Monday, September 30, 2019

Forgetting Voices

Cast upon the wind.  What's left?

I remember family and friends.  How could I forget my Dad and GreatGrandmother among so many others?  Such forces for Light are simply unforgettable.

On the opposite end, I remember those who had a deleterious even downright hostile attitude toward me.

As for voices, they do fade.  As for the title expression, it can be like some black hole, which can blot out one thing then another.

I replay people's voices.  I remember tone and cadence etc.  Again such dynamic people simply inspire it.

I got a little reel to reel recorder one Christmas.  I remember piquantly recording Dad saying, ''Merry Christmas everyone''.  Wish I still had it.  But I remember him saying it.  Major memory.

I can still hear Grandma (GreatGrandma Hiland say, ''Mike it's who you are not what you are''.

Of course there are the negatives.  I will not give them names here.  Suffice it to say they had profound impressions on me.  Keep in mind, they do not sour me.  I do not live in hatred.  I remember what NOT to be.

Among other things, I'm a voice actor.  I love to imitate noted people, friends and family.

So what's left?  Those impressions.  I am who I am and my personal history replays.

As for me, what's left would be the kids carrying on.

All our yesterdays coalesce.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Dress Code

Clothes make the man? You can't tell a book by its cover.

I've worn off the rack stuff as well as tailored.  I've collected a lot of second hand clothes too.  There are great bargains around.

I've worn suits and sweats, formal and informal, new and old.

Certain clothes seem to code what one does.  Sure, jeans and t-shirts might be a plumber or painter.  Usually painters get some paint on there clothes.  Not sloppy, just hazard of the profession lol.

Overalls may be factory or mechanics.

Suits are anything from office to politics to sales.

That's the apparent intention.  But, as said, books and covers can be divergent.

Now, I'm all for dressing up.  I've done it quite a lot.  But I'm also for dressing down.  I'm just as happy in shorts and t-shirts or beat up sweats round the house.  Comfort.

Impressions are funny attitudes.  One might expect business to be conducted in a suit.  Maybe.  Depends.   On what you do and how/why you do it.

I've managed to do business without ties.  At a church interview, I made that comment.  It was in passing and did not reflect on anyone else.

One of the interviewers immediately got angry.  He said HE wore a tie every day.  Wow!  I answered fine.  My work allowed the opposite.  He was actually hostile from then on.  So much for brotherly love huh?

Obviously, when it comes to clothes, we see what and how people actually are.  The cover doesn't match the book always.

No matter who, look at the eyes.  They are indeed the windows of the soul.  And look for results.  Words can betray.

And remember what my GreatGrandma said.  ''Mike, it's who you are, not what you are.''

Saturday, September 28, 2019


I've spoken of such several times.

We can talk til the moon changes to green cheese about how JFK or the Towers happened.  And we should.  It is NOT conspiracy THEORY.  That is a deflective term instituted by the company to make legitimate inquiries into these affairs seem twonky/questionable.  Obstacles.

In fact, such outre meanderings that one can imagine proliferate and further deflect from what has occurred.  What are the results?

Confusion, distrust, and institution of antifreedom/anticonstitutional measures that are working to destroy the Republic and press upon us collectivism/control.

Make no mistake, the goal is control.  Total control.

I had a prof who was a translator at Nuremberg.  She was brilliant and very much cherished Freedom

I asked her about the east and west, which at the time was the way of things.

She told me that there are always people who prefer to be told what to do.  Whether conditioned or not, though that is the traditional way of collectivism, it is their reality.

So be it.  Get out of the way.  Called Tories, Loyalists, collectivists, liberals (stolen) etal, they are going to find that a Constitutional Republic will not tolerate such folly.  Much longer.

Savage, horrid as some events might be, we must meet them head on.  Freedom is not free.

Liberty is a shock in itself.  What the collectivists do is use violence/unbalance to attempt to unhinge the country.

Our saving grace is the reality that we weather the storm.  Look to the Founders.  Imperfect folks, they knew what would come.  They stayed the course.

Yes, our Freedoms are being ecked away.

Yes, they are being Restored.

The meaning of 'woke' is  instrumental.  It's not the pablum the collectivists attempt to shove down our throats.  It is becoming aware of the fact they have been shifting us away from what is right/correct to left/downward.

