Thursday, June 30, 2016


So much to talk about.  So much happening.  So little time one way or another.  I'm still maintaining 4 entries a month.  This blog is still important to me. It's where I first expressed my thoughts about Freedom/Liberty about our Republic in one spot.  I'd sent posts, letters and supported others in their pro 2A etc work and still do.  It is also where I continued honing my writing abilities.

I've written short short stories and serialized short stories here.  They run the spectrum as to genre and often have specific Freedom minded themes.    It's where I first posted the start of what is becoming a 4 novel series and as for some short stories, I'm working on getting a collection published too.

I haven't given up Hollywood as it were and have contacts while working toward writing/acting.   don't give up.  there are more Freedom minded people in showbiz than you think.  It's just the collectivists get most of the MSM press.

I remember a friend who, to remain private, called himself 'kava'.  He had a lot of sound advice and we were friends, sharing thoughts on life in general.  I asked him about the biz and how my views would be received.  'Enhance or encumber.  Depends on the crowd.'  This appears to be true.  We shall see shortly when I'm finally physically THERE.

What does this have to do with snitches?  Plenty I think.

Snitches seem to be spreading everywhere.  Their growth no doubt is spurred by the occupier and all the other collectivists as well as lots of fertilization of a nanny state with observation a primary function. 

And FB now has a policy which is decidedly anticonservative etc.  Criticism of islam and refugees is being curbed.  Apparently anyone can complain, then a post can be censored or someone blocked from posting or even removed from FB at least for a time.  Apparently if enough stink is raised, one may return.

It's the old censorship tactic popular with collectivists in the 20th century and actually always.  Disagree with the regime and poof comrade x is nada.

No fly lists and terrorist watch lists have zero accountability.  One can be placed on a list by secret people with no notice and have low or little recourse getting off.  Of course the mokes want to expand this to barring guns from people who apparently are just named for vague reasons by snitches who disagree with their Freedom minded views.

Of course there may be some legitimate bad guys, but who's to say?  How sovietesque.

So enhanced by certain folks I keep private to a degree, because there are reprisals sometimes for speaking one's mind.  Encumbered by evil gits and goblins who tll on us.  didn't you hate them in school?

I remember the Prisoner episode Once Upon a Ti me where 6 is regressed to school days.  He refuses to name anyone for whatever offense the teacher dreamed up.  He was called a fool

His response is classic.  'Yes sir..  A fool.  Not a rat.', implying the sellout of 2 to the collectivist Village.  This reminds me of segueing to America is not supposed to be safe, it's supposed to be free.  From that wellspring we seek safety in self defense at all levels.

The collectivists call us fools for such notions, established by the Founders.  Perhaps.  But they are rats who betray Freedom in exchange for tyranny/slavery.

Expose them.  Force the shadows to come into light.  Sunlight and bleach are the best disinfectants.

Then shun them for the rats these snitches are.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Front Affronts

Boo!  It's not even Halloween.  For collectivists every day is scary,

A bunch of loons (for that is exactly what all collectivists are) called revolutionary communist party are thumping the old soviet revolutionary tattoo.  They are everything you imagine soviets/Bolsheviks to be and then some.

I will not go on about them.  Go investigate yourself.  Best to study the enemy in all its permutations.  For that is what these mokes are, just one lil ole facet of the greater collectivist web.  There are orgs and offshoots all over the place, like choking weeds.

Now when I say loons, keep in mind they are dangerous.  Organized and bent on spreading dissension and subversion, they are front people for the greater bunch, those who work in gov and all walks of life.

Mind you, our progressives etc make no secret of their goals, except in Alinskyan denial.  But flag wavers are useful.  With enough of them running around literally and figuratively spouting revolution, it does two things.  It takes the heat off real subversion we see in gov and social institutions.  Also, it lends credence to the idea that communism is almost dead, that these nuts are fanatics and they are fringe.  They are the fodder for conspiracy theorists, so they are not documented by MSM.  Then again the liberal infested media under reports a great many things.

This gang was seen in Ferguson allegedly trying to stir up the populace.  They are labeled Maoist, which indicates they move among the 'peasants' and not in other circles. If you study communism btw, get ready for a long winding road.  Lotta flavors, all bitter.

