Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cowboys And Aliens

Wow.  I had so many angles re titles for this.  I don't pick titles to be cute, but I often offer headlines that grab attention and I hope, through my work, to get people to think and then do.

And believe me, it's an effort to actually NOT publish more blog entries.  I have many thoughts but so little time.  It's not a cop out.  I've often said this place is either a palette for a portrait or an appetizer for a main course.  So many others are prolific.  Go to David Codrea's War On Guns and go down the list. I do. 

As for my time , it is spent as said before, working on my career.  Selfish?  No.  I know where I'm best able to do something.  And I meet a lot of people on the way as I sow seeds along my path.  Still there is more, but I prefer to let things be.   The Earth turns, with each and every one of us playing a part, no matter how small, in events as it does.  And believe this, doing nothing is playing a part, albeit negative.

The border mess is multileveled collectivism.  First, it causes immediate chaos and destruction in the Southwest.  Then, illegal aliens are distributed throughout the country.  Gang members are prominent among the illegals.  Increased violence such as rape robbery and murder happen as sidekicks to the drug trade.  There is also health threat from so many streaming here.  These lead to some brownie points for our commies.

The infrastructure is compromised.  Millions of voters could swell the ranks and turn an election tide for collectivists on both sides of the aisle.  More jobs are robbed from Americans and put into the hands of people whose allegiance is either to another country or to the 'what's in it for me' bunch.

Gang activity is rising nationwide.  Ruthless monsters, both domestic and foreign have infused the cities.  This can demoralize many and fuel the fire of gun control. 

There is nothing racist nor cruel regarding the cold hard facts. And those 'kid's coming here?  Many are teens and quite a few of those are gang tied.  It's the same statistic stuffing that goes on re gun deaths.

What can you do?  Expose this.  Be relentless in sharing the facts and counter the collectivist broad brush of making the illegals saints and anyone opposing them sinners.

Reveal gang activity and insist we have the right to defend ourselves.  Urge the cops and their statist bosses to target the criminals and not decent honest citizens.

We are a country of many races, faiths and cultures.  We band for the common hope of Freedom and self determination.  That even at one time included several illegals who came with the hope of ctual earned citizenship and taking the subsequent oath seriously.

Don't let the outlaws make criminals of you!

Do not be afraid and keep your chin up.

Refuse tyranny.

The Constitution including the Bill of Rights is our rope.

Let's lasso the rascals and stop the invasion.

Resist and pick your battles on all levels.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last Resort

This short lived series is quite a thrill ride.  And like most entertainment (I urge folks to remember this is just that.  It is speculative fiction at best, though well done.), it is piqued to keep you on the edge of your seat.  It delivers.

Don't think I'm going off half cocked like keyboard commandos,  this show tells a highly fictionalized account of nuclear confrontation.  It mixes DC intrigue, Russian and Chinese attempted stealing of a US nuclear sub.

Below is a Wikipedia page that gives fairly straightforward plot and other production data.  These always cut off the last parenthesis.  It'll take you to choices and you can find the link there.  Or cut and paste.

Also here are some viewer reviews at IMDB. 

Decide for yourself what you think re probability, accuracy etc.  I'm interested in impressions.

Could a corrupt President and members of the Cabinet conspire to create a crisis dire enough for nuclear attack?  Could a sub Captain question orders?  Could US military oppose one another?  Would other countries try to take advantage?  Could loyalties/allegiances be divided under stress?  What do you think? I'm not asking for discussion here.  This blog serves as an appetizer, whereas the main courses are dished up elsewhere.

So see Last Resort and think, seek, ask those who know.  And remember, it is only the delusional who think they 'know the score' after viewing such pieces or reading spy/military novels.  You cannot become specops after watching/reading nor anything else, save for training and actual experience.  Same for gun use and close quarter combat/fighting.  If you want to defend yourself well, learn how from competent instructors.  Never to late to learn nor add to the toolbox.

Good fiction should be thought provoking.  Dig, read and research.  Ask those who have been in real situations, but only as far as they can tell you.

Also, remain positive lest events in reality let alone fiction, flock to disillusion and lead you to give up.  Don't buy that bad loaf.

Look for a message in the ravioli.

