripts, treatments, synopses etc. Pitching/selling is another needed element. And these efforts are very similar to other folks' making a living.

That is the reason it's called show business. Contracts, deadlines, work quality, team labor and all the fruits of finished goods and services.

Skipping back to privacy, it's often taken for granted in more private enterprises. In the biz as in public office some take it as de rigueur that actors' etal lives are an open book. Not so. It could be argued that politicians should be open to scrutiny and I agree concerning their ethics and what they are about on the job. Off the job, I'd say unless it's pertaining to the job that friends and family are off limits.

I remember James Denton, currently on 'Desperate Housewives', was accosted on the street. Some guy grabbed his arm and yelled 'Look honey Lost'. He was mistaken for Matthew Fox. What the hell? What gave this guy the right to accost Denton? the public sometimes gets a false idea of intimacy from actors' work and even some info given in interviews. As for stalkers that's another subject and another post.

Some want to know all about others, to the point of digging up dirt, scandal etc. Discrediting by mixing lies and truth. Of course, some live for the attention. OK. Let em wallow in self importance. I could care less.

Give me the final product. If I learn something about people's motives for their work so be it. All else is none of my business, unless it's revealed by the source.

There are those that think because you provide entertainment that you are at beck and call. Common courtesy is thrown out. A polite excuse me for an autograph or handshake is ok. But if people are out and about, especially with friends and family leave em alone. Chat at certain functions or at a bar might be fine. In the face is not.

Now to make a short story long as I often do lol. Privacy is a right. Good manners aside, folks should be left alone. Especially by government. No diatribe here. Just a simple statement that will of course be largely ignored by those who at this moment are poking around this blog, David Codrea's, Mike Vanderboegh's, Matt Bracken's etal.

They don't want autographs. They want to see what we are up to. Instead of surreptitiously using spyware and bugging, why not just read and learn. They seek trouble, something that is not here. Being dishonest, they expect the same thing from us. Let's not give that to em.

Let's be open honest reasonable and firm. Explain to any who come to these places what we are about. Obviously we already are. But to those who seek to besmirch us, look at yourselves. Who do you serve? What are you doing? Digging for dirt will only get you dirty.

As for exposing corruption in government, laying bare the gun grabbing power sucking Freedom snuffing among us, that's shedding light. There is no comparison.

There will be more on this soon as I recall some of our experiences with people 'spying' on us, in an enrty I'll call 'Eyes'.

What you see is what you get. What we freely choose to offer particularly re Restoration of the Republic.

Pat McGoohan hated intrusive govenrment/bureaucracy. He valued the right of free expression. He disclosed what he chose to disclose as far as his work goes. The little given about his private life was strictly up to him and his family.

His Prisoner specifically displayed, in a fantastic way, what was becoming of Freedom. Let's carry the torch and continue, in no uncertain terms, to do the same.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Everybody deals with it one way or another. Some are so neat, everything is categorized, color coded, with vast spaces of desk, closet etc. bare. Some have piles of stuff to do, doing and done. Others have hopeless congloms of paper and others bric a brac. They stack til some reaches the floor, to be lost in dusty squalls, like the aftermath of a great storm. These latter may reach around a home and include other things such as clothing, mail, actually just about anything that can pile up.

A certain amount of clutter is normal, at least to me (justification lol). There is a method to my madness on my desk, table etc. I can tell you where everything is, even receipts (at least the approximate location -s-). Occasionally something goes missing. I usually find it. There is, however, a type of clutter that is dangerous and can signal a need for help.

When it becomes obvious that piles of 'stuff' becomes unmanagable, when there is a lack of a filing system for bills (they are just stuck willy-nilly everywhere), when clothes pile everywhere and get kicked into dusty piles surrounding beds and other furniture, it says something.

It is a quest for security, to be padded/protected/shielded from the world and that which can harm or be perceived to harm. It is false security. It's like dogpaddling in a sea of confusion.

This can be a setup for failure. There may be a fear of failure, more likely of success. There is a tendency to start something and not finish it. It often leads to a string of such self defeating maneuvers. It's safer to seem to try and fail than give it your all and fail.

