Saturday, March 31, 2018


Be vewy vwey quiet.  I'm hunting wabbits.  Elmer Fudd's immortal quote usually spoken to Bugs Bunny himself.  We won't go into what lies behind this, though Fudd is the usual nickname given hunters who don't think they are in 2A danger.  Evil thrives as a result. 

There is and has always been bombast.  And in the affairs of people we stand and declare Liberty loudly.  We fight and on most levels it is not still and quiet.  But there is a spiritual aspect to what goes on.

I agree with Herschel Smith about the young Bolsheviks.  Their religion is collectivism and their god is the state.  It has always been so.  Since long before Marx/communism stained the earth, people have worshipped kings and emperors and their edicts in lieu of god.

God, great mystery, moves in mysterious ways.  Usually quiet ways.  Sometimes there is a flash in the pan such as parting a sea or angels announcing Jesus' birth.  But mostly it's day by day events wending their way through life. 

Notice the announcement was to shepherds and might have only been noticed as a literal flash otherwise.  Others who followed Light knew and followed.  Events, both good and evil unfolded in rather daily ways.

So it was that fateful week in Jerusalem. 

Hailed as a king, Jesus entered to accolades.  Less than a week later he was beaten and crucified after a kangaroo court indicted him and found him guilty.

Btw, the Jews as a people didn't kill him.  It was pressure from religious leaders who only had what they perceived as self interest to motivate them.  They then pressured the Roman government which subsequently executed him.

As for the crowds, it was doubtless mixed.  The Pharisees egged many on.  But there were good people who advocated mercy.  Crowd psychology is not a new thing.

The loudest thing that week after his entry was his condemnation.  Whip up emotion to indict to ban to bend the will of the people.  Quickly before cooler head could prevail, eliminate the problem obstructing or threatening the status quo.  The dust off the hands and feet, thinking it was done.

Beware to those who think God is in their pockets.  It is the other way round.

As for quiet, well their was an odd dialog on the Cross.  Then a storm and earthquake.  Then the body was entombed.  Quiet.

Roman guards doubtless had some recreational wine to kill the boredom and weirdness to them of guarding a tomb.  Sleep.

What happened inside?  We can only surmise.

Was there a flash, energy popping as Jesus rose?  Or was it just quiet energy as he exited a quietly rolled away stone?

His first appearance was to Mary Magdalene.  She first thought he was just a gardener, then saw him as he truly was.

Quiet morning and subsequent appearances.  Chitchatting about what to do and what was to come.

Then that rising up.  Was it simply Light maybe a whoosh?  Well we believe it happened.

Later converts such as Paul had flashes and tumbles.  Anyway there was stillness after.  Some people need a bit more kick in the pants than others.

Contemplate quietly what it all means.  It is up to you.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Push Redux

They don't stop.  I've spoken before about collectivists pushing to see how far they can go.  Even one of the red diaper students made reference the other day about inches and miles.  And any concession or nicety on our part is merely seen as weakness to exploit. 

When the collectivists say we are afraid, we are not.  But they want us to be. 

There was a chain of stores called Korvettes.  I think it was competition for Target in the early days.

A young guy got a job there as a clerk while working his way through college.  You'd think normal, routine.  It was strange.

First, an attractive woman with security, which investigated internal theft as well as nabbing shoplifters, made a bizarre offer.  She kept winking and blinking, flaunting as she tried to talk him into teaming with her to steal records and other merchandise.  Um what?

He reported the incident and nothing happened.

Was it a security drill to see if she could entrap him?  Was it a scam she actually planned?  Even more bizarre was another incident.

He was clerking behind a counter when a big rough guy came blustering in through an adjacent door.  The man made odd accusations that the clerk had mistreated him.  He threatened and almost seemed ready to leap over the counter. 

The clerk called security as the man left.  The young man saw the guy go into a nearby store.  There he seemed normal and quickly left.

No result from security again. 

Other things followed but the kid left their employ quickly.

Now why this weird memory?  Well look at the current situation.  

Belligerence is a SOP for collectivists.  And security?  What kind of police in many different cities stand down from shooters, crowd control and even herd opposing groups together, causing riots?  Need I say there are oath breakers, those who obey unjust orders/laws?  Many are as gungrabbing as our traitorous politicians. 

Someone attempted to intimidate that clerk into submission.  No different with current events.  Startle, pummel, threaten progun people at every level, lying all the way and projecting their misadventures.  My advice, stand tall, face them fearlessly and not just counter but confront them with the truth.

I believe they are tipping their collectivist hand.  Prideful, they think they have the upper hand.  Pride comes before the fall.  Now the tables turn.

We do more than push back.  Initiative.

Underneath the bravado, the collectivists are afraid.  Truth and Freedom make them shake in fear, then rage.  And that's dangerous.

Don't take the red diaper crew lightly.  They are, of course, groomed by the old line collectivists with the hope people will fall for the old bilge with a new face.  They are just as unprincipled and will do whatever they must to destroy the Republic.

No breaks.  No place to lay the head.

Don't let them goad you.  No Fort Sumters.

