Monday, July 27, 2009


We can forget the spiritual nature of Freedom and its enemies.

I'd rather not.

Take this as you will. JMHO as they say.

The nature of hell is lived out every day. We see its results. Most of us experience it in some way. Here comes a spiritual history trip (Thus believe it or not. I will NOT shovel my opinions on you, aka take it or leave it.).

The War in Heaven aka the beginning it seems.

Lucifer, the best and brightest. The most favored of the Most High.
This beautiful creature became swollen with pride. Obsessed with surpassing God to the point L said, 'I will set my thorne above the Most High God'.

Sick. Delusional. This obsession slid into evil with such a statement.

Interesting sidenote, the Branch Davidians see Lucifer as female. The mate of Michael in prehistory.

I don't see this as anti female. Male and female are the constants in the universe. Pride comes before the fall, no matter the seeming 'sex', no matter the being.

Pride. That deceptive vanity. 'I'm sooo hot. I'm sooo great.' Well maybe you are. OTOH maybe not.

What does that mean?

What do you stand for?

THAT is what counts.

The nature of hell cheapens our being. It draws down to some 'common denominator'. Misery loves company. If one is demeaned, then it satisfies the base nature of 'hell'. If one hurts others, then one 'feels' relieved, til the misery becomes hunger again. Hunger to hurt for 'hate's sake' (ala Milton).

Look at the liberals. They debase socalled 'conservatives'. If the finger is pointed away from you, then it takes the pressure off. Supposedly.

Don't be fooled.

Look at the WHOLE picture.

Denial aint just a river. It is a place that exists for those who seek lies. To themselves, others. A lala land that gives permission for the worst kind of lies. Especially to oneself. To make themselves feel better at the expense of others.

And don't lie to yourself about encroaching tyranny. Again, don't be fooled, nor diverted.

Take the whole shebang into consideration.

Denial just might be the 'river' into 'hell'.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Visit

My eyes felt like soft boiled eggs. I had pounded keys beyond endurance and was beat. Mental fatigue had me sandbagged. I keep a couch opposite my desk for just such times. It could turn into a bed, but the cushions were comfortable by themselves. Sleep met me there and welcomed me.

I sank into a soft fog.

Later (Couldn't tell when. Time had no meaning.), I sensed something, someone. I looked up and She was there again.

She looked the same, long blond hair, blue dress. Her eyes were just as clear and focussed and there was a slight smile on her face. She sat in the chair just next to my desk, relaxed yet intent as before.

'Michael, you need to remember. Where is the Sword?' Her smile levelled.

'Here', I said. My hand fell to it instantly. 'I haven't forgotten it.' I felt the familiar 'tingle' and stood immediately, in a ready position.

'I know. But you must not wander. You must concentrate.' She stood and faced me directly.

I was puzzled. I took up the Sword. I had never let it go. I knew the cost. I thought I knew the cost. What more is there?

She answered, 'As you know it is great. It demands devotion.'

I spoke not a word, as she knew my thoughts.

'You have wandered. We are concerned that you may wander too far.' She sat back down and I did the same.

'In spite of the spiritual aspects of all this, keep in mind that the Sword is not magic. It is simply how you use it.' She regarded me with that cool gaze and hint, still, of a smile.

I thought more deeply.

The workaday world had distractions aplenty. Even though I thought myself beyond the 'beer and sports' mentality, there was enough going on to pull me away from the task at hand, while I fooled myself into believing I was fully committed.

'Please give me the Sword', she asked, seeming to reassure me that it wasn't surrender.

I handed it to her hilt first, as was the custom.

She swept it deftly up and away, into a curious spiral.

'Balance, Michael. Don't be heavy handed. Keep in mind everything and just do the job in front of you.'

'What about to my sides and behind? What if I concentrate so much in front, that I'm 'sideswiped'?'

She demonstrated something remarkable. She sidestepped, and swung round 360. So deft, swift that it almost was s blur.

'If you are balanced, you will see to the side and behind. If not, then your distractions will cost you.' She tossed the Sword at me.

I caught it lightly and swept round as she had done.

She smiled widely and said, 'Just because you are flesh and blood, does not mean you cannot do as I have done. Balance. And vision.'