Always seek truth.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Something Is Rotten

On all levels something is rotten in these united States.  Sounds almost obvious and simple.  Yes and no.

Those who study history know that while outer pressure, political and military machinations, etc are part of the chessboard, it's the internal 'struggles' (such a fave term among collectivists) that bring a country down.  It is the enemy within.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague." Marcus Tullius Cicero

Not all of the story, as traitors pretty clearly are evident.  They attempt to do as Cicero says, but analysis shows them as the two faced pretenders and liars they are.  In fact, the current occupier of the Oval Office is pretty blatant.

These red diaper babies and elitists think they have it made.  They believe we who hold to the Republic will eventually fall, especially soon as the guns are gone.  Ain't gonna happen.  We must keep lighting the dark corners of their collectivist plans.

I keep urging folks to study the enemy.  A good place to start is with the Communist Manifesto and Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.  Believe me, these mokes study us and our documents in order to subvert The Republic.  Studying this stuff doesn't make you a collectivist, nor nuts (mutually exclusive -s-?).  It is simply part of history.  And again vis a vis Sun Tzu, study your enemy and yourself, as it were.

Note the predominate insulting and ridicule via Rule number 5.  It goes on ad infinitum like some kind of hi-speed automated dung flinger.  We stand for something and it's the job of subversionists to counter it.

The cure for this is to use their tactics against them.  Bit by bit, we fight that enemy that never sleeps.  We must continue to sleep less and reclaim the Republic. 

Our difference is we are based in truth.  Collectivists are ensconced in lies and half truths.  They can and are countered and beaten.  I believe we can win the final victory.  But finality is only as good as vigilance.

They also appeal as we know to emotion, eschewing logic/reason.  We should remember that reason is the key for victory.  But we should balance head and heart, for just cold facts need personality to convince the truth.

The internal battle includes so many facets.  Collectivism, like cancer attaches to healthy cells and indeed rots them from within. 

Disarm us, flood the country with people who are heavily infiltrated with criminals and factionalize.  No more E Pluribus Unum.  We become a house divided.  And oh yes, destroy the economy with socialized medicine and hindering American business.

It is a matter of Countering these things.

Nobody said it was easy.  But how far have we come and where do we want to go?

When something goes rotten, we toss it.  And we replace it with the freshness of Freedom/Liberty forever!

Monday, July 28, 2014


It's unbelievable.  Then again, as with collectivists, every day is opposite day, as David Codrea says.

My ex saw someone with a button stating 'I'd Rather Be Raped Than Carry a Gun'.  She didn't have a chance to talk to this woman.  But it did cause a reaction.

She wondered if this person had actually ever been raped.  Degradation and violation, with soul killing results following this evil act.  My ex was raped at the age of six.  It has taken her much time to work through and triumph over this. 

Rape is among the most emotional issues.  It is vile, an attempt to rob the victim of everything dear and human.  Violence doesn't cover it.  It can destroy not just the victim, it makes victims of the friends and family as well.  Hats off to those who work each day to help victims heal, survive and be victorious.

For someone to say think or have a button stating a horrid preference is unthinkable, to those of us who choose to defend ourselves.  And I won't go into detail.   It's just stupid.

Liberals/collectivists seem to be inviting rape with their naïve notions of what to do.

Whistles, vomiting and urination are given to supposedly stop a rapist. 

Resistance is important.  I suggest women./girls and men/boys get as much training with firearms and close quarter fighting as they can.   Also condition yellow is basic.  Wary and aware of surroundings, trying to stick to well traveled places etc are essential. 

It is our right to defend ourselves.  It's endemic, natural, God given and only enumerated in the Bill of Rights. 

Far as rape goes, we are assaulted with half baked and cockamamie ideas from those who cannot conceive horrible reality.  We are inundated with collectivist tricks and schemes constantly.  Go toe to toe withthem and speak the truth.

I do not wish rape on anyone.  But some will suffer because they won't admit it can happen to them.

Further, don't be silent.  These are secrets we must not keep.  Get help if it happens and prepare to fight in the future.

Don't let rapists win by killing your spirit.

Monday, June 30, 2014


I'm not a single parent.  If I misled anyone in my previous post, Fathers, it was not my intention.

