Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Timeless fashion and a way to make jeans last longer.

For now, it is timeless oppression. 

It was easier in olden days for dictators to control.  Edicts and harsh enforcement ruled.  Now, with communications worldwide and the United States leading the way, Liberty has spread and we are not fooled by those who seek to control us.

Of course, tyranny seeks to endrun and use all methods and means against us.  Well known, we have msm and all the organs attached to their collectivist goals.

So we have alternative media, which give us the news and not propaganda.  We can reason and think for ourselves.  We are not led by the nose and prey to emotional bias. 

Collectivist lust for control has brought about an attempted coup against those who espouse Freedom and they point out the myriad crimes committed against the people.  Government should serve the people and not the state.  That is a cornerstone of our Constitutional Republic.

Pardon the obvious but we should all be reminded of the truth, especially with the lies and half truths spewed by 'the news'. 

The coup consists of trying to wipe out any opposition to tyranny.  Censorship runs rampant in the form of attempting to wipe out Freedom oriented news sources. Certain sites are under specific attack as well as individual people who, in shedding light on criminal activity, have become targets on several levels, including frivolous lawsuits, harassment and probable attempted murder.

Shadow banning is common these days.  This is a sneaky method which bans/blocks someone or organization from a medium/board/forum by showing posts only to the banished.  Others cannot see.

In a page right out of the commie book social media say they don't shadow ban but they do as has been proven.

Others are targeted for virtual extermination by accusations of violating 'community standards'.  Again, this s denied and double standards abound.  Procollectivist even violent terrorist sites remain, including promotion of child rape.

Many of us circulate proLiberty stories refuting the tyranny oriented lies shoveled on the public. 

Many of us have been censured to one degree or another.  I've had stories pulled but returned when I protested.  I'm lucky.  Some have been banned permanently or for a certain length of time. 

One after another would be targeted, until only collectivist lies become Orwellian truth.

How do we stop them?  As always with the truth.

Shed light on the collectivist crimes and promote Freedom in all outlets.

Get busy.  Find out for yourselves who is lying and who is not.  It's pretty easy. 

However, we must make the effort.  Support news outlets espousing truth/Liberty.  Protest and complain.  Start more alternative sites.  Not just a show, we must develop Freedom oriented communities and networks.

And remember, in studying enemies of Liberty, we can out move them.  Chess.

Many free thinkers are abandoning msm outlets.  That is a primary reason they are trying to wipe out truth.

So, we will cutoff lies like a cancer.

Instead we will grow and thrive in truth and Freedom.

Monday, July 30, 2018


What depths can collectivists stoop to?  If we're not at the bottom we're in the gutter. 

Many are looking the other way or advocating child rape.  They have a kinder gentler name for them.  I refuse to use it.  They are child rapists period.  Lost or evil?  useful idiots, true believers, string pullers and shadow dwellers.  It's the same with child rape as it is with anything else addressed by collectivists.

Moral equivalency, subversion with cultural Marxism , the slow steady erosion of morals and manners has led to this.  And there is much more flagrancy.

The level of hatred projected at the President seems to be nonpareil.  There has been dissatisfaction such as with his predecessor, antipathy such as with Andrew Jackson, but the vitriol, spread with our modern communications, is like a wildfire consuming anyone working to Restore the Republic.

Much of it has to do with that moral/spiritual deterioration mentioned above.  Behaviors have been fostered, manipulated, conditioned, tolerated.  Personal responsibility has been tossed to the wayside.  It's replaced with instant gratification, total selfcenteredness. 

Armies of radicals have been unleashed, nurtured in the darkness. Trolls, both paid and independent, are all over social media.  Their attacks are intense even savage and unrelenting.  I've received some attention, mild compared to many but interesting in terms of learning Freedom's enemies and their methods.

There is no humor.  No debate as in the old days.  Just shoutdowns and threats.

Collectivists cannot win arguments.  They lie, detour, sidestep and finally resort to insult.  Or even now some ignore. especially if someone bests them or is an effective counter aka threat to them.  But more than ever, savagery is the key response.

Read Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.  It explains a lot.

They tempt us to respond in kind.  Don't go down to their level.  Stick to the facts. and I guarantee it will exasperate them.  Use caution and situational awareness whatever kind of encounter you experience. 

Never turn your back literally or figuratively.  Watch crowds, situations in which on foot or in cars, you may get sandbagged. 

