Sunday, September 30, 2018


So I prepared and hit the button to enter my blog for the 4th entry this month.  It went to my blog and this greeted me: Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.  I hit the home button and it took me to my last post, Pregnant.  Hmmmm......

I'm no computer whiz, but I do basic functions and I can type.  I reentered the post before I hit the home button, because it wouldn't load. 

When I went to the post list, it had Pregnant listed as a draft.  I looked at it and it was incomplete which prompted me to repost.  Then home posted it.

I have several copies of the last post.  I finally got the button to my blog working.  It seems to be ok now.

I changed last night to a new browser. The one I was using froze.  This may explain what happened today.  Or not.

I mention this because there is unprecedented censorship of Freedom minded folks.  From major new sources to blogs like this, the collectivists are simply trying to erase us.  It is a prelude to an invasion of sorts.

Knock out communications then proceed to perform a coup.  With the midterm coming, this could be dangerous.  Collectivists want only their warped views available.  Very sovietesque/1984ish.

Enjoy my blog but get the word out yourself.

There will be massive voter fraud and actual physical attacks up to the midterm.

Get the word of Freedom out.  By all means of Light, tell, shout the truth so we may continue to Restore the Republic.

The real glitch is to disassemble collectivism.

Don't just watch.  Act.


Took a walk to work on the kink in my knee and to get something at a convenience store.

Wonderful weather as in low humidity, gentle breeze, warm not hot and quiet.

I ambled down the street with my walking stick as a woman in a wheelchair hailed me across the street.  She declared it was good to have a stick if you need it.   Her demeanor was gentle and cheerful.

I answered yes and each day is a gift.

She agreed.  No sign that she 'accepted' her lot.  Just that she made the most of it.

I reached the store which was busy in the afternoon.  I held the door for a young woman who thanked me and I said she was welcome.

I headed to the back of the store to get a soda.  I found them, grabbed a bottle and tured.  Just as I did, I poked a clerk who was arranging merchandise.

I apologized effusely, asking if she was alright. 

She cheerfully assured me she was as I headed down the nearby aisle.  I was navigating round some folks getting cold drinks when I almost collided headon with the girl for whom I held the door earlier.

Again apology and assurance she was ok.

I rounded the corner and got in a ragtag line for checkout.

I was right behind a pregnant young woman who was called back to the drink aisle.

It was frenetic in the front of the store but not at all rude.

I determined to keep the pregnant woman's place for her.

She quickly returned and said to go ahead, even though I insisted she take her previous place.  So I did and she was behind me.

I made my purchase and the clerk, though harried, was pleasant and I wished her a good evening.  I got my soda and went out the door.

I remembered how graceful the pregnant lady was as she had turned to the drink aisle.  She had her hand on her tummy as she went back.

It was a small thing.  I note the qualities of people wherever I go, whatever I'm doing.  It just struck me as a gesture of consciousness and humanity amongst the other little events that day.

The whole thing reminded me of the musical ending to the X-Files ep Improbable where folks were similarly interacting and seemed to dance and sing as the camera panned out with people segueing to lights, cities, the world and Burt Reynolds face formed from it as God.

Silly?  Maybe.  But it was a peaceful moment in a world beset with chaos.

Pregnant with real hope that humanity makes it.

God bless her and the baby, all of them, all of us.

Friday, September 28, 2018


Or lack thereof.  My, how this is blatantly self evident these days.  I think always.

How easy is it to sell your soul?  Easy.  But some do it gradually while others instantly.

So many temptations.  Some are easily seduced because they are on the path to inhumanity.  Others wear down from increased desperation.

Just look at politics and it's plain to see.  Criminals give up their humanity for the dubious fruits of crime.  It's true for street hoods as well as politicians.

Me first, callous manipulation. Dedication to collectivism, the crowning perfidy.

Witness the cold quiet (sometimes) exploitation of people.  It's evident with a single psychopath harming a person as it is with governments under collectivist control.