I saw immediately. Work, my writing scripts etc, my family and the Sword were ALL part of the greater whole. Never to put one above the other, but to keep them together, THAT was my way of living, doing.

'The enemy knows how to distract. For some, it's simply as you say beer and sports. For others it is work, making a living. Family concerns play into that. For those who take up the Sword, it can be a segue from those things to a near burning out to wake up others to the danger in our midst. Do not let go of one at the price of another. Focus, concentrate, balance.'

Simple? Yes and no. There was much work ahead.

'I will return, Michael.' She smiled a dazzling grin.

It was a promise, not a threat.

There was much more to learn.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Re neighborhoods.

There is an incursion here of 'entitleds'. There is an increase in crime in this near eastside neighborhood. It seems like the 'barbarians at the gates'.

Thanks in great part to LBJ, the 'war on poverty' has become a war, in my opinion, for civilization.

First, I can imagine the lefties, etal, will see this as 'racist'. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a condemnation of 'social programs' that have sapped much of our individuality/Constitutional Republicanism.

We are at the near 'border' of encroaching trouble. Our block is very near to people who have no regard for the principles that Founded our Republic. What I say now will be misinterpretated by those who choose to overlook what is right and decent.

'Oh gee. These people are just culturally different. They have the RIGHT to be GIVEN everything.' That thought and the other socialist precepts are why we are in the crapper now.

People should be taught to help themselves. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Profound in its simplicity.

Those who are encroaching are just the opposite.

All of this is designed to screw up the ecomony and drive people apart. 'Divide et Impare'.

I know many people who are proud of their heritage. Many more seem to give lip service to it and scramble for everything they can get.

I have seen this before, around here and elsewhere.

Certain criminal elements move into a neighborhood. They destabilize. Cause 'panic'. They appeal to the lowest form of racism, encouraged by 'entitlement'.

Before I go on, I will tell you something about my brother.

He is my brother in some ways that my own brother was not. I love my late brother dearly. He taught me many of the skills and precepts that make me who I am now and much of what I extoll here is because of his example.

My other brother is black. Well, he has Indian blood too (just like me). He reaffirmed me to care about people, to see that content of ones character is more important than the color of ones skin. I have always known it, almost from the beginning of my life.

When I was a toddler, I could NOT understand racial references. There was always a question of 'wtf?' when it came to what people said re race, religion, opinions etc. Don't know if that's weird at such an early age, but it's the way I was and am now (I've tried to pass that on to my kids.).

I remember a statement of candor when I was very young, about 2-3. A black family had moved in next door. If I recall, the guy was a sergeant stationed in Indy. His kid was in the back yard. As toddlers will, she pulled her diaper off and was running free!. I said, "Golly baby. You're black all over! Candor. Wonder what J Jackson and A Sharpton etal would make of that?

Decent honest people are being supplanted by lawless mobs who only care for the fix, the next welfare check, the easy way out.

My hope is that all the programs are eliminated and people go back to fending for themselves, as did their forebears.

When folks need help, churches can do so, with the end that they find a way to work. Government has NO business there. Individuals can help one another. Many have, regardless of color nor anything else.

Getting past color might be a hurdle for some. Not so here! Associate with whom you will, but don't waste time hating such superficial crap.

We have a lot to learn from each other.

It will make us strong and those who would be our masters will be defeated.

Red Or Dead

When I was in college, I was involved in campus ministry. Seemed reasonable for a guy, who, at the time, was involved in becoming a pastor himself.

Specifically, it was Lutheran Campus Ministry, run out of the church in which I chose to be a member. I was considered to be a budding 'leader' at the time.

I was becoming increasingly disturbed by the message that the campus pastor was extolling. An obvious 'leftist' message.

For some time, I, and quite a number of impressionistic kids, were being 'siren songed' with leftist propaganda in the form of, among other things, 'liberation theology'. That was the idea that the 'church' was to take part in commie uprisings and sanction them, in spite of the flowery rhetoric of 'freedom' for the people etc.

One thing I need to make clear. I was in my thirties when I went to college full time. I'd previously taken occasional classes and dabbled in 'formal' education. I was not a 'spring chicken'. Young sure but around the block at least twice (Now well let's say I'm more experienced -s-.).

