Thursday, July 4, 2024


 A day to celebrate, remember, contemplate.

It's right to have a good time.  But we must never stop there.

Remember what happened and the sacrifice of the Founders.

Many lost all-except Freedom.  Can we do likewise?  Think about it.

It is time to do more.  Just reacting and defending are not enough.

We must be proactive.  We mustn't let tyranny off.

Be like the Founders

Wednesday, July 3, 2024


 We had termites in the backyard at the old house.

They are progressive.  They took out a maple which crumbled and fell.  Then they spread to another and it died slowly.  Limbs fell and one even snapped in a windstorm.  

Why didn't we take care of it earlier?  Slow almost secret deterioration and preoccupation with the interior.

However, far as we know they have stopped the rot.

There are other wood eating insects, hornets especially.  So-called death watch beetles work from within.  They have a weird knock as their 'work' continues.

That house survived.  Not just the bugs, but slow breakdown.  It was 200 years old and solidly built.  It has been restored, and should last for a long time.

It takes perseverance and skill to keep it up.

On the dawn of 7/4, the symbology is obvious.

Be alert.  Restore.  Maintain.


Tuesday, July 2, 2024


 Not listening devices.  Maybe irritation.

I remember going on bug hunts on Saturdays with my siblings for their HS biology classes.

Their classes would sweep fields with nets and capture different type insects.  They placed them in kill jars then pinned them to boards.

My favorite part was going to a drive-in afterwards.  A post on them would be cool for another time.

A type of research ensues.  Where can the subjects go?  They're pinned.  There are, of course, live studies too.

Scientific curiosity motivates people.  We know how that can be taken to extremes especially with humans.

Don't let them pin you.  Let them think they know and meanwhile do Freedom.

Don't let them make you eat bugs either.   

Monday, July 1, 2024

Denial Redux

 Common on both sides of addiction.

It reduces usually for those surrounding the addict.

Usually something traumatic will bring the addict around.  Or further destruction.  

The same might be said for mental/spiritual problems.

Someone might be slowly deteriorating, so slowly glitches are excused or passed over.

As it progresses, behavior and all else deteriorates, but those around might still ignore signs.

We want things to be right.  We want health and all good things.  We want normality.  

If there is health, we strive for those things and find solutions.

If there is disorder, denial takes root.  

We wish for everything to be ok to the point where catastrophe ensues with negligence.  

It's very hard for some to face reality.  And no amount of presenting facts sways them.  

It takes perseverance for right to prevail.  That entails showing, because just telling becomes rhetoric.  Experience lights the way.  

And, we must let go.  We guide but for health to win, we must each come out of denial ourselves.

All I can do here is point out.

The rest is up to you.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024


 Roland Bainton, noted theologian and author of Here I Stand a biography of Martin Luther was also an artist.

He was well known for his caricatures of friends and associates.

I had the opportunity of having lunch with him and faculty at Wittenberg University.  I asked, was told it was limited, yet I managed to attend.  Persistence and faith -s-.

 I knew of his drawings and wouldn't dare hope for one.

We had a wonderful lunch and I was able to make some points.

As we dispersed, Dr. Bainton handed me a note paper.  There was a wonderful abstract of yours truly.

I was astonished, blushed and managed a quick thank you.

He sensed my hope and fulfilled it.  This was the kind of man he was.

He was no snob and reached out beyond the academic.  He cared and his faith showed it.

After the farewell sermon, I shook his hand and told him Here I Stand was a major influence in my spiritual journey.  His eyes showed he was deeply touched and we parted with uplifted hearts.

You never know til you ask.

Monday, June 3, 2024


 We are all related.  Mitakuye Oyasin.

All our yesterdays and heritages coalesce.

What we inherit we use or misuse or ignore.

Particular lineage may have particular gifts.

And thus, we use them for weal or woe.  And therein lies worthiness.

The means by which one 'proves' same.

Also, it knits us together, even if it seems obscure.

May your path lead to Freedom.

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Morality Vs Obedience


Doing what is right regardless of what you are told.


Doing what you are told regardless of what is right.