Sunday, June 30, 2019


Nooooo.  I'm NOT ending.  At least til I'm called Home.  This could be as broad and esoteric as you like.

Like the painting in Spock's quarters depicting Adam and Eve being expelled from Eden.  When asked, he explained that with all endings are beginnings.

I'm tempted at times to just stick . and leave it at the lol.  I, most of all, extolling Freedom, proclaim free will ie, thinking for oneself.  How dangerous.  Risky.

There is no end.  Collectivists like to define endings.  They try to bully us into believing that they have all the answers.  They do not.  And their insecurity drives them to control, because they lack self.  The nature of hell.

There are endings, however.  That comes when we bid adieu to collectivism.

It's not order out of chaos.  It is taking command of ourselves.

We face their threats, we fight fear.

Ending lies.

Forever truths.

Saturday, June 29, 2019


What we've been doing as we clear out the pipes under the house.  All jokes aside re poop, we have had more than our share.  And I assure you we have done jobs that supposedly Americans won't do lol.

Perhaps clearing sewage is an apt analogy for our Republic's condition these days.  And we must not be reticent literally scooping out sludge.  This leads to the further definition of plunge.  That is, to go for it.

There may come a time when we give all, such as Bunker Hill, the Alamo or even way before at the Hot Gates.  Doomed, one must wade into it.  One must fight.

Of course, we might not come to that dire exigency.  But perhaps we inch toward it every time we encounter tyranny.  Mildly or severely, we meet the test.  We may seem almost diametrically opposed, but when it comes to it, we are all in this together.  Look at the Founders.  They certainly were at odds.  Yet they started what we must continue.  I call it in for a penny, in for a pounding lol.

There are stultifying attacks on humanity.  They can literally be breath taking.  These may be nips, gouges, cut or scoring.  So resolve to face it.

It might be body mind spirit.  But the psyche, ie, that gift of God, can and will strengthen you.  Whether it's battle as spoken before, or battle elsewhere, we must resolve to plunge in.

I could go on.  But I prefer to tell you to face and attack the attackers.

Clean it up.


Friday, June 28, 2019

The Lost

Instead of souls, collectivists usw, let us speak of things.

There was a series of Harveytoon cartoons in the 50s, I recall, that featured a talking fish called Red Lantern.  He led two kids, a boy and girl, to the undersea 'land of lost things'.  They found and experienced  some kind of reconciliation with lost articles, which have formed their own community.

Ok, bear with me lest you think I've gone round the bend lol.  Symbolism is rampant in cartoons.  They are literally moving pictures.  And you can ascribe what you like.

IOW I am not going to do an in depth analysis of this stuff.  I'll leave that to you to find out.

It just seemed an amusing intro to the fact we acquire things, lose things and mostly add and subtract all our lives.

They come and go.  From watches to photos, we accumulate material goods.

Someone's GreatGrandmother had shoeboxes full of greeting cards, which she had acquired for decades.  That she lived over 100, it was a considerable collection.  They were paper expressions of love and devotion from many family, friends and others she touched.  What became of them is a mystery.

The same can be said of all, all of her possessions.

How could someone, quite old and a property owner, not have a thing materially at their death?

Could people be so covetous that they grab everything someone has and hope no one notices?

How frail these people are, to put such interest in all someone has.  Not just property, bank accounts etc, but everything down to utensils and yes, greeting cards.

Now, some people lose all things material through natural disaster.  They have to go on, as do we all, when we suffer loss.

The things lost most likely have significance only to them and a limited circle.  Yet, we can sympathize, even empathize concerning loss.  Most of us have suffered.

The loss most sad, most piquant, is the loss of a person.  I'd go as far as to say pets too.

Wherever there are relationships, when loss occurs, we grieve.

Then we have a choice.  We stay locked in or go on.

Life demands, gently or roughly, that we continue.  We are made to not just survive, but thrive.  Victorious.

I carry the loss of some 'things' and moreso, those friend, family, associates gone before.

