Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I'll take you on a literary trip in a minute.

First, I want to reiterate there is always the spiritual along with all else.  I believe it and in my own way know it.

Body.  The physical body, our temp homes.

Mind.  Our capacity to think, reason and be who we are in this life.

Psyche.  That which comes from God, from without and within.

Spirit.  That which animates, which is immortal.  Our core.

What follows you don't have to believe.  Just think about it.

Before there were planets, stars, matter, there was God/Spirit.

God created the angels/spirits, then humans etc.

The top angel became prideful and thought it could be over God.  It convinced a third of the angels, however many that were to follow it.  There was a war and the fallen were defeated and cast out of heaven.

The fallen refused to help humans and wouldn't serve them.  It forgot we are to serve one another.

That fallen nature pursued humans.  Pride always has and always will come before the fall.

In the human realm, it has been a constant battle between Liberty re God and the Light versus tyranny re the fallen and darkness.

There have been various manifestations of each.

The quintessential polarization is our Republic vs collectivism.

We are sovereign beings who unite for the common good.  Our enemies shun individualism and all work toward leaders and the state.

Death and destruction plague us as we battle through the ages. 

Selfish inward turned people use religion as a bludgeon to forge tyranny.  It is the antithesis of faith as a way of life.  Love vs hate. 

They are two sides of the same coin.  Yes we should hate what is evil.  No we mustn't let hate control us.  We must balance love and hate as we do head and heart.

This isn't complete but it is a palette for a portrait.

I'll let you figure the rest out.  I honor your free will.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Child Rape

It cannot be ignored.  I hope it haunts people until they face it.

It is NOT love.  It is NOT an alternative lifestyle.  It is NOT mental illness.  It IS evil.

And it is more intense and complicated than a stranger in the bushes or a 'weird' relative.  It is everywhere and child rapists come from all economic/social levels.

It is a cabal.  While there are individual rapists and even loose subscribers/collectors of pornographic materials involving children, there are many who do 'stick together'.  It is an association of convenience and most wouldn't hesitate to throw another under the bus to survive.  It can be a network of power.

These aberrations seek power from fear and robbing kids of innocence.  They choose to steal and destroy.

Helping kids come back, survive, triumph is a rough row to hoe.  But it is NOT impossible.  And it is what's right.

Then some are deprived of life completely.  Pray for their immortal spirits.

I needn't go on and on.  As always, research and associate with those who also seek justice and healing.

It is not stasilike to discover child rapists and finally stop them.  Beware though of those who use this as an excuse to mark us all with the end line being total observation/control of all.

And further beware of the child rapists themselves.  The higher you go, the more connected are the procurers and rapists, the 'Renfields' and 'Draculas' as it were.  They are wealthy and powerful. They are capable of destroying many who pursue them. See what connects and be stealthy, trusting only those who truly seek justice and liberation.

Believe it or not, one of the main reasons President Trump is being opposed and virulently so, is because his Justice Department is nabbing child rapists and rescuing kids.  Evil does not just fold.  It fights viciously and perniciously to maintain and spread its filth.  And believe it 'liberally' (sic) applies the Alinskyan rules.

Study the enemy, though it is heartbreaking and demoralizing.  Be tough and know it's right to seek out and destroy evil.

The rapists etal want us to give up, to be hopeless.  They seek to appear stronger and invincible.  They are NOT. They ARE cunning and use all the tricks and resources at all levels to hide and counterattack.

Face it and do something, whatever you can.

Many hands make lighter work.

We shall see about spiritual connection specifically tomorrow.

Monday, May 29, 2017


Dixie reminds me/us that history is being lost/rewritten.  I urge you to preserve it.

There are systematic alterations even erasures judging by current textbooks.  I suggest people collect books, amateur historians if you will.  Scour the internet for facts.. Keep looking, for some things disappear.

Also beware anything with an opinion unless it is stated as such.  Argue for a view.  Debate is healthy if done by fair balanced people.  Beware of collectivist revisionism.  It is easy to spot and entails demonization of Western society.  Study history warts and all.  Do we not learn from our mistakes?  Hmmm?

Collectiism will not tolerate discussion.  Its lies and half truths are accepted as the only way.  Not so in honest historical study.  There is room for different views.  Mike Vanderboegh and I disagreed on certain aspects of history.  But we were firm in our allegiance to the Republic and Freedom.

If not already, become collectors, as I said before.  Store your history texts somewhere safe.  Scan the net and put books/papers/treatises on disc/flashdrive etc.  I suggest you disburse/distribute some just in case. It's common tyrannical practice to burn books, remove statues etc.  At least get pics of statues.  Or if you have the means, save them if they are being disposed of.  The same can be said about guns or anything not in the falsified collectivist matrix.

Share knowledge.  Teach.  Learn.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Cultural Marxism is in high gear.

While Trump etal are attempting to slowly turn the tide of globalism from destroying our Republic, our enemies, in the form of most Democrats, neocons/rinos and assorted collectivists seek to undo him and continue on the course to a one world of slavery.  It is pernicious and a cancer of the mind and spirit.

Cultural Marxism is an assault from all sides, multileveled.  Its goal is to rewrite society in a collectivist matrix.  Take Sovietism as an example or 1984.  The State is mom and pop.  It controls from cradle to grave.  Put your mind on hold and do what you're told.

