Saturday, March 31, 2012


I wear a lot of sweats among other casual clothes, especially at home. Sure I can dress up and I was told I was devastating in a tux (Guess that's Hollywoodese for handsome, I hope lol). But I run around for workout, hikes etc in sweats or shorts and t's in Summer. Naturally, a lot of the tops have hoods, called hoodies in the 'hood' -s-. They keep my noggin warm lol.

There has been a lot about hoodies the last several days floating around the net etc. Obviously that's because of the incident involving Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Trayvon was shot by George. That is a sentence that has been poked and stretched to look about any way it could possibly look. For a sample just type the kid's (Trayvon) name in a search engine. For fair decent reporting try War On Guns reachable from here. For the usual MSM crappola, go about anywhere.

Rather than reiterate stuff you most probably have seen, I'd simply like to give my two cents.

There is a lot of artful and not so adroit manipulation to either keep or to drive a wedge amongst blacks and whites. We have race baiter/problem profiteers Jackson and Sharpton spewing the usual drek calculated to fire emotion w/o thought.

The end game is to divide for control and to disarm. Old tactics receive a fresh whitewash (pardon the pun?).

All the what ifs and lack of action in other matters should be bandied about. The obvious prejudice -s- of collectivist/racists should be spotlighted.

Here is what I'm going to do. I'm gonna wear my hoodies if it's cold. No other reason. Ohoh I guess I don't care about kids and shootings. On the contrary, I'm acutely sensitive to any action involving guns and all the questions involved. I'm wearing my gun for protection as is my right. Thus, it is my responsibility to use said tool properly. I will also continue to go about in condition yellow at least. Check out Col. Jeff Cooper's color alert system re threat assessment.

I will respect others unless they give me a reason not to do so. I will continue to value others for the content of their character, not the color of their skin or any other consideration.

If I must defend myself, I will do so. That is that.

Hate is a disease that spreads the opportunity for manipulation by those who would be our masters. We will all be on the reservation/plantation IF we let them pull our strings.

Let ALL the facts see the light of day re Trayvon/George. Of course the system is broken. True justice will only come once we restore our Republic. It's a Republic for all not a few.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Please and thank you go a long way. They were among the first pieces of human interaction I was taught.

Probably talked about this before here. Well, it never hurts to repeat something this elemental.

I wager most who venture here have good manners. They respect themselves and others. It's basic civilization.

I came across another news blurb that Americans are getting ruder. Hmmm. MSM must be examined with a jaundiced eye.

Yet there does seem to be MORE rudeness these days. Is it absentmindedness or a by product of the gimme generation? Some of both probably.

Yet again, across eco classes etc I've known incredibly polite people. Not submissive let anything happen behavior, but simple please and thank you, asking not reaching. I sense self respect among many and though technically 'poor', quite a few who possess that quality that is a building block that brings us together and makes the Republic great.

Where I see the most lack of respect is among collectivists who try to manipulate us. They who do not believe or accept self rule revel in lack of social graces. It's another way to divide and conquer.

Adjust your attitude or adjust your altitude comes to mind. Lack of self discipline bleeds onto those of us who teach the opposite. I remember some kids in a rental next door with boundary problems wantonly picking the flowers one spring. The parents barely remonstrated them. They even left it to us to tell them what was right.

Other monsters were rude and disregarded private property. The parents DEFENDED them saying they were just kids. No comment, except to say they were dumb as rocks. Sheesh.

It's this kind of thing that contributes to the rot from within we face. It all adds up.

Mob rule will become a reality unless those who have manner go beyond polite.

There will come a point where that self discipline will come to bear on neobarbarians.

We'll have to 'teach em some manners'.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I watched my Dad die. It was a hot summer day. The window was open and there was a breeze. But not in the room and it was cool as well. And quiet. As death? He rose once and said,'I'm not ready to go yet.' He reclined once more and began leaving in spite of his protest. 'Uh uh', repeatedly, til there was silence. His argument spent, he left. The breeze rushed in with its afternoon warmth, as if to carry him aloft. The vacuum was gone and life went on.

Is it morbid after all this time to tell this short story? It's one of the most intimate moments in my life. I'm virtually revealing it to the world here. Well, if the world happened by this tiny corner of the internet.

There is a reason and tale behind everything that happens. Most of the time it's confined to few or possibly none left.

My Dad was sick for several years. He suffered greatly and so did we along with him. If he had lived he would have had lots to do. But it wasn't to be.

And life for the living goes on and I believe it does for those who cross over.

Just savor what there is and weather the storms and ride through triumphs great and small.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's In A Gate

Somebody stole my exwife's backyard fence gate.

Is there anything people won't steal lol?

In light of all the crimes in high and low places and impending conflict let alone the tornados, it's kinda small potatoes. But it's funny after the fact and typical too.

Apparently some scavenger, not content with discarded appliances, descended on the alleyway behind her house and literally lifted the gate from the frame. Admittedly, it was made easier because a hard freeze and a falling tree did it in. So, it was held in place with wire and easy to snip and grab. One of those quick fixes til it could be dealt with.

Predators and all sorts of scum constantly look for opportunities to ply their trade as it were. An unlocked door, a car left out, or any number of chances to rip off their fellow people. Some are more intricate, planned incursions. Watching comings and goings for whatever woe is in store is more common than the sheeple think. It serves us well to be observant. I say at least be in condition yellow or observant readiness. But all it takes is a blink, a turn of the back andnot being able to be everywhere for crime to occur.

Cams can help, if you can and always be armed is a given.

Yet it just takes a bit and poof.

I can tell you if anyone invades her house, they will be in peril. All I'm gonna say. We were together long enough for personal security to be well established.

Oh and she took the gate from the front and replaced the purloined one.

Just as well. The fence isn't complete there. It's a weird place except internally.

That security thing would make it a very bad place for bad people -s-.

So what's in a gate? A message that thieves are taking more and more.

Soon they will get less and less. That's on any level you care to land.