Monday, July 31, 2017

Perry Carter

Perry is my oldest friend.  While some have turned their backs and betrayed, Perry has remained.

That being said, we've had a habit of staying out of touch at times in recent years.  One or the other of us usually calls the other.  Not lately.

Perry suffered a stroke a while back.  It affected his speech and memory,

Our conversations continued and I listened closely as his speech was labored, not at all the robust preacher/professor he was.

We met in the same college class and hit it off.  History, religious and military, a love of language and a calling to help others cemented the bond. 

Our lives frequently crisscrossed, with church, family and a passion to help others help themselves.  Not 'to' but 'from' poverty and despair.

It's hard to put in words what is engraved on the heart and mind.

He encouraged me and I got him to smile.  Tough times were easier with a friend like him.

My daughter and his kids played together.  No guile or pc baloney.  Just honest love and caring.

We gathered food from stores and distributed it to the needy.  Long before 'official' orgs did this.  We initiated pantries in many churches.

We both preached that faith is to be lived, that the orgs were there but the people meant more.

We both had an ear for those in trouble.  We reached out to kids and mentored where we could.

This gives you an idea of the kind of man Perry is.  He worked hard, achieved a Doctorate in Education but always took care of his kids.

I will update when I know more.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Blue Meanies

Indianapolis is not a sanctuary city.  I'm sure Mayor Joe Hogsett (may he be voted out) might like that in his zeal to make Indy another blue Democratic city.  But state law prohibits it.  There are some blue spots up near Chicago of course.  It's kind of like an infection.  And there is an infusion of liberals into Indy. 

Neighborhood associations can be clubs which require adherence to rules in a particular community.  No probs so far but I'll let you know when I move.

A lot of the liberal garbage circles and falls short of what they would like.  They will keep trying.  We must be proactive and never stop protecting Freedom. 

Some claim we are already a Demo cess pool.  Not yet but reiterating the above we must always be vigilant.  That's history.

Taxation is one of the tools.  Always has been.  Look at ACA and property taxes.  Financial control.

Fear plays a part.  And there are those who prefer to be controlled.

There are those who bully ordinances, rules, laws into position.  Sometimes they get into majority by social guile, those moving here both legally and otherwise.  They care not one whit for minorities unless they are manipulated.

Remember one other thing.

When they came up with the colors depicting conservative/liberal red was the original liberal hue.  That faux pas changed fast when the lefties/collectivists realized it pinpointed their real intent.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Despite all the criticism, they don't care.  So many of us loathe them, but we don't matter for we are just peons to them.  So they think.

Call em liberal progressive collectivist democrat neocon, the people or creatures who oppose decency, humanity, Restoring the Republic are haughty and care only what their masters think.

I call it a lowerarchy, rather like hell.

They actually think they're entitled and are better than we are.  We, the socalled masses, common people or the much overused 'great unwashed' are cattle and cannon fodder to them.

Often elected 'officials', they forgot or don't care that it is we the people who put them in office.  Of course, some get shoed in mostly by voter fraud.  You know who.  I tire of there treacherous names.

They seem to be above the law.  They get away literally with murder and so much more including child rape. 

Many are spiritually dark too.  Kind of goes hand in claw.

Well you and I know we are anything but common.  We are each sovereign beings created in the image of God. 

This neotyranny is just the same as the old.  They think old money and ancient tendrils will wrap the world in a new matrix.  It could.

But their arrogance is actually limited.  While they control many they do not control all.

They ignore us until someone becomes an annoyance.  Then that someone either gets bribed, suborned or killed.

They overlook derision unless it is directed in a concentrated form.  Psychopaths hate that kind of attention.

Now we have a chance to keep exposing them and rocking their little fiefdom.  The Great Experiment was a direct attack on them.  No wonder they tried, even before 1776, to destroy it.  They shall not.

Shine the light and sound the trumpet.  The more the merrier.

Their uncaring is their undoing.

Friday, July 28, 2017


Well, ahem, it has many nuances.

