Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Suzanna Hupp

She has a new book just out.

From Luby's to the Legislature-One Woman's Fight Against Gun Control is her story that starts before the Luby's massacre, where she lost her parents and 20 other people were murdered, to her election to the Texas State Legislature and her campaign to get concealed carry passed there.

Go to her site, www.suzannahupp.com and see.

Also, the Ohioans For Concealed Carry has a great book review,


I've talked to her before. She is one sharp lady.

She continues to serve the cause of Freedom, a role model for my daughter and for us all.

It's a must read.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Triumph Tragedy Triumph

April 19. A day that lives in both renown and infamy.

Of course, first and foremost, it is the anniversary of Lexington-Concord. Nothing can take away the glory of that memory. Our enemies try though.

Time for action and true glory. Time to fight and some die and fear trys to grip the intrepid band. It fails and they rally, picking off the enemy. Nothing changes.

"What a glorious morning this is!" --Samuel Adams, to John Hancock at the Battle of Lexington, Massachusetts, 1775

"Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they want a war let it begin here." --Captain John Parker, commander of the militiamen at Lexington, Massachusetts, on sighting British Troops (No Fort Sumters. if they attack, we defend ourselves. Nothing changes)

Who could say it better?

In the present, April 19 has been sullied in that vain attempt to supplant the victory for Freedom.

First, the government sent agents to murder the Branch Davidians at Waco. Cowardly bullies with guns set out to make an example to scare any who might decide to go their own way.

Did the Davidians have nonmainstream beliefs? Yes and no depending on one's study of theology. I'll save that deliniation for another time.

I believe the charges against them and Koresh were trumped up in typical gov style. Believe what you want.

Two years later, gov stooge McVeigh bombed the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. No way that truck bomb did the damage done. Too many things don't add up. I should do a piece on details, but that sums up what I believe. As I always say, look at the results.

One of the things this did was obfuscate, for some, the real reason to remember April 19. Typical collectivist tactic to supplant and rewirte history.

There was an attempt to call 911 Patriot's Day to confuse with Lexington-Concord.

I just call it 911.

No need to repeat what I think of that one. Horrendous whatever the cause, look at the result.

The collectivists have failed to effectively erase our original fight for Freedom. They never will, as long as we are steadfast and teach the children well.

And now, we have another reason to celebrate April 19.

The Second Amendment March, aka Million Gun March etc and the Restore the Constitution Rally have breathed new life into the push to reclaim what the Founders started.

We owe many thanks to Larry Pratt, David Codrea, Mike Vanderboegh, Suzanna Hupp and Bob Wright among so many others for standing against a storm of opposition and proudly speaking out in public for Freedom.

And I know that those events were just tips of the iceberg, that so many more are ready to back them up to the last measure if needs be.

So, be glad but don't forget botht he good and bad.

After all, studying the enemy is paramount to victory.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Robert Culp

Another fine actor has crossed over.

And if there is anything to the 'three' myth, he follows Peter Graves and Fess Parker.

These are actors I grew up watching and enjoyed their work.

Now, I'm not going to pretend to have known Bob Culp. Unlike Pat McGoohan, whom I knew, we were not friends. I had managed to talk to him, however.

One of his pieces of advice for actors was if you had to pursue acting, then do it. You will find a way. If not then do something else.

Passion for what you do is what he was driving at, of course.

You must really want something and pursue it. No lip service need apply.

Reminds me of Bob Wise's Passion, Persistance and Practice, the Three Ps as he called them.

With Culp's passing, I again think of many I have lost, but not forgotten.

My Dad comes to mind first, with my Mom and Brother as well. Then there was my Greatgrandmother, my Cousin Walter and so many other family members and friends, like Bob Schluep.

Of course in the friend/mentor/(and I daresay colleague) category there was Patrick McGoohan as well as Robert Wise, Mark Lenard and Jeff Corey.

I say colleague, not because I could achieve as large a body of work as these guys, nor even the amount of fame etc. But that they accepted me as a fellow artist. They encouraged me to pursue my dream, MY passion.

Check out his interview on Youtube from the Academy of American Television:

Bob Culp was also a writer and we had talked of meeting in Hollywood when I got out there.

The meeting has been postponed.

Someday we WILL meet in another place.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Living And Recalling

Living in the past is so different from recalling the past.

Some retreat because the world has gotten unviable for them.

Some are comfortable with old ways and in spite of the fact those old ways don't work always, some cling to them.

And then, there are tried and true traditions.

