Saturday, September 30, 2017

Sidestep Twostep

Could have called it jig but I guess I'd be accused of racism.  Some people are niggardly.  Yeah a prof actually got in trouble for using that term.  Sheesh.

I've seen a lot of stuff concerning flag, anthem etc.  And as usual the collectivists don't disappoint.  Their are as many opinions as fleas on a dog.  Many miss the point.  Some hit the nail on the head.

It's grandstanding by collectivists.  As mentioned before, they latch onto Freedom methods and use it against us. 

Yes, even the most reprehensible, commies, Nazis, even socalled pedophiles (child rapist) can demonstrate etc.  And when people are prosecuted, the worst are entitled to a fair trial.  For if they don't receive it, if we become exclusive, who knows who might be next.

Responses all over the net are still pouring in.  One should always note how everything is written.  Some are subtler, some knee jerk and much in between.  This whole affair is an ideal illustration of how collectivists work.  And it shows the ways patriots and all Freedom minded whatever the moniker, express themselves.

There is a lot of side stepping.

I read some bombast from an Army sergeant who said he wished they all had kneeled.  He and another military guy said it was ridiculous that Villanueva would be intimidated into apologizing.  After all he's way over 6 foot and a former lieutenant in the Rangers.  Pure bravado.

Of course he was cowed.  Who signs the paychecks?  Besides there is team/peer pressure.  Everybody has a breaking point supposedly.  Haven't reached mine yet lol.

Also this paragon of blather said no one had the sack to face, and the name escapes me because I don't follow team sports, such and such and say anything about boycotting.  What polished turd bs.

I have no trouble telling folks respectfully if bluntly what I think.  Let's just say I have respect for size and strength but also know enough to look someone in the eye and tell the truth.  Not fu like some idiots, just honest communication.  I never look for a fight -s-.

Now, this sergeant also said he didn't take his oath to defend a flag or anthem and he was just fine with all the 'protest'.  He further said it was meant to make us think and to be uncomfortable.  OK.

We all have a right to assess protest, even peaceful stuff.  And this current round is just provocation based on collectivist lies and half truths. 

He also said he sent comrades home in flag draped coffins and people should think twice about wearing 'flag' apparel.  Did we stand and salute at home?  Hmmm?

For pity's sake, I've never seen such a display of song and dance even from dedicated commies.

That flag aka Stars and Stripes is a symbol of the oath he and all US Armed Forces take.  Similar oaths are taken by gov officials. and civilian police as well. 

The Anthem aka Star Spangled Banner celebrates that symbol.

So sidestep twostep all you like.  Say it doesn't matter.  It does.

Let's dance a rhumba, take Liberty in our arms and foxtrot into the future.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Collectivist Appropriation

Just a minute!  How many of us have held up an index finger so we can finish something before we engage in conversation etc?

It's also an indication of devotion to a particular deity by those who wish to exterminate all others.  Did they hijack the gesture?  Well it cramps some people's style.

That may seem silly, but collectivism does appropriate terms.

Take resistance.  With encroaching big gov and all its entanglements, including gun rights infringements and travel restrictions, those of us seeking to Restore the Republic are seen as Resistance to tyranny.

Now, collectivists have stolen it to mean obstructing those endeavors, currently partially embodied in President Trump.  Boy, they really hate him and thus, us.

Projection.  Hallmark of collectivist hypocrisy.  It's prescribed in Alinsky's Rules For Radicals, a must read.  Accuse your enemy of what you do.  And it's furiously increased since 11/8/16.

Our enemies are most dissatisfied with those results.  Their opposition has increased and metastasized.  All according to plan.  They are not spur of the moment usually.  They have meticulously detailed the doom of Freedom.  Bit by bit they have utilized their plans.  But they forget one thing.  Resilience.

Americans were meant to ignite brush fires of Liberty in the minds of people, to paraphrase Sam Adams.  Since before the beginning of the Republic, we have been opposed.  The methods have remarkably stayed the same.

Their main weapon is relieving people of thought.  Ours is to think for ourselves.

True enough, they even dare to attempt hijacking thought.  The pseudointellectuals beginning with Marx twisted to this day thought when in reality they fast change the gullible with a bombardment of emotion.  No balance.

They appeal to common heart subjects.  But they lack common sense.  And it all leads to someone else doing the thinking.

Encounter them.  Confront.  You soon see a pattern.  And they counter with lies and half truths.

Don't be fooled.  If not, they ridicule.  Then ultimately, violence.

Sometime the best answer is brevity.  And truth.

It's chess with a dash of poker.  The odds are in our favor.

Their current boldness is an indication that they are either desperate or believe they are actually poised to take over. 

Two friends have said the masks are falling and we are seeing ourselves and others as we truly are.  It is so, for when this outbreak of boldness reaches a crescendo, we will have nowhere to go but up.

