Thursday, August 31, 2017

Better Republic

Bigger is not better.  Though things have kept getting bigger.  We all know the story of big gov.  I will not repeat the oft refrained refs. I'm most interested in truly making things better.

A better Republic.  Steps toward Restoring same.  I believe, with hit and miss, trial and error, we are achieving that now.  It's not easy and the demos/neocons/collectivists are fighting tooth and nail to stop it.

President Trump is eliminating his predecessor's marxist rot with refreshed Liberty.  Some promises are being kept and others either delayed, thwarted or obscured.  He is only the spearhead.  We must do our part.

That does entail not just voting the rascals out (Quigley), but voting in proFreedom/Constitution candidates.  Let's give him a clear Senate majority.  Scrupulous supervision lest voter fraud occurs, is a must.  Same for the House, state and local elections as well.

Better demands we observe and speak up when continued affronts and violations happen.  They are legion but that just makes it more compelling.  We stop or reverse what we can and take note of everything, for eventually we will achieve our goal of Restoration.

As I say bit by bit we counter and replace because the deterioration has taken a long time.

I know this may seem redundant to many of you.  And many of you are doing precisely what I'm talking about.  Yet, there are so many we need to reach, to kindle 'brushfires of Freedom' in their minds.

Don't be deterred by the enemy.  They are getting livelier, bolder and more vicious.  This indicates they believe they can entrap us and/or they see we are gaining ground.  Let them manipulate ans spew.  We counter them and proactively take more high ground.

Speak truthfully, don't be baited.  When sources are cited counter them.  When declaring truth, citing one's own sources should be done, keeping in mind the enemy will ridicule them and say they are irrelevant.  Go on and don't debate the trolls and naysayers.  You can never reach them.  But someone else may notice your calm yet passionate declaration of Freedom facts.

Study Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.  Use it against them.  They boil when that happens.

In light of this, don't feed the trolls.  They want to discredit you and be noticed.  Use their tactics against them.

Many factors lead to a better Republic.  And don't kid yourself, it is war of a kind.  We have all the boxes. 

Battles might be won or lost.  Learn from both.  Be prepared for everything but make sure when it comes down to it that you do not start any fight.  But as my Dad Brother and his ROTC Sergeants said, make damn sure you finish them.

It will be as painful and unpleasant as it was round 1776.  Maybe, in spite of modernity, it might be worse because of that.  It'll take a mighty effort to shake out and loose.  All my hopes, dreams and prayers are for victory.

It is NOT antigov.  It is proLiberty. 

Better is smaller, especially Fed.  The true power resides in the states.  Yet beware and trim them down too. 

Remember, as with a wound, a cyst etc, there is usually pain, then soreness, then scars.  Don't forget any of it.  I'd rather have scars than medals.

So 'get better' is not just a cliché we say when someone is sick.  It is the defining time when there could be flare ups after even routine healing.

Don't be too satisfied.  Not sure there is a best.

Better is the road to becoming-again.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


''There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.''  Brutus to Cassius in Julius Caesar

Appropriate re the tragedy of Houston?  Remember the Chinese symbol for crisis.  
There are 2 signs:  Danger and Opportunity.  So it always is.

Much heroism, true bravery, has evidenced these last few days.  There is no philosophizing no debate.  There is no time to politicize.  It is time to do.

Our enemies are very busy.  They manipulate the crisis and continue to demonize President Trump and thus all of us who seek to Restore the Republic.

Know your enemy.  Study Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.  It will clue you in on collectivist methods.

Many have lost all.  Many are risking all to help them.

Oathkeepers is organizing, as are many more.

Places you might see to help.

This is real catastrophe and I think we can all help in some way.

It is showing America and the world what we are made of.

And those naysayers, seditionists, thugs are left in the wake.

Sure there is some looting and even gunfire against rescuers.  So we don't let that stop us.

But, most of all, people shine doing right.

So donate, pray, inspire or go there to help.

Time and tide wait for no man.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Beta Waving

Trendy talking point.  Latest 'psych' term to go popular.

It can mean test products or coming in second.

In a pack animal environment, beta is second to alpha.

Now we have the pop culture term 'beta male'.  The description includes terms like unremarkable, lacking charisma, careful etc.  He wants to be right and popular.  Very hard to do when unremarkable.  They may range from subservient to 'not afraid of strong women'.  They seek approval.  He's a 'nice guy'.

Too broad a brush?  All I can tell you is an alpha is discretionary.  When to move, when to wait etc.  They don't care if they are liked when it comes to decisions.  Doing what needs to be done.  It takes calculation not hesitancy.  If you snooze you lose.

Yet there are exceptions, or perhaps nuances.  Perfection?  Everything in place?  Well Alphas go from something to something else.  One thing may not work, so they go with an alternative.  They do not keep repeating, searching for the same result.

Betas get upset when challenged.  Alphas stay passionate on the point.  Be sure you're right then go ahead. 

Betas make a mistake and excuse or cover up.  Alphas learn from mistakes.

Betas avoid, secondhand.  Alphas confront, firsthand.  Imagine for instance if the Founders had done the former instead of the latter. 

Thus, betas snipe disagreement.  Alphas passionately argue.

Balancing head and heart.  Can a petulant child do so?  Or can an experienced, by trial and error adult do so?