Knowing our history is important because how else can we make sure our heritage survives?

But I'm glad to be here, now in these 21st century tumultuous times.

We are here now for a reason.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

It's our turn to stand up for Freedom.

Too many get blissful and cossetted about the Founders etc. Obviously part of the reason we are in the pickle we are in.

Another reason is the apathy and 'I don't care' feeling shared by a goodly number.

Many have been misdirected by collectivists and history rewritten from that matrix.

Get strengthened and fired up for the Restoration of the Republic!

This is a big weekend for all Americans if they would let it be.

Donate, visit, demonstrate, wear a gun, buy more,get the word outboth generally and person to person.

Both live to recall what is to come to your kids and grandkids so they will pass it on.

The motto (now changed) of my high school, North Central, was 'Having light, we pass it on to others'.Do so now.

Don't be caught wanting and wishing.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Trick Bag

I've had a few thrown at me and some set for me to step in.

Antigunners commonly lace their survey questions to compromise a position that would otherwise be progun.

Newspeople have tried to, shall we say, manipulate more than twist my words to put me in an ill light. Okay, they twist too.

Trying to get me to incriminate myself or entrap me comes to mind too. One guy asked me advice to do away with his exwife. I gave none. I told him to get lost.

I just say no.

I caution them not to incriminate THEMSELVES.

There are rumors and innuendoes as well.

I understand someone has been trying to besmirch David Codrea of late lying and taking things out of context to make him and eventually all of us to be violent thugs. Also, there is the fast becoming famous rumor (aka lie) that Mike Vanderboegh is a Brit agent.

Too bad Pat McGoohan is gone. He could clear that last bit up lol (Just kidding in case someone is gullible).

For more on those dramatic vignettes, go to War on Guns and Sipsey Street Irregulars. Yonder to the right are easy links.

Too bad Pat McGoohan is gone. He could clear it up lol (Just kidding in case someone is gullible).

There is the infamous meeting I had in '07 with members of the Counter Terrorism Committee in Indiana re no guns in the Statehouse.

I've never seen people dance around an issue and try to warp my statements to fit their cause like one of the IDHS biggies (Herself very friendly with the CIA rep on CTASC. Can't prove it. But I know. Maybe she'd say I'm trick bagging her. Nope. I have a rep for the truth aka Freedom.).

Then the was the badmouthing some of them engaged in to make me seem a nutcase. Stand up for Freedom and you will be in someone's trick bag.

Farther back a church official tried to paint me as extremist and prejudiced for standing up for said Freedom. The collectivist pig failed, but damaged my rep with people either gullible or whose jobs would be in jeopardy if they sided with me.

Fight trick baggery with the truth and spread the word and stand by your word as well.

Don't give up, no matter the cost.

The future of Freedom is too important.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why Dates Seem Odd

It's fairly simple.

Time and effort.

I have limited time to post.

My efforts are greatly going into making my professional writing successful

But, I will not slack or even betray the message here.

I have posts queued as drafts to facilitate posting while working on scripts etc.

Sometimes they lay a bit.

I generally post them as they were originally dated. Kinda lazy, but I figure if the message gets out, that's the important thing.

I will update if I have several posts and want it done later and I have to dig into the drafts.

Not much skin off the noves and I hope btw, for some success soon in the ol showbiz.

A lot is changing and I will keep this blog going as well, no matter what.

Emotion And Reason

There is nothing wrong with a whimsical flight into fantasy, or at least a couple of hours suspending disbelief. The time for that may be narrowing quickly, though.

But we need to remember when we suspend disbelief watching a movie, tv or even a stageplay that it's passive. We receive info and it gets processed usually emotionally.

Then there are people like me and my kids who look at the way a story is put together. We search for facts and take a story apart.

No fun you say? Nah. It's a trip. We can still enjoy the story as is and frequently do.

We simply like to analyze, see what makes things tick.

Unless, hehehe, you make a flick that helps you actually think.

Have any been made yet? Sure.

I plan to make a couple myself.

Anything that stirs discussion could be considered.

Something that is remembered.

And no this is not going to be a post about flicks. I do that enough.

It's simply about reason and emotion.

It would be easy to say that reason and emotion are what separate 'liberals and conservatives', collectivists and Restorationists etc.

That's too easy.

It's true that the libs appeal to unthinking emotion. Nothing gets processed and it's for the children anyway etc.

Most 'conservatives' etc strive for reason. We work out what's going on and examine it, warts and all. Sometimes it's not pleasant looking in the mirror -s-. But if we don't, nothing get better or solved etc. The facts ma'am, nothing but the facts.