I have nothing against single parenting,  It has increased but there is a 'trick' to it.  Most single parents I know make sure the child/children  has/have good role models of the opposite sex.

My best female role model was my Great Grandma Rose Belle St.Clair Hiland. 

She was loving and insightful, always having some common sense (in the true meaning of the term) stories/examples about living day to day.

Honesty and straightforwardness were her way of life  She had been a suffragette and was active with the Democratic Party most of her life. 

That being said, she'd vote Republican if the candidate had something to help with the people.

I shouldn't speak for those gone, but I guarantee she would be angry and ashamed of how politics have been suborned by collectivists.  Maybe she'd be libertarian or independent.  She sure had her own mind and spoke out in her day.

I owe a great deal to her and some of the other women in my life.

Enough said.  It reminds me that Grandma didn't blather on.  She spoke her mind and that's that!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Single parenting can work.  But it takes balance.  Kids need positive male and female role models.

I owe my love of Freedom greatly to my Dad, William Clair Hiland, my Brother William Connolly Hiland and my Grandpa, Roscoe Earl Nolan.  That and my skills acquisition re firearms, hunting, fishing and how to treat myself and women with respect.

These men were my initial and forever role models.

I hope I'm carrying on the tradition with my son and daughter.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


It must be dictionary month.  Merriam Webster says this of loyalty.:  'a feeling of strong support for someone or something'.  Like any word, loyalty can have nuances of meaning, is able to be used for weal or woe.  I'd say it has a decidedly negative connotation, accumulated over time.

Loyalty adheres to the time of kings and queens, when vassals were loyal followers and the rabble sought protection and even sustenance fro their lords.  Those times are over and the Constitutional Republic of these united States was the harbinger of the end. 

It reminds me of allegiance a related word.  Pledging allegiance is taken with a grain of salt by me.  Remember the Pledge was written by a socialist and the original salute was the right arm extended up and out instead of hand on the heart.  The latter became preferred after that German socialist movement in mid-twentieth century appropriated it.  If memory serves, it came from ancient Rome as a salute of fealty to the Emperor.

We may not need to be reminded (but it doesn't hurt -s-) that those who take the Oath in our Republic take that Oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  There are slight variations but that is the gist.

It is to be noted there is NO loyalty oath to a leader, just bearing faith and allegiance (the positive sense) to the principles enumerated in our chief document. 

These principles are being challenged, to put it mildly these days.  It's been a gradual process.  Tyranny is greedy but is also patient.  People, if you want to call them that, in 'high office' have usurped and turned round limited gov to unlimited power.  They think they are our bosses, that they know best.  And correspondingly there are attempts to dumb us down to accept their line of c##p.

We are slowly working to turn this around.  Bit by bit, shedding light, truth and the things which make these States great.

I know, this is the same theme I talk so often about.  Many others contribute so much more.  But each of us have something to give.  E Pluribus Unum-From Many One.  One accord coming from each.  It is the antithesis of collectivism.  And loyalty?

In its negative context, I remember two movies.  One is Dracula with the great Bela Lugosi and a fine cast.  The other is Licence to Kill, Timothy Dalton's second and regrettably last Bond, also with a fine cast headed by Robert Davi.

In Dracula, Renfield (Dwight Frye) is the Count's slave, turned to evil servitude.  He entreats the vampire that he is loyal and gets killed anyway.  Renfield's conscience had continued to occasionally prick his slavishness.  Dracula is destroyed by determined people who thus free the world of his darkness.

In Licence to Kill, Bond goes after druglord Franz Sanchez (Davi) after Sanchez has Felix Leiter maimed and his bride raped and murdered.  Posing as a rogue agent (partly true), Bond appeals to Sanchez' prizing 'loyalty' above all things.  Of course, it's the drug lord's downfall.  His loyalty is nothing but bribery and fear predicated by plomo o plata-lead or silver.  With such an unstable foundation, Sanchez' psychopathy quickly turns to paranoia, when he perceives those around him in betrayal.

There just might be some lessons learned, even in fiction/fantasy, concerning the world around us.  There is a 'message in the ravioli', as it were.  As an aside I give credit to Robert Davi for that expression, garnered from an interview at the time of the movie's release.

Loyalty versus fidelity.  Fear or love.

Which do you think ultimately wins?