Again in that instance, we had guys in obvious t-shirts at the front.  Behind it all there were actual subversives as well as mercenary rioters/demonstrators.  Of course, little is mentioned MSMwise and snopes, in my opinion a leftist apologist site, says the participation was limited at best.  It's meant to be sub rosa.

Of course, it's all one big collectivist miasma, a many tentacled octopus with very few people pulling the strings.

These fronts don't hide the others, they merely take off the heat.  Unless you are willing and able to look past the smoke and mirrors.

It's all an affront to Freedom and thinking for oneself as well as self control.

Or, if people fall for the front, they have already surrendered.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Indianapolis hosted  the 84th annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors last weekend.  Up to 200 mayors of various sized cities were supposed to attend.  I didn't keep count.  I'm sure there were some Republican mayors in the mix.  Again, I didn't take note.

It seemed to be more of a Democrat mayors from failed socialist experiment cities parade.  The mayor of Baltimore is the conference president.  Uh-huh.  The Orlando mayor was due to speak.  There were others though the Chicago mayor wasn't present.  Probably too busy taking advantage of the murder crisis in that toddlin' town.

Absence of some was made up by Valerie Jarrett, the occupier of the Oval Office's chief advisor.  Advisor for communist subversion/destabilization of the Republic is more like it.  She preached the same droning antigun claptrap.  She's touting 'criminal justice reform' which means more criminals out and more terror for decent honest citizens.  Oh and gungrabbing disguised badly as usual as safety.

Yes, public safety, not politics was emphasized by the failed cities mayors.  The NOLA mayor said they were 'field generals'  (Sovietize much?) on the front line of fighting crime.  They rehash the hash.  It's gonna dry up soon, or will it?

And commie sense, um common sense solutions were mentioned at gag level proportions.

Joe Hogsett, Indy's new Demo mayor said Indiana exports more guns than any other state.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  Define and supply real data not cooked stats please.  Mayors Against Illegal Guns is probably the source for this.  That's highly questionable right there.  Just love their fallacious statement how American guns are fueling Mexican gun crime.  Well maybe Fast and Furious Fed guns, but actually gunrunners fuel the cartel activities.

The mokes who met have one right idea.  Local gov and grassroots are key to change.  Now it depends on the kind of change suggested.  It boils down to more tyranny or renewed Freedom.

Mayors, good effective ones, can steer a town to good things.  Less control and more self determination is the key. 

The ones who met here last weekend are more like waterboys for the occupier and his collectivist ilk including many in Congress and 'outside' such as Bloomberg.

It's natural for collectivists of all stripes to lie and expound half truths.  Always dig for yourselves and look to David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh as well as his son Matt among others for truth.  Research and dig though.  Don't just settle because someone says so.  But truth and trust are on the side of the aforementioned guys and many more.

We may be tired of the claptrap. But it is incessant.

And don't get me started on the fact Hillary made an appearance like the wicked witch of the west poofing in an out in gushes of green fog.  Guess that's anti Hillary.  See Frothing my just previous post for something about that -s-.

And that incessant chanting will not go away unless we fight it on all levels.

As I say, we fight an enemy that never sleeps.  We must learn to sleep less.

Monday, June 27, 2016


The feeding frenzy is vicious after the jihad attack in Orlando.  Never letting a crisis go to waste, the collectivist gun/freedom grabbers try try again.  The attitude is well worn.  They are haughty, arrogant and totally self absorbed.

The repugnant feelings run deeply and generationally.  As we teach Freedom, thinking for oneself, analysis, truth, the liberals etc ingrain just the opposite in their children.  It's obvious, for instance in the occupier's behavior, whoever raised him.  Generational Marxism was brought to national notice on an old TV show, 'I Led Three Lives'.

The program showcased Herb Philbrick, who infiltrated a communist front org and proceeded to spy for the FBI.  Remember, we have Hollywood involved.  So, even though it was based on his work and even had him as a consultant, some liberties were taken for entertainment.  Most intel work is tedious, with little excitement.  It can be dangerous however.  But it's not very entertaining.

Ok, to make a short story long (-s-), there were instances of indoctrination.  Communist families spreading lies and half truths, say, of George Washington.  My, how that has become commonplace, thanks in great part to comrade Alinsky. 