Stupid follows stupid.

Kung fu,  The attack is thwarted by letting flow through as one steps into it then away using the opponent's energy.  Do not under nor over estimate. 

Learn to absorb punches and deflect.

Push dodge trip.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Age And Faith

It's fairly common knowledge that physical maturity continues into the early 20s.  This includes brain development.  This doesn't mean that mentally we are necessarily immature.  It's simply a way for humanity to progress and reach a peak without being stamped.  We are forged.

Government seeks quick fixes with age limits.  Just as mental acuity advances, so does maturity, with guidance from those already mature, such as parents, teachers, mentors etc.  It is a matter of thinking for oneself and accepting responsibility for one's actions as well as for skills acquisition.

My GreatGrandmother married at age 15.  This was in the 19th century.  She was brought up on a farm with chores, then learning to manage and run it.  I don't know that there are many if any who could do so now.  However 18 is the usual government age for several responsibilities.  This has varied and yes there are cases where someone might marry.  They can work, join the military and operate machinery including guns. 

Some are trying to raise the bar because of tragedy.  It's needless and robs people of exercising responsibility.

If the collectivists had their way, we would never be ready to use guns.  But we could keep lowering the voting age.  Some of them want to lower age of consent and/or eliminate it as well.  Is that maturity?  Or is it forcing instability on all of us?

I've mentioned many times, in grade school I slept in a room full of guns that were out in the open.  Racks, displays on chests and an unlocked cabinet were featured.  Also there was a 1911A1 and a Chiefs Special in a desk drawer for immediate self defense.  In high school, I kept a 1911 next to my bed.  Respect and responsibility.  Let's say this is a pattern I've maintained and taught my kids.

To hear the collectivists this is wrong.  Bull hockey.  They are just ploying to disarm us. They also frequently squish everything together, such as sex and guns.  One is lifelong and one is adult activity.

Faith?  Herschel Smith at the Captain's Journal spoke of how collectivism is the liberal kids' religion and the state is their god.  It's always been that way.  Religion is the opiate of the people Lenin said.  Well communism is the opiate of these antigunners.

Grow in truth, thought, experience.  Bit by bit aka each of us doing our part.

We are never too old to learn and have faith in God and the Republic.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Oh my. I remember the salad days of yesteryear.  All the confidence/arrogance, the carefree/irresponsible attitude.  Yes it's both good and bad.  It's just as childish/childlike qualities attributed to pre high school kids.

We may not have thought we were immortal, but many of us certainly disregarded aging.  Sure we had parents and teachers.  Many of us thought they were 'old'.  And yet most of us respected them.  Where else did we seek examples and wisdom?  That's not to say OTOH that some of us thought we had all the answers.  Very yin/yang.

Kids, though proclaiming cultural independence, were oddly conformist.  Few seemed to actually express individuality. We had role models and maybe some were surface while others were textured.

Some accepted either traditional America without thought as others pursued counter/encroaching collectivist revolution without thought. That has been and always will be the problem.  Thoughtless acceptance leaves a vacuum, which can be displaced and filled with equal vacuousness.  Patriotism based solely in emotion, with cult of personality as a mainstay is just as flawed as the trend to emotionally embrace collectivism.  In other words, think.

I was taught to think for myself from an early age.  This, in spite of all the cultural trends and the tendency to gloss over kids, gave me a foundation upon which to build.  Mind you I was still a kid and hardly ready to accept an adult life.  I was merely given a chance to learn.

I was not alone, for many others were raised this way.  And respect was given.  Unless, that respect was betrayed say by adults who were irresponsible and tried to Pied Piper us into confusion/exploitation.  Or were abusive. 

We were raised steeped in the history of Freedom.  We formed an understanding of the Founders and everything they stood for.  We avoided the glossed over sainted view and looked for the details.  To this day I dig and seek the truth for weal or woe.  And that truth is the difference between headline scanners and issue makers.

One f the red diaper know-it-alls had bragged they aka collectivists, will outlive us, those who believe and live Liberty.  No. 

Ideas are immortal.  Freedom and all the Republic stands for, is meant to not just survive, but to proliferate.

The collectivists claim their 'ideas' are the future.  They are nothing but hollow promises which time and again have proven to be oppressive and fatal.  Truth will out.

There have been evil leaders.  They fall, though tinpot rabble rousers try to resuscitate the venom of collectivism. 

So I and all of us die/cross over/transition.

We will pass on truth.  Freedom and the rights of the individual will live beyond us.  Oppression and tyranny crumble to dust.

Not only do we outlive the enemy, we transcend.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Though there is much that is gamy, I'm thinking about games.  Severity and intent.

Imagine a school banning dodge ball or Red Rover.  It's happened.  Competition and contacts are no nos in a docile society.

I remember the tension, the yelling, the sting of the ball while dodging it.  Noone remained untouched and it was coed too.  Never got vicious but it was severe.

In red rover teams were formed and someone called to break through the opposing team. 'Red Rover red rover, send Michael right over'.  One would then run building momentum and try to break through a lock of arms.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

These efforts built self confidence and comradery.

