Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sick And Well

Sometimes the last days seem to predominate our memories.

Someone was vibrant, alive, always on the move.  They had a life and shared of thenselves.

Then illness strikes.  The slow descent begins.  Deterioration sets in.

With many illnesses, it is slow.  Memory is different for those taken quickly.  Perseverance.  Love,  Grief.  They all play a part.

Sometimes, we become so engaged in care and worry, we forget all the good before.  Or there are regrets of things left undone.  Persevere.

I hope those ill have been good parents etc.  Remember the good things.

I remember A Dad with whom I went to ballgames etc.  He taught me content of character.

I recall a good dog, who was loving strong loyal and brave.

Two not really disparate examples.

A Father who said I was full of the old stuff and a doggie bounding down the stairs to joyously greet me.

Sure, there were the times when they slowly failed and we took care of them.

But we have that foundation of strength and love which never goes away.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Old And New

Things can change.  There is an end then a beginning.

Now, we could debate karma in all its nuances.  Let it be simply a term for events currently.  Good or bad, old or new methods, ways, fluctuations for how we live.

Let's say there is a pattern of events, large and small, that oppose/thwart a person.  One course is tried and obstacles rise.  Around, over, under, through?  A similar thread appears even when something else is attempted.  And occasionally there is an attempt on the person's life.

While the old is busy in its rut, a new way rises quietly.  Facts are accumulated and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune make one tougher.  The old is studied and its ways become well known.  It never changes.  The new gives way to something surprisingly old as well.  There is eternal truth that outdistances lies.

And we think for ourselves.

The old tries to lure and bully its way back.  This is to no avail.

We move forward, on a journey of Liberty on all levels.

Friday, May 29, 2020


If something's loose, tighten it.  Well, unless it needs to be flexible.  Loose and tight are surely variables.

Loosen the tyrannical grasp some governors and mayors are exercising now.

Tighten laws against letting criminals run rampant.

A particular kind of loose has been noted for a while.

Remember the old adage 'the inmates are running the asylum'?  Well, it's true.

Increasingly, we see the unhinged literally loose in the streets.  Many stories pop up with people exhibiting severe mental illnesses.  Often violence and complete dependence on emotion ensue.  I have a background in clinical psychology from college.  I suggest if you want those explanations, seek them.

I am talking about the delusional, psychopathic etal.  There are many meuroses for instance not in that league.  It's when something dominates a life that it becomes dangerous.

Many who should be under care are just left to wander.  It is part of Cultural Marxism.  Worse is better.

IMHO collectivism is unhinged.  It defies logic and contributes to the destruction of society from within.

Instead of treatment, many are left to spew.

Confrontation to deal with problems is called for.  Exposing collectivism as the social/spiritual plague it is grows today, in spite of diversions like up north.

In this case, we must tighten up, lest we become completely unhinged.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Show And Tell

People can be told the moon is made of green cheese.  Then they either accept that or find out for themselves.

I always advise you to dig, research.  Facts are stubborn things.

The collectivists will obfuscate of course.  They will ascribe to us what they themselves are guilty of.  Mostly editorial type opinion passes for facts with our leftist buds.  And when they demand cites, if you oblige (I don't usually.  I tell them to find it themselves for the truth is before them.), they will claim your sources are merely biased and from unreliable places.  In spite of actual facts, they drone on and claim you are doing what they actually do.

Now, facts are finally inundating the public concerning crimes against the President, the People and Constitution.  How convoluted it is.  And the material is irrefutable, though of course, the collectivists try.  The People are being shown.

Like the friend who taught me to house paint my way through college, there is a right way and wrong way.

So, if that green cheese is not the moon and doesn't even exist, you will soon see.

Thursday, April 30, 2020


Don't fall in one nor trip over one.

As I always advise, examine what's going on.  Some stuff needs more than others.  But, whatever you do, don't be merely a headline scanner.  Don't jump to conclusions.

Collectivists holes don't change.  Craving and want especially of the collective, drive them.  They destroy and do not replace.  There is just more want.  Worse is better.

