Thursday, December 31, 2020

HS Sweetheart

 Endings and beginnings.  Ups and downs.  Pain and relief.

Romance uplifts and casts down.

Some people have high school sweethearts.  Some don't.  Some marry them.  Some don't.  

Life is not a romance novel.  We have to face each day and keep our eyes open.  Rough and smooth, we seek the best, the good together.  If people partner, they compliment each other, warts and all.

To be alone is not necessarily lonely.  People must find what works for them.

To reach out and share some of life should be freeing.  I'm speaking only of what should and can be.  

Beware of what ifs.  It's ok to wonder and even discuss alternatives.  Yet, deal with reality.  If you had that love ok.  If you did not, well that's ok too.  Don't lament what isn't there.

If you assess life events, please factor all you like.  But deal with what you have.  That doesn't mean lamentation.  Whoa is me won't cut it.  Where are we at and where do we go are healthy questions.  

Romance is part of certain relationships.  It's like a breath of fresh air, a sustenance for the soul.  It may get you aloft, but it takes work to keep going.

Romance/ideal of Freedom gets your attention.  Then the daily work begins and never ends.

We are on a precipice.  What comes next is coming soon.

Be ready.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020


 Time of year for wishes.  

There is a sense of finishing and starting.  Even this year and maybe moreso.

Good wishes.  Bad wishes.  Evil wishes.  High and low/all levels.

Is it just a desire?

There was a woman who was lazy all her life.  She literally feigned illness so someone else would do what she was supposed to do.

When she was a kid, she shared a room with her older sister.  One side was hers, always messy.  The other was her sis's, always neat.

Messy would go til her sis would give up and clean the whole room.

Some live or rather exist letting others do for them.

Me?  I clean up after myself.

The Founders had a wish.  Their goal was Freedom.

Its high cost entailed many fighting on all levels for that attainment.  

Some waited and when victory was sure, they took credit for it.

They were known by their works or lack thereof.  

We stand at the precipice.  The time has come to accomplish our goal.  

Noone can restore the Republic except us.  

We need to clean up our own mess.

Best wishes.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020


 Alone at last?  No.

There were times I hitchhiked all over the country.  In all kinds of weather, day and night, I trod a lot of leather and canvas.  I travelled, saw things and met many kinds of people, both good and evil.  I did it alone.  And not.

Evil tries to isolate us, make us believe we are few or alone.  We are finding out the opposite.  

Vehicles whizzing by.  Noone stopping.  Feet sore.  Thirsty.  Laughing and waving beer cans at me in the desert.  Butt deep in snow and not one person gave me a ride.

Until someone did.  

Much of the time, they were decent people.  Sometimes evil.  Those never harmed me.  They knew better.. Because I was never really alone.

Alone moments for rest/meditation.  Not completely by myself yet self determining.  

Many hate the President.  Many hate us.   Many hate Freedom.  

More love the President.  More love us.  More love Freedom.

 A LOT of people are waking up and realizing WE can be Free. It always has to get to a point where we are dancing on the edge. And how and where I'd not say. But we are not alone.

Monday, December 28, 2020


 What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

Many don't care.  They are short sided apostates or are brought up left hand path.

We've always seen greed.  Throughout the ages, it accompanies us like a disease.  Now it is blatant.

Malachi Martin spoke often how people sell their souls so they can have wealth and/or sex.  They are lazy.  Yes, any kind of success takes work and planning.  And many set their sights low.  

Whether it's explicit or not, deals are struck and people suborned regardless of the cost to security, freedom, life.  

Sheep, goats and all sorts of animals are being separated as it were.  The People are being shown the perfidy, in numbers which cannot be ignored.  Despite coverups, truth reverberates.

History unfolds.

The world has allure and for the weak a kind of strength in which they place their lives.  

Doing right and fighting for Freedom is often rough and many lose all, except for their souls.

The cost is priceless.

Monday, November 30, 2020

The Patriot Reredux.

 War is hell.

It is fought on all levels here and in spirit.

''I have long feared that my sins would return to visit me, and the cost is more than I can bear.''  Colonel Benjamin Martin-The Patriot

Horrible things are done in war and Martin did some of them.  When the War of Independence was brewing, he resisted joining in.  But, like any destiny, it was thrust upon him.  It visited and destroyed.  His choice was simple, give in or resist.

One son murdered, he rescued another.  He had to wipe out a detail of enemy troops with the help of 2 other sons.  

