Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Must publish my post without delay -s-.

Not retcon, which amounts to revising a storyline to include new concepts.  Age and relationships are frequently altered.  Kids suddenly grow older and siblings sprout where there were none for example.

I've spoken of these things before and they bear frequent repeating.

Reticence.  What if I fail?  What if I succeed?  Get a big charge out of making things happen?  Then bask in the glow and do nothing?  Whatever keeps you from seeing things through, reticence is a death watch beetle. 

This is how it should have been:  Heart in the City, directed by Robert Wise and Produced by Patrick McGoohan.  A BurlyRose Production.  I hemmed and hawed.  The guys didn't pressure me.  Then it was too late.

It's not too late.  Heart in the City will be done, albeit revised mostly with cast and crew.  It MUST be done.  There are no excuses.

Even this post could be an excuse.

So I remember what someone told me about indecision.  I couldn't make up my mind.  She said, 'Just do it Michael.'  That's it.

All the training, contacts, advantages are nothing but futile wisps of stolen glory without action.

I've been writing and maintaining my craft.  There is the difference with the other point, complacency.

Those points above the self congratulatory pats on the back that lead to a rationalization.

Well hey I know him/her, did this that.  It's not enough.  And if you have a conscience, you will at least be haunted if not goaded to act.

Whatever your goals, follow through.  Much in the eyes of the world?  Well, start with yourself and let the world come around.

Take a chance.  Prepare and go for it.

As for me, watch this blog. 

I'll show my life and in relation to Restoring the Republic. 

I can't separate them.

Be restless and go for it.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Dark Ages

A new dark age swirls around like a black fog, attempting to seep in and fill empty space where it can.  It has made attempts to bit by bit replace the Light with off and on success.  Of course, I speak of collectivism, which runs on the fumes of failure. 

There is no doubt we dodged a bullet, a horrible fate averted, with the God given victory of Donald Trump.  8 years of the Occupier were bad enough.  Her Fullness would have been the two of the one two punch to seal our globalist fate.  I hope it is more than postponed.

Collectivism has done nothing but bring misery and darkness to the world.  It thrives only in that.  Dominance, fear the very nature of hell are the qualities outstanding.  And a reliance on government as mom and pop to dole out whimsical rewards or punishments.

Those who would control attempt to hold progress for ransom.  That price is total control for a few morsels of achievement.  Any advancement is held back.  Controllers know that advancement is part and parcel of Freedom/Liberty.

Useful idiots, true believers, string pullers are kept in varying degrees of dark, from latter, middler and former to knowledge held by a few in the shadows.  Control is maintained by conditioning.  Some higher ups have limited knowledge with promise of more.

I've recently, one of many encounters, experienced some of this concerning the shooting in Kentucky.  The blood dancers immediately cried to do something ie more background checks and some declared for registry. 

The stock in trade whipping boy, NRA, was dragged out.  I was told gunowners are nuts, brainwashed with no compassion.  We know the opposite is true.  We care enough to defend ourselves and help aid people.  Very Alinskyan the accusations.  Of course when I pointed to Alinsky it was ignored.

The principal antifreedom person I encountered erased the nut ref and rewrote posts.  Then she denied ever saying the things she eliminated.  I said it reminded me of the airbrushed commissar pics from Stalin's era.

Kept in the dark, projecting faults and controlling due to lack of self, well I can't think of a better example of living in a dark age.

We now have a God given chance to live in the light of Freedom.  These who dwell in darkness cannot stop us, cannot make us falter.

Trump is only the representative for all of us.  We must each find and do our part.

Dark ages are brittle and crack apart in that Light.


Maybe I put too much into titles.  Sometimes I try to be witty.  Whatever.  Like Star Trek Wars lol.  Anyway, both these franchises are on my mind.

Those in charge are letting the world down with how Star Wars has developed.  As a writer, I can see exciting stories complete with angst, pathos and action, that could have been produced.  Well, they haven't been.  Of course, I'm not being paid to create any of it, so I'll keep my ideas to myself.  But it could be better is an understatement.

Ineffectual males who previously were dynamic and anemic feminist women in charge makes for bland cultural Marxist pablum. 

And history should be destroyed?  Excuse me?  It is from history we learn, not living in the past, but delving there.

No diatribes in re Jedi/Sith balance unbalance etc.  Fashion your own and/or go to forums and chitchat.

I'm not talking acting nor production values.  They are top notch given the circumstances. 

Now when it comes to icons, we all have our opinions.  But I stand with the slow drip/creep of what I said before.

I watched the STTOS movies over the weekend.  They still stand up.  I love them and no comparison with the last 3 movies or Discovery.