Previously, I'd been the owner of my own business. I devoted my life to making a living and thought little of what I had been taught re the history of our Republic. I simply was one of the 'working Joes' that thought all was well. I always had the history in mind however. That is what saved me.

I embarked on a college curricula to become both a pastor and therapist. One side should have kept the other going. I was wrong (more on that later).

As the Lutheran campus pastor was based at our church, it was natural that I became involved in campus ministry.

My candor gave me away though. At the time, I was more 'reasonable', he thought. Or was I?

I considered myself 'liberal' in the classic sense. I had my opinions. I allowed for others. The old 'disagree but defend to the death your right to say it' stuff. Not enough for our little commie 'shepherd'. His way or the red way became predominant.

I'll never forget, near the end of a discussion about politics, church and state, a fascinating comment from this 'molder of young minds'. He simply said Jesus was a communist. He referred to the 'giving' aspect that marked Jesus' ministry. He seemed to think it resembled 'From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs'. I was dumbfounded.

It's a common tactic, I've found, to make JC in whatever image suits certain people. This moke's statement was far away from the truth.
As I see it, JC meant for people to help people help themselves, not to be needy and greedy.

How paradoxical that commies would paint Jesus as a commie, when one of the basic precepts of their leechy system was that 'religion was the opiate of the people'. It's typical of collectiivists to use whatever means to secure their end. Lies for the 'greater good'.

There were increasing 'brushes' agains the 'liberation theology' grain. I was starting to be ostracized.

The defining moment, was a circle discussion. All of a sudden, out of the blue our intrpid commie pastor asked. 'No thought, just reaction. Which would you rather be, Red or dead?'

Several said Red. Then they came to me.

I told them I would be neither. I would either join the underground in the city or the resistance in the hills.

You could have heard a pin drop. Uncomfortable silence followed. The answers resumed awkwardly, with most saying Red. A few did say dead. I was the only one to give a different answer.

His little Marxist suspicion about me was confirmed. I never had gone along to get along. He hated that about my 'liberalism'.

After that, more and more, there were accusations that I was using the pulpit for my own gain. How typically hypocritical. Lies and lies mixed with truth mounted.

I was expelled from the pulpit supply program, virtually locking me out of going to seminary. I was found 'unfit' for ministerial duties. Because I stood for Freedom. My old upbringing kicked in. And I would NEVER back down nor give in.

Good God, how commies/collectivists have infiltrated every aspect of life.

I feel sorry for those who truly believe and are awash in that commie cesspool.

I could have tried to fight the bishop and pastors lined against me, but it was p****** in the wind.

I figured I could fight elsewhere and 'not let the church destroy my faith' (another curious comment from that sad excuse for a 'man of God').

Incidentally, and not surprisingly, the ELCA has an antigun stance.

There is no limit to their perfidy.

I was a 'threeper' before the term was used it appears.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Every Good Boy Deserves Favor

A Tom Stoppard play.

In Mind Trick, I mention how Psychology has been manipulated by the liberals/collectivists to enslave us. Here is a case in point.

EGBDF is a unique combo of play and symphony, rarely performed. I saw Patrick Stewart and some of the cast of STTNG perform it in Chicago on Easter Sunday 1993.

The play has an Alexander Ivanov imprisoned in a Soviet mental institution. He won't be released until he admits his statements against the government are caused by a mental disorder that doesn't exist. He is housed with another 'patient' named Ivonov who is delusional and believes he has a symphony orchestra under his direction. He also has a son, Sasha, who is seen in a classroom with a teacher who is trying to convince him of his father's 'illness'.

It's an interesting blend of indictment of the Soviet (and others) system and symphonic music. I'd like to try performing it myself.

Now, let's get something out of the way.

Psikhushka is Russian slang for 'psychiatric hospital'. They did and still do exist in other countries as well.

It has been common practice for collectivists, liberals etc to label those who disagree with them 'nuts'. Of course, I believe the opposite is true (I will talk about how liberalism is a disease soon).

There have been attempts even here in the US, to pass laws 'certifying' certain people unfit to be armed, and that God centered conservative upbringing is 'sick'. These have met with some success.

