Friday, November 30, 2018

Bond Love

Sure I love James Bond, books (Ian particularly) and movies.

In the 80s there was an American fan club before the famous Brit 007 one.  It had a fan mag called Bondage.  I still have them -s-.  They are chock full of background, bios and minutiae.

Ian Fleming's character personally captured my imagination long ago.  I started reading his novels in junior high and shortly followed the movies.

Now, my enthusiasm hasn't flagged, but I certainly am older and wiser?  Well, I have seen and done things, lived my life.  Yet, Bond remains well loved, more textured and he is the white knight I have always admired.

Oh oh.  White knight has nothing to do with all this collectivist hype re supremacism.  It has everything to do with virtue.

A hard living guy who drinks and womanizes?  Yes.  He has a hard job and lives on the edge to compensate.  It all goes far beyond teenage fantasies.

Fleming said he gave his hero few virtues save for patriotism and courage.  Not bad then nor now.  We need such in droves.

Bond battles evil which seeks to destroy mankind.  He literally slugs it out with psychopaths not unlike those in real life.

He has doubts, fears, is a rough guy.  Knights have never been easy dudes.  Their job was rough and so are they.  They care and so they fight evil, not a gentle job.

It's interesting to note that so many socalled liberals adulate Fleming and Bond as do those of us who value Freedom.  Why?

They have an agent of the state.  We have someone willing to break the rules to accomplish a goal.  We both live vicariously.  Yet, I see our hero as someone to emulate as far as fighting for Freedom goes.  To me that is virtually limitless.

I think libs secretly can be naughty and break their collectivist rules fictionally.  They see Bond as that state agent who enforces its will.

I see him as someone who protects ultimately people and their striving to be free.

Libs see the villains as people who fight the state.

I see them as psychopaths who embrace forms of collectivism.  They wish to kill us to make us bend to their will.

Bond seeks to liberate people so they might live their own lives.

Debate all you want.

I'm going for my annual watching of the films.  Then I watch Danger Man, then The Prisoner and also The Man From UNCLE first season.  More on that later.

As the Thunderball lyrics say, his fight goes on and on and on.

So must ours.

Thursday, November 29, 2018


I've mentioned how all groups, racial, tribal, social etal encompass all kinds of people.  Good bad inbetween.  All flawed yet reach for the heights or depths.

Most have read/heard the passage concerning Jesus' love of children/innocence and his warning to those who defile.

Storytime featuring drag queens is not sex ed.  It is child rape 'disguised' to confuse kids who are in formative years.

I've met and known drag queens.  These creatures are not.  It's another attempt by child rapists to become 'legitimate'. 

Confused people, whatever the core and cause, are more easily controlled.  And kids should develop naturally, not have anything forced. 

I could be attacked for what I've just written.  Because cultural Marxism doesn't handle scrutiny well.

We now have a mixture of the aforementioned and child rape.  One of the profligate creatures even admitted in court they were grooming kids as though he was bragging.  It is NOT drag, which is adult entertainment.  Often the guys imitate celebrities.  These creatures mimic demonic forms.

Call me overly dramatic alarmist or delusional.  I am not.  Not drag queen I know would encourage kids to 'experiment'.

Kids learn and with guidance approach sexuality with parental guidance.  They are NOT ready in any way shape or form to be active sexual beings.

Sometimes kids explore.  Show me is curiosity.  It is perverted by child rapists.

I remember an innocent kiss on the cheek by a girl when we were preschool.  That was it.

There was no lust or obsession when I saw pretty girls.  I just knew I liked them.

Sexualizing kids is simply another trick collectivists use to subvert. stability.

It is also a direct affront to Jesus' love of children.  Innocence perverted.

Child rapists reap what they sow.  I have seen this too.  Collectivism has its own consequences.

Millstone was putting it mildly.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


It's a relative term.

Paraphrasing Scripture, 'What if a man gains the whole world but loses his soul'.  Sounds drastic and is.  It happens.  Greed wins instead of balance and wisdom for wielding power.

Weight gain can be good or bad.  To the over indulgent, it's destructive.  To the starving, it can be new health.