Originally we had hope.  There were all the dynamics including teaching social lessons.  But those lessons are time tested, much beyond politics.  And there's the difference.  Morals.

Yes there was action, but plenty of substance.  Now a veneer of substance and lots of unending booms dangle like we're babes watching shiny things.

Personally I think ST Renegades was superior.  It was fan based and featured established actors, staff and tech. 

Set later the Federation is crumbling.  It's become too authoritarian/lapsed.  A team of misfits forms and the long term was to reestablish liberty through those thought too outre.  Sounds like the Founders.  Maybe that's too much or not.  But it beats the pc pap available now.

Again acting and production values are fine.  It's the message.

Discovery.  Klingons are not Trump's administration.  Sure there are some outre things done.  But it's from what I say is stodgy liberal delusion.

Give me the hope mixed with battles real, internal, external.  Give me caring about the future in Liberty.  Give me friendship tried and true.  And give me thinking outside the box not just monkey wrenching.

President Trump spoke of unlocking the secrets of the universe.

Let's get busy and reach for the stars.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


The Sam's Club on East Washington Street had been there for about 35 years.  Our family had shopped there about 30.  It abruptly closed, ending 1/26.

My daughter and I were just there on 1/10 for a routine shopping trip.  We enjoyed each other's company and all seemed normal.  Little did we know what had been doubtlessly plotted in advance.

The next morning, I was perusing local news and the headline smacked me right on the head.  'Local Sam's Clubs to close.'  I hoped against hope but 'our' store was one of them.

They closed the store and the other local one that day for 'meetings' with employees.  These folks received severance packages in the mail that day.  There was no announcement, no warning.  But the meetings supposedly were to 'help' employees plot a course for employment elsewhere.

Not only these stores, but 63 across the country and Puerto Rico were given the ax.  The excuse was underperformance.  And, Walmart was responding supposedly to the tax cuts to give bonuses and pay increases to its employees.  It turns out several other companies are cutting before sharing. 

Here is what I think.  Executive mismanagement and greed.  Cut stores cut the shares.  Am I wrong?  Hard to prove.  The deed is done.

Of course collectivists blame the President.  Nonsense.  By and large, the tax break is beneficial.  And yes, a 1,000 bucks can make a difference for many.  It disgusts me the absolute gall, arrogance of collectivists.  They want to drag us into a dark age.  More on that soon.

The above is kind of short.  Be that as it may, study and look for yourselves the results of all Trump etal are doing.  It is Restoration of the Republic.  And it terrifies and angers collectivists.  And there will always be those who still underct and overextend for a cheap out.

One other thing.

Ruthie and I went shopping the following Friday.  The lot was packed and checkout was way into the aisles.  So we stocked up. 

While shopping I checked the RX.  There was no notice, yet, for where our scrips would go.  The girl said to the far north store.  I told her how sorry and shocked I was about it all.  She smiled and said 'Imagine how we felt.'  Indeed.

Few days later my son and I drove out.  Full lot and a line all he way back to the alley.  He said it looked very soviet, as if people waited for their allotments.

I have, for years, mentioned to the kids not to be fooled by all the stuff in stores.  I said if SHTF those stores would empty quickly.  No shipments, panic looting etc would ensue.

This was a sample of what could come.

So let's restore the Republic.

We'll be ready for weal and woe.

Sunday, December 31, 2017


I have a pretty good memory.  I remember a plethora of things, whether significant or not lol.  I delve into the past, but do not live there. 

The new year is just that over much of the world already and soon here.  Those last gasps, dregs of sand in the hourglass, are nearly done.

I'm just recalling drive-in movies.  They used to be a common national feature in most states years ago.  Now, they are few and far between.

We used to go fairly often and see first run flicks.  I even saw Goldfinger at one.  Many more were viewed to my young delight under the stars.

It was cheap and gave people a feeling of freedom as we were together as an audience yet each family date etc had their own car. 

I loved the concession stand of course.  The barbeque/pulled pork and cheeseburgers were local classics.  Sometimes we'd get a pizza and bring it.  Everything but anchovies lol. 

I made the acquaintance of a projectionist as a young adult.  I spent time at several theaters and watched movies from the booth.  It was fascinating watching him feed the film platters and see the light flicker the parade of frames onto the screen. 

Even earlier, we knew the owners and manager of the Vogue indoor theater, long before it was a night club.  Ever see part of a movie behind the screen?  Talk about beyond the front row lol!  Moby Dick seemed truly life size!  The projection booth was smaller and then they had the old projectors, with attendant whirring and clicking as the filmic stories spun their spells.  And, btw, I first saw Goldfinger indoors there -s-.