Sidetracked by just about anything. Lack of focus. Anything that can be used as an excuse (eventually flimsy and hollow) for not completing whatever it is that needs to be done. We can become our own worst enemies. It seems to turn into an addiction or a substitute for the results of addiction.

I have mentioned the metaphor of standing in a pit of s***. You can complain and wail how bad it is. You can say you need to get out. But, you are still stuck.

You have to decide to actually get OUT. You must make that a mantra, like 'I AM getting out of here'. You must then devise, plan and implement those actions which will ensure that you are released.

Focus, clear, every day til Freedom both personally and for this Republic is yours. Our enemies depend on us getting sidelined. Ignore the glitter and seize reality. Set goals to end in the ultimate Goal. And if stopped, start again. If sidelined, take another road. Aim truly and surely.

If you miss the mark, realign and don't stop til your aim is honest, just, accurate.

There are many ways to skin a cat. And climb out of that pit full of s***.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Balcony

Usually the cheap seats. This time they were the only seats in one of Tech H.S. gyms.

The occasion was a drill meet for area JROTC units. Our son was participating with his IDR, Infantry Drill Regulation team. There was a lot of excitement and energy. Perhaps too much for some.

My wife and daughter were recording the proceedings covering the portion inolving Tech. Most of the kids were doing well. Our son and his team were exceptional (If I may say so -s-). What happened at the balcony was what got my attention.

Several parents etal were there, including my wife and daughter. Most were attempting to tape. This had been going on for some time.

After Washington H.S. had finished their moves, they came upstairs and took seats above us. Some whiners complained they couldn't see. The people at the balcony rail were blocking their view. This was odd, since no one else complained earlier and there were several seated similarly to these kids. I might add that there was not a huge crowd period let alone at the rail.

Yet, these whiny ones enlisted the aid of their First Sergeant. He yelled that people at the rail were causing a 'safety' problem and that they were obstructing other's views. Not so, as I explained above. No one clamored nor was anyone rude (except for the aforementioned kids). No one hung over the rail, which was quite secure.

The next move got my attention. First Sergeant 'ordered' those at the rail to sit down. Wow. He must have forgotten these were civilians. He must have been blind concerning the circumstances. Or was overindulging his little babies.

He said 'please' but his tone was unmistakable. Maybe he was simply used to his role in the Army and JROTC re issuing commands. Perhaps I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. I don't think so.

He overreacted and forgot civvies are not under his orders, nor subject in any way to them. Or maybe he thinks they are. Small 'emergency' so he jumped in to take control. It was a small and quick incident, not very noticable in the scheme of things that day.

What was further interesting was that all sat down. They complied without question. Again, a mountain/molehill situation? This is what I think.

People are continuing to be conditioned to obey 'authority' without question. There is little room to think for oneself supposedly. Let the armed forces/police think for you. Don't be afraid. They are here to help.

For those within service, orders are what they are. They serve a purpose in the chain of command. Of course, those orders may be subject to scrutiny. For military to issue a command to civilians even in this small incident even at school is at best inappropriate. But this guy was just overindulging his brats. They yelled, 'Thank you First Sergeant', when the citizens complied. What would he have done if someone failed to obey? What might he do if ordered to 'pacify' the populace in a supposed 'real' emergency? What would be his limits?

There are many reported abuses of power by military and police. They are increasing. Where will it end? The worst possible scenario is clear, as is our response. We must ready ourselves for every eventuality.

We must be observant concerning military and militarized cops used in socalled 'emergency' sits.

As for us, we had prepared to go. I had worked all night and needed to go home. I stayed to see my son perform his duty. I hope when he is a Marine pilot, he will take his oath seriously. He has been raised to do so. We will see how he comes through.

If we hadn't left, I would have questioned the First Sergeant. In fact, I'm going to contact him and see what he says re this affair.

A little matter? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It simply reminds me we must watch the 'watchers'.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

List And Column

Please note I've added War on Guns and Sipsey Street Irregulars for a short bloglist. Also there is Gun Rights Examiner National column. I'm not ignoring everyone else.

Many friends and associates can be accessed from David's War on Guns and his Examiner sites.

These include 21 Guns, Salute; Opaww's Range; WesternRifleShootersAsoc; Armed and Safe; Mindful Musings; Crustyrusty's Last Gasp; Arms are the Mark of a Free Man; and many more.