And as for tradition, I have a specific instance.  Among all the other things happening it is quite insignificant.  But, a looksee says a lot.

I have several different kinds of friends on FB.  There are a few liberals and even a couple of outright commies.  Also true among showbiz people.  I like to know what people think lol.

All the turmoil re Orlando, as said, has unleashed a frothing mass of hatred for gunowners and guns.  It's the usual blame everything but the real cause syndrome, all to gain momentum for control.  And it passed down.

Kid on my friends list responded to the current debacle by saying, 'If you try to defend guns especially today (day of shooting) just unfriend me'.   I shook my head.  Knew he and his fam were liberal.  It took this incident to show his true colors, or lack of them.

I didn't do that.  I just kept posting pro Freedom items on my own page.  He dumped me.  Boohoo.

Also he altered his post to say f*** off.  Wow.  Such depth of expression.  So typical.

His Mom had unfriended and complained of a relative who was 'too anti-Hillary'.  Uh-huh.

How could someone be too anti-Hillary lol?

Arrogant Bertha Better'an Yous. 

This is greatly what we face.  Be prepared.  And don't be obligated to friend them.

With friends like that who needs enemies.

They already are

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rosebush Redux

What happened to the rosebush, that 40 year old wonder that was carefully nourished to the point of thriving again?  It was cut down, nearly destroyed.  More about that shortly.

Time flies.  Especially when you're busy.  While you experience events, like raising children, you're involved.  The doing keeps the mind off the clock, immersed in the present.  Then the kids grow up. and head in their own directions, as do the parents.

It's been that way for my family.  My son finished his Bachelors in History and is embarking on the military portion of his life.  Daughter is continuing a fine arts education.  Mom is in Law School.  Me?  I'm writing a 4 novel series, a screen treatment and a short story collection.  I'm the only one not in school lol.  Busy.

Recent occurrences have been the result of busy, plus lots of rain and absence.

We've been so involved in our pursuits that we let the grass grow, literally.

We lost our yardman, the talented landscaper who brought the rosebush back to life.  Well, he cleared it and nurtured it.  It was strong to begin with.  It just needed encouragement.

There was no contract with his guy.  He rented.  Round here that means transient.  So, lease up, he moved.  No harm no foul.

Indianapolis people know we had one wet Spring.  Plush and lush, flora sprung up like alien plant life.

Wrapped in our business, we came and went as the grass silently grew.

Three things happened virtually simultaneously. 

Ruthie attempted to revive her mower, which had not been used the last season.  This was due to our neighbor/yardman having access to other equipment.

Apparently some zealous inspector was alerted to tall grass.  Subsequently Ruthie received a demand to cut said tall grass. 

The kids and I got her a new weed whacker to quickly solve the problem.  The tall grass was whacked to an acceptable level.

In spite of the timely solution, the city dispatched a contractor to mow.  They invaded the yard, ignoring the work and used an industrial mower, skinning the ground.  A weed whacker was involved.  That is known because the rosebush was almost completely cut down.

All the new shoots tenderly cared for were cut.  All the flowers literally nipped in the bud.  All that remained was that original branch, which had valiantly poked through the weeds before.  It was lacerated, but intact mostly.  Though it was evident the contractors attempted to destroy that branch, it survived.  One live bud is slowly blooming near the tip.  Already a couple of new shoots have sprung, prolific after the rape of the yard.

Ruthie's violets suffered a dismal fate, cut to the ground by a mower not intended for lawn care/maintenance  A decorative grass circle was also leveled.

This was the unkindest cut of all, in tandem with an unnecessary 'visit' by bungling people who get so much fee for each yard they level.

We are all for civic improvement.  Much has been done to alleviate vacant housing.  But the flipside is an overzealous contractor and negligent inspector which soured our view.

Now the world is full of woe, and a cut rosebush is small potatoes we know.  But wrong is wrong.

That wonder, the rosebush planted by Ruthie's Mom 40 years ago will live.  And thrive again.

Think about what this means re Freedom.  It's simple.

We bumped into a bureaucratic department, which is a juggernaut.  Or did they bump into us?  One can see the potential for corruption and profit in spite of citizens.  All in the guise of civic improvement.