For those who have lost people, there is no exact replacement.  But there is love.  It never dies and grows, with others coming into a life. 

Things sometimes can be replaced.  A new beginning beckons to start again.  For the irreplaceable, there is memory.

If memories fade, there is hope for a cure or at least that others won't desert you.

Learning from mistakes.  Applying experience.  At least leaving a bit of light, love, good for others.

Financial sacrifice for a better dividend, a better Republic.  Profit and loss.  Give and take.  Cause and effect.

Responsibility.  Moral turpitude or decency.  Taking on that which destroys in order to build.

In these turbulent times such business is not catch phrase, it is action.

Destiny awaits.  Nothing to lose.  Everything to gain.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Major forest fires hit California with devastating effect.  Many lost everything, emphasis on thing.  Perhaps insurance will cover it.

Now I'm not making light of anyone's crisis.  There are many who have nothing to begin with.  There are many who see their life's possessions literally go up in smoke.  All have to deal with loss.

I'm not going into the cause of these fires.  They re mighty twonky in my estimation.  But whatever the source, the results remain.  BTW please investigate. Research and see where it leads you.  There are those who profit in one way or another from tragedy.

I happen to know a few of the people affected by the fires.  They have to deal with hard facts.  All my life I have known folks who suffer loss to one degree or another.

It's important to let them know they are not alone, that we can be with them through the emotional/physical/spiritual roller coaster.  Despair unstopped is mankind's undoing.

I have lost everything materially twice.  The second was a careful build up for material things.  Still, I started back with nothing in that regard.  However, I had everything otherwise. 

I had a clear field upon which to rebuild.  I was cheated out of several inheritances.  I twice lost all material things.  With the clothes on my back, I suffered at the hands of others and myself.  I let myself be batted around by the winds of fate.  Feeling sorry for myself, I could have wallowed in self pity.  I made up my mind not to do so.

I gathered my wits about me and determined a course of action.  Mind you there is the trap of making plans and not carrying them out.  There is the trap of time, thinking there was plenty of it.

Also, I didn't waste time allowing betrayal or the callous ways of some who revel in others' despair/crisis to stop me.  I have allowed for stops and starts and not asking anything of anyone I wasn't willing to do myself.  And there is no time for platitudes or feel good (or bad) pats on the head.  No pity parties in a chase the tail circle of commiseration.

We share grief especially but not limited to loss of people. But we go on. 

Decide to keep that which is given; memories, lessons, faith and rebuild.

Never give up.  Platitude?  Only if it is not followed up with action.

Loss.  Emptiness.  Crisis=opportunity.

Hope, dream, do.

Gain may not be the same, but you have to start.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Nougat And Bite

It's that time of year when we think of candy/treats.  Also nearly time for midterms.  Trick?

Collectivism is seemingly sweet.  It's sticky/gooey and rots the teeth, um, society.

Our Constitutional Republic is tangy, has a bite.  Things don't always go smoothly, not just because of collectivist interference, but because we debate and though we cherish Freedom, we don't always see eye to eye how to implement it.

Collectivism is blended into a clingy nougat.  Lockstep and though commie philosophy can differ like Maoism or Marxism, the end goal is one big pot of exploitation.

Freedom isn't free.  It takes work. 

Things are gonna flutter, click and focus.  The taste, though sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, blend together as in good old E Pluribus Unum.

So get out there and get a taste of Freedom.  Get out the vote and set brushfires of Freedom in the minds of people!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Make an offering you can't refuse?  Grease the squeaky wheel?  Help or hinder; weal or woe?  All the above and more.

An offer is sometimes freely given.  It is supposed to be without strings.  It's for betterment to be used in whatever way it can. 

I remember one service when I was a student minister.  Everything went well, until the organist gestured to me.  He whispered very fervently.  Couldn't hear him until through his teeth he exclaimed 'The Offering'.  I forgot to distribute the plates lol.  It takes dough to run a church.

Some offerings are contractual.  It might be a salary or list of detailed services.  There can be give and take.  Making a bid for a construction job is a good example.  The craftsman says he/she can do a certain job for so much money.  Another could be someone wanting to buy a house.  They offer an amount, to be accepted or rejected by the seller. 

