Monday, June 30, 2014


I'm not a single parent.  If I misled anyone in my previous post, Fathers, it was not my intention.

I have nothing against single parenting,  It has increased but there is a 'trick' to it.  Most single parents I know make sure the child/children  has/have good role models of the opposite sex.

My best female role model was my Great Grandma Rose Belle St.Clair Hiland. 

She was loving and insightful, always having some common sense (in the true meaning of the term) stories/examples about living day to day.

Honesty and straightforwardness were her way of life  She had been a suffragette and was active with the Democratic Party most of her life. 

That being said, she'd vote Republican if the candidate had something to help with the people.

I shouldn't speak for those gone, but I guarantee she would be angry and ashamed of how politics have been suborned by collectivists.  Maybe she'd be libertarian or independent.  She sure had her own mind and spoke out in her day.

I owe a great deal to her and some of the other women in my life.

Enough said.  It reminds me that Grandma didn't blather on.  She spoke her mind and that's that!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Single parenting can work.  But it takes balance.  Kids need positive male and female role models.

I owe my love of Freedom greatly to my Dad, William Clair Hiland, my Brother William Connolly Hiland and my Grandpa, Roscoe Earl Nolan.  That and my skills acquisition re firearms, hunting, fishing and how to treat myself and women with respect.

These men were my initial and forever role models.

I hope I'm carrying on the tradition with my son and daughter.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


It must be dictionary month.  Merriam Webster says this of loyalty.:  'a feeling of strong support for someone or something'.  Like any word, loyalty can have nuances of meaning, is able to be used for weal or woe.  I'd say it has a decidedly negative connotation, accumulated over time.

Loyalty adheres to the time of kings and queens, when vassals were loyal followers and the rabble sought protection and even sustenance fro their lords.  Those times are over and the Constitutional Republic of these united States was the harbinger of the end. 

It reminds me of allegiance a related word.  Pledging allegiance is taken with a grain of salt by me.  Remember the Pledge was written by a socialist and the original salute was the right arm extended up and out instead of hand on the heart.  The latter became preferred after that German socialist movement in mid-twentieth century appropriated it.  If memory serves, it came from ancient Rome as a salute of fealty to the Emperor.

We may not need to be reminded (but it doesn't hurt -s-) that those who take the Oath in our Republic take that Oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  There are slight variations but that is the gist.

It is to be noted there is NO loyalty oath to a leader, just bearing faith and allegiance (the positive sense) to the principles enumerated in our chief document. 

These principles are being challenged, to put it mildly these days.  It's been a gradual process.  Tyranny is greedy but is also patient.  People, if you want to call them that, in 'high office' have usurped and turned round limited gov to unlimited power.  They think they are our bosses, that they know best.  And correspondingly there are attempts to dumb us down to accept their line of c##p.

We are slowly working to turn this around.  Bit by bit, shedding light, truth and the things which make these States great.

I know, this is the same theme I talk so often about.  Many others contribute so much more.  But each of us have something to give.  E Pluribus Unum-From Many One.  One accord coming from each.  It is the antithesis of collectivism.  And loyalty?

In its negative context, I remember two movies.  One is Dracula with the great Bela Lugosi and a fine cast.  The other is Licence to Kill, Timothy Dalton's second and regrettably last Bond, also with a fine cast headed by Robert Davi.

In Dracula, Renfield (Dwight Frye) is the Count's slave, turned to evil servitude.  He entreats the vampire that he is loyal and gets killed anyway.  Renfield's conscience had continued to occasionally prick his slavishness.  Dracula is destroyed by determined people who thus free the world of his darkness.

In Licence to Kill, Bond goes after druglord Franz Sanchez (Davi) after Sanchez has Felix Leiter maimed and his bride raped and murdered.  Posing as a rogue agent (partly true), Bond appeals to Sanchez' prizing 'loyalty' above all things.  Of course, it's the drug lord's downfall.  His loyalty is nothing but bribery and fear predicated by plomo o plata-lead or silver.  With such an unstable foundation, Sanchez' psychopathy quickly turns to paranoia, when he perceives those around him in betrayal.

There just might be some lessons learned, even in fiction/fantasy, concerning the world around us.  There is a 'message in the ravioli', as it were.  As an aside I give credit to Robert Davi for that expression, garnered from an interview at the time of the movie's release.

Loyalty versus fidelity.  Fear or love.

Which do you think ultimately wins?

Friday, June 27, 2014


Let me start with good ol' Merriam Webster:

Basically it's communications -the art of- within government.  Negotiating power and influence in said gov as well.  One of the definitions is 'the total complex of relations between people living in society'.  Frankly, I'll leave it to you for wending your way through the maze.  That's what it is to me.  It makes simple things complex.  Below is an example.

On Facebook, a particular gal longtime in showbiz has a grand daughter who is diabetic.  She praised ACA (I refuse to call it anything else though there are plenty of slang terms I could apply), saying it allowed this girl treatment and some kind of light at the end of her tunnel.  Someone responded, saying that there were plenty who didn't like/opposed it.  The grandma first complimented the guy thanking him for his service as he was a vet.  But she said her page and thread were no place for politics.  That's the crux of it to me.

Now first, perhaps it was fruitless to mention ACA is opposed or detrimental to the Republic, which it certainly is.  But Grandma used a favorite cop out for liberals, and actually all the socalled 'right wingers' aka neocons.  Something distasteful is brought up.  Often it's truthful or explains dangers. Then it's crumpled up and thrown away with the broad brush 'politics'.

