Monday, May 31, 2021


 He's a pinball wizard.  That has to be a twist.  Pete Townshend's lyrics are from the rock opera Tommy.  Symbolism reaching out.

There is eclectic thought process.  It bounces from one thing to another.  It's not as chaotic as you might think.  

It can be as simple as word association.  One thought leads to another.  A specific topic can render specific results.  Some fit some don't.  See what works.

Write thoughts down.  Trying to juggle them all can be daunting.  And if something escapes into the ethos, just wait.  The old adage if it's important it'll come back is often true.  Then again don't worry if it doesn't.  Alternatives come.

Having an outline/framework is a good idea.  The thoughts can mix and match.

Whiteboard helps organized main and tangent points, reminders etc.  

Don't obsess.  Balance head and heart.  

Learn how to rush and how to take your time.  Think under pressure and don't go to sleep either.

Just bouncing ideas.

So, try not to tilt, mind your bumpers and don't forget to use the flippers.

Sunday, May 30, 2021


 Than what?

After so much improvement after 28 years, we are in a downspin.  And there is the crux.  Worse is better.

No, I don't ascribe to that.  It is a Leninist maxim.  As bad as things get, collectivists destroy even more, making the previous atrocities seem ok.  Then, the new crisis occupies the people, leaving no room to think or improve.  

Power for its own sake demands more.  It is bottomless hunger.  They control due to lack of self.  There is no humanity, only merciless conquest.  

As is normal for collectivists, what they do is opposite of what they say.  It might sound better, but it is worse.  

Look at better with light and a fine tooth comb.

Live in Liberty and truth.

Don't do better.  

Be best.

Saturday, May 29, 2021


 Something, usually a bullet, that bounces off a hard surface.  Its path is deflected and can hit something, even the shooter, at an odd angle.

In self defense we make sure what is behind a target.  We don't want to harm innocents.  We want to only stop the threat.  Accuracy and control are paramount.

Gangsters/criminals or as Col. Jeff Cooper called em 'goblins' don't care.  They shoot into a crowd or wildly shoot, hurting many including kids.  Hitmen have downed a whole passenger list to murder one person.  It is lack of humanity.

Also, words can be accurate.  They paint verbal pics and can speak of love, strength, patriotism.

Words, especially these days, but as before, ricochet.  They are misplaced and can mean the opposite of what is said.  

Be accurate and mean what you say.  


Friday, May 28, 2021


 Immoderate or unwholesome interest/desire.  Sensationalism.  Arousal of quick, intense emotional reaction.  It ain't just sex.  It's distraction.

Nothing wrong with a little excitement of almost any kind.  But if it's obsessive, it stultifies.  The objective is, if not sex, that people get upset about something based in half truth if not lies.  

The idea is to be robbed of the ability to think, to reason. 

Don't be a headline hopper.  

It's easy to be led.  Unravelling is simpler than knitting.

Rise above.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Bullies Redux

 It's well known I loathe bullies.  Physical, intellectual, spiritual are all the same.  Dominance due to lack of self.  Ultimately evil.

It might be a stretch from the bully on the schoolyard to the guard on a death line.  Or not.  It takes the nurturing of poisonous weeds.

I remember people like a certain current pretender in grade/high school and college too.  They were cheats, liars and yes, bullies.  Plagiarism ran rampant through them.

The need to bully is just support for all the other negativity.  As I said, I encountered them.

In grade school I won a fight standing up to them.  No more trouble-then.

High school saw me deny someone my answers to tests.  They tried to intimidate me.  I resisted and shall we say overcame because I defended myself verbally and physically.  

There is no difference between politicians and those idiots/thugs in school.  

Resist.  And fight on all levels, including exposure/truth.

I learned to deal with bullies from 3 people.

Physically from my Brother

Intellectually from my GreatGrandmother

Spiritually from my Brother from another Mother

Thursday, April 29, 2021


 He asks while other men just talk.  Thunderball.  No time to waste with Mr Bond.

Asking can be tricky.  It's all in the how.  And no, this is NOT a manual for pick ups as it were -s-.  Some things might apply.

In my line, advice is way easier than dough.  People are apt to give tips, even without charging, for how and who to see.  My asking for advice got the attention of Pat McGoohan and Bob Wise among others.  This led to mentoring and friendship.  

Also, I had devised plans of my own, having been a businessman as well as artist.  And I'm not afraid to approach people.  I don't waste time and never osculate posterior.  If I admire other work, I'll tell them.  

I told John Rhys-Davies a story about Jeff Corey.

I was a little at a loss for words and told Jeff I liked his work.  He said 'You know Mike, so do I.'  That broke the ice with both lol.

I've promoted certain charities, recently Alzheimers care and research.  Also, I'm helping my ex raise money for a new roof and basement pipes for her 200 year old house.

Honesty is indeed the best policy when asking.  No need to embellish.  Just present the topic in a cogent pleasant direct way.  

Think, plan.  Know what you are looking for.  

Word of mouth can give you a good rep.  And then, a product well done will be a calling card.

You might find this useful for shall we say current events and participation therein.

Good luck.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Pop Up

 Always looking for inspiration/ideas.  True for this blog, my other writing and just about everything.  

I calm down oddly in these times and meditate.

I don't empty my mind.  I leave that to our enemies.  I clear my mind.  No jumble nor confusion.  Sometimes things pop up.

I keep a note book around for ideas.  Some work, some don't.  

The ideas flow and from others.  The art of the idea deal -s-?

Pop up doesn't mean pop out.  Analysis, discussion and review are needed.

Think the Founders.  There was no whim with them.