Doxing, the exposure of addys phone numbers and any personal details, is on the rise.  Protect your privacy.  Figure it out.  Don't let people know even little details.  They may add them up.

Sure I've mentioned here and a few places some of my life.  But I leave key details out.  I limit tiny intimate details such as family events and nicknames.  Elicitation is the skill of getting such details out of people.

All of the collectivists' actions have been planned.  Some spontaneity is thrown in to supposedly confuse. Don't be.

The aim is to destroy our Republic and squelch Liberty rising in the world.

Dachshunds were bred to enter badger holes and fight them there.  So it might be as we encounter radicals. 

Let your conscience be your guide and watch your six.  

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Rancid Snobbery

Snobbery is the weak defense of those threatened with truth.  So it goes with collectivists. 

Snobbery is repulsive of course.  Repugnant.  But the type of snobbery I'm addressing is rancid.  The typical double standard endemic to collectivism.  As David Codrea says 'for progressives (one of many labels for collectivists) every day is opposite day'.

We have seen the repulsion collectivists exhibit re military.  Yet many of them are military veterans.

Throughout WW2, commies, at the behest of Stalin, laid aside subversion to defeat Collectivist Hitler, especially after he attacked Russia.  Before they were hunky dory with Adolf and Uncle Joe.

These days, many socalled liberals boast of their own or parents' service then and since on up to now.  They take that oath to protect and defend the Constitution while they secretly exercise subversion.

And the latest carbuncle or sores to fester is the question, 'Did you serve in the military'?  I know of several who did and are as traitorous as KGB agents embedded here.  That includes celebrities who entertained or vets who espouse commie claptrap.  Most, of course, were/are decent honest patriots.  But the traitors mix in to yes subvert.  Look up that word.

The commies like to disparage those of us who never wore a uniform, who never took that Oath.  They create a collectivist second class citizenry where if you haven't served you have no say so.  How could you know what they went through?

Well, as a 4F I never experienced combat, nor any trials nor travails that accompany said service.

I DO experience the fruits of others' service.  And the rights we ALL have to speak our minds and to condemn collectivism. 

It's shameful and dirty to hide behind a uniform then espouse treason/sedition.

And I tell you especially today, that many of us may see service to protect and defend our Liberty.

We have our ancestors and on down to those in uniform now to thank for that and to serve in whatever way we might.

An oathkeeper or oathbreaker?  You decide and test resolve.

We each have a role to play. 

No room for the rancid snobbery of collectivist hypocrisy. 

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Ever been caught in a storm, of any kind?  I remember a particularly violent thunderstorm.  The sky became greenish grey, on the verge of a tornado.

The wind was sudden, as was the rain, which fell in sheets.  Gushing doesn't come close.  It was inundating, just short of a flood. 

We were on a highway out in the country.  There was nothing in sight except empty fields.  No traffic added to the feeling of isolation. 

The sky crackled ominously and an eldritch lightning shredded the sky. 

I yelled, 'Don't touch any metal', as the lightning danced over the hood and roof.

It was over almost as fast as it came.  The weather shifted to a grey downpour.

We drove on and the sky remained grey but the worst was over.

Many have survived worse.  Katrina comes to mind and the Palm Sunday tornado in Indiana.  Tsunamis, volcanoes earthquakes and manmade devastation such as Chernobyl, Fukushima etc.

Storms are weathered and survived to rebuild and resolve to live. 

They are chaotic.  They are destructive and leave a mess. 

I know this is old stuff re storms etc.  They don't go away.

Save lives and rebuild.

Saturday, June 30, 2018


I like pie.  All kinds.  In fact, for my birthday the last few years, instead of cake, I've had apple-caramel pie.  I'm particularly enamored of peach pie.

I enjoy peaches on cereal, eaten like apples and peach ice cream.  And pie!

Seems to be a dearth of peach pies.  There have been shortages before.  There are of course, some poor quality pies.  One was mostly paste with a few tiny chunks.  I long for a full pie with big ripe cooked peach slices, lots of cinnamon and brown sugar syrup.

What do you know!  Sam's Club is offering a peach streusel pie marketed for the 4th festivities.  So says the brochure.  Valid 6/20-7/15, it has yet to make its appearance in my area.  They should hurry.