For instance, one could have most types of counseling brought up in a competency hearing concerning firearms ownership. Woe if you have marital problems or just want to talk about anything that bothers you with a psychologist, psychiatrist, various social workers, etc. The same holds true for vets coming from war zones who are debriefed and assigned counseling.

I want to make clear as well that the play is endorsed by Amnesty International. They seem to do some good work against dictators etc. But they look the other way sometimes and have too left leaning tendencies.

Yet the play can be used for the 'right' reasons ie, to expose said mental health laws and to start people seeing that this old Republic is well compromised and in danger of being destroyed (Some claim it already is. I say we can reconstruct/restore it.).

Should guns be kept out of the hands of 'dangerous' people? How do you define that? Be specific, then we'll talk.

It's a slippery slope when fingers are pointed. Of course, delusional people should not have guns. But it's the DEFINITION of problems that should be clarified.

Self regulation is still the best way to go. When people fall through the cracks, then the antis dance in the blood. It's not common but happens. Bad things happen to good people.

It will happen even less when we actually run the government again. and those who work in mental health are concerning themselves with just that.

Shrinks as agents of the state are the dangerous ones. When they serve the people and are trying to help people help themselves, they serve the Republic.

Yes those that are a denger to themselves and others should be put away. But again I say CLARIFY the danger.

I have dealt with severely mentally ill folks. Some should not see the light of day, ie, serial killers, 'pedophiles', rapists etc. Many I consider evil. Not a 'pro' term but real just the same (another post on that soon too.).

But to say we are nuts for having guns, I say we are nuts NOT to be armed with those trying to enslave us pointing the finger. To try to rewrite the Bill of Rights and even eliminate it is beyond nuts. THAT is evil!

Dangerous gunowners? Only to those who try to take our Freedom (And, of course, those who try to rob our money, lives and sanctity as humans.). The Founders were labelled as criminals by a criminal government. We are there again.

Best be busy pointing that out.

As for 'helping' others, they can only be helped when they realize they need it. And the liberals etal categorically refuse to admit that.

Let us help them by moving them aside so we might Restore the Republic!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mind Trick

IQ worship. It's a tempting vanity. There is a commensurate delusion that IQ automatically brings enlightenment. People cater to it, thus creating a falsehood that hurts the fabric of academia and society.

There is more to what is called 'IQ' than meets the eye. Many factors should be taken into consideration when dealing with or ascribing this moniker to anyone.

My main academic preparation was in Clinical Psychology. Among the many areas covered was a time when I studied IQ (actually 'intelligence measurement').

Modern scores are 'deviance IQ' while older method/age specific are referred to as 'ratio IQ'. They yield similar scores but the ratio yields far higher scores for intellectually gifted. Deviaton scores don't reach that high as there is a 'ceiling effect' that stops scoring at a certain point.

I could elucidate, draw out, define more even, but it would take a dissertation or at least a term paper to explain. Wikipedia has a pretty good page for IQ. Check it out to verify what I'm saying.

BTW, the use of long words is de rigueur in academia. Not that we aren't smart enough to understand em, but some people 'q' themselves along with IQ worship, how many 'big words' they can throw out. Academic snobbery indeed -s-.

I love words and use and intend to use language to my benefit and moreso, to the Restoration of the Republic.

Remember, different tests are scaled differently. Therefore, raw scores should not be compared, only percentiles.

All life is education. This is something we emphasized with our kids. To rely on just an IQ score is fallacious and I'd say useless. There are so many factors that it is useless to measure it at least beyond a point.

We deliberately have NOT measured our kids. They give indications that they are quite gifted (A term that is sometimes overused as much as IQ.). We simply have taught them to strive for what
they think is necessary and to meet certain criteria for post home school (with great success).

To rely soley on some score is to hide behind a number. As we tell the kids, "Use what you've got'.

Variables such as environment, mental and physical health, soccialization (in the sense of mixing with others), are several reasons to look with a jaundiced eye if someone says they have a 'high IQ'.

So? I always say. What do you do with it?

Mensa, a group worldwide that promotes activities with folks having high IQs can be a mixed bag.

I've met Mensans who are well rounded committed folks with great senses of humor. I have also met Mensans who are double distilled a**holes.

Some have complained that many members are more interested in playing games than solving the world's problems. That sounds a lot like the general milieu concerning our Republic and how many people feel about it.