Reach out and touch someone can mean that, as it says or can mean the motto of the sniper.

Call a friend, family member, associate.

Romantic, erotic, familial or just a nudge to get past a place.

Touched by an angel even.

Reminds me of the series that was popular late 90s early 2000s.

Kinda schmalzy series with Roma Downey (damn good actress and hell of a gal) as Monica 'an angel of the Lord' sent to help folks in various stages of life, with commensurate lessons to be learned in each episode.

Pretty radical programming for network tv?

Yes and no.

Religion is the opiate of the people said Lenin. I agree. WOW!!!

If people relegate themselves to blindly following and not doing, if they don't think for themselves, if they think they are not involved and all is 'left to God', then yes, it is an opiate.

Now 7 years after I wrote the above, let me just say touch.

Set brushfires of Freedom in the minds of people.

Get them to think for themselves.

I'm a broken record.  But I'm not beating a dead horse.

I save a great deal of what I write and archive a lot of others' writings, including historical documents.  This is disbursed and necessary with the rewriting of history by collectivists.

So call it rehash, fry it up and slap an egg on it.  Season it with Liberty and serve.

Let your touch be light but firm and leave those touched with a feeling of opening a window and letting the fresh air inside.

Friday, June 30, 2017


Or Hollyweird, Horrorwood, Hellywood etc.  It is quite a collection of oddities, many evil some just eccentric.

All cities have this but because of showbiz, it's most evident there.

No doubt the loudmouth collectivists control a great deal od Tinseltown.  But not all.  And so many crew, and other branches including actors are Freedom minded.  Don't throw the baby out with the bath.

The collectivists try to make it look like all are like them.  Lies and half truths.  There are many identifiable Liberty loving and espousing people in the Industry and they go about the work of Freedom, some openly, others covert.

There are those who are well placed and thus speak and act openly.  They don't need the machine or the machine counts bucks.  Some are quiet because they are lower on the totem pole. and some have suffered.

So when folks call for eradicating Hollywood, they would take out the good with the bad.

Just be selective.  Pick and choose, Think for yourselves.

Uphold the good in showbiz.  Eschew the bad.

I know people become frustrated and want a cure all.  Life is more textured.

Naturally the bad hides among the good or at least hopes the good keeps destruction away.  Sound like terrorists huh?

Keep supporting the good.  The bad has suffered and if we keep it up will be defeated.


Thursday, June 29, 2017


Someone I know is moving to Hollywood.  I'm not gonna miss her.  Why?  She's not disappearing.

People move for all kinds of reasons.  She has hers and it's none of my business.

People are more available than ever.  If they switch from 10 miles to 2,000 miles, they are still accessible.

We miss usually what we either cannot have anymore or are transitioning.  I believe we at least have memories of those passed, if not spirit.  It's the physical, touch and sight we miss.

Memory is why love never dies along with spirit. 

Of course miss can refer to miss the mark, an archery term applied to a kind of sin in the Bible.

We fall short, zig when we should zag or flub our dubs.  We learn and do better.

Perfect your aim -s-.

I missed meeting a certain actor.  The opportunity arose to meet again and it worked.

OTOH there are times we don't miss anything. Better to associate or do otherwise.

And sometimes we don't miss a thing aka hit the mark every time.

Am I missing something or are we still working on Restoring the Republic?

Reread the above lol.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. Samuel Adams

It is in the interest of tyrants to reduce the people to ignorance and vice. For they cannot live in any country where virtue and knowledge prevail.  Samuel Adams

Quite an upswing in bad manners to say the least.  And lack of virtue, well that speaks for itself.

There is rot from within.  Standard collectivist tactic.  Subversion.  Dissolution.

If we loose our moorings we become rudderless and easy prey for those who seek to control.

These days there is a downswing with some.  The behavior is at least psychopathic and at worst demonic.  It is a prelude to war.  Then again there has always been a war, first in heaven now here.

Do not despair.  Do not give up.  And do not be afraid.  We beat the enemy this way.

Don't give them what they want.  Give them what we want.