Thursday, May 31, 2018

Going Ape

Sigh.  The leftists are rattling their shame/authoritarian/ridicule chains again because ape was used in a, to me, satirical joke.

You may have read of it, how it was claimed racist, a show was cancelled and other punishments heaped on the jokester.  Typical petty self righteousness from our comrades to the left.

This is typical to detract from more important events  Such a waste of time and energy.

Yes ape has been used in a derogatory manner.  It is a trigger I suppose.  So I can't go ape for something huh?  In a pig's (another popular slur) eye. 

Real hate/prejudice can hurt and divide.  We must rise above for the most hypocritical racists are called liberal.  They say one thing and do another.

Beware also the ad hominem trap.  Lefties love to incense us and cause us to lower ourselves to their level.  It's different than pointing that out.  Be logical and factual.  Gets em everytime.

Physical ridicule on the other hand is common, such as caricatures.  Decide if it's funny or biting -s-.

So going ape is same as going wild.  It can mean enthusiasm or violent obsession. 

Of course terms adapt to snide remarks.  It's a choice and we should all start with ourselves.

I choose to go ape for Freedom in the sense I am enthusiastic and indefatigable concerning our Liberty.

And again, look around at what else is happening when a sensationalist story, well, goes ape/viral.  Observe events and see what is being obfuscated.

Apish behavior is in the purview of buffoons and poltroons.

Going ape?  Let your conscience be your guide.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

100 Years

Memorial Day gets me to thinking about family and history.  We each play a piece of the mosaic from yesterday til tomorrow,  Once in a while I wonder about what will be remembered of today.

I know I'm doing what matters right now.  I'm not in some tizzy about leaving my mark on history.  I've done that with the kids.  They will remember me.  We often share memories of their growing up.  Some of the stuff is truly only noteworthy to us.  Trivia to others might be a warm or even silly remembrance to us.  After we pass, the mems will get gradually dimmer at least for such things.

Most people will cross over with some family, friends and associates remembering them.  That's ok.  It gives renewed meaning to living for the moment.

Some might die alone with no one. I hope we can reach out to them for we are strangers only once. They will never be alone again.

I look at family pics and some though dim are fresh enough to me.  My GreatGrandparents and their siblings for instance.  There are portraits of ancestor also.  These are only known through family stories and historical accounts.  Yet the were alive, vibrant and lived lives with people round them and interacting with such and events.  Perhaps they wondered too.  Or maybe they just lived, did what they could and passed on as the next generation took up life.

100 years from now one of my descendants might well look at a pic of me and think as I have.  Or a legend might grow if something I do now carries on.  But they will be there because I am here.

As quoted from Lord of the Rings 'History becomes legend.  Legend becomes myth.'  Great and small things.  What Dad did to Founding a Republic and much more.

Perhaps you'll make something of this.  Certainly make something of yourselves.

Remember.  Live for today and plan for tomorrow.

100 years will take care of itself.

Having Light we pass it onto others.  This was our school motto.  Let it be so.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tom Tom

I believe the drums are sounding.  Some still distant, others nearer, but they portend upset.  There is quite a stir over the arrest of Tommy Robinson.

As usual, I'll offer my short 2cents.  I encourage you all to find out about him and what he is about.  I only add caution to beware of leftist press and obviously looking where this is not censored.  Yes censored.

His name is a pseudonym that, no thanks to the leftist press, has been rendered useless.  He was protecting his family because there is a hit out on them, not just him.

 He has for 11 years been exposing child rape/grooming gangs round England. The government has been covering up.  They are not happy with his efforts and have imprisoned/censured him before.  Now he is in for 13 months, immersed in a system where jihadists have prison gangs and might well murder him.

For some time socalled migrants have been multiplying.  There are no go zones and places where sharia law abides.  It is jihad by immigration.  Just as the child rape and the murders are jihad as well.  It is all about creating chaos.

The elitists wish to inundate the west particularly to make catastrophe.  Then they can do away with republics, make democracies and mold them into a collectivist miasma.

Tommy Robinson, among others, stand in their way in the UK.  They are our brothers and sisters in Freedom.  They deserve our support.  For in the US there is concerted effort to make us disarmed, gelded drones as well.  I needn't explain.  I have before and it is all around.  Again look and see. 

There seems to be a worldwide outcry about Tommy's incarceration.  Within an hour he was arrested, tried and condemned.  Just like ISIS etc do.  Just as collectivists everywhere do.

England is becoming what they fought in WW2.  Those folks would spin in their graves.  And worse, the English are silenced by a topsy turvy gov/legal system.  What else is it as sharia grows and even self defense is illegal?

If you receive this in occupied places, demonstrate, organize and foment an alternative.

Is not the protection of our children paramount in a Free society?  Resist the slide to oblivion.  Rise and seek Liberty.


Monday, May 28, 2018

Theater Energy

Ugh.  I'm lying here sweltering in the heat.  Actually it's the humidity.  Both that and temps are high.  So I conserve strength.

This kind of weather can be debilitating even fatal to those vulnerable.  Look out for neighbors especially the elderly.

Keep one's movement to a minimum.  Choose the best time for activity.  And when necessary, go forth.

Acting for the stage is similar.  Sure on cam works the same.  But that is in spurts of action.  Energy is needed to effectively portray the action.  A good actor makes it seem effortless.  Yet nonetheless it is energy expended.

The stage means one is always 'on', when in front of the audience.  Actors must husband their energy.  Depending on the scene, the given circumstances may demand little or a lot.

Offstage also depends on cues, what's next.  Some actors stay in character while others don't.  There are varying lengths of time between appearances.  So, acting accordingly is up to the individual.

One might be somewhat ill, however the show must go on.

