Thursday, February 28, 2019


What is cowardice?  What causes it?

It is certainly a lack of courage.  But it must be more.

Cowardice has always been around.  It is more than caution, for many brave people forsake such to accomplish goals.

Fear is a key.  Some are scared to try.  Fear of success or failure propels them into a 'safe' place neither ho nor cold.

Greed can work to bribe some into inaction.  Whether it's money, houses, car etc or position, some would 'sell their own mother' for such things.

Many are evil.  They cover up their deeds for fear of exposure.  Thus, blackmail might play a part. 

I chose to title this in a negative way.  I'm not jaded and I'm not afraid as it were to talk about such qualities.  For courage awaits us.  It beckons and cowardice though powerful, cannot stop it.

The price for courage may be great or small.  It is an intangible factor in life and may not be recognized nor cowardice confronted til a tipping point.

Sometimes, it can be contemplated as here and now.  I hope it gets folks thinking.

But often there comes the time to leap, to forge, to make a statement.  We fly away from the nest of comfort and reach something greater than any of us.

Through all time in all places we can see/feel cowardice.  In all stations /circumstances of life it exists.  It is probably most self evident, aside from military and other physically dangerous jobs, in politics.  Just look to government to see it on full display.

Freedom is dangerous.  We risk it all to ascertain and maintain it.

I speak broadly as a palette for a portrait for you the reader, for us as a country.

Do we lose what we have, too afraid to speak/act?  Or do we slap cowardice in the face or punch it in the nose and step out into that curious place of risk?

Don't let the thieves of Liberty stop us.

I will be speaking out in the weeks to come and I suggest you all do the same.

Show the perfidy afoot.

Be cautious only in this: If you have evidence that will stop our enemies, secure it and learn who to trust with it.  Do not say you will do something.  Like courage, just do it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


I remember a trip to the doctor's office years ago.

Our then family doc had a children's waiting area, with books to while away the time.

We were waiting our turn when a sweet little girl came in with her Mom.  She spied the kid's area and declared 'Books!' so joyously that we smiled.  It warmed the heart.

Even in these electronic times, books are the gateway to knowledge.

I still prefer ink and paper.  Besides, during a power failure, we whiled away our time reading.

It led me to remember old independent bookstores, which existed a long time and now gone.

Long before discount chains and bargain bins, I used to go to three places.

One was in Broad Ripple, north of the canal.  It was in a converted old house, large with several rooms.  It was almost labyrinthian and books were everywhere, even on the stairs.  Reminded me of my friend and teacher Robert Easton's house.

It was owned by a heavy set woman who was one of the most erudite people I've known.  She seemed to have an answer for practically everything.  And if she didn't, she knew how to research/reference.

Fair prices and a few rare finds rounded out the place and added greatly to my collection.

The second store was east, right at the city limits in Cumberland.  The store was a converted Masonic hall, thus it was quite large and chock full of books.

The owner was likewise heavy set and just as resourceful.

The third was in an old five and dime building in Fountain Square.

It was the largest of all and had a wide stairway to what was the bargain basement.  Rows and rows of books greeted one, like a small town.

The owner was yet another heavyset lady, who evidenced a similar knowledge seemingly boundless.

BTW, the fact they were heavyset was simply a fact, a description, lest I be accused of some silly fat shaming tirade.  Ah how times have changed since these ladies graced the scene.  I think they would tilt their heads and smile amusedly.

It was a time of knowledge and acceptance.  There was more of that than the sjws would even guess.

Though most personality places like the above are gone, we still have knowledge.  Boundless, limited only by time and space, we can reach new generations who can still be thrilled to see 'Books!'

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Not my profession.  It is in acting after thinking and even on instinct that defines a man.

I have committed random acts of kindness.  There was no reward save for the act itself.

Helping  someone in some way, speaking up for others, giving.  This is at least part of the measure of a man.

Ruthie and I both taught our kids these things, both son and daughter, for it's the mark of a person of humanity.

We would be robbed of these simple acts.  There is an attempt to make society an automaton, a soulless miasma where reward is supposedly for the state, which rewards its citizens with membership.

The reality is in our Republic, in a human world, we individuals help one another.  These acts are central.  They build piece by piece love, regard for one another and a caring that may sacrifice, but for others to carry on in kind.

There is a Tribute to Men rally in DC March 1.  It celebrates masculinity and the wonderful men in our lives.

That's wonderful, but we must carry on each day and celebrate each day.

We must do things for one another both men and women, boys and girls, for as said, the building blocks lead to a foundation.  The foundation leads to restoration and that leads to a strong Republic.

Together we act!

Monday, February 25, 2019


It's the 183rd anniversary of the siege/battle of the Alamo.  I always honor it.

If for some reason you don't know, please look it up, especially if the collectivists erase/rewrite history.

The dictator of Mexico, Santa Anna, had a policy he'd enact when an enemy was surrounded.  They either surrendered, at discretion, or would be annihilated.  The Alamo defenders chose to die at their posts, taking many casualties with them.

Surrender would have resulted in disarming then summary execution.  It happened at Goliad.  The men of the Alamo died fighting.

Unconditional surrender is what collectivists are working toward for these united States.  They want us to accept their collectivist terms or else.  They can't 'or else' definitively until we are disarmed.  Then absolute tyranny will clutch us.

"Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. ... Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country'', so said the President. I, and all who are working to Restore the Republic, agree.