Well, enough rumination.  Remember so you do not forget!

A new year, another day.

Lots of work to be done each day.

Maybe I'll stop by one of the dwindling drive-ins, but not til Spring!

Saturday, December 30, 2017


I admit I buy the occasional lottery ticket.  I've actually won small amounts.  I don't depend on it though.  I've seen people spend large amounts of money simply for nothing.  Of course one can be conditioned and get a 'rush' from gambling.  Not me.  Most of my dough is from my own sweat.

Life is a gamble.  Well, choices for weal or woe.  Chances to succeed or fail and learn from both.

A lot of Hollywood types can be called lottery winners.  Some work hard and reap the benefits.  Some luck into their fortune and produce mediocre pap which oddly gets slurped up by sycophants.  Some are a flash in a pan and some endure.

Being in the right place at the right time together with dogged determination can make it more than chance.

Far as political stuff goes, I remember what my Psych prof said.  Opinions are like a$$holes.  Everybody has one.  True.  But we should all are free to express ourselves.  And the good taste to know when to do so.

Actors etal are no different than anyone else.  But some think they are above the crowd.  It's true for any group.  I remember family members who think they are superior when they are most certainly not, for instance.

Sure, there can be a big financial gain for some, but boy oh boy, very few.  Most actors I know aren't fabulously wealthy.  Some, though, do well and invest etc.  Nothing wrong with reaping benefits.

Let's say I hang with people who have common sense. That includes taking calculated risks.

I will tell you one thing Pat McGoohan said to me.  He mentioned how there are 10s of 1000s of people who are striving to be actors etc.  Most fail.  It's relative.  It takes luck.  That translates to positioning oneself to accept whatever one deems success.

A thought for all this New Years weekend.

Friday, December 29, 2017

False Witness

Back in the day, a lot of people hitchhiked.  It had gone on before I appeared on earth.  A lot of soldiers went from base to home and vice versa.  In my day, hippies hitched all over and many of us who weren't did so too.

I can tell you I met a lot of different people.  They were mostly good, with a few bad ones.  I think by and large most folks were ok.  But there were criminals too, the carbuncles of society. 

Some robberies, rapes and murders occurred.  But they were fewer and farther between.  Of course there was a risk, not the least of which could have been a traffic accident.  There is a downside to everything, eve just taking a walk or going to your car.  However, I could write a book about my experiences hitching.  Maybe I will someday.

A particular crime happened with young women being the perpetrators.  They would hitch, get rides with guys, then yell rape or assault. It seemed random, but it was planned, often with a boyfriend as enforcer. How do I know?  My experience, knowledge and association with police for decades.  There were prosecutions, though I expect some people were extorted, even robbed and threatened it would get 'out'.  Just for giving a girl a ride.  Or the girl would come onto the victim, he'd fall for it and literally pay.  And sometimes a guy, but not as often.

Did drivers rape and rob?  Yes but the old game of point the finger was active enough on the road.

There is a current trend of point the finger that's similar.

Women have merely to point at someone and accuse them of sexual crime.  They are expected to step down, resign, quit whatever they are doing.  No proof save for accusation or if there is something it is easily proven to be fallacious.  Lies and half truths are the bailiwick of collectivists.  There is no innocence til proven guilty.  Just a sexual Madame DeFarge.

In spite of some perps with long histories of abuse, I believe there is a concerted effort to try again to point the finger at President. Trump (How I like the sound of that name and title together).  Collectivists don't like it and we see the perfidy they ooze and spew against Restoring the Republic.  It'll get worse before it gets better, and it has improved immensely.

If Russia doesn't work, perhaps sexual abuse accusations will.  Ironic since The President's admin is bagging so many child rapists and rescuing kids.  That, of course, is part of it.  The evil ones are desperate to make it stop.

If the sex stuff fails there is a plan afoot to 25th Amendment him out by declaring him mentally unfit.  It's not working well either.

The last resort is something repulsive.  There seem to be those bandying assassination around.  May they do their worst. They are failing that too.

I've counseled victims and know about the consequences of rape, both adult and child. 

They should tell.  It must be thoroughly investigated and victims protected as perps are brought to justice.  AG Sessions and many more are doing this.

I have worked to improve chances for joint custody and failing that, decent justice for noncustodial parents.  I have been a witness for a couple of  people who were falsely accused of hurting both their former spouse and their kids just to deny them any contact.  Talk about perfidy.  Turning kids against family and using them as weapons.

False witness.  There is a reason it is one of the Ten Commandments.  Deadly sin.  Character assassination.

One of the collectivists chief weapons.

And they scoff that if they lie, they are held accountable in this world and the next.

Justice must be sure for all.