Then again things are things yet life goes on.  That's not cruel.  For death is transition and love never dies.

The lost are found.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Mind Games

Almost ignored by some, nearly as much as spirit, is the psychological aspect to politics and life in general.  They are the mind games played especially by collectivists.

The object is to devalue individuals and groups.  The method is to isolate, depress and discourage.

Let them try.

For instance, a young fella overcame a terrible divorce where his child was taken away.  He was self reliant and also counseled at risk folks.

A leftist took over as head of mental health org.  She castigated him for taking time for himself.

He expressed confidence and joy.

She called it being flip/

It was the arrogance of ignorance and the ignorance of arrogance.

They don't care.  The job is to destroy all but their stilted way.

Another certain guy was a student minister.  He preached in many of the church's pulpits.  He counseled and did everything but marry and bless communion.  A popular person, he served the people, not the organization.  That was his downfall.

A dictatorial bishop took over, in step with the collectivist agenda that consumed many church orgs.  Instead of shepherding shepherds, he demanded loyalty to the org, to himself.

He stripped the student of his pulpit supplying duties and all else.

Later, one of the kowtowing pastors told the young man that 'people in high places didn't want him to succeed'.

An actor in theater was blacklisted.  He dared to confront bullying mandarins of the local theater community.  The wife specialized in that.  The husband victimized boys and young men.  Too many were go along to get along.

So dare to speak up or stand out and get knocked down?  That is a risk.  But if you don't you'll cower in security, living at the pleasure of others.

Let the collectivists play mind games.  They are picking up a snake by the tail.  If you know what they are doing, then they might get bitten.

Collectivists are insecure and full of hate.  They seek compliance for a twisted dominance because they are jealous.  If they worsen conditions it gives power.  Misery loves company.

Sidestep them.  Uppercut them.  Don't let them lead.

Know yourself and know God cares.  If you don't believe, know nature's on your side.

If you live in hate, you poison yourself.

If you live in Liberty, you see clearly.  Don't be naive and watch your back.  No mind games, cut to the chase.

Friday, May 31, 2019

The Smooth

Our enemies aka collectivists, come in many packages.  And there are levels even a pecking order such as useful idiots, true believers, string pullers and those behind the scenes in the shadows.

Sometimes they take an interest in some of us.  There are the prominent, such as the banned of fb.  Anyone who speaks out against tyranny is fair game or unfair as it were.  There are those who make a blip on the screen.  It is invariably in opposition to the fallen.  Though, it might be something only 'they' understand or in association with others.

In the realm of espionage, there are those who are obvious.  There are indeed those who blend in.  There are those who are slick.  And there are those who are smooth.

Each person has a role and one may serve the other. 

It goes beyond east and west certainly.  And it goes even past globalist and nationalist.  It boils down to content of character.

The outre, the spiritual gets involved.  In such  a 'business', which is often invisible, the oldest war of all hides in plain sight.

My aim is to simply point out certain 'actors' in this drama.  If you are awake/aware, you should already have an inkling of the types involved.

If one is savvy, one can perceive the personality types who serve, shall we say, interests in this world.  The smooth are the convinced.

They are dutiful in their surveillance.  There is a static atmosphere around them.  They may merely watch or some might foment some kind of incident.  But they most certainly are not serving the Light.

There is a static air about them.  Oh, they move, talk and interact, but they are always aloof, as though they are above it all.  Pride?  Who do they serve?

If they don't serve the Light, well I'll leave it to you all to figure it out.

They instill a quiet fear, even paranoia and if they succeed, they compromise the certainty and sanity of others.

You might remember I've mentioned angels and spirits of Light.  And the same who are physically present.  The darkness has its counterparts.

The smooth are hard to put your finger on.  You may perceive them, however if confronted, they deny and might even infer you're nuts for explicitly exposing them.  Cat and mouse is the best way to explain this.

They appear soft and seamless, yet they are hard and dedicated. 