It's still not that easy. Nothing is.

Emotion can spur reason, otherwise we lose touch with who we are. There is no way to connect without it. Emotion and reason are inseparable. It's a matter of balance. But it's more.

Such a combination is stabilyzing.

The collectivists etc, try to overwhelm impressionable people with emotion.

'Oh, no, it's for the kids' or 'Don't let the poor starve' etc.

We must go beyond this and balance emotion with reason and add self responsibility.

Teach the kids to take care of themselves and teach the poor to feed themselves etc.

Thinking AND feeling.

Or feeling and thinking.

You can't have one without the other.

The ability to attract and to reach out.

Head and heart.

Start and finish.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I've been adding up my life this last year.

A lot has happened personally and nationally.

It's about control.

Some events are controllable, some are not.

But one thing remains, I didn't just let circumstances control ME. I stayed aware. I learned.

When things threatened to overwhelm me, I strove to surmount THEM.

Sometimes I've been a$$ deep in alligators and a lot that was positive became negative.

I am a sovereign American, an individual.

I take responsibility for myself and only ask for help from a perspective of solving my own problems.

It's not easy and much of life has been tempest tossed.

Yet my faith in God and my resolve to Restore the Republic remain.

I pass this to my children and hope (real not hopeychange) for the future.

It's hope borne of willingness to get in and do my share.

My Freedom is only lipservice if I am not master of myself, like calling this a Republic while the inside is betrayed and eaten away, changing into the matrix of collectivism.

My Freedom and my life are real, because they are mine.

Know when to start and stop. And restart.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Tale Of 2 Bishops

W was a Lutheran Bishop for several decades.

He was caring but stern and uncompromising in his faith.

He considered himself a servant of the people and was available, not austere.

His sermons were from the heart but touched the mind.

He listened and gave good counsel.

He had worked hard all his life from the time he was a farm boy in the Midwest.

He was scholarly, yet possessed the common touch.

A very approachable man, he always had time to talk and especially listen.

He served God and was a pastor first and foremost.

He succumbed to complications from Alzheimer's.

K became his successor.

He was the polar opposite of W.

K cared about the bottom line, not the people.

He was austere and deigned the presence of people.

His sermons were from only the head and never from the heart.

The only counsel he gave was from his throne. He expected to be obeyed.

He was neither scholarly nor common.

One had to approach K through channels and only had time to talk down except to those of power or prestige.

He was a politician and collectivist.

He had a nice comfy retirement.

Yes, collectivism long ago infiltrated the Church.

We are betrayed and the type of person like W is undercut because of the stain of those like K.

But take heart:

Faith can NEVER be betrayed.

And those who misuse service to be served and advance collectivism will reap what they sow just as the politicians and businesspeople.

We can be true to our hearts and faith and history.

That is the downfall of the K's of the world.


Oh G-d, how some of those who are your chosen betray you.

The ancient Hebrews were spared death because the Angel of Death passed over the houses with doorways smeared with lamb's blood.

Still, in spite of frequent miracles, many turned away.

It's no different now.

I'm reminded how Aaron Zelman of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership remonstrates fellow Jews who are antigun and antifreedom.

They insist the state must nanny us and protect us.

They ignore history and common sense.

Many are collectivists with only a veneer of Judaism.

So often the spiritual is given lip service when it suits the user.

And they are dangeroulsy near having history repeat itself.

Disarmed people shuffling off to cattle cars, then death camps.

The shtetl mindset that made sheep of many could come to play again.

'Why is this night different from all other nights?' So begins the Passover ritual of fellowship, meal and worship.

It is different because it tells the tale of G-d's caring and miraculous bid for Freedom.

Those Hebrews were meant to defend themselves as they indeed did when Israel became a kingdom.

The Creator can only do so much. Then, it's our turn to show gratefulness and industriousness/initiative.

As they found out then and through all time, Freedom must be maintained. It is a costly, necessary upkeep.

Freedom is a gift that must be repaid. Indeed it is not free.

As with faith it's not stagnant.

It must be active and kept alive by living it and we must have a willingness to do so.

Don't let Passover pass you by without such thoughts.


It's so alone.

It's so loud.

The quiet of the tomb.

It's the in between time from Good Friday til Easter Sunday.

It's been a between day for a long time.

For Christians, it's a day of contemplation and anticipation re the Resurrection.

According to Christian mythos, Jesus went to the souls in the 'underworld' and preached to them. And apparently some of them followed him. Who is just a guess.