Without going further round robin's red barn, collectivism in all its forms is inhuman.

There is no caring, only control.  And love is just a word upon which to hook the bait for tyranny. 

The  bait usually takes the guise of emotion only, for humanity requires a combination of heart and head.  This, with a bum's rush excluding thought, is the crux of the results of humanity. 

Witness current events let alone history.  See the cold fingers choking Freedom.  Displayedtyranny for all to see is all around.

It is personal and it is there we must begin the work to stop it.

Remember though the angels are not human they are angelic.  Just so, the fallen ones are inhuman and therefore demonic.

Accept that spiritual example as you may.  It is true.

Stop look listen and let your humanity respond to Liberty and restoration.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Poison Control

It's very dangerous to poison mice and rats.  They can wander outside and be consumed by owls and cats, causing poison by proxy as it were.  Poison is tricky.

Collectivists are spewing massive amounts of poison, in the form of baseless accusation, mixing lies and truth in a deadly cocktail.  Invectives fly, disregarding decency and sanity.  Hate for hate's sake.  Demonic. 

The President is a focal point, with ire extended to anything Republican.  Further, this rot covers nationalism, populism and anything remotely Liberty minded.

Of course RINOs and neocons join in, past the ridiculous party lines, often, but not always quietly. 

Naturally there is an abundance of this trash on social media.  Many times it goes unpunished while conservative pages get eradicated for rightly criticizing such.

I've enjoyed friendship with many people in show biz.  Several are from the 40s and 50s with a few even in the 30s.  Some are friends, others associate or a combination of both. 

Like other groups of people, there are different personalities involved.  Many varied jobs, mostly creative.  Lots of artistic acumen.  And egos, well as vast as the horizon. 

There are some who feel entitled.  They preen and get off on the adulation of fans.  They feed like an energy vampire, sucking emotion and applause, told they are right, good, brilliant. And they descend from their ivory towers to 'give the public what they want'.

Now, there are lots of folks who love themselves in a healthy way and they love the audience.  They share talent, do their jobs.  And they team up to tell stories.

Particularly, I've known many actors, writers and directors.  And the above speaks volumes about healthy vs unhealthy egos. 

My view is simple.  Telling stories, entertaining and a message in the ravioli are what I look for in showbiz.  My best friendships are based there and have even transcended politics.  Not so with some.

It's addictive for some celebrities and conversely for their sycophants, for whom they can do no wrong.  They feed one another's craven needs while spewing poison against those with whom they disagree.

If all you do is cherry pick detrimental posts, fill them with the most vulgar insults and aspersions, you merely illustrate just how shallow collectivist rhetoric festers.

Sprinkle this with 'light hearted' posts about generally agreed upon bravery re military and other heroic everyday events.  Also toss in some stories about animals.

Provoke and stir up hatred.  Fill your posts with intellectual 'Swiss cheese'.  Appeal solely to emotion and put down any disagreement with similar filth.

Those who are inadequate always find ways to try pulling others down to their level.

I've resisted striking in kind and prefer to address such fallacious posts with truth and my support for our President for instance.   As a result as said, I've received Alinskyan 5 abuse.

Often the celebrity doesn't amount to much.  And they dwell in a snakepit where spewing venom is the norm.

No facts and selective lies mixed with truths fill thread space with the vilest musings from diseased minds.

I've warned that such toxic spewings, instead of taking good people down, merely poison the perpetrators.  I'm ignored.

Exercise poison control. 

Collectivists want despair.

Let it be owned by them.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Which America

The collectivists revel in divisiveness.  It's easier to control people if the are divided.  By color, sex,other self absorptions to distract.

Using Alinsky's Rules For Radicals, the enemies of Freedom chisel at US.   They present a simple dichotomy: We are living in two Americas.

There is only ONE America.  It is our Constitutional Republic.  Accept no substitutes. 