Naturally, when relating to politicians, a much rightfully despicable term, getting them to see reality is a challenge, to put it mildly.  Working through 'legalese' and mounds of words, these myopic folks hide behind such things.  All I ask is the ability and opportunity to cut through the red tape, the jargon and talk like real people.  It's a tall order, but the more we take back the Republic, the easier it will become

And I'm not opposing vocabulary.  We need words and their meaning.  We must teach kids to be literate, even erudite.

As for the word politics, it almost invariably polarizes.  The picket lines of Republican and Democrat form fast.  It's all just bs, the art of legerdemain. 

I didn't comment on that thread re the girl and ACA.  It would have been pointless.  Pick and choose your battles or discussions.  Be ready.

While some will seemingly benefit, it is at the cost of millions who are bereft.  The middle class will continue to be weakened and socialized medicine will further 'transform' America indeed.  Enough said without delving where so many have gone before.  Start with Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams and find others for proof.

As for the game of politics, well we must change the rules.  And meanwhile find a message in the ravioli.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bottom Line

I'm fortunate that I have a business background.  It enhances my efforts as a writer and actor.  It has provided practicality in most other pursuits as well. 

Mind you, when it comes to certain endeavors, there are and will be trusted folks who manage and assist my work.  good lawyers and business managers, for instance, are worth their weight in gold -s-.

Oh yes.  Though my college work has never included classes in business, I don't begrudge anyone obtaining a business degree.  My cousin, a friend and supporter (gone sadly now), had one from IU.  He was a successful, ethical businessman.  Like any college work it is tempered by character and practical experience.  I hope.

Bottom lines are relative absolutes.  They work for the transactions they conclude.  It should be conclusive.  There is one bottom line with no wiggle room.

The attempts of any, ANY kind of gun control are about control.  I thank Captain Obvious for this lol.

The recent shooting by yet another evil goblin in California confirms this.  Oh and you probably know he stabbed three and hit two victims with his car.  The psycho had a nice car and guns as well as edged weaponry.  California has strict gun control, yet he managed to buy the guns without trouble.

Oh how the antigunners are railing for more control. Some even admitted the restrictions do not work.  Maybe some are embarrassed the loon's parents are antigun themselves.

Make no mistake, what Senator Feinstein said is a reality.  The bottom line for these destroyers of Freedom is 'turn em all in'.

The useful idiots are used.  The collectivists swarm.  And those who would control our very being plot to completely disarm us. 

Our bottom line is different.  So dans l'oeil d'un cochon-in a pig's eye sums it up.

Business is business.  I say no compromise while we must bit by bit regain our Constitutional Republic.  It's not as paradoxical as it would seem.

Don't be played.  It's all inclusive tyranny.

You'd be surprised, or not, how many people think they can bargain with collectivists.  No no no.

What our bottom line guarantees is these mokes can't rape us.

It's a binding contract with Freedom against tyranny.

The bottom line guarantees the price will be paid.

PS: As for the mentally ill and what should be done, I will have a near future post

Friday, May 30, 2014


I could start this with my love of soup.  You name it, if I haven't tried it, I most likely will.

Let us cut to the chase.  And though alphabet agencies come to mind this is about more.  The ABC's play a part in a larger picture.

There is no need to delve into conspiracy theories.  They are another element/ingredient in the soup.  Yes some are true, some lies and some mixed-mostly mixed.

There are people, besides those who are paid to work up scenarios, who are paid to muddy the water.  It's no accident Jedburgh is the name of a character in the Martin Campbell movie Edge of Darkness.  His job was to assess, derail and yes muddy the waters as well as eliminate anyone seeking and onto truth.  They exist, whether you believe it or not.  That doubt of course is part of the soup.

There are so many theories floating around such as JFK and 911.  Careful checking this stuff out.  You might just end up chasing your own tail like a distracted pup.  You might find a message in the ravioli.

I will suggest again that you look at the results of the actions.  What has happened since each of these pivotal events? 

Also, study history.  I mean dig.  Don't accept a high school or college text concerning anything.  Research, cross reference and keep looking.  Study behavior too.  It is the crux of why we are.

Are there 'forces' aka powerful people wanting to dominate us all?  Sure  Always have been.  Don't know if they always will be.  Til it ends, rest assured there are always some who wish to control, who believe the people are incapable of self government.  Or worse, some who know we can fulfill our own destiny but are callous and control for the 'love' of it.  That's evil in a nutshell.

Those who control hate the most those of us who not just see, but are systematically building where they destroy.

So check the recipes and see what soup's on!  Feel free -s- to change the menu!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


You reach for something.  It's not there.  Gone or you can see it, like Tantalus with his fruit and water.  Almost is a bigger, multi-textured word.

It can be an excuse for failure, as in, 'I tried and almost made it.  Oh well.'.  It can be a word of encouragement such as, 'Almost there!  Come on!'. 

Sometimes we fail.  Sometimes we succeed.  When something hangs in the balance, almost is a very big word.

Reminds me of the mention of almost in the Great Escape and how it can be fatal.  I suggest something else.

Keep in mind as I have said that we fight an enemy that never sleeps.  Sleeping less is merely being relentless and determined to bit by bit win ie restore our Republic.  In that sense, almost will never be enough.

But bit by bit is an almost each day closer to final victory.  And then, almost will take a back seat to claiming success and maintaining it.

No excuses.  Encourage others to be 'there'.  Come on!