My thought is that being in between gives one a choice.

The middle is often the worst place to be. Waiting, wondering, what is happening, what will occur.

It can play against oneself.

That's it.

It's always darkest before the dawn.

And there is nothing to be afraid of, because if one takes the time to rest and regroup, that between day has value.

We become stronger than we were.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Whisky A Go Go Interlude

Whisky A Go Go was and is the mecca where rock legends were born and nurtured.

It's where the term and job of 'gogo girl' came from.

Natural curiosity drew me there long ago.

Yes, I was underage. Why lie. We have enough of that in government.

No doubt the owners strive to keep minors out. But, as will happen, some slip through the net.

I was mature looking for my age, and I dressed well. I wasn't looking to tie one on. I wanted to meet people, experience, spread my wings.

Every year, we took a trip to Los Angeles. We'd hang out with cousins, and check out the Hollywood scene, as my sis was a huge fangirl.

I managed to get out on my own one day and decided to check out the Whisky. I was curious.

Curiosity can enlighten. It can also kill the cat.

I thought what I might see and who I mignt meet.

I thought about how to present myself.

No cover, no minimum. I was in.

I just walked up, nodded and passed through. No muss, no fuss.

I put my thoughts on hold and just jumped in.

Thinking too much can make you flop.

Style and substance. Then I was greatly style, not so much substance.

Smiles, nods, swagger got me in. Then the rubber met the road.

I was scared sh*tless. So, I went immediately to the bar. It was an anchor.

I could sit and take things in and sip a beer and blend in I hoped.

The Whisky was a bar and dance emporium. The lights blinked and the music throbbed. I caught my breath and then, oh sh*t! There was Steve McQueen!!

One of my favorite actors, there I was and he came up and sat down and ordered a beer himself.

He looked at me and said, "Hey man."

The Dude, the Man, the Star said hello to me, the kid.

I said, "Hey." Inside, I was shaking. I took a sip of beer to hide the heebeejeebees. Gulped and dipped my head down toward the bar.

McQueen just smiled and nodded. He looked around and said,"Don't this place twist your melon dude. Take it easy, huh?"

It's like he knew I was green and waddling my way among the cool and the hot.

"Truly man, just be yourself. And talk. You'll catch on."

He sat back and lit a cigarette, looking around like he owned the place. He actually knew the owners, so it was like he did.

I smiled and lit a cig of my own, almost choking. Now I had been puffing for a while, a little now and then. But, the stick felt like a log in my fingers.

I glanced around and checked it out.

There was Tuesday Weld, gyrating with some guy. And over there, Johnny Rivers was tuning up for his gig. I heard the strains of Secret Agent Man swelling to fill the place with its throbbing beat. The girls were doing their thing, the gogo stuff. Short skirts, long boots and lots of rhythm.

Yes, it 'impressed' this young man to say the least.

McQueen regarded me and with that signature smile said,"Take it slow man. Remember what Bobby said".

I smiled probably nervously and said,"Yeah."

Original huh?

Don't know if I'd say anything different now. Seems right. I had a lot to learn. Maybe we all did and do now.

McQueen saw someone in the teeming crowd and looked back at me.

"Kid", (he had my number),"Be yourself".

With that, he passed into the crowd, and seemed to disappear into the lights and the people on the floor.

One more thing.

I decided to leave, half boggled, and as I reached the door, I heard," Be yourself, and talk".

I have.


It's a very loose term.

I resent and abhor how 'victims' are used by the media and gov to push an antigun antifreedom agenda.

Even more, I loathe and detest people claiming victimhood who claim they are denied entitlement.

Denying entitlement. Wow. Making people be responsible for themselves.

But, more to the point.

Folks are raped, robbed, swindled, cheated etc.

They need help.

But they need to achieve not just survivorship, they need to prevail.

There seem to be few who work with victims.

And there are those who try to maintain victimhood.

How loathesome. It's like healing a wound just so much then opening up the stitches and letting them fester til attention is gotten. Then, the 'healing' begins til a poster person is needed to promote whatever the state is trying to shove down our throats.

Facing problems is one of the major things we have taught the kids.

God forbid they deal with crime against them.

But if they do, they will be able to deal with it and know they have backup.

Victim assistance often has to buck against the state.

I will demonstrate this soon in a film championing those who go beyind victimhood and those who help them do so.

And, yes, we are all victims of the criminals in charge of gov at this time.

And most assuredly, we will overcome them.

