Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Remember Darth Sidious' manipulations in The Phantom Menace etc?  Slowly, secretly, behind the scenes, he manipulated policies and suborned people and laws to his benefit, all for control.  Sound familiar?

He was cautioned that certain things weren't legal in the Republic.  ''I'll make it legal'', he said as he wended his way to power.

Funny thing that one of my daily dictionary words today is allege.  Commonly used today, it implies that something hasn't been proven, even though it has occurred.  For 'legal' reasons, it must be processed in a court of 'law'.  It used to mean someone offering proof in support of a plea.  There is truth and there is legal truth.

Rule of law implies Constitutionally established  procedure.  Rule of men implies the almost whimsical attitude undermining the former.  ''Well it's the law'' is the excuse for many abuses.  And without the Constitutional checks and balances, whatever someone in temporary control says goes.  Witness the current impeachment process.  They say one thing and do another.

The specter of the distorted faces of traitors pop up and file past my mind.  They don't predominate, but they do create distaste.  These are the perpetrators of sedition and treason.  It has always been so.  Let them be a reminder that Freedom isn't free.  We must always fight to preserve it.

As Crockett said in The Alamo 1960, ''There's right and there's wrong.  You gotta do one or the other.  You do the one and you're living.  You do the other and you may be walkin' around, but you're dead as a beaver hat.''

So that might explain why it seems that we get down to the wire, to the edge of desperation.

We are fast coming to extinction or redemption.

Best to remember legal is not moral.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Seems like it was just New Years Eve.  A whole month into the year already.  There is a difference now.

I was not besotted.  I was breaking with sporadic exercise and a slow system that obstructed my goals.

Sure, I was aware and busy doing my part, working to Restore the Republic.  But I was personally lagging.  I crept along, distracted.

Now, I'm shedding some excess weight by watching what I eat.  No alcohol for a while and activity, physical vigor.  It's working.

Due to my work, I'm at my bedroom desk a lot, tapping away.  I get up and move around.  In addition to workouts, I do calisthenics.  I flex, breathe, working my stomach muscles.  I include my butt and grip and neck.    And perhaps most importantly, I walk.  I'm rebuilding my endurance.

As for time, I remain acutely aware.  I'm mindful of aging and I'm not letting myself grow discouraged.  I will use my time.

How much time is up to the Great Maker.  I hope I'm allowed enough to accomplish my part in all this.

I will keep on.  I will workout.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

All Night Vigil

Well here we are again.  New Year's Eve. 2019.  Time to celebrate an end and a beginning.
On the eve of an event, vigils were begun.  They were church related observations to pray and meditate in preparation for the holy day.  In other words, they expelled darkness and welcomed Light.  They watched for evil and countered it with good.

Vigils vary as to purpose at hand.  They also might be different in length.

Originally they were all night for protection.  It's like riding a storm til it passes.

In mostly modern times, it's probably just a church service.  People might go to their homes and continue.  There are just not many who do an allnighter.

What I hope lingers amidst the revelry is to see to the safety of all.  This is on all levels and doesn't detract from the fun  In fact, it enhances life.

Safety?  Personal, social, national usw.  Springboard for Liberty and thus the exposure of tyranny.

Hey, have fun.  With fun comes responsibility -s-.

Monday, December 30, 2019


I've gotten my share of anonymous comments here.  Most of them are spam.  I wish I had more time for honest discussion but most of the time I leave my posts in hope that people take a little food for thought and go about Freedom on their own.

There are safety reasons also for anonymity.  The Founders often used pseudonyms when publishing and organizing resistance to British rule.  Secret societies as it were.  Hanging together or separately comes to mind.  There are reasons for them and yes, there are both good and bad.  Vis a vis French Resistance vs Gestapo.  Open secrets?

Anon is a two sided coin.  It is either for safety from those who destroy or it is used by craven cowards who seek to destroy the Republic.

Don't be shy.  Be careful.

Sunday, December 29, 2019


Collectivists love their pet words.  They often steal them and subvert their meanings.  Whether it's resistance to liberal, these devious creatures twist definitions to their own perverted ends.  So it is with relevant.

Relevant implies a traceable, significant, logical connection.  For the Liberty minded, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are relevant to proclaiming Freedom.  Logical.  Makes sense.  The opposite of collectivist bilge.

And the door swings back as the collectivists see the aforementioned document and our Republic as refuse.  They still wish to install communism, claiming this time it would be perfected.  They defy logic.  And they appeal solely to emotion. And there is no balance of head and heart.

There twisted logic has given way to the use of relevant to promote sjw/woke claptrap masquerading as entertainment.

Now I'm all for messages in the ravioli.  We can best present Freedom  in comedy and sci-fi, for they are easier to see than dry history.  Well and unless something can be as forthright as, say, Texas Rising for example

What the enemy of Liberty does is attempt to beat us into submission with leftist versions of anything we hold dear.  Or they just love to supplant and rewrite our history and social interaction.

They seek order from chaos.  

We seek honesty and balance.

What's relevant to you?

Saturday, December 28, 2019

2 Stores.

I don't hate chain stores.  It depends on the chain and the people in each store.

I do love independent stores or 'mom and pops'.  There is a somewhat growing market for such.

This time round, I'm just making a simple observation about two stores.

One store is on the north side.  It is grander but follows a similar pattern to other outlets.

The other is southside and follows the design of the original stores.  It's large and just a shade plainer.

Demographics have nothing to do with this.  It's just a feeling.

I don't rely solely on feelings, I need to balance them with facts.  But, impressions pave the way to understanding.

It's simply less frenetic and more laid back down south.

They are both well off areas.  They even have private airports nearby, fwiw.  It's not that.  And I'm glad people can reap the fruits of their labors.  I just like laid back over frenetic.

Make of it what you will.

Also, the southern store is quite like the eastside store that was summarily shut down for 'business reasons' and where we shopped for years.

And, at checkout the other day, they played 'Duel of the Fates' from The Phantom Menace.

Saturday, November 30, 2019


Not amorous pursuit, though that's ok too.  Let your conscience be your guide.

I'm thinking of spirited and conspicuous bravery.

It might be big or small.  It could be wartime bravery such as Audie Murphy or Desmond Doss.  It could be exposing child rape rings and prosecuting them then rescuing kids.  Or it could be spending a dying dog's last painful minutes in a street till help comes.

Healing might consist of a smile or surgery.  Healthy alternatives in the face of illness or other choices come to mind.

It can be simple politeness and courtesy.  Or it might be making sure others are treated fairly.  It is standing up for what is right.

It is proclaiming Liberty and ensuring it lasts amongst us.  It is stopping a threat to Freedom.

Our enemies are craven cowards and liars who cheat and steal.  It is the direct opposite of what we, I hope, should be doing.

There is nothing wrong with looking good.  But we must not become dandies obsessed with appearance.  We must delve much deeper than that.

Knights were rough men.  They did take care of their armor so it would last to help protect them, so it might shine.  They would enter the fray for the sake of others and to defend themselves.

There is no easy way to Freedom.

Perhaps what the First Lady has proposed is appropriate to finish this post.

Be Best.

That is the core of gallantry.