We're not going in circles, chasing our tales.  Let the enemy do that.

Using their own faults against them, they can appropriate til the cows come home.

We hold the beginning.  And the end.

Our new beginning.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Under The Bed

Ah the old 'red scare' post WW2.  Some people thought commies were everywhere, even in the closet or under the bed.  Well they were, figuratively.  And the scare was certainly concern.

After Uncle Joe Stalin ordered American commies to cease most ops in USA during the war, they returned, many vets included.  They resumed subversion, including infiltration of American society.

It's not paranoia, a common slam by collectivists, nor exaggeration.  These and many more poo poos are lobbed to try and either allay concerns or to demonize same.  'Communism is gone' or we aren't after your guns come to mind as well.  Remember lies and half truths are hallmarks of our enemies.

They are everywhere.  They can be teachers, doctors, judges mechanics cab drivers, literally anything.  And yes the can be in the armed forces.

Currently there's a stink about a West Point grad who posted a pic with a fist and holding his cap with a 'communism will win' note inside; also a Che t-shirt under his tunic.  He blogs with a commie name and is a member of Democratic Socialists of America.  This guy is a commissioned Army officer on duty in NY state.  Disgraceful.  There are others.  Will he be swiftly court martialed?  Who knows.  The former occupier of the Oval Office sprinkled collectivist officers throughout the Armed Forces, often forcing Constitutional officers out.

This reminds me that commie infiltration has existed since the Civil War.  Marx was a fanboy of Lincoln and there were Marxist officers in the North even then.  I've mentioned it before and is worthy of at least a post on its own.  And scour around because it's obvious history is getting scrubbed.  It's not just statues disappearing.

I had posted a counter to some collectivist nonsense.  I was flooded with derision.  A nurse, yes a nurse called me McCarthy and exhibited a meme that my time was almost up!  Hmmm.  Hope I don't end up at her hospital.

They are getting bolder.  There has been such a build up with both brainwashed students and those raised commie, that they are more and more just coming out and declaring their collectivism.  Don't be alarmed.  It's an opportunity for them to trip on their um feet.

Be calm and rational and not only counter them but spotlight them.  Pick and choose your battles.

Study collectivism.  Learn what they think, do and say.

Let them trip up and they'll come out of the wood work and from under the bed -s-.

Don't be 'red scared'.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sporting Purpose

Nooo, not the old antigun ploy that guns must have a 'sporting purpose'.  Nonsense of course.

I'm referring to the silliness with profootball players on their knees in some supposed solidarity against white oppression.  Oh yes, they have a right to protest but not on the firm's time.

It is a twofold attempt to divide and conquer.  It sets blacks against whites and seeks to further attack and compromise/defeat President Trump.  Emphasis is on attempt

Those who think for themselves don't buy the crappola.  Many of them are prosports aficionados.  Personally I'm not.  But I join them in castigating and calling out/boycotting the product they chose to consume.

It isn't just collectivist baloney refuted.  It is specifically neocon manipulation which seeks unquestioning followers as well.

I never have cared personally for team sports.  Played 'em in school gym classes, but that's it.  Fine if you do and participate. 

I was offered a team position in high school football.  I politely declined for two reasons.  One, I simply didn't care for it.  Two, my Dad was ill and a lot of my time was taken up with home care.  I pursued then, as now sports/activities which appealed to me.

Hunting, fishing, hiking, weightlifting, MMA, firearms kept me agile and busy.  Still does.

If you participate either as a player or observer, knock yourself out.  But don't politicize.  Do that off the field or away from the TV.  It's cultural Marxism now on display.  Free speech according to collectivists is what they want and no one else.

Unfortunately sports are easily manipulated either as an opiate or a propaganda method.

Gone is decency and competition.  It is replaced by greed and corruption.

Blacks and whites have come a long way.  We are uniting.  Most people at least live and let live if not mingle.  Sure there are separatists and hatemongers.  And they are unleashed by those who would be our masters. to destabilize/subvert.

Kneeling is submission.  Only in prayer is it appropriate. 

To what do you kneel and to what do you owe allegiance?

I'm an American.  I stand. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Better Republic

Bigger is not better.  Though things have kept getting bigger.  We all know the story of big gov.  I will not repeat the oft refrained refs. I'm most interested in truly making things better.

A better Republic.  Steps toward Restoring same.  I believe, with hit and miss, trial and error, we are achieving that now.  It's not easy and the demos/neocons/collectivists are fighting tooth and nail to stop it.

President Trump is eliminating his predecessor's marxist rot with refreshed Liberty.  Some promises are being kept and others either delayed, thwarted or obscured.  He is only the spearhead.  We must do our part.

That does entail not just voting the rascals out (Quigley), but voting in proFreedom/Constitution candidates.  Let's give him a clear Senate majority.  Scrupulous supervision lest voter fraud occurs, is a must.  Same for the House, state and local elections as well.