Some people are leaders.  Some are followers.  But each is the sum of the whole.  A good leader values and relies on the input of others.  Many of them are leadership capable when necessary.

Some are petty dictators who claim they know when they actually steal from others.

There is a defining energy which divides the sheep from the goats.

Reasonable or resolve?

Monday, August 28, 2017


Much used and misused, piquantly these days.

It's most often used to describe hostile initiation.  It is also defined by liberals to demonize alpha behavior.  There will be more on that soon.  Nonetheless, aggression needs to be examined more fully.

Self defense.  It is counter aggressive as it were.  One has to be prepared to, shall we say, whup a$$.

Violence begets violence?  Col. Jeff Cooper said, ''I certainly hope so''.  He meant we need to counter tit for tat. You cannot reason with aggressive people, especially criminals.  I include political thugs of course.  You might retreat and maybe temporarily allay a violent situation.  But it will follow these days and catch up.

Learn self defense in words and deed.  This includes proclaiming the truth about Freedom/Liberty and its enemy, collectivism.  Bit by bit counter darkness with Light.

Learn self defense with martial arts both unarmed and armed.  There are many methods.  Find what works for you.

A long story short, I'll tell you what my Dad, Brother, his ROTC Sergeants etal said.

Don't start a fight, but sure as hell finish it.

As Mike Vanderboegh said, ''No Fort Sumters''.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Perry Carter

Perry is my oldest friend.  While some have turned their backs and betrayed, Perry has remained.

That being said, we've had a habit of staying out of touch at times in recent years.  One or the other of us usually calls the other.  Not lately.

Perry suffered a stroke a while back.  It affected his speech and memory,

Our conversations continued and I listened closely as his speech was labored, not at all the robust preacher/professor he was.

We met in the same college class and hit it off.  History, religious and military, a love of language and a calling to help others cemented the bond. 

Our lives frequently crisscrossed, with church, family and a passion to help others help themselves.  Not 'to' but 'from' poverty and despair.

It's hard to put in words what is engraved on the heart and mind.

He encouraged me and I got him to smile.  Tough times were easier with a friend like him.

My daughter and his kids played together.  No guile or pc baloney.  Just honest love and caring.

We gathered food from stores and distributed it to the needy.  Long before 'official' orgs did this.  We initiated pantries in many churches.

We both preached that faith is to be lived, that the orgs were there but the people meant more.

We both had an ear for those in trouble.  We reached out to kids and mentored where we could.

This gives you an idea of the kind of man Perry is.  He worked hard, achieved a Doctorate in Education but always took care of his kids.

I will update when I know more.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Blue Meanies

Indianapolis is not a sanctuary city.  I'm sure Mayor Joe Hogsett (may he be voted out) might like that in his zeal to make Indy another blue Democratic city.  But state law prohibits it.  There are some blue spots up near Chicago of course.  It's kind of like an infection.  And there is an infusion of liberals into Indy. 

Neighborhood associations can be clubs which require adherence to rules in a particular community.  No probs so far but I'll let you know when I move.

A lot of the liberal garbage circles and falls short of what they would like.  They will keep trying.  We must be proactive and never stop protecting Freedom. 

Some claim we are already a Demo cess pool.  Not yet but reiterating the above we must always be vigilant.  That's history.

Taxation is one of the tools.  Always has been.  Look at ACA and property taxes.  Financial control.

Fear plays a part.  And there are those who prefer to be controlled.

There are those who bully ordinances, rules, laws into position.  Sometimes they get into majority by social guile, those moving here both legally and otherwise.  They care not one whit for minorities unless they are manipulated.

Remember one other thing.

When they came up with the colors depicting conservative/liberal red was the original liberal hue.  That faux pas changed fast when the lefties/collectivists realized it pinpointed their real intent.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Despite all the criticism, they don't care.  So many of us loathe them, but we don't matter for we are just peons to them.  So they think.

Call em liberal progressive collectivist democrat neocon, the people or creatures who oppose decency, humanity, Restoring the Republic are haughty and care only what their masters think.

I call it a lowerarchy, rather like hell.

They actually think they're entitled and are better than we are.  We, the socalled masses, common people or the much overused 'great unwashed' are cattle and cannon fodder to them.

Often elected 'officials', they forgot or don't care that it is we the people who put them in office.  Of course, some get shoed in mostly by voter fraud.  You know who.  I tire of there treacherous names.

They seem to be above the law.  They get away literally with murder and so much more including child rape. 

Many are spiritually dark too.  Kind of goes hand in claw.

Well you and I know we are anything but common.  We are each sovereign beings created in the image of God. 

This neotyranny is just the same as the old.  They think old money and ancient tendrils will wrap the world in a new matrix.  It could.

But their arrogance is actually limited.  While they control many they do not control all.

They ignore us until someone becomes an annoyance.  Then that someone either gets bribed, suborned or killed.

They overlook derision unless it is directed in a concentrated form.  Psychopaths hate that kind of attention.

Now we have a chance to keep exposing them and rocking their little fiefdom.  The Great Experiment was a direct attack on them.  No wonder they tried, even before 1776, to destroy it.  They shall not.

Shine the light and sound the trumpet.  The more the merrier.

Their uncaring is their undoing.