Imagine a gifted person who is quite sociopathic. I've met and seen several in politics. The dark side of smart eh?

There is a family member on my wife's side who is brilliant. He was an abusive alcoholic and pi**ed away his gifts.

Another is considered quite bright with 160+ IQ. He exhibits indolent behavior and social malfunction. He hides behind that score like a shield against the world. Not productive to say the least.

I say use what you have as we taught the kids. Be as healthy and happy as possible. Get a common sense view of the world and particularly of the perils facing this Constitutional Republic.

If you have 'problems', get help to solve them yourself. Don't wallow in the liberal 'woe is me' excuse.

Don't let 'smart' be a stumbling block. Help it to be a tool to be all you can be.

The Founders were quite intelligent men. No IQ scores to prove it. Just their deeds and their words.

So let it be with us.

Sidenote: Psychology is supposed to be a tool to help heal and and understand ourselves. It has often become the tool of the liberals to enslave society.

I intend to go back and finish my undergrad creds and pursue my doctorate in Clinical Psych along with my acting and writing. I may even preach again -s-.

I hate to leave things undone!


Movies can capture the imagination as is said. They can take you on great journeys of inner reflection. They can celebrate monumental moments. They can titllate and even be prurient. They can amuse and give respite from the world. They can espouse political and religious thought. The flip side is also true.

They can mold minds often by taking away critical thinking. They can create smoke and mirrors and obfuscate instead of enlighten. Lies become truth. Black becomes white. Which is which?

The ability to think for yourself, light, good, God (Or just reason for you who don't do the god thing.). But, along the way, darkness and doubt can dog us. To a sociopath good is another thing entirely. It's whatever he/she makes it. Surely certain current and former Presidents can be counted in that category.

Freedom can mean doing what one wants but only NOT at the expense of others. Consideration as in your Freedom stops at my face etc.

Make no mistake. There is right and wrong. In spite of all the facade builders in ol Hollyweird, it remains.

One of the current illusions is personified in the funeral of a certain self proclaimed king. His popularity started to plunge in the late 80's. There were only a mere 50 odd thousand at his memorial. Yet the mainstream press claims a million people. His fame is narrowed, like certain camera angles meant to suggest a place/time when there can be only a hint. A short actor can appear average or even tall with such artistry.

Everywhere his virtues are extolled. But, there is a dark cloud of crime against children and cheating business partners, and compulsive spending (I have a brother in law perpetually in debt for same. As for crimes against kids, my wife was raped at 6 and her nephews were 'alledgedly' molested by the paternal grandfather.). There is the image of a great artist when his later efforts were scant compared to earlier efforts. As to quality, I'll leave that to each to decide individually.

He is the liberals' darling. Something of dwindling substance that they build up with exaggerations and lies. A prime example of what the liberal mind stands for, all show and no substance.

Let the dance lights twirl and the repetitive music pulsate while someone struts and makes choking noises. Don't think, just faint.

Beyond entertainment, which is necessary for us all to stay sane (especially for me lately), this extends to mind control. At least to the extent that it shuts down reason and only allows raw reaction. It seems to bring some away with all heart and no thought.

Flashy false light.

I suggest we smash the spotlight and take a look inside each one if us, lest like the lie they purport about this 'king' we begin to believe it not even about him, but a greater lie about Freedom and thought.

While the celebs are buried the bad guys play. Badly done motto. But right on.

Smoke and mirrors hide the worldly machinations.

Take a look inside. Take a look beyond.

Spread the light of truth regarding Restoration of our Republic.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


As they refer to Independence in the musical 1776. I recommend it. It lends a much needed humanity to the Founders. And a much needed piquancy to the birth of our country.

Yes. I know it's a movie based on (a great) stage play. Again, I believe it captures the spirit of '76 as it were.

These guys and their gals were real flesh and blood people. What concerns me is the relegation to sainthood or worse, to irrelevancy. Taken for granted. How could they be?

Great genius, yes. Determination. But such infighting, it's a wonder we got a Declaration. We almost didn't.

Molassus to rum to slaves.

This points out that many were just fine with slavery. I'm told that this play has never been done at a high school because of that very song. If it has and someone knows, please leave a comment.