That is how we must be unconditional ourselves.  We must work unswervingly to not just undo the evils perpetrated by collectivists, we must abolish it altogether.

Will we die fighting?  Time will tell.  Many have crossed over before.

We have an opportunity to live for Liberty.

We do not so much pass a torch, as we teach Freedom.  Then our descendants have a chance.

Thursday, January 31, 2019


Titles.  Thought of the works as in everything put into projects, though it's also the name of a local 'gym'.  Maybe workings as in guts or a well oiled machine.  Ok, it is what it is.  I'm just talking about work.

It's said that more people are entering trades and eschewing college.  Practical labor is what makes America work.  Who builds the roads, houses, fixes the pipes and wires?  Tradespeople.

I'm not suggesting everyone takes up a trade.  It's important to appreciate what people do.  Don't take them for granted.

I would say that responsibility for oneself would entail learning a few simple skills such as boiling water/simple cooking and changing a tire.  The more you depend on others, the less you can trust yourself.

We've had a lot of remodeling in the area the last year.  It's great to see the transformation from some places wrecked to a home again.  Others are simply improved.

There has been concern mostly raised by collectivists, that such improvements displace the poor.  There are efforts to help low income folks to join in the improvements.  Many rent and some are transient for various reasons best addressed in another post.

The main thing here is the wonderful craftsmanship we've witnessed.  Using modern techniques and materials, we are seeing a true restoration from the ground up.

Several crews have worked long hours and the handiness is phenomenal.

They are mostly young to middle aged men who have decided they want to do this kind of work.  They have apprenticed, worked several years to achieve a skill level which is dependable and first class.  They get in and get the job done well.

This is America.

I'm not knocking all college work.  But it has increasingly become pointless and the schools have become collectivist brainwashing centers.

I myself attended university with a clinical psychology major.  My intention was to counsel.  I've done some things but fund my expression in the fine arts.  Of that, I gained experience in theater much like an apprentice.

Also, I learned to housepaint and general construction at that time.  I am a more rounded person as a result.

Of course there are people who are not quality workers.  There are thieves who take the money and run.  Take care where you learn and who you hire.

As for round here, these guys are excellent, honorable, skilled and fair.

The man who lived next door was skilled himself and did much improvement.  I think he would be pleased with this next generation of craftspeople.

Life can have many roads and they can each be fulfilling.  Choose wisely.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


In the tradition of opportunism there is a candy called Nerds.  Nothing sweet here.

Bookworm was the term when I was a kid.  It swiftly segued to nerd in the 60s.

Nerds tend to be singleminded.  I've found when it comes to Liberty, that's admirable. 

Often when these folks obsess, they ignore social graces and personal hygiene.  There expertise can be quite phenomenal. 

My kids call themselves nerds, though they are quite erudite.  Maybe I'm a James Bond nerd lol.

My dealings, both as a fan and writer/actor have led me to meet many folks who wear the nerd mantle.  I've found quite a few to be decent honest folks who love something particular.  I have also met the opposite.

Like all people/groups there are those who embrace the darkside.  Some are persecuted and take out their abuse on innocents as well as the guilty.  But, free will being what it is, others choose willingly to follow the fallen.  It is those who control much of msm and social media.  I say control, but they to have their masters.

Many of them appear insipid, even meek/Casper Milquetoasts.  But they are cunning little weasels, plotting to control.  Arrogance of course is their chief characteristic.  They are among the worst Bertha Better'n Yous.  Beta males enraged.  Some females too, as witness several 'marchers'.

When I was in high school, I was friends with some of the 'brief case breakfast club' members.  It was a label given our especially math oriented nerds.  These were generally ok guys/gals who simply had a particular expertise.  I manage to relate to folks and listen.  That's so left out these days.

If you accept people as they are, they are friendly, forthcoming, except for actual collectivist puppets.  But if you see them as they truly are, then shine the light.  Nothing puts bullies on the spot than scrutiny.

Above all, be yourselves.  Be honest.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


No not the epithet from 50s/60s in ref young women.  I still sometimes say girl though.  I'm talking about how we all started out.

Yes, all of us, even the Presidents former opponent (I think lol) and everyone were a sperm and egg which united to make a unique human being.

I believe life begins at conception.  Agree, disagree, ignore etc.  Life starts and in 18 days, there is a heartbeat.

And to stop that life is wrong.  Are women evil to do it?  Some.  Many are not and there are occasional health issues.  Life has a way of returning.

There are evil people, reprobate minds, if you will, who have a total disregard for life, except their own.  Their goal is control and the power that comes with it.  It is a thin watery power, though in its throes, they maintain a level of force.

True power is unconditional love and free will.  Babies very much illustrate this.

Ever held a baby?  Such a combination of fragility and strength; human nature firsthand.  Warmth, soothing love and yes, diapers lol.  From sublime to earthy.  All part of it.  Humbling but part of the cycle.

Now New York has an immoral, illegal 'law' which allows termination aka murder up to full term.

What kind of socalled people do this?  'People' who give up humanity in exchange for the previously mentioned power, whatever form it may take.  And you may believe it or not, there are those who accept abortion as sacrifice.  And there are those who turn a blind eye.  Out of sight out of mind.  Same for child rape.  Control is the goal.

No price is too great for that demonic jewel.  Abortion, social dissolution, economic disaster all contribute to the place where those who would be our masters reign.

Save lives.  Convince.  Conscience.  Alternatives.  Babies.


The dark side wears away but love is strength and remains forever.

For the love of babes resist the devil.