Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Tumultuous times continue.  I advise everyone to keep up on current events.  Speak out to whatever extent you might.  Decide what you can do to help Restore the Republic.

I sound like a broken record sometimes.  But I can't emphasize enough what I just said.

I'm doing my part aside from here in several ways.  And you should acquaint yourselves with elicitation.

Turtles are remarkable creatures.  For the sake of research on these remarkable reptiles, Wikipedia has a pretty good reference page.  I always vet Wiki because they tend politically to fudge and sometimes open to hacking.

Now to the point.  Symbology.

Turtles can retract their heads and feet/flippers.  The shell is resistant to predators. 

They can be aggressive and some can bite, but they are mostly defensive.

They move relatively slowly but steadily.  Remember the tortoise and hare fable.

The Romans had the testudo (tortoise) formation as a defense against missles. 

Of course there are limits in terms of defense.

I'd advise study as to how and when to be a turtle.

Sometimes one simply has to come out of one's shell.

Monday, February 27, 2017


As usual, the collectivists have appropriated aka stolen resistance.

Mind you, it is a term that can freely (sic) be used by anyone.  Traitor or Freedom fighter?  Depends on your viewpoint.

The collectivist dweebs hijacked this to show dissatisfaction with President Trump.  They are suffering because their red diaper hero is gone.  Well he does have a mansion/bunker near the White house and all the trimmings of a shadow government.  He is cheering the Bolshevik thugs on.

They turn resistance totally around in true Alinskyan/projection.  To them tyranny is Restoring the Republic.  As David Codrea says, to progressives every day is opposite day. 

Perhaps they fashion themselves on the commies in Eastern Europe, China, Cuba etc.  Romantic images of barbaric thugs.

Here is my notion of resistance:


Not red not dead.  Alive and Free.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


It is seen as weakness by collectivists/globalists.  Of course it is not.

I've spoken many times of our heart is our strength and it's true.  It's how the heart is approached and what emphasis it's given.

The collectivists appeal to emotion.  They want people to go off half cocked.  Just look how they respond to our President.  It's how they always respond.  Shrill rampage.

True heart doesn't work like that.  Because it is balanced with reason aka heart and head. 

We care about others and hopefully how those others are affected.  We more largely expand that caring to the world.  It's how we respond that tells a tale.

For instance, we don't like violence.  Wanton destruction on many levels is repugnant to us.  But if we don't defend ourselves, violence will win.  Self defense is our answer.  We are willing to stop a threat, to whatever extent we must.

There are people, I use the term loosely, who have no value on life or decency.  They steal kill rape leaving a trail of destruction.  They don't care about laws stopping them.  They only care if they get caught.  Or stopped.

Normal humans care about ourselves and others.  We will not allow the psychopaths of the world ravage us on any level. 

The collectivists have a twisted sense of protection, if they have that.  Some of these loons try to sympathise with the monsters.

It's all about control.  If only we surrender our selfprotection.  Actually there is no guarantee even then.  Submission only.


Our hearts direct us to protect what is dear to us.

Our heads teach us how.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


It's getting pretty vociferous out there.

The collectivists, as agents for the globalists, are acting up everywhere.  The activity varies, such as crass references on Facebook/Twitter to riots. 

I've dealt with, I'm sure, very mild attacks and snubs compared to many let alone President Trump.  However, it is worth a bit of time to study the modus operandi used against all who advocate Freedom.

I've experienced unfriendings, two particularly simple.  I 'defended guns' and was too antiHillary.  This was before Trump's landslide.

My view is indeed simple.  I proclaim, mostly on my own page, the 2nd Amendment with articles etc supporting this basic Freedom.  Likewise, I fleshed out the perfidy, to put it mildly, of the former Democratic candidate for President.  It isn't pretty and I refuse to be anything but honest.

Believe me, I wasn't distraught when these hive insects spurned me.  I did let them dump me though.  I have several acquaintances there who are , shall we say, divergent.  It reminds me of Ambassador Sinclair telling Garibaldi to 'stay close to the Vorlon and watch out for Shadows.  They move when you're not looking'.  Or keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The sophistication of provocateurs and trolls varies.  I've easily swatted some gadflies and had to excavate others.

A solid basis in history, including knowledge of collectivism in its varied forms, serves one well. 

Now as to attitude, there is a shared emotion.  That is hate.  Again variations occur and skills sets are commensurate. 

Some are more able elicitors and employ subtle and overt methods to find out what certain people know.  Beware and learn verbal martial arts, for this is indeed weaponized communication.  They often approach their goals in a somewhat cheerful manner.  Their wording is especially telling.  Note well what is said and not said.

The same can be said for dour, negative posters.  They seem a throwback to the traditional soviet style drones.  One in particular I could see in cap and long coat with a Tokarev strapped on.  I have, in this particular case, allowed some enlightened history to poke through.  I remember there are many of all stripes viewing dialogs.