One can see why they are now discouraged.  Such games might instill a fighting spirit to resist tyranny eventually. 

Team sports are fine, but I always preferred individual stuff.  Target shooting of course.  My bro and I used to use Necco wafers, little hard sugar candies, for targets sometimes. 

Mixed martial arts build fitness and self confidence.  Fencing too.

Games.  Some think life is a game.  Well it can be a competition.  Such as between Freedom and tyranny.

Chess.  A common analogy for politics or declaring rights.  Skills in espionage.  I urge study.

Game also means prey.  The kids being used see to be useful idiot/true believer hybrids and the fake news agencies pull the strings.  In their arrogance we who are Restoring the Republic are prey/targets.  They forget in the hunt how quickly prey can turn. 

Quickly turn.  Show the machinations whitewashed as attempts to rid us of violence for the gun grabbing craven deceptions they are.

There are plenty of kids still raised to know Liberty/history/heritage.  We must allow them to speak and give youthful energy to restoration.

A good gamester must be cunning and tough.  Must be able to play dodge ball and willing to take some blows.  Must move and stay.  Must draw then let opponents trip themselves.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Censor Thread

The Commissar Vanishes.  By David King, it is subtitled, The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin's Russia.  It deals with Stalinist censorship; how photos were doctored to eliminate victims, enemies and former allies/useful idiots.

Typical collectivist revisionist behavior includes rewriting of history including official events and the slant made to the glorious revolutions as it were.  It's saying one thing and doing another.

From denial slaughter happened to justification for any number of actions, collectivism/tyranny hopes to whitewash history.  I've had a few personal encounters recently.

On FB a certain actress is vehemently antigun.  She has repeatedly insulted those who exercise their 2A rights, especially men, calling us weak and cowards, even stupid Neanderthals.  She personally attacked me for daring to disagree with her warped collectivist nonsense.

I remonstrated her.  She then not only edited, but erased it all and rewrote the passages.  She then claimed she never said any of it.  She has a habit of doing this and saying it's her way or the highway as it were. Stereotypical.

There are numerous instances of liberals altering what they say and denying it.  One time a guy threatened me and immediately vamoosed.  Shoulda gotten a pic of that.

And I mentioned in Twilight Time how another collectivist altered his posts.

Lies and half truths are all they have.  Don't let them get away with it.

Honesty is the best policy.  Study the tactics of the enemy and use them against them.  Not by lying of course.

Pressure them with the truth.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Kids Then And Now

Not a nostalgia trip.  I do remember and delve into the past.  We use it as a baseline for now.

I was just reminded of early mornings in my room.  I'd stir under the covers and lay eyes on the dim yellow glow of the radio dial.  I'd hear through the squiggly electronic sound, rock hits that are now called oldies.  I just hope I'm not lol. 

My eyes would slowly adjust as I took in the desk where the radio resided, then the wall behind and then the ceiling and other walls.  There were guns on some of the walls.  There were guns in a cabinet.  There were guns on a chest and table.  I slept in a room full of guns as a grade schooler.

Guns were a natural part of life for many then.  Even though the tendrils of collectivism were gently feeling out where to erode Freedom, many lived in security.  That was the mistake.

We are learning again the price of Liberty is eternal vigilance, 

There is nothing wrong with a warm safe womb/room full of guns.  Just don't stay there especially in memory.  Refuge has its place as long as you venture out. 

I was used to guns.  Never afraid.  I was trusted as a child because I was taught how to operate them safely.  I respected what they did.  They were not toys.  I knew the difference.  Neither did I go into detail nor brag.  Besides, most took it as a matter of course that people had guns.

There was a Chief's Special and a 1911 A1 in the drawer by my brother's bed for things that went bump in the night.  When he wasn't there, I had access to them.  I had the means and training to protect even in grade school.

Later, I had my own 1911 by my bed in high school.  Never had to use it but as the old saying goes, better to have and not need etc.

I was acutely aware of communism and believe me, it wasn't a 'scare'.  The biggest feat of the collectivists is to pretend they don't exist.  They have their own tacquiya-lies to protect their backstabbing. 

All of these things were taken for granted back when.  No fear I had a gun and no condescension about studying.  I had full access to the main library.

Today, there are fewer kids in the know and more bilked by collectivism.  And many more raised in it.  It appeals to that certain egocentric type or know it all as we called them as kids. 

Fear is fostered.  Of guns and thinking for oneself and a host of things in connection with Freedom.

We taught our kids to think for themselves and they sure aren't scared of guns.  They know as I was instructed.  The generations carry on, though at an eroded rate.

They are taught to question and see the revisionism necessary for collectivists to thrive.  Only lies and half truths keep them afloat.

The battle is fiercer than ever.  We live in the most crucial time.  Does the Republic survive?  Can it be restored?

There are kids who do not accept the lies.  They are Freedom minded and yes have guns.  There must be no age limit set by gov.  That is a parent's job.

Things taken for granted.  Again that markedly led us to where we are.

Enjoy the warmth and glow.  Clean your guns and step into the cold.  Warm is the heart of Liberty.