As with other functions, offerings can be light or dark.

The Exorcist TV series brought to mind temptation to greed, power etc.  It entails perfect possession .  Refer to my previous post about this.

Sacrifice is pivotal.  One gives up something in exchange for something else, even if it's gratis.  But there is often a price.

People used to sacrifice animals or humans.  Some still do.  But in faith in Christ Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for all.  And in this an offer is still accepted or rejected.

I hope this doesn't seem like meanderings or listless daydreaming.

I hope you accept it as thought provoking, as a bit of mental exercise near the eve of a vital election.

Offers of Freedom or tyranny are being made.

We are responsible for the outcome and how we subsequently deal with it.

My offering is cast upon the waters.

I'll try to remember what it takes -s-.

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Exorcist.

First off, this stuff is Hollywood storytelling.  That said, there is a message in the ravioli. 

Nothing is more sensationalized than exorcism and all that goes with it.  There are a lot of misconceptions, spurred on by show biz and a public that doesn't find out for itself.

I don't find such things entertaining.  This is because the subject is visceral and touches the spiritual.  The real thing is worse.

Oh, production values can be good and everyone from above to below the line are very talented.  I know and have met some of them.  It's a job. 

I could spend time critiquing the current TV show and contrast it with reality.  I'm keeping it short.

People are never forced to be possessed.  By hook or by crook, the demonic wears down the victim.  It's generally slow, gradual and the resistance is what draws attention.

If you believe there is a war between good and evil, you can see that played out in possession and exorcism.  Good and evil wend their way through life on many levels.  That's not to say all is 'the devil made me do it' stuff.  People are quite capable of sin.  But the demonic is ancient, timeless and the hatred is inhuman.  It's a pestilence which curdles the soul.

It preys on weakness, whatever it might be.  It degrades and hates all that is good and decent.

I recommend the works including interviews of Father Malachi Martin.  He was well versed and a veteran of quite a number of exorcisms.

The Rite by Matt Baglio is another resource.  Look for others as well.

Sometimes exorcisms are brief and other times can go on for years.  Some are violent others quiet. As Father Malachi said, if you step in the room, you'll soon know if it's real.

Often there is a team to assist in prayer, exorcism itself and to restrain.  There are times when it's done with a minimum of people.

There are others besides priests who have done the work.  None do so without Divine authority. 

The show noted those who are perfectly possessed.  These are people who accept demons to dwell within them in exchange for earthly power, prestige etc.  The person is at home with the infernal and resigned to go with them at death.  Also there is a measure of protection, for they cannot be driven out.  The fallen and the subject each get what they want.  It usually isn't as dramatic as portrayed, but it occurs.

I advise caution researching this.  Protect yourselves and honestly, don't be too curious.  Watch out for snares.

We live in a time when such things are surfacing more and more.  Evil is rising but don't freak out.  Trust in God.

I offer these musings because I believe they exist.  As for extraordinary evil look around.  Child sexual abuse and all its attachments is an obvious example.

There is an uncaring, that inhumanity I mentioned.  Avoid it.  But if it presents itself seek help to fight it.  And pray, for the spiritual goes on whether you are aware or not.

I'm not trying to scare anyone.  Rather I hope to strengthen and offer my own prayers of protection.

Neither do I force anyone to believe this.  It's your free will.

But there is a restoration going on and a resurgence of Freedom in the US and worldwide.

We are freeing ourselves from the yoke of collectivist enslavement.  We are casting away and casting out tyranny and embracing Liberty.

Perhaps in that we are all exorcists.

One footnote:  The savage outbreak of violence and hatred are evidence of evil.  Many at least to me, exhibit symptoms of possession.  My encounters as many of yours should make that self evident.  And speculation, if you accept my premise, of especially notable people who may or may not be perfectly possessed, shouldn't be a case of wonder.

I have my views, my conviction re such things.  Let it remain there.

Seek the Light of God to guide you and for those others, seek the reason that balanced the Founders with faith.

The midterms are going to test us all.   It's one battle between good and evil.

Face it with truth and faith. Do what you can to enlighten and as Sam Adams said 'to set brushfires of Freedom in the minds of men' (and women -s-).