There is the spewing of pernicious invectives concerning the President and all of us who seek to Restore the Republic.  I ignore most but can't resist occasionally countering all out lies and venom

Demonstrations aka rioting has increased.  This employs useful idiots, true believers and mercenaries.  Don't be fooled that they are all snowflakes easily melted.  There are hardcore subversives/insurrectionists.  Some have military training, antimilitia if you will. 

And there are the '24' like manipulations in gov itself. 

Watch your six on all levels and in the face of hate be firm of faith and conviction.

Collectivist/globalist hate stems from that ancient hate, unfathomable of the fallen.

It is countered by that which stood up against it.

And it will be puzzling and proactive for those who hate.  Hate is all they have.

We who seek Liberty have more.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


A businessman in the Oval Office encourages me.  It is edgy in the sense of having a bold, provocative, or unconventional quality.  No doubt it's also the common definition as well ie:  nervousness.

I come from a long line of businesspeople and military.  Some of it has rubbed off at least to the point where I have business sense even in artistic endeavors.

Now there are many dishonest businesspeople.  Of course.  Just as there are in every walk of life.  They take a short cut.  No muss no fuss?  Hardly.  But it becomes easier the more it's done.

Wealth is good or bad, depending on how it is acquired and used.

Some just acquire through underhanded ways.  They hoard and make it look as though they share.

Others are above board and make their wealth work for them.  One way is to use it to help people help themselves.  No not a gimme help themselves.  There's enough of that. Helping people heal themselves by giving them opportunities to be self reliant.

We will see what develops between now and the end of February.

Give and take, analysis, resources.

Edgy no?

Monday, January 30, 2017


Certainly a lot of talk and continued two way exploitation.  Poverty.  Institutionalized partly due to that nit LBJ etal.  It's become an orgy of theft and dependence.

I believe with Trump, we have a catalyst to give people opportunities of which they have been robbed for decades.  He's already undoing a great deal of weblike miasma with much more to go.  No wonder the collectivists and their globalist masters have their knickers in a knot.  Freedom, self determination, a real chance to succeed, are in the offing.

I'm not going to go on about it.  The perfidy is well documented.

On the tail of MLK Day and Black History Month looming, content of character is on my mind.

My Mom grew up poor during the Depression.  They did the best they could and never
starved. Clothes were saved and passed down, everything from soap to soup was used. Also, she often quoted an oft stated sentiment from those days.  ''If you are poor, you can at least be clean.''

There is real pride, self worth and hope/determination.  This is shared by all colors.  It's not limited to any group.  All are welcome.

Now, it's not a 'know your place' thing.  On the contrary, it is maintenance.  Gotta take care of yourself.  There is no gimme attitude.  Well, there wasn't.

People made do but hoped for more.

I'm not a cult of personality guy for anyone.  But, with Trump we can all take the bull by the horns.  It is anticollectivism time.

We can maintain such as feeding folks so they can think straight then feed themselves.  All we need is for government to get out of the charity business.

If we are truly getting back to having the power as in Constitutional Republic, we have that power within to lift ourselves and work with others too.

It may be a seemingly eternal way of life.  We shall see.

Stay clean.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Not chapstick, though it's winter here and some are chaffing with the Trump win.

Chopsticks are the traditional utensils in China and other Oriental environs.

It takes some dexterous skill, but they can be used with aplomb.  China's like that.

I urge people to study China's history.  There are parallels with the West and differences too.  Cultural differences are interesting but I'll let you research.  They have contributed much wherever they go and many things we take for granted had origins in China.

China has had designs on conquering the world for millennia.  The Red Chinese are no exception.  It is a combination of military, economic and social subversion.

All collectivism leads to control. 

We have flavors of communism with some mixed with fascism such as Red China.  There is Islamic supremacism which masks itself in religion.  The others proclaim the state as god.

All relinquish individuality, with few in charge.  They also mask something else.

There are a very few, some string pullers, but several who remain in the shadows.  Old families old money.

Without using labels (call them what you want), its all about a hierarchy or lowerarchy and without going into detail, it is also spiritual.  I'll deal with that soon.

So study it all.  People are good or evil or straddling.  Many worldwide crave Freedom.

And they obviously won't let it be generally known, but Communist China is wracked with little revolts.

As a result, they crack down, including mobile executions.

We all know where that eventually leads, though with our Chinese world neighbors, it's a very winding road.

Brushfires of Freedom in the minds of men and women will not be put out.

Sure it's a hit and miss.  But Freedom is rising worldwide.

We are on the verge of the most crucial time in history.

Regardless, there are two kinds of people; those who seek Freedom and those who prefer to be told what to do.

Learn to use chopsticks, new skills and sew seeds of Liberty where you can.