Of Towers And Treason

Sounds like an Alex Jones expose.

As I've said, AJ mixes truth and shall we say sensationalization.

Like the case of the parents who had their kid taken because cops alerted CPS that they were teaching the kid not to trust the gov, that it was becoming an enemy.

Seems the Founders talked of that.

Imagine if they tried to take any of their children.

Besides, Franklin had so many kids, that would have been a challenge -s-.

That's why I read a great many things. I look for that message in the ravioli.

I watched, as many around the world, 911.

My kids woke me up. Yes, they were self starters and we were home schooling at the time.

I watched the towers pancake.

Immediate thought was that it was place charges. I still believe that.

I also watched in horror and revulsion, as people chose to jump from windows rather than burn up, in the photos that appeared later.

Think what you want.

It's not the gov that did it. It was a faction, people in the gov. That's what po's me. The gov no. Compartments in the gov, yes.

Were they working in collusion with Islamofascists? Probably. But only surrepticiously.

Then it was point the finger in any direction.

There are people who can do that kind of thing aka blow up buildings and kill indiscriminately.

Long, laborious missions that can take years.

Setups that are patiently planned and unfold not just in the hour of some spy show, but for months and yes years, with various ends.

Scenarios and yes, there are people who are paid to come up with them, are played out.

And there are those who give a rat's ass about the casualties.

And there are those who DO care, who plan missions with minimal sacrifice.

Sometimes the fortunes of war influence the outcome.

But, very little is done without planning.

And the results, well, watch what happens.

See the great strides in tyranny since 911, no matter the fault.

See the gross stupidity, the arrogance, the presumption that Americans will roll over.

See the fiendish delight that mottles the faces of the collectivists/elitists as they watch people 'debate' who did what to whom.

See the downfall of the Republic and watch it slide into democracy.

See some of us say bullshit!!!

See some of us wake up as many as we can to said bs.

See some of us expose the criminals in DC and the States.

See even fewer of us rise up as 3pers.

See perhaps even fewer commit to Restoring the Republic.

See yourselves in the role of a lifetime!

Your choice.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

I'm going to get rid of all my guns.

I'm giving them to the cops since they are too dangerous to sell and pass on.

I'm keeping 911 on speed dial cuz cops are there to protect me and they are the authorities.

If robbed, I'll give the robber what he wants. The cops told me to.

Gonna sign up for Obamacare.

I want someone to take care of me so I have more time to play and less work too.

Quitting my blog and reading the Huffington Post. She's hot.

In fact liberal girls are hotter than conservative.

I'll go with them to girlie flicks and stop watching Gerard Butler and those other brutes like Tom Selleck. George Clooney is where it's at. I could never be as cool as that.

I'll let the wonderful leaders in DC do what's best for me because they surely know.

My god is who feeds me.

I could go on but that takes energy and I want to save it for geyying my favorite candidates elected. I have faith in them. Obama is a god.


God knows there are plenty out there like the above.

Think before you act -s-.

Growing Up

I've been asked if I will ever grow up.

I don't plan to in this lifetime -s-.

I'm talking of course, of childlike vs childish behavior.

Childlike is spontaneity. it's having fun and being honestly emotional with likes and dislikes. It's being able to play.

Childish is selfishness, bordering on sociopathy (for some, tipping way over), greed, apathy, entitlement. Spoiled kids.

Being childlike has a price.

When the play is over, it's time to clean up and get to work.

The factor missing or present is responsibility.

Those who retain the negative mememe aspects of childhood obviously were not taught to take responsibility for their actions. Or, perhaps, it did not take.

There are those who are outside morals, decency, regard for others.

They never grow up, not as those of us who maintain the cherished fun of childhood.

But the difference is just what I have stated here.

It should not be muddled.

Those who are childish are not integrated. Their mememe attitude fractures their development and stops them from giving, unless it is a shallow give so they can take. It's a matter of perception and if delved under the surface, it's quickly seen as the selfserving at any expense crap that we see nationally in 'politics'.

Those who are childlike have achieved a certain balance. The fun they have is truly a respite from their labors. They do not shirk responsibility. They embrace it. They give, and any taking is mitual. Give and take and take and give. If examined, they are seen as fair and decent. What a word, eh? They surface in politics, and are rare.

The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

That is, you must be watchful.

Be aware of yourself and others.

Don't let the 'rascals' get away with their crimes.

Find others of like mind and rally to them.

So, have fun, but don't lose focus.

Be mature in the ways of the world, but never grow up!