Better demands we observe and speak up when continued affronts and violations happen.  They are legion but that just makes it more compelling.  We stop or reverse what we can and take note of everything, for eventually we will achieve our goal of Restoration.

As I say bit by bit we counter and replace because the deterioration has taken a long time.

I know this may seem redundant to many of you.  And many of you are doing precisely what I'm talking about.  Yet, there are so many we need to reach, to kindle 'brushfires of Freedom' in their minds.

Don't be deterred by the enemy.  They are getting livelier, bolder and more vicious.  This indicates they believe they can entrap us and/or they see we are gaining ground.  Let them manipulate ans spew.  We counter them and proactively take more high ground.

Speak truthfully, don't be baited.  When sources are cited counter them.  When declaring truth, citing one's own sources should be done, keeping in mind the enemy will ridicule them and say they are irrelevant.  Go on and don't debate the trolls and naysayers.  You can never reach them.  But someone else may notice your calm yet passionate declaration of Freedom facts.

Study Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.  Use it against them.  They boil when that happens.

In light of this, don't feed the trolls.  They want to discredit you and be noticed.  Use their tactics against them.

Many factors lead to a better Republic.  And don't kid yourself, it is war of a kind.  We have all the boxes. 

Battles might be won or lost.  Learn from both.  Be prepared for everything but make sure when it comes down to it that you do not start any fight.  But as my Dad Brother and his ROTC Sergeants said, make damn sure you finish them.

It will be as painful and unpleasant as it was round 1776.  Maybe, in spite of modernity, it might be worse because of that.  It'll take a mighty effort to shake out and loose.  All my hopes, dreams and prayers are for victory.

It is NOT antigov.  It is proLiberty. 

Better is smaller, especially Fed.  The true power resides in the states.  Yet beware and trim them down too. 

Remember, as with a wound, a cyst etc, there is usually pain, then soreness, then scars.  Don't forget any of it.  I'd rather have scars than medals.

So 'get better' is not just a cliché we say when someone is sick.  It is the defining time when there could be flare ups after even routine healing.

Don't be too satisfied.  Not sure there is a best.

Better is the road to becoming-again.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


''There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.''  Brutus to Cassius in Julius Caesar

Appropriate re the tragedy of Houston?  Remember the Chinese symbol for crisis.  
There are 2 signs:  Danger and Opportunity.  So it always is.

Much heroism, true bravery, has evidenced these last few days.  There is no philosophizing no debate.  There is no time to politicize.  It is time to do.

Our enemies are very busy.  They manipulate the crisis and continue to demonize President Trump and thus all of us who seek to Restore the Republic.

Know your enemy.  Study Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.  It will clue you in on collectivist methods.

Many have lost all.  Many are risking all to help them.

Oathkeepers is organizing, as are many more.

Places you might see to help.

This is real catastrophe and I think we can all help in some way.

It is showing America and the world what we are made of.

And those naysayers, seditionists, thugs are left in the wake.

Sure there is some looting and even gunfire against rescuers.  So we don't let that stop us.

But, most of all, people shine doing right.

So donate, pray, inspire or go there to help.

Time and tide wait for no man.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Beta Waving

Trendy talking point.  Latest 'psych' term to go popular.

It can mean test products or coming in second.

In a pack animal environment, beta is second to alpha.

Now we have the pop culture term 'beta male'.  The description includes terms like unremarkable, lacking charisma, careful etc.  He wants to be right and popular.  Very hard to do when unremarkable.  They may range from subservient to 'not afraid of strong women'.  They seek approval.  He's a 'nice guy'.

Too broad a brush?  All I can tell you is an alpha is discretionary.  When to move, when to wait etc.  They don't care if they are liked when it comes to decisions.  Doing what needs to be done.  It takes calculation not hesitancy.  If you snooze you lose.

Yet there are exceptions, or perhaps nuances.  Perfection?  Everything in place?  Well Alphas go from something to something else.  One thing may not work, so they go with an alternative.  They do not keep repeating, searching for the same result.

Betas get upset when challenged.  Alphas stay passionate on the point.  Be sure you're right then go ahead. 

Betas make a mistake and excuse or cover up.  Alphas learn from mistakes.

Betas avoid, secondhand.  Alphas confront, firsthand.  Imagine for instance if the Founders had done the former instead of the latter. 

Thus, betas snipe disagreement.  Alphas passionately argue.

Balancing head and heart.  Can a petulant child do so?  Or can an experienced, by trial and error adult do so?

Some people are leaders.  Some are followers.  But each is the sum of the whole.  A good leader values and relies on the input of others.  Many of them are leadership capable when necessary.

Some are petty dictators who claim they know when they actually steal from others.

There is a defining energy which divides the sheep from the goats.

Reasonable or resolve?