Is there room for opposition?  Yes for there are variations among individuals. We disagree and there has been historic debate with some at odds.  But tribalistic collectivist drivel doesn't cut it.  They are the enemies both foreign and domestic. 

We have allowed these enemies to run wild too long.  No wonder they are mad now that Trump and many of us are Restoring the Republic.  Don't rely on a President.  Our Freedom depends on the participation of all.

Yet, we must have freedom of speech, even for our enemies. For if we don't, who knows where it will go?  We are free to criticize and point out differences.  Or we suffer censorship as the colectiists are attempting.

Don't be fooled.  And don't be goaded.  No Fort Sumters.




Keep carry collect what you like.  Glock was quite the innovation.  From the use of high grade plastic, slide, hammerless and trigger design, these remarkable handguns have swept the world.  We even have a factory in Georgia.

Of course there is the big debate with Glock vs 1911 design.  Apples and oranges to me.  I like both.

Both have spawned copies of basic design.  This is common when something takes hold in an industry.  At best, good begets good.  Cheap copies aside, there has never been such a proliferation of quality weaponry.

Worthy of mention are the many AR15 clones.  Quite an array.

My point is imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery.  So it seems with nationalism.

There is a rising in the world of those who wish to be sovereign, free to choose.  Yes, they can come together with others, but national identity springs from individualism.  That, of course, our enemies despise.

We see the quintessential battle between Liberty and tyranny now in the US.  We are the final bastion for Freedom.  We have guns and refuse to surrender them.  We are the lead balloon, the poop in the punchbowl of delusional collectivist ecstasy.

Let us inspire our fellow Americans and the world to resist. 

The collectivists, thieves of all, have taken to using that word to oppose our President and Restoring the Republic.  It is a bitter pill.  They choke on their venom and lies.

We copy the Founders and others copy us.

Not cheap knockoffs, we produce real Liberty to truly resist and last.

Thursday, August 30, 2018


You don't have to believe.  Free will.  Up to you.

Likewise, I leave it to you to form your own opinion of this post and me as well.

I believe there is a Creator.  Many names yet one.  There are spirits many call angels and we are spirit housed for a time in flesh.  There is free will and there are those among these created beings who chose to turn away from the Light.  They are the Fallen. 

I won't get into a detailed description, there are plenty of treatises out there.  And it all boils down to belief.  Experience, circumstances, trends even and more have led me to know that evil extends its tendrils near and far.  Good and evil wend their way through our lives and events.  Either overt or sub rosa, they clash.

There are the Fallen, angels who rebelled, were beaten and cast out of heaven.  There are those among us who ally with them, worship them.  Just as ther are Angels ans Spirits of Light and we who remain in flesh, the opposite has risen.  Of course, there have always been such circumstances.  But now, we face unprecedented evil.

Collectivism seeks to take over, blotting out Freedom minded folks.  Many only see the social/psychological/political aspects.  I believe it is deeper and the base motivation is for the Fallen to predominate.  Collectivism is evil and an invention of earthly dominance with underpinnings of spiritual capitulation.

Hatred is rising, especially with our President and many others seeking to undo all the twisted details laid out over the years.  We seek to Restore our Republic and more.  There is a rising up of Liberty in the world.  As Sam Adams said re brushfires of Freedom in the minds, so we see the results encouraging others to bring Freedom where there was little before.

Those who would be our masters are enraged.  They want us to be slaves existing at their whim.

The anger displayed is becoming more overt.  It's downright demonic.  The hate is just a sample of how the Fallen despise God and Creation.  It is a hatred unbound in dark spirit.  All the talk of death is meant to scare us and trips our enemies' hand in that those not enslaved would be exterminated.

Look around as the Falling continues.  As people choose sides.  Death and destruction or Life and Restoration.

I've left this vaguely pointed, so you can call Light what you want.

But we are in this together for weal or woe.

Don't go falling for the old lost way.

Be lifted up.