That attitude flies in the face of this:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created
equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable
Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.
That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, ...
That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends,
it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it."
-- Declaration of Independence
July 4, 1776

Also, here is the portion taken out regarding slavery:

He has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating and carrying them into slavery in an other hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither. This piratical warfare, the opprobrium of INFIDEL powers, is the warfare of the CHRISTIAN king of Great Britain. Determined to keep open a market where MEN should be bought and sold, he has prostituted his negative for suppressing every legislative attempt to prohibit or to restrain this execrable commerce. And that this assemblage of horrors might want no fact of distinguished die, he is now exciting those very people to rise in arms among us, and to purchase that liberty of which he has deprived them, by murdering the people on whom he also obtruded them: thus paying off former crimes committed against the LIBERTIES of one people, with crimes which he urges them to commit against the LIVES of an other.

Several state refused to sign until this was purged.

In the play/musical Jefferson initially refuses to remove it. There is an impasse. Then Franklin urges its removal, saying, 'One thing at a time.'

Indeed. Sad but true. Reality.

These men were dangerous. They were considered criminals by the British Crown, with prices on their heads.

In fact, when John Hancock with a flourish, signed his name extra large, he said, "The price on my head has just doubled". He wanted 'Fat George' and his lackeys to see it, blatantly, right in their faces.

Who could forget Franklin reminding all that 'We must all hang together or most assuredly we shall all hang separately'.

They pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.

Here is a list of what happened to many of the signers:

17 served in the military;

11 had their homes destroyed;

5 were hunted and captured;

Abraham Clark had two sons imprisoned on the British starving ship

John Witherspoon's son was killed in battle;

Francis Lewis' wife was inprisoned and died from the harsh treatment;

Many, such as Thomas Nelson and Carter Braxton, lost their fortunes;

And 9 died during the War.

Many more so pledged beyond the signers.

One of my own ancestors, General Arthur St. Clair, though not a great general, took the same risks as did the signers and of course, Washington, who stood up for him. He died penniless many years later (Not a great economust either I'm afraid.). Even with their faults many pledged at the risk of life and limb.

Can we do less now?

Some have wondered if there are enough with the same resolve today.

I'm proud to know David Codrea, Mike Vanderboegh, Matt Bracken and many other authors and 3pers. They have taken a stand in the tradition and ways of the Founders.

They have written and/or endorsed cautionary tales about what could well happen if we don't Restore the Republic.

I am proud and humbled to be in their numbers. And I'm encouraged, because they are passing this decision for Freedom to their kids, as have I.

Think about it. Decide for yourself.

Do we still 'have the right stuff'?

I say YES!

Is it enough?


It's a good start!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Reminds me of an old adage I best not use here re dating.

Seriously, what is glory? Something you have or something you earn? Is it vanity and something to be avoided except by God, or is it a prize to be sought?

There is a scene in They Died With Their Boots On where Custer is asked by the smarmy cowardly Sharp where the regiment is riding. 'To Hell Sharp or to Glory. Depends on your point of view.'

Just suspend your disbelief re the movie (A good one in many ways. I'll have to do a review one day.), and think about that.

Maybe it means that you've got to go through hell before you get to heaven (Big Old Jet Airliner credit here). I'm sure it means there is a price for eveything. No E tickets to fame and fortune if that's your definition. Nor any easy way to Freedom, those efforts which are worthy, to me, of glory (on Earth).

The scene in Jesus Christ Superstar where Simon Zealotes urges Jesus to use his popularity to stir rebellion is noteworthy for Jesus' answer. None of the people of the time understood what power or glory were. That is, God's power and glory compared to that of Earth's. Different ball game there.

Different glories. Different places of being. Different attitudes.

Glory seekers often burn out. They set their eyes on the prize and not the result. Medals, renown, statues, a place in the history books tend to crowd their thoughts. Some just like to be the center of attention.

Getting the job done to me is the prize. Success is the best reward. As for medals etc, they are valued as symbols of those jobs well done. So is the experience gained. It carries on for others.

Most guys I've met who have medals didn't set out to get them. They had a job to do. They did it. Often the praise and renown are for those who watch, study, need examples.

I will tell you this. I don't care what your motivation is. There have always been divergent reasons for fighting for Freedom. Always will be.

