Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Another word that can be either good or bad.

Seduction and romance can be thrilling, make life dynamic.

If it is child seduction that is evil period.

As far as romance goes, seduction is usually slow.  It's a gradual process.  Then again it usually is if people are drawn into ideological views as well.

In show biz, there are a lot of people who get convinced they are God's gift to Creation.  They are bombarded with flattery and perks.  They are followed by sychophants whose best interest is to flatter, since their bread and butter are supplied by those they inflate.

Keep perspective.  If you have good people around you, they will support you and remind you that you are only human -s-. 

Compliments are great.  But always take them with a little salt.  Remember the best work is the next job.

Content of character is the crux always, no matter if romance, work or national status.

If good things come your way, enjoy them.  If someone is just trying to shall we say, be physical, you'll catch on.  Same goes for the huckster trying to tell us they have the answer, they are the leaders.

Shake way the stardust.  A long time relationship has ups and downs -s-.


Following someone, ie taking an interest in their career and other doing, goes hand in hand with fandom. 

A healthy interest is normal, just fine.  I can't fathom stalking, the darkside of fandom/following.  For that matter, I don't care where people are eating, buying, working out etc.  I have my own life lol. 

I like to know what other artists are doing careerwise.  It might lead to work!  Also, communicating with folks is what it's all about for me.  I've found a lot in common with some and conversely, some opposition.

Because of the vast coverage, entertainment is a busily used political tool.  Look around at the many statements made by people of all stripes.  I've made some already.  I'm not afraid of censure, though there is a sort of reverse blacklisting.  I asked an insider once if my views would jeopardized my career,  I was told 'enhance or encumber, depends on the crowd'. 

Scrutiny is close by as we follow people and events.

Again, this coming year, we must light up the darkness.  Let us confront and expose those who are destroying our Republic.


I've spoken of fans before.  Like all things, it is a term for weal or woe.

The subtle nuances of devotion, interest, even obsession hang round the word like the smell of a copper coin. 

Fans can make or break a movie, TV, individuals even movements.  Sometimes the law of averages gets bent and a show, for instance, might survive, if someone in charge wants it left on.  The same might be said for elected 'officials' -s-.

I have a few fans.  Nothing say like some of the young actor/singer types who garner worldwide fame.  Whether I get to that point is probably farfetched lol.  I'd rather tell my stories and get the word out, I hope a some profit -s-.

I appreciate fans.  I have always chatted with them at conventions.  They are entertained and appreciate the work put into something.

I was visiting some people on a movie set.  When it came time for dinner, I sat with some extras.  The actors were fine approachable folks.  I just was interested in these others who for very little, spent many hours at a place they loved.

Everybody has a story.  I like to listen.  It's a quality I encourage and for those opposed to the Republic.  Finding out what people think reveals much.

Hope the fans of Freedom gather and light up the darkness this next year -s-.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holy Innocents.

Today is the day set aside to remember the Biblical account of King Herod murdering male children in the vicinity of Bethlehem after the birth of Jesus.

According to the story, his troops slaughtered all male children age two and under.  Herod was afraid of a King usurping his throne.  How absurd on one hand and how very tragic on the other.

I'm not recounting it here.  But I will say there are those who are still jealous of power and will do anything to maintain and extend it. 

Oh oh.  Better be careful.  I'm told the current occupier of the Oval Office, among other collectivists, dislikes criticism.  I'm actually leaving that for another time.  I'm not chickening out.  The more sane exposure of the insane usurpation of power the collectivists are proudly preening and bragging about.

Once power is acquired, many measures could be employed to keep the king on the throne.  Or the dupe as the hand puppet if you like.

But if anything is more egregious than the current state of affairs, it is the thought that comes to mind about innocents who are sacrificed.

I have long fought those who exploit kids.  Once on this Day, I preached about it in my student days.  You could have heard a pin drop.

It disturbed and brought people round to thinking.  I hope still that is one step from doing something about it.

Child rape is an ongoing battle.  It is an ultimate evil.  Learn what the rapists do, though it may revolt you.  Shed light on it.  And help to get them prosecuted.

Then take care of the children.  Help them to heal.  Easy words for a seemingly insurmountable wound.

As for the rape of Freedom, well that's going to be a topic soon.

Friday, December 27, 2013


Don't blow a gasket!  I'm not saying don't be concerned.  Hey, bills get due, kids get sick, you name it.  Not to mention or to mention -s-, what the collectivists are doing to the US.

Some people are like an old boiler.  If you don't drain the steam, you'll explode.  Ulcers, sickness will only make the situation worse. 

Likewise, if you explode you may say or do something you'll regret.  No I'm not talking about psychopaths doing their evil.  But once you do something you have to live with it.  Normal healthy people have regrets.  That said don't let that stop you   Learning from mistakes is part of growing up and going on -s-.

It is an illusion that we are alone.  Evil wants folks to think that.  Alone, worthless, powerless, the tendency to give up.  Don't fall for that. 

Reach out both as someone concerned about self and as a person who cares about someone else.  Same goes for the Republic.  Most things we do personally can translate to the bigger picture.

Person to person, one on one is the best and basic way to help.

It gathers momentum and like E Pluribus Unum, we remember to be united in Freedom.

Stewing is good sometimes.  At least when I make turkey vegetable soup after Christmas lol.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Broken Screen

There has been a dearth of posts here.  I broke the screen on the laptop.  Sheesh! 

Had to trudge to the library just to keep the email down.  No way could I write.  But I had plenty to do.  Sight edited my printout copy of first novel, The Beveled Glass, note making/reading and longhand writing for script for Heart in the City.

There is no dearth of events of course.  The world keeps turning.  And those enemies of Freedom are just as real and busier than ever.  They are dedicated to running our lives.  They will fail, whether I have a laptop or not -s-.

There is no stopping.  Sometimes there is a regrouping.  At least I won't get in a rut!

So for the next few days I'll bring the number of posts to where I wanted them anyway.

I'm sticking to 4 a month simply to give my time and energy to other pursuits, some of which I hope will be profitable.

Thanks for sticking with me.  I bet you all have as much or more to do as well!

The screen is fixed and the promise of continued work looms.

Never give up!