The 'trick', as it were, is not to be flummoxed by them.

Be resolute, watch your back and speak and live the truth of Liberty.

I guarantee that will flummox them.

Thursday, May 30, 2019


It's the name of Deaf Smith's horse in the miniseries Texas Rising.   Can't find a ref to the real life Deaf but it might be accurate.  Sometimes details are dealt with accurately.  Some are placed for dramatic effect and some fictionalized to 'make the story move'.

Deaf was one of the Founders of Texas, active in the Revolution and after until his death.  He fought in the Texian Army then formed a Ranger Company.

They say he was patriotic and resolute, a man of few words.  He was a loving family man and chivalrous to a fault.  And yes, he was hearing impaired.

There are many tales of cowboys and their horses.  Loyalty, trust, love was and is shared with equine friends.  Before this, American Indian, Mongols, knights and many more experienced similar relationships.  And quite a lot of horsemen and women today share this bond.

Charmaine carried Deaf from the Alamo to Gonzalez to his home.  She was with him in battle as well.  They patrolled in the Ranger Company.  It's hard to explain that closeness, but the cowboy and the horse helped and lived for each other.

There is a scene in Texas Rising where Charmaine takes Deaf into the Battle of San Jacinto.  Deaf suffered from what appeared to be TB.

Overcome from the exertion of fighting, mixed with the dust and gunsmoke, Deaf weakened and partially collapsed.  He held onto Charmaine by reins and saddlehorn as she dragged him far enough away and he collapsed.

A while later, Deaf came to, still weak.  He spied Charmaine, patiently waiting nearby.  He whistled and she came to him.

Deaf praised her and sadly found a vicious leg wound.  This was a death sentence for a horse.  He cried and made her to lie down next to him.

Deaf sobbed and talked to Charmaine, thanking her for being such a good friend.  He cradled her head and reached for his saddlebag, producing a pistol.

Choking on his words, Deaf said he was so sorry.  He asked Charmaine to wait for him and he shot her, ending her suffering.

Later on he indeed died of his tuberculosis.

I can imagine Charmaine standing tall and Deaf mounting her, riding into the sun.

I cried watching and thought myself of the love and sacrifice we make for Freedom.

Just a vignette, a moment which pieces into the mosaic of our lives.

I wish Love Devotion and Liberty to us all.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Worse is better or the worse the better is attributed to Lenin in relation to the Bolshevik revolution and part of the blueprint for the collectivist worldwide revolution.

The idea is, as conditions grow worse, the workers, peasants etc will flock to communism.  Also, the state of flux/chaos maintains the power base for the leaders.  Very unegalitarian.

The masses are fueled with dire circumstances which the leaders promise will get better soon as their immediate goal is reached.  Then new crises and privations ensue and the leaders profit.  They may throw a few crumbs to the socalled proletariat but anyone who questions gets crushed.  Collectivism is seasoned with fear.  Of course, they are disarmed as seen all through history and they keep trying here.  Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are great hated stumbling blocks to them.

Currently, the collectivist attempts to destroy our Republic are a mixed bag.  Where socalled blue cities prevail, collectivist policies rot to the core.  The more failure the better to borrow Vlad's motto.  And they intend to make all the US in the diseased commie matrix.  Btw, when the colors for demo/repubs were established, red was the color for the demos.  It was quickly switched.  Too close to home lol.

All the negative things happening have done a number on US.  Yet we prevail, but only because we are willing to fight on all levels.  The attacks are multi level/purposed.  And we must not just respond we must be proactive.

Study the enemy, at least purpose and tactics, then counter them.  Set brushfires of Freedom in the minds of men and women.  Be relentless facing them and enduring proclaiming Liberty.

They say darkest before dawn or that a fever gets worse before it's better.  Well, sure, to a degree.  We can clean them out.  Truth is the disinfectant.

Let's shove the truth up Lenin's posterior.

Our Restoration of the Republic and thirst for Freedom is their downfall.

Better for US is worse for them.