Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Force Majeure

There are several applications for the title.  Superior, irresistible force is one definition.  Akin to this, and more to the point, is an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled.  I thank my trusty friend Merriam-Webster Dictionary for this.

Current events have touched on force majeure.  Of course the ever encroaching government control of every aspect of our live is building such a force.  The definition fails though, because the 'unintended consequences' have been more than reasonably anticipated in agonizing detail.  As for control, well those of us who wish to control ourselves as opposed to gov control speak out.

I'm thinking of responsibility, self control indeed.  I've touched on it recently in The Excuse Train, Noble and Thugee. 

You cannot force someone to like you.  You might disagree with their views or the way they conduct their lives, but hey, that's a two way street. 

We already have a right to associate with whomever we please.  Check out the 1st Amendment.  Of course it's used to bully people beyond merely expressing no state religion, personal freedom of religion, assembly, speech and press.   This also extends to freedom of association.

Making someone do something against their principles, religious or social, is wrong.

However, we should be careful forming laws, lest they be misapplied.

The world is full of all kinds of people.  Good, bad and in between, we live in this world together.   Whether we get together is up to us.

What should unite us is our right to be free.  The Constitutional Republic guarantees that.  Yet, we are only as free as we allow ourselves

Force majeure will be a destructive whirlwind tearing us apart.

Or force majeure is the certainty we will be free, live in liberty.  It is a force of nature and nature's God.

Monday, March 30, 2015


Occasionally Wikipedia has it right.  At least this time there is enough data to substantiate my core post.


Quite a throng of misfits.  Or maybe they do fit a dystopian realm.

Now we come to the present.  Thug/s has a not so new meaning.  A violent criminal, associated term wise with black gangbangers.  But the meaning is universal.

Thuggery as I call it, is indeed a subculture.  It has been fomented over quite a while.  It's part of destroying the Republic from within.

It has been promulgated in the street community.  It is where it can appear and disappear.  Don't be fooled.  It is all focused on control. 

And woe to anyone who points a finger, say at blacks.  But to blame blacks is wrong.  Blame those who would divide us.  Those who set race against race, sect against sect or sex against sex. 

I made a comment on a thread in response to the murder of a woman by her husband/partner.  I simply said it was more evidence of drug/gang/thug activity.

Someone responded that it was a domestic murder.

Yes it was .  But it was evidence of thuggery.  Violent crime.

Abusive behavior is thuggery.  Beating a woman is violent crime.  Murder is murder.

There are gangs who deify such actions as long as it benefits the gang.

It's time to knock these gods off their pedestals.

Meet the monsters face to face. 

As Lt Col Vandervoort said 'you can't give the enemy a break-send em to hell'. 

They do not care about humanity.  They care only to survive at the expense of decent honest people.

As Sgt Major Plumley said, 'Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves'.

Do not be fooled.  These goblins will lie and do anything to subvert society.

We must not equivocate.

The enemy, thugs on the streets and in office, do that.

Do not let them get away with it.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


'What does it mean to be noble?'  William Wallace to Robert the Bruce in Braveheart.

A lot of what's going on seems to be tinged with nobility.  Broad brush swiping of colors, so-called lifestyles, politics, religion.  And fault is not found to a fault.

The noble red man is a myth.  Blameless blacks and no fault gays are a myth.  Here's the scoop.

We are all human, to a fault or not -s-.  This means we are imperfect, make mistakes even commit -gosh- sins. 

When criticism comes, the way of certainty in society, there is a system set up to deflect it.  There are excuses (as in the Excuse Train) to explain it away.

One set or view is bad and another good.  You'd better hang onto your socks cuz that's just BS. 

All whites are not villains.  Some are, as are some all other colors, ways of life, sexes (2?), etc.

All of these barriers are set up to divide us.  We are then more easily ruled.  This is especially true in a world subruled by emotion  There is no balance of head and heart.  If you feel you are more likely to surrender yourself to control.

Self control is the essence of this Republic.  It is a hallmark of our Republic that control is thusly put upon government.  There is nothing noble about it.  We are responsible for ourselves and government is responsible to we the people.