Results are up in the air.  The psycho dance continues and we must shatter the illusion.

An attack is just that.  Hard/soft, direct/indirect is still the same.

Results will rebound, with , or . or any piquant expressions.


Friday, September 27, 2019


Plenty of those aka distractions these days.  Little credit or reason.  Just hope minds are on hold.

The collectivists thrive on emotion/reaction.  Less thought, led around.  They hope we are headliners.

I get several news sources delivered daily.  I can speed read, but even that precludes reading everything.  I peruse headlines and choose according to current events.  I supplement that with various live/taped news sources.  But I look and choose, even filing some for later viewing.

The problem is when people just glance over headlines and form opinions in a slapdash manner.  Our enemies want us to stay on the surface.  Digging leads to turning up uncomfortable things for them.  Such as how they lie, cheat, steal.  And yes, thinking for ourselves.

One needn't speed read to get the lowdown of current events.  It merely takes effort.  That's true for anything worthwhile.

Now we know leftists don't like to be confused with facts.  Supply yourselves with same.  And if they demand cites, well depends but I rarely give them.  I demand they find out for themselves.  The socalled entitled need to learn they are not and we are not their servants.

Be yourselves.  Don't go off half cocked like collectivists.  Balance your heads and hearts.

Don't need to intentionally irritate them.  The facts handle that.

We can be headliners aka making a difference.  Read, talk, discuss, stand up.

Thursday, September 26, 2019


Small word.  Big meaning.

Health or dependence.  Profit and loss.  There has to be a balance.

We've come a long way healthwise.  However, overmedication leads to big profits.  No cure just 'prevention'.

I know personally how modern medicine has helped me.  I've recovered quickly and not been the worse for wear.  Otherwise there could be more suffering.  But it is a two sided coin.

What if some things are misprescribed or excessively so?  What causes this?

What I'm getting at is medical science deals in objective facts.  Now, there are more holistic medicos thankfully.  But often certain personal factors are left out.

People, honest with themselves, know their bodies.  They should openly confer with honest doctors/nurses and come to conclusions.  Of course, that can be fluid, can change, adjust.

I'm not talking delusion.  I'm talking a whole health approach involving diet, exercise, supplements and med when needed.

Big pharma pushes perks for prescribers and the fall back is medicate.  As said, sometimes increase is the ticket.

It's easy NOT to do things.  It's simple to just let go, get sedentary and rely on more meds.

Conversely some medicos just respond.

Balance is what I'm ultimately driving at.  Possibilities.  Alternatives.


Friday, August 30, 2019

Fall Cleaning.

Time to tidy up.

Yet again I need to clean my desk/bed.  And people all over are excavating, having yard sales and keeping dumps/recycle centers busy.

Cleaner is a curious term when it comes to politics, intelligence.  It even extends its oddity to show biz and anywhere socalled prominent people err.

Let's say a given politician, agent, celebrity etal, commits a crime.  It can be fixed by fixers or cleaners.  They eliminate inquiry by obfuscation, intimidation and elimination.  They minimalize and divert with some outlandish act.

You see it everywhere and unless you are sheeplike, you see through it.

I constantly remind people to dig, discover, examine everything.  Grain of salt comes to mind.  And DO NOT be part of ANY cult of personality.  All must be scrutinized.

Could coverup swing the other way?  Might we keep some things secret/classified for our protection from assault, invasion etc?

What do you think?

Ducks in a row.  Timing.  Disclosure.  From actual national security re Freedom to even the 'secrets of the universe'.

True cleaning exposes the darkness/lies.  It restores clean open government and even moreso decency.

The trick, as it were, is not to become like our enemies.  In war, we fight.

Fight right.

Come clean.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Turnabout Dance

In high school a turnabout dance, called by some Sadie Hawkins Day, was a school dance where the girls asked the boys out.

Nope this isn't about trans etc.  Topic for another time.

Personally, I don't mind if a woman asks me out.  A compliment lol.

I don't dance.  But I have been asked to do so several times in the past when out and about.  I managed to stumble through and not step on toes.

Maybe the right woman inspires one to dance and vice versa -s-.

Be careful of what's asked of you.  Know what you are getting into.  Don't get talked into anything.  Think for yourself.

Know the difference between public and private.

Know the difference between projection and truth.

Partner with the right people, there will be a turnabout.