Friday, April 22, 2011

Time Flow

Funny how we note time. Slow, fast, it never stops.

The time flies. We hardly get started and we are done. Or the job lags, on and on. It is a matter of perception. It's what we're doing that seems to make time speed up and slow down.

Who hasn't had to do things that are tedious, boring routine? There are unpleasant doings that make us want to drop and give up.

My way of dealing with the grueling circumstances is simply to concentrate on what lies before me. Do it and move on. There may not be a specific reward. It may be getting something over with that would have to be reward enough.

Get it done.

The alternative is to sit or lie down and let time drag on as nothing gets done.

Or equally negative is to mindlessly occupy one's time in circular pursuits.

I'm not talking of r&r, taking some time to 'veg out' or rest a bit.

I'm a past master at that lol.

Occupy your time. If there is a schedule, by all means stick to it. Just don't be a clock watcher. A watched pot never boils. Well it does, but you perceive it to be very very slow. If the pot needs to boil, let it be and occupy your time with something else.

There is always something to do.

Time will carry on no matter what we do.

Let it and use it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This is as touchy as false allegations.

It's debated and of course in some circles poopooed.

Whether it could be argued as an actual mental problem, there have been numerous instances of a parent, usually the custodial parent, causing a rift in relations for the noncustodial parent and actual alienation with a child or children.

Are there real allegations of abuse? Damn skippy there are, too many. One is too many to borrow the lib broken record.

But there are far too many instances where, out of spite, jealousy or other reasons, one parent is villainized when there is no reason. The damage is not irreversable and when I get my Ph.D in Psych eventually, I would endeavor to help these kids to come to grips and rise above the hurt.

There is a lot of healing needed to be done for so many reasons. It's part of reconstructing the deconstruct.

If face for any reason, always dig for info. find out what's legit and isn't.

Honesty is the best policy.

Trust, hard earned, is the goal.


It was a nickname I acquired from the 'bad boys' aka greaser gang in Jr. High.

I must have about 12 when my parents got me a weight set, just a couple of dumbells and a long set. My brother helped me learn how to effectively use them and keep from hurting myself.

Then I got a membership to a gym, working out three times a week.

Some of the mokes just didn't like me getting in shape. Chalk it up to jealousy I guess. I was an achiever, while most of these guys weren't. They were a mixed bag though. Stereotypes are too easy to apply and a lot gets looked over without a closer look.

Some of these guys actually had smarts but acted dumb because they were afraid of being labeled 'eggheads' or thought of as sissies.

You might recall I set them straight when I had my 'serial fight' with one of them.

Yes you can have brains and the ability to fight. They kinda go together. You can have brains and grease your hair and wear a leather jacket. Big tip from Captain Obvious: It's what's inside that counts.

It would be interesting to see how these guys have fared over the years.

Like anyone style over substance loses. Just look at the socialist 'utopia'.

Style as an individual expression of Freedom always wins.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Day

It is the anniversary of Lexington/Concord and more.

Waco and Oklahoma City come to mind.

Moments of triumph or tragedy, they are always days that cost something. In all of the days mentioned, the cost was lives.

The first were fights for Freedom and were ultimately successful. The others were incidents meant to help install tyranny and were partially successful.

Lessons can be learned from both.

Application on all levels of what to do and what not to do are there for the elucidation of all.

Every day has meaning.

Make each day meaningful.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ancestors And Now

I've talked about this before. Now I'm talking about it again.

I have, in my time run into prejudice, bigotry. At it's worst a defense mechanism by people hurting. They don't want to face their own fears, so they lash out. It is also a tool of evil, whether the bigots are conscious of that factor or not.

Discrimination in and of itself may not be a bad thing, however. It is a word that has been used by collectivists to condition people into thinking we must accept anything shoved down our throats.

And if we oppose collectivist tyranny, they claim we are bigots or, get this, the current popular smear, 'haters'.

We have a right to choose what is right for us, as long as it doesn't harm others. I don't dig it, but that would include peacefully living away from people of any stripe.

Me, I dig variety. But some people are just darn difficult to live with. Especially when they want to take rights away. It's a symptom of mental illness known as controlling due to lack of self.

All that color of skin and beliefs hoohah doesn't cut it. Differences are used by collectivists aka our enemies, to drive us apart and keep us there. Actually, differences make the world go around. Keep in mind there should be a common thread that binds us.

That's America. We are different yet the same, not we are different and that's it.

Cultural differences take a back seat to our Freedom.

Oh yes, about the title.

Ancestors are a great thing to have. Without them we wouldn't be here.

Most of mine were apparently decent folks. But they were human and subject to flaws. Even the scurrilous ones were in place or there would be no me.