Nobility comes from the heart.  It is a matter of content of character.  It is NOT a matter of position, wealth, poverty, sex, color, religion.  What it means to be noble is  honesty, generosity, courage, etc.

These are qualities shared by all.

Conversely, humanity is capable of quite the opposite. 

It is only when these negative qualities exhibit themselves that excuses are given.  It is an attempt by collectivists to hijack liberty and redefine it in its hivelike matrix. 

So look to yourself then look elsewhere.  Liberty starts with one noble thought.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Excuse Train

Between flogging a dead horse and cognitive dissonance lies the excuse train.

And oh oh, the broad brush of racism rears its ugly head for the umpteenth time.  For if I discuss/expose what I'm aiming at (not a Freudian slip -s-), the spectral finger points back in denial.  Blaming others is part of the dysfunction involved.  It is also a calculated weapon to shut up the truth.

And oh oh, the broad brush of thuggery/fear threaten decency/humanity.  Stereotypes abound.  And the opposite, ie, 'all (fill in the blank) are good or noble or whatever is a sometimes fatal naivete.

After a crime is committed, when the perp/s is/are nabbed, their family members often come forward with what amounts to excuses.  The perp is a good boy or was going to go to college or wasn't really doing anything.  'He was my angel' has been heard ad nauseum.  We are being kept down or harassed.  The facts are ignored in favor of a lying matrix.

When I worked at the Juvenile Center in Indianapolis, we had all kinds of kids-and most colors-serving time.  One of the first lessons was to never turn your back on any of them.  Some appeared friendly to gain advantage.  Users start somewhere and often young.

Also, on visitor's night, I noticed how many of the parents/family regarded us.  The looks some gave were disdainful even predatory.  I learned many of the family members were also criminals, sometimes worse than the kids.  Of course, those older had had time to gain experience in crime.

Can some be rehabilitated?  Yes.  But it's a selective process.  Best results are when kids are reached before crime starts.

The excuse train is a rocky ride.  The lies are often just that and/or denial plays a part.  People have been bribed and think they deserve handouts.  Spoiled brats only get more rotten unless it stops.

The race card is both an excuse and one of the cars on the train.  It's all set to demoralize and isolate people to make them both shut up and to weaken the social infrastructure. 

Telling the truth has a price and that includes weathering the storm of collectivist abuse for doing so. 

Below is something I've circulated for a while in answer to all the hoopla.

My son went to Tech High School. It became known someone was paying black kids 20 bucks apiece to start fights with white kids. On his way home one day, a guy tried to jump him, egged on by a group of black kids. He was side swiped then turned to defend himself. The kid ran back to the crowd and they didn't try to jump him en masse. Later, the vice principal in charge of discipline who happened to be black, went after the twit who jumped my son. He was caught for dealing drugs.
In our neighborhood, there was a family of blacks whose kids started picking on our daughter. They taunted her, saying they were beautiful and black and she was ugly and white. This ended after several incidents where we called the cops for threats by the parents. We were going to resolve this in court but they failed to appear. A white liberal former neighbor said it was cultural for them to not show up. A deputy I knew said it was most likely an outstanding warrant.
BTW, the kids were raised to accept people for the content of character. They both had several black friends and mentors and still do.
We need to spotlight the obvious subversion.

Subversion is a key word.  All the violence is deliberate.  And no not all the thugs are true believers.  Many are just useful idiots.

Again, I repeat that there is a church, near where much violence has occurred.  Their aim is to teach kids to be men and women, not thugs.

For them there are no excuses.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Big Eagle

Had a dream that John Wayne shook my hand. 

Now, one can make of a dream what one wants, but it was positive for me.  I felt encouraged.  Wish I'd met him in person.

My brother had a friend who actually did.  He said John Wayne was down to earth and was what you would expect.  Honest, straightforward, a man of his word.

I was doing some research and came across the statement collectivists, still in fear of Duke, love to dredge up.  It had to do with responsibility.

It was from a '71 Playboy interview.  I won't repeat it here.  The reason is simple, in that I've alluded to it and you may find it yourself.  And, I don't want some collectivist dweeb snatching at it to add rhythm to the dance of abuse.