And they are heavy handed in penalty, which for real offenders should work.  But for those who are innocently caught up and poor, it can be devastating. 

We have attempted contact with Department of Code Enforcement.  Guess what?  A number which led to another voicemail.  And Vivian Harris has NOT returned the call.  Not sure her 'title' but it seems sloppy, cowardly and unprofessional/unbusinesslike not to reply.  So far the stereotype of the above mentioned ilk.

Ruthie is working on resolving the city's mistake.  I'm helping however I can.

It may merit a post when we are finished.  Til then, we are mum for obvious reasons.

Remember, that good intentions and the old 'there otta be a law' bit roll quite easily into governmental abuse.  It isn't just guns/2A in danger.  It's our entire lives.

Monday, May 30, 2016


Oh how the Alinskyan trolls are rabidly attacking so much that is decent and honorable in these united States.  They are protecting the lies of collectivism.

It's the old point the finger routine.  Guilty, they obfuscate to detract from the obvious. 

Don't let it detract from the truth.  Concentrate.  Take the high ground.  'The enemy doesn't deserve a break.  Send them to hell, as Ltc Vandervoort said before D Day. 

It takes a personal level as well..

There is good and evil.  It evidences in spirit of course as well as flesh, though a lot of people dismiss or ignore the fact.  And there are those who embrace darkness just like we live in the Light.  And all the troll activity, to me, is part of that. 

Yep.  Collectivism spawned in hell or at least to those who don't believe that, it is hell on earth.

And whatever you believe, the very nature of evil reaches out to quash hope, to weigh down and isolate.  Even the thought of it leaves a kind of sticky humid feeling, a creep factor for the soul.

Don't underestimate it.  But don't overestimate it either.  Face it and burn it to the root with truth.

Wade through it all, find facts as they are stubborn things (TY John Adams) and do not just counter. take the fight to them.  Even the personal stuff.

If you're in it for any length of time, the trolls will come after you.  Don't think right's on your side.  Know what to do.

This is very akin to how character assassination works.  For every positive, the enemy counters with a negative.

I'd add to that, but I'd rather everyone contemplate where they are in our current events.

Besides, I have a very personal entry tomorrow.  We'll see if there is any of the above mentioned tactics with what I have to say.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


With Memorial Day weekend, this seems appropriate.

There are many heroes.  So much so that it seems a term too easily bandied around.  But there are different kinds of heroes. 

I have nothing against sports heroes, science heroes etc.  People who stand out, inspiring others to be better, that's heroic, especially these days when mediocrity looms and there is a collectivist drive to quash competition. 

And most innovators have bravely stood up against the status quo to produce things which have made life easier and better.

Heroes help others, without regard for themselves.  Scared?  Yep.  But they go ahead.  Police, fire, the shoe salesman down the block, the homemaker next door.  Crisis calls and it's up to each of us to answer.

Military heroes especially today, bring to mind Alvin York, Audie Murphy and many more.  From Bunker Hill to the mountains of Afghanistan, many have given the ultimate sacrifice.  And that includes those who once wore grey.  There.  I said it.

Lately the Alinskyan trolls are frothing at the mouth about John Wayne and his 3A classification.  It's another attempt to sully a great American.  He didn't serve.  Neither did my Dad, though he was one of the first to try in Indianapolis. 

I won't go into the details, but I will tell you my impression.  John Wayne was always a patriot.  He was a movie hero, not a war hero.  Also, I believe, but cannot prove, he participated as an intelligence agent.  Just a hunch.  Several public figures have.  They can get into places a lot of people can't.  Who knows?

Wayne's movies, besides being box office hits, inspire and motivate.  Brushfire comes to mind.

And don't underestimate sci-fi etc.  Getting people to think is the keystone of Freedom.  Actually expanding their minds to possibilities.

Wayne was well loved and respected by a great deal of Hollywood, even some liberals.  His fame is worldwide as is the affection for this man who spoke his mind.  His great respect for the military was returned and he visited troops from WW2 to Vietnam.

Of course, the collectivists hate him.  He is strength and truth, their anathema.

And those who have returned, to a man, have said the real heroes are the ones who didn't come back.

Let's remember.