I remember one such occasion.  I'd sit offstage and rest.  Then as time drew near, I'd wind up the springs and go forth.

Can you see the parallels to other activity I'm driving at?

Remember the show must go on.

Monday, April 30, 2018


I occasionally have a quandary picking a title for these posts.  Got an idea what I'm talking about, but to sum it up is just a puzzlement.

First thing that came to mind with the above title were the Keepers in the original Star Trek pilot 'The Cage'.  They were the creatures who had a zoo of different beings because they had evolved yet craved the sensations they had supposedly outgrown.  The captives were kept in place by illusion, one of the 'advanced' characteristics of the Keepers.

There are many kinds of keepers.  There are guards, jailors, police, janitors, repairmen, historians, parents and so many more on many levels/ways. Some nurture while others simply maintain, whatever the case might be.

Counseling has its own rules, especially the type and intensity of same.

I had the privilege and opportunity/responsibility of counseling in relation to my work as a student minister and as a clinical psychology major.  I met many people with varied problems.  Of course, names are confidential and any circumstances which would identify certain people.   But there are cases that should give illustration to my purpose.

Drinking is one of the common denominators.  It is a problem which stems from many variations of core problems.  It become the core.

I've counseled several pastors and parishioners concerning alcohol abuse.

Sometimes it led to further help.  Sometimes not.

Laws force consequences for the results of accidents and other tragic occurrences.  Sometimes that bottoming out works along with an ear.  And again sometimes not.  The person really has to face the problem and want to change.

That is the counseling challenge.  So many want you to take them by the hand and solve their problems for them..  Taint that way McGee.  A good counselor will work through and point out things.  But the solution is in the hands of the client.

Of course, there are profound 'mental problems' which need further and constant care or keeping.  Profound retardation, compulsions and just about anything that gets in the way of a healthy life demand such care. 

We get into retardation as being different than criminal activity.  That lies in the legal realm as well.  But mental illness as well can be so crippling it demands lifelong supervision.

It can also be evil.  That's a whole other ballgame and surely lies in the area of ministry.

I straddled both clinical psych and ministry.  What a tightrope.

Suffice it to say that should be addressed another time.  But one point about keeping, be it confidentiality or honorable pursuits, it's a two edged sword.

When people are in certain positions, such as ministry or police work, knowing their secret sins/problems is part of the work.  However, they can be protective of reputation, in spite of that.

It has led to some hiding behind a collar or a badge, keeping appearances, while they work out problems or don't.

One can be seen as an embarrassment to them.  This indicates to me they are not dealing as well as they should.

They have nothing to fear but themselves.  Sometimes that memory jog is because they project onto the counselor as they might another.

The records are locked away.  The problems are confidential.  There is no skeleton clattering or ghost haunting except a prison of their own device.

They have been saved from suicide, serial cheating, drinking, what have you.

Yet they don't feel safe unless they smear someone else.  This indicates more profundity of problem yet to be resolved.  Or they are psychopathic and need one of those literal keepers.

As for me and my work, it is kept locked safely away.  It is kept in heart and mind.

The best thing for all to keep is love and resolve in heart and mind.

Don't be kept afraid.

Sunday, April 29, 2018


It is pernicious and frightening.  Loss literally of mind.  There are many places to study/research.

There are sources about treatment and cures.  Please explore for yourselves.  From wholistic to traditional, find what works for you.
NB: Among symptoms check to see if there is vitamin B12 deficiency.  It can mimic Alz.

I've seen it firsthand in family friends and associates.  I've offered care and support for those with the disease and their families etal.  If you likewise offer care, love, support, seek the same for yourselves.  It's hard even somewhat soul destroying thinking you are alone.  You are NOT.

We have all witnessed more famous folks suffer.  It strikes, not caring about position nor status.

It sometimes onsets quickly but mostly is gradual.  A lost memory here and there.  Some confusion occasionally.  Then more often.  If it goes full term, people pretty much become vegetables,  On the way they forget about themselves and who is around them.

There is denial sometimes.  People brush aside what they see in themselves or others.

I've seen people fool others simply because they are around each other frequently.  The more you see th more you know.

I've seen the fear grow in patients.  They are slowly losing their minds.  It is frightful. 

Please learn what you can and do fo others and yourselves.

Face the music.

Hope and pray.  But do what you can to help find a cure.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Blunt Or Sharp

Can't help but remember the old 3 Stooges short where the Boys are given the choice of execution.  Burning at the stake or chop off their heads?

Curly immediately says the stake.  When Moe asks why, Curly says 'a hot stake is better than a cold chop'.  It is a nyukable moment but in reality neither is acceptable.

Civilization faces a similar fate.  The forces of jihad are ravaging portions of the world, even more than in the last 1400 years.  Paranoia?  Not if they're really after you.  Look around.

Now you might look at the surface.  Say it's just the rise of fanatics (sic).  You see the increasing carnage, destruction, mayhem of body and mind. But wouldn't you wonder why much of it is overlooked, excused, sometimes sanctioned?  Maybe I should have called this cahoots.

The left and jihad (sic) have often joined forces.  Hitler and mufti.  The current trend to let in socalled refugees and stand down to the increasing violence.  Why?  What gain do those from Western civilization gain?  Clue:  It's not Western civilization.  It is its hoped for destruction.

That was the goal in WW2 as it is now.  Destabilization.  Subversion.

The jihadists are both a diversion and cause/effect.

They are either a blunt instrument or a spearhead to bring about control.

Collectivists never change.  That crisis thing eh?

One side cons the other.  Both think they achieve victory and will do away with the other. 

The only thing standing in the way is a Republic.  And the desire to be free round the world.

We mustn't tut tut and just report atrocities.  We must shine the light and stop them.

Blunt or sharp?