What matters MOST is the fighting. The doing is important. So many don't, won't.

If you end up in the history books, so be it.

But do as David Crockett did and said.

'Be sure you're right, then go ahead.'

One more note (to parphrase Peter Marshall).

I believe when we go to spirit, God will not look for medals but will look for scars.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Red And White

Indian and White. I'm both. Proud of both. And all American.

America, born of the blood and sweat of both (and many others).

Collectivists would have people believe the Indians were destroyed by a relentless machine that rolled over them. Nothing could be more wrong. How those simpletons wish for simple answers.

All people have fought for the right and wrong reasons. Indians are no exception. They fought to defend and conquer, they took slaves, though some earned freedom. They are people with all the faults and virtues of any other humans. I've never known a noble red man. Nor a noble white one. That is, in the sense of the idealistic delusion that the collectivists set up. Kind of like worshipping the Founders as saints or something. They were men. Geniuses many, but real flesh and blood people with a unique vision that became real.

Little do people know that some of those ideals were fashioned by Indians. The Gayanashagowa (Great Law of Peace) which may, by oral tradition come from around 1142, bound the Iroquois Confederacy together. War and infighting slowed to a trickle as it was accepted. It began, "We, the people, to form a union, to establish peace, equity, and order..."

The Iroquois and Algonquins and the Lakota and Chippewa are just a couple of examples of Indians fighting over land and influence. Many more exist. As always, I say dig around and you will find plenty of examples.

Horrible things have happened between Indians and whites with both sides committing atrocities.

Great things have happened as well and many of us are blessed to be both red and white (My brother adds black to that mix).

Part of that comes from my Scot/Micmac heritage. The Micmac btw, have a flag that is a 'reflection' of one of the Templar flags. It consists of red star, crescent and cross on a white background. Some debate the influence the Scots had with the Micmac. I think it's obvious. And on Purpose. It was supposed to be an example of how we can all live together if we try. How we can band against tyranny as well.

Such influence and commonality has been diluted by many including our old 'buddies' the collectivists. It is better for them to have us all at each other's throats. Easier to control people that way.

I have faith in Freedom. A faith that comes from God, mind you.

We are here now. We may choose to hate each other as with whites and blacks etc. Or, we may band together to fight the ultimate enemy. Those who would make us ALL slaves.

Being both red and white, I have made my choice.

No matter what color ethnic origin religion or none and all the other things of the kaleidoscope of humanity, you have that choice.

Choose wisely.

Don't be on the outside looking in.

Kids And Career

Always a point of contention for some. Some give up one for the other. I've done a little bit of both.

My philosophy is that kids and career are EQUALLY important. If one's career is going, it brings income benefits etc. It gives satisfaction (and headaches lol). If one is attending to the kids, they will follow. It works for me.

Then there is the period when one is beginning, growing. Bob Wise gave me the 3 Ps: Passion, Persistence and Practice. These are important not just starting out, but all along. They apply to both career and kids. And yes, kids can be a career.

I devoted quite a bit of time staying home and teaching our son and daughter. My wife chose to work outside the home and while I studied acting as well. We both homeschooled the kids.

Homeschooling is ultimately inclusive. Life is indeed a school from start to transition (death be not proud). Every once in a while I still remind the kids this fact.

The traditional class work aka spelling math etc were included. Of course we added touches such as firearms training and maintenance (I let them disassemnle, clean and reassemble -s-.), basic economics, ie, learning to manage money (where it comes from and where it goes), and a sense of right and wrong vis a vis Judeo-Christian morals and a touch of 'world religions' etc. Oh and inductive and deductive reasoning.

All the while I was pursuing my acting/writing goals. I learned a lot, met and made friends/teachers and fashioned a business plan (I was a businessman earlier so had experience.).

One side served the other and taught the kids about showbiz and biz in general.

It also taught them not to be afraid to meet people. Be yourself, talk and be truthful.

My only regret is not completely moving to Los Angeles. Now, I'm planning that move and the kids can be with me. Though, my son is going to work and travel then college. My daughter is going to stay in school in Indy.

As we diverge and the kids grow up, we have given them a good combination to prepare them for that great outing.

Some people sacrifice career for kids and vice versa.

I hope we have a happy balance.