The Constitutional Republic has flaws.  It attempts to improve but never throws out the original intent.  The rights of the individual likewise are recognized and form one.

One denigrates.  One uplifts.  Things get worse or better.

Power grows/government takes.  Power decreases/government shrinks.

It's a classical pattern.

Collectivism at people's expense vs the Republic for people's benefit.

Is it simple?  Yes and no.

There are often mixed results and thus the holes.  It is a constant endeavor.

Therefore, look for those holes.  Where collectivism creeps, expose and stop it.

Where Freedom rings, proliferate.  But make sure it's open and honest.

There is so much to do.

Watch out for holes.

Controlling due to lack of self, the biggest hole of all.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Words to the wise?

Don't panic.

There are those reveling in the fearmongering currently abroad.  Fear engenders control.  Face fear.  Be aware.

I suggest taking things seriously.  That doesn't mean you accept anything particular.  Examine, question and decide for yourself.  Look at who associates with whom.  What have they to gain/lose?  As with all, dig, research see about association and motive.

Several governors and mayors are abusing Freedom.  Point them out, speak up and do Freedom.

Note the qualities of people.  We have everything from wacked behavior to over cautious and sloppy reactions.  Stand firm but be like the sapling in the wind that bends yet rises back up.

Watch what's going on elsewhere.  Or behind, underneath, around.  The world turns.  And those who would control us hope we don't notice.

Help others.

In spite of isolation, reach out.  Find ways.  E Pluribus Unum.

Do all you can to strengthen your immune system.  Fresh air etc. Move around.

Our enemies mix lies with truth.  Watch them.  Note them.  As always do not let them get away.  Remember it isn't just a president they're after.  They seek to dominate all of us.

I remember yet again what my German/Medieval European History prof said.  She had been a translator at Nuremberg and saw firsthand tyranny.

Discussing East/West Germany at the time she simply said that there are always those who want to be told what to do.  She came to America to think for herself.  I must find out if she is still with us and safe.

Think for yourselves.  Do what we always do and proclaim Liberty.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Little pieces.  Or part of a rein.  Nothing happens overnight, until it does.

The socalled swamp is cumulative.  It's taken decades to reach the depth of corruption witnessed now.  And the last 8 years before the current President was a concerted effort to completely subvert our government by seeding all areas with collectivists/globalists.  It's quite a task to drain.  More like a power flush.

In spite of great odds, the President has steadily excised collectivists.  There is more coming and lots going on behind the scenes especially with our current event.  And that current event plays a large part.

The collectivists see and are attempting to exploit a crisis.  No surprise.  If left to their unAmerican designs, the country would truly be economically wrecked.  Inactivity leads to atrophy.  It takes a while.

The country was at historical levels of economic success.  With the current situation, there has been damage.  But that damage is being monitored and soon will be on the road to recovery.  We will see.

Poverty makes people more easily controlled.  Sickness as well.  And the President is right that we are seeing who is for Freedom and who is not.  The truth will out.

What we do with these bits remains to be seen.  However, the collectivists seem to be backfiring.  More and more people are waking up.  It's one of the benefits of staying home.  Many miss Freedom at whatever level it's limited.

There are some who don't care if we tank, as long as it stops the President.  It's like an assassin taking out a whole plane to get one person.  We won't let them.  He won't let them.

There is an immense amount of ego with our enemies.  Always has.  They trip over their own um feet.

They try to thwart cures/treatments.  Again a sick people are more easily controlled.  But people aren't succumbing as hoped by our enemies.  And we are being made aware of just who is tyrannical.

We are preparing just in case there is more skullduggery and will be able to equip if needed.

Do not panic.  Do not be afraid.  Be aware.

Bit by bit as I've said, we will prevail.

Freedom/Liberty are the trend.  We are moving forward.  Lenin's old saying 'worse is better' is failing.

Brushfires of Freedom are being lit here and elsewhere.

That light grows in bits, showing where and what to do.

Do your bit.