I've been waiting for all these days and STILL nada.  The home office said be patient they'll ship.  What's the delay?  Noone seems to know.

The store where I've been habitually shopping since the arbitrary shutdown of the eastside store, was clueless.  Guy at the bakery helped me search to no avail.  Shouldn't he know his wares?  Customer service rep said she didn't know.  Neither did the bakery manager.  The latter said the pic in the brochure was apple.  Uh-uh.  Peaches are yellow so's the pic.  The rep at the ounter said the baked peaches and ice cream was what I mistook.  NO.  The description is directly below the pie pic.  Sheesh.  TY for insulting my intelligence or showing your lack of same.

Southside said nada as did the west store.  However the girl out west said they might be in a shipment coming, so check back.

I did.  Nada otra vez. But the woman took my name and number promising to call when they arrived.  Better hurry the 4ths coming.

The northside rep seemed put out.  Um a reasonable question shouldn't stress you.  Go back to customer relations class.

So I and apparently a crowd of folks await peach streusel pie.

Where are they?  Why the delay?  And no, they aren't limited nor territorial/regional.

You might ask with all the bad stuff going on, what's the big deal?  More important things loom.  Suffering and death kinda override pies.

Yes. but I wonder.  If a promised pictured product doesn't show up, what else could go wrong?  And what indeed of customer relations?  When the SHTF are people skills out the window?  Another skills set will supercede them.

So I've decided to find out where and why just because.  The home office will love me.  Meanwhile Sam Walton's probably spinning.

I can btw, make my own pie.  I have that skills set -s-.

Told the ladies up north as much.  They said to bring them some.

The little red hen and I say hell no.

Friday, June 29, 2018


The strength of the vampire might have been no one believing in him, but not so for commies.  They are busting out like angry carbuncles on a diseased posterior.

Sure there is denial, partly real and greatly collectivist lying such as the infamous claim they don't want to ban guns.  Communism has been metastacizing and has never stopped.  It is chameleonlike yet preaches the same old rhetoric.

Remember there are useful idiots, true believers, string pullers and those in the shadows.  Thus, there are plenty of new recruits to the cause.  Na├»ve kids who do the street work.  And the crusty ones in masks who threaten and attack.  All the while the string pullers sit back watching.

One of the recent word/term thefts is 'civil war'.  There is indeed a disparity on all levels.  The collectivists are upping the ante toward intense bullying and more violence.

Originally civil war was spoken of as a corrupt government which becomes tyrannical and the people, attacked must restore the Republic.  That is being done by the President etal while doing some watching themselves.

Now the commies are claiming in true Alinskyan style, that Liberty is wrong and the course the country has gone toward collectivism and one world gov, is in danger.  Well yeah, dangerous enslavement is being dismantled in favor of the Constitutional Republic.  They threaten outright violence to overthrow the Republic and instal by force communism.  Wow! 

We can chalk this up to the desperation the collectivists feel as bit by bit everything they have worked for is thwarted.

Now it remains to be seen how far this will go.  Is it bluster>  An attempt to intimidate to capitulation to avoid violence or is it an actual go for it.

Don't underestimate the enemy.  They have been carefully placed for decades to suborn us.  There are tougher opponents than kids in masks including elements of military and police actually friendly to collectivist aims.

Keep in mind not all are corrupt.  There are many loyal to Freedom as well as vets who are true oathkeepers.

Exposure is essential and waking up as many folks as possible as well.

We must not back down nor apologize.

Resolution and cold courage are called for.  No provocation. No Fort Sumters.

Tough times ahead but the Light of Liberty marks the way.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Little Red Hen

All the huff n puff of leftist fascist tactics reminds me of the source name.  That would be, of course, The Little Red Hen.  It was hijacked by collectivists.

They manipulate it to make the hen look selfish and ignore the plight of the poor.  What crappola.

She offered the others a chance to participate in production and the satisfaction of doing so culminating in consuming the cake.

Helping people help themselves, not to freebies/plunder, but to opportunities to work and reap the benefits.

The other animals couldn't be bothered.

And who cares who owned the oven etc.  Obviously the hen had access so it's not like she was stealing.

Collectivists always have long drawn out excuses which are lies and half truths.

The Little Red Hen is what it is.  Just like our Republic which the collectivists want to drag into the mud.

Commies always appropriate aka steal terms, like liberal, resistance and now civil war.

We'll be talking about that next.