There are links to North Caucus of America (of which I am a member), GOA, JPFO etc.

David Codrea's National Gun Rights Examiner lists many of these as well and has the links to Austin, Charlotte, Cleveland, DC, Denver, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Minneapolis Gun Rights Examiners.

The other reason to go to War on Guns is that David's site is a daily compendium of many gun rights articles and opinion pieces related to 2A and a gateway to yet more. I contribute news stories gleaned from the web and I know many others do as well and David acknowleges this. And indulge me, it's like a real life 'Babylon 5' where we gather and pool resources in this war for our Freedom and our Restoration.

Mike Vanderboegh's Sipsey Street Irregulars has news about his novel 'Absolved" as well as news from the net about this same war with especial posts from Mike that refresh and inspire us to do our part. Daily posts abound there too.

As for my efforts here, though not frequent, they intend to be 'appetizerss' for folks to go and do more to bring back our Republic. I very much appreciate everyone's interest, replys and their efforts as well.

I hope my life away from this blog contributes to the war effort too.

Keep dropping by. There is a lot more to come.

PS: Remember that Matt Bracken's Foreign Enemies and Traitors is coming in March 2009. Check out www.enemiesforeignanddomestic.com for info.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

If It Saves One

One of the antis trademark lines. One of their hypocritical snares that is easily knocked aside. The reference to saving one child is piquant to me. Allow me to show you a case in point.

Several years ago, we had a pedophile (Term is wrong. It should be child rapist.) and drug dealer living in one of the rental houses in our neighborhood. Rentals are a cancer that persist in the inner cities particularly. They are infiltrated by gangs and other miscreants who ply their trade from them. Trade being drugs burglary, prostitution etc. More on drugs and prostitution later. Suffice to say there is a disease loose in the cities that has spilled to rural areas. The people involved are opposed to Freedom, though they love to be free to destroy humanity. The monster in question had been apprehended and released more than once thanks to the revolving door. Let's imprison decent honest folks like Olofson etal and with ridiculous 'technicalities'. Let's allow monsters to continue to ravage. Cops and robbers indeed.

One particular day my family and I had been shopping. We returned to the house and parked. As we exited the car, pedoboy, obviously drunk and high, ambled out his door. He made a grab for our daughter (then five).

Steve, our friend and glorious mutt, made a grab for HIM! Pedoboy kicked at Steve. As he did, my wife grabbed our daughter and shielded her, evading pedoboy's grasp. She continued to shield our girl and evade this Sh**em.

As she did, I yelled "Hey!'. Pedoboy turned and advanced on me. I reached for my 45. It dawned on him even in his booze/drug soaked evil mind that I was about to 'stop' aka kill him. He turned and ran.

We further secured both kids and dog, as I saw to where he ran.

All I can say about the aftermath is that he soon left the neighborhood and was never a threat again.

Yep, if it saves just one child. Or two or a dog or a family.

It's why I carry. Well beyond the fact that I protect my family not just from these street sh**ems, but from a government that is becoming or is now just as abusive in its own way.

And just to let you know, our girl was well secured. His 'grab' was crude and my wife had her covered to begin with. Our son was to the side as he stayed with Steve. Plus my wife had her 45 to bear as she covered our girl.

Amazing how fast that bastard moved as he retreated. His advance was just in a hairsbreadth of eternity. As for his fate, the street took care of him.

Lest anyone think that's just a 'tale from the hood', be assured that it can happen anywhere, and has.

As we enter into the era of this Soetoro character, I'll be damned if he or anyone else will take my guns. Picture that Chuck Heston image on steroids.

Since then, the family's skills have all grown. Both kids have their own guns. They continue honing their abilities as do the parents -s-. In fact, I think I made a certain State Senator jump when I mentioned I needed some more CQC training with edged weapons and 'unarmed'! I think that was because he simply didn't expect that. I am noted for saying things that get reactions lol.

An interesting postscript.

My daughter, at the time was refreshingly strong. She was not afraid, in that we were prepared to defend her. Shortly after, her Mom was getting ready to take her someplace. Her one question was, "Mommy, do you have your gun with you?" Of course.

No fear, just assurance.

If it saves just one child indeed.