Be observant.  Whether you have kids or not, schools are bellwethers for this threat to humanity.  And after the drones are suitably brainwashed, then it rolls into politics.

It is Memorial Day weekend.  We remember those who fought for the Republic and paid the ultimate price.  It has also grown to include all military who cross over.  And for some, it engenders memories of family times.

Dixie is a nickname for the American South.  Most of it decided Constitutionally to leave the US and establish a separate country called the Confederate States.

Much debate can be made about slavery and its significance to the ensuing war.  Of course it was wrong, but I suggest a thorough study/examination of ALL the reasons for what happened.  As with most things there are textures to all of it.  And significantly slavery is worse than ever.

What should be a red flag, don't pardon the pun, is the removal of Confederate flags and statues.  It is nothing more than history erasure.  And if we look closely, most do not want it.

It is American history, warts and all.  These people were Americans and deserve recognition for dying in battle just like the North and All Americans.

If there is something you don't like, don't hide it.  Present it and study it.

On this Memorial Day, I remember Robert E. Lee as much as any other American soldier.

We could use a Lee now. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017


I promised a post on spirit and I will deliver.  This is just to reaffirm that.

Body, mind Psyche, spirit. 

Body is physical our bods.

Mind is who we are in this life, thoughts, meanings,all encompassing.

Psyche is that which is from God.  It comes from the outside but inside too.

Spirit is the eternal us.  It is what motivates, makes happen.

The invisible is made visible.

Shed light on the noon day devils and I promise more soon.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fan Dots

Ever go to a site and have your mouse arrow get surrounded by a cluster of dots or some mobile emojilike images?  Moveit and the arrow gets chased and resurrounded.  Or, if you run the pointer offscreen, the dots mass, waiting for the reappearance?

Fans can be that way.  Followers of many stripes are the same.  They will pursue the object of their attention almost like lemmings, heedless of consequences, good or bad.

Washington or George III, JFK or Khrushchev, Churchill or Hitler and on and on, some people prefer to let the leader do the work, weather for weal or woe.

Following isn't necessarily bad.  We look to leaders to lead.  It's how and why etc.  Just don't let them do your thinking for you.  Know what they do and then decide for yourselves.

Beware the cult of personality.  It is often the grist of totalitarians/collectivists.  And when the reps of Freedom lead, remember they should be demanding you do your part.

A good leader is a catalyst.  And they don't mind criticism.  Even the slings and arrows of collectivist subversion only serve to highlight the intent to promote Liberty by those lambasted.

We will never all agree even in the Republic.  But we are set up to follow and be leaders ourselves.  don't let anyone bamboozle you.

For we are our own best fans.  And we seek leaders who know this.  The power is ours.

Jump.  How high or why?

E Pluribus Unum is not mindless dots.  It is mindful unity.

Friday, April 28, 2017


While there might be a small percentage of gays etc, there is a concerted effort to condition people.  Oh oh.  Guess I'm stepping in it huh?  Far as I'm concerned, only with collectivists.

I believe there is a mixture of nature and nurture.  There are indications some may have predisposition.  However, there are many subtle conditioners, either deliberate or happenstance, that contribute to the way we picture ourselves.

Well, we could debate all this til we're blue in the face.  And all I have to say (well not all lol) is if seduction into something, whether slow or fast, is present, then it should be condemned by EVERYONE of conscience.

Sexuality aside as it were, there is a deliberate effort to blur lines, whether moral relativism or internationalism.  The more doubt, the more confusion and the more easily controlled.

For decades now, American history has been watered down and redirected, edging toward demonization of the Founders and other groups in time, to fashion  events as nothing special, even wrong. 

The economy has been long skewed, with creeping socialism and galloping crony capitalism (that which uses capitalism for the benefit of the few instead of for all) eat the substance of work and business.

Families are disseminated and alienated, leaving many at the mercy of the state.

Bit by bit, the Republic and the world crumbles.

Maybe I was a weird kid.  I'd take a glass of milk and pour a heaping spoonful of Quik on top.  Then, instead of stirring, I'd watch the particles slowly tumble and sink.  Only when It was gone would I stir.  Little was left to blend.

So it is with our Republic.  We slowly tumble til those watching have only to wait, then install the control method.

Is it too late?  Are we being pushed/force fed til we are absorbed?

With what do you identify?  Are you holding fast to history, unadulterated by collectivist putrefaction?  Are you reaching out to something, anything like a last gasp?  Or are you breathing the air of Freedom?

Are you reversing, bit by bit, the corrosion inflicted on the Republic.  Will it ever be a place where we live, albeit with differences, in the common cause of Liberty? 

Are you caving to the collectivist politicians, liberal democrats and neocon republicans, as they play yin/yang, singsonging us into wars, not to preserve Freedom, but to keep our minds off enslavement, 1984 style? 

Are you thinking for yourselves, preferring not to hate or lie and hold the lamp of Liberty high, exposing the machinations described?

Are you just taking what's shoveled out?

Are you digging, willing to accept a total picture?

Do you ever try to force your ways on others?

Or do you hold out for discussion? 

Do you expect others to defend you?

Or are you prepared to defend yourselves?

With whom or what do YOU identify?