Skills once acquired were reawakened.  And his frenzy freaked his kids.

Martin hated what he did but he had no choice.  He was efficient and savage, but he did not enjoy it.  Beware those who like to kill.  

His hatred was channeled into doing his duty.  It never consumed him.  At the creek, his actions reflected the conflict within.

When he killed Tavington, who had murdered his oldest sons, he said that indeed they were the better men.

There is great cost fighting for Freedom

Witness the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Many lost their lives and families, fortunes, but never their sacred honor.  

The fight for Freedom goes on.  It is thrust now upon us.  

On all levels, we stand and do what we must.

Sunday, November 29, 2020


 I've mentioned before that I house painted my way through college.  I had several jobs actually, but the painting was a practical trade.

I learned from a master craftsman and acquired some skill.  And we painted everything from barns, to factories to houses.  We primarily met good people.  The interaction was interesting.

Most folks were just that.  They wanted a decent job for a fair wage, as did we.  And most left us to our work, trusting our skills.  My friend's reputation preceded him, as is the way of business, so he had no problem finding work.  It often found him.

Some people were nit pickers and seemed to be control freaks.  They seemed insecure to want to control someone else's talent.  We usually didn't return, even though our work was exemplary.

As said, how we interacted was interesting.

One of the most fascinating aspects was presumption.  Tradesmen can be ignored or put down.  And that often entails a talking down to.  The subtlest hints are the most palpable.

Most people respected my friend.  He was earthy and had a keen perception/intelligence.  There were only a few who thought he was beneath them.  Not hatred, but a condescending disdain.  He just shrugged them off.

He startled some into friendliness.  There are those who need to come out of their shells.  My friend had a way of lighting people.  A tight situation was loosened.  

He was honest and one got what one paid for.

I surprised a guy.  His Mom was having a house readied as a wedding gift.  My job was to paint the exterior.

One day, I was on a ladder, painting an eave over the driveway.

The guy pulled up and we chatted.

I like music when I work, be it painting, studying or writing.  I happened to have some show tunes which segued to classical.  I'm eclectic -s-.

This got the guy's attention.  Our conversation startled him as he discovered my knowledge of music and history.  I was surprised a seeming spoiled rich kid could have an in depth conversation.  He was further surprised a house painter was a college student and pursuing acting.  Books and covers come to mind.

Only the shallow don't or can't allow for anything out of the box.  They believe in 'knowing one's place'.  

It's that lack of self which is evident currently.  

Paint.  It can hide or enhance.

Time to choose.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Visit To An Asylum

 I hope noone is surprised at current events.

The behavior of collectivists is mappable.  They are everything bad, contrary to Freedom and Light.  Leftism/Left hand path same.  They will stop at NOTHING  to accomplish control.  Look at their track record of death and destruction.

This defies logic/common sense.  Collectivism, which has existed wherever humans dwell, pivots on control.

They keep hammering their dark experiment, fully expecting different results.  That's insanity.  The cop out is that they haven't gotten it quite right.  It is the excuse for tyranny.  They clamp down to refine the insanity.

Controlling due to lack of self is a hallmark.  They take, all the time claiming they share.  Insanity.

Collectivists target the young/naive.  The idealistic lies dance in the imagination of the young, who seek to right wrongs, share and get along.  A mind too open gets filled with something.  

Witness the blue vs red.  You know, when that originated, libs were red and conservatives blue.  It was a big Freudian whoops lol.  It's more than color.

Where blue prevails, we see the failures of collectivism.  And the aforementioned droning repeat performances that have brought evil/misery/death to millions and more.  

Controlling due to lack of self demands denial and lies.  That is their foundation.  They are lazy and rely on the lowest common denominator.  

Many are sick, but there is a cure.  Truth.

Quite a few will cling to their insanity to the bitter end.  But a lot of people were cured recently.  They are the reachables, they opted for the truth they finally saw.  

Don't buy into depression.  Evil isolates, dispirits, bullies people.  Just don't let them.

Insane minions aka trolls infest communication.  Don't feed them.  

Truth stands alone.  Yet we must defend Freedom with it or the asylum dwellers will run things.  

Courage.  Eye to eye and face to face.  And Light.  We are never alone.

Watch closely as the insane try to reclaim America.  They are being dealt with.  

The masks are falling.  It's impossible for enemies of Liberty to hide.  They are so obvious as are we who are Restoring the Republic.  

We see how they destroy.

We must rebuild.