It was of course in reference to people being educated, on all levels I believe.  You need to be in the know.  He never said anyone should be kept down.  Rather, he pointed to the fact no one can pull you up but yourself.

I've noticed Mr Wayne had a way of being provocative.  I think it was simply because of who the opposition was and is. 

Collectivists tend to run with something.  They rely on emotion and half truths to drive home their subversion. 

My take is he tried to get people to think.  And he wasn't some dumb hunk cluck.  He was educated, erudite and a rollicking man who loved life.

Decide for yourselves.  I will always love him (Imagine the collectivists running with THAT lol.).  His work is nonpareil.  A character?  Hell yeah!

He was emotional.  Never exactly saw him cry on film but he conveyed the emotions which bring tears.  That's artistry.  Just go study the guy and see what you think.

Open mind you will see he cared.  Closed mind, he was some kind of 'reactionary'  Love btw his excoriation of that term in McLintock -s-.

Perfect?  Who is and what is that, save for a guy 2,000 years ago?  That's a topic for another time lol.

During the filming of The Searchers (A film that is so textured, I may write a book on it someday -s-), one of the Navajo children who were playing Comanches in the film, became seriously ill.  Wayne had her taken to a hospital in his private plane, otherwise she might have died.

The Navajo folks gave him the name, 'The Man With The Big Eagle'.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time Nicked

The Twilight Zone TV show had an episode called Nick of Time, starring William Shatner and Patricia Breslin as a young couple on a road trip.  Their car needs repair, so they stop in a small town.  The couple grab a bite to eat at a small on the square diner and to wait.

At the table is a small fortune telling machine.  For a penny one can ask a yes or no question about the future. 

He first asks if he is getting a promotion.  He finds out he is.  Then he gets carried away and seems transfixed asking questions.  His wife urges caution and eventually they leave, after he declares they are going to do what they want.

As they leave, a timorous couple enter and sit, asking the 'seer' if they might leave town.  They seem dejected, enslaved to every word from the mesmerizing device.  On top of the machine, a horned devil's head with glittering eyes and a fanged grin, seems to mock them.

Now, I actually advise caution with such things.  They are gateways to negativity and can lead to trouble previously described in my recent post Fear Or Caution.

There are many snares in life.  Some are seemingly simple, like asking 'harmless' questions as above.  Some are distracting like celebrity who's who and what's what.  The can even be about a treasonous president and his machinations.

All of it is intended to throw us off track.  It's smoke and mirrors.  When some kind of stink or controversy is raised, look behind the event for what's really going on.

Also, it is so easy to fritter away our gift of time.  We think we have plenty of it.  'Oh, I have all day, week, month, year' etc is often our impression.  Then little things and occasionally major ones get in the way.  Barring for accidents, health etc most time can be eaten up getting side tracked. 

My advice is be aware, as much as you can, what you are doing.  Self awareness is the enemy of waste.  It is the foe of those who would hijack our lives, just to keep us from doing what we nee to do.

A friend in showbiz said don't let time be a trap. 

I say concentrate on our tasks and they will get done.

Don't let time be nicked.  We may only have the nick of time as it is.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Familiar Tune

 Santa Anna wrote to the U.S. minister to Mexico, Joel R. Poinsett:

"A hundred years to come my people will not be fit for liberty...a despotism is the proper government for them, but there is no reason why it should not be a wise and virtuous one.

We're in the midst of the 179th anniversary of the Siege of the Alamo.  The story speaks for itself.  !3 days of cannonade and the climax with around 200 patriots dying at the hand of the above quoted megalomaniac's troops.

What he said may well be true.  Mexico went through instability and today teeters on outright despotism and corruption.  However what the Generalissimo said about despotism has never worked, certainly not under his murderous regime.

Did GW Bush channel him with some of his actions and quote?  Was he kidding?  What do you think?  And more, is the current occupier of the Oval Office not seeking to make this work?

Despotism never works.

Many are and will be sacrificed to reestablish the Republic.

You know the drill.  Study and learn.

We are surrounded.  But we have history as experience. 

Let's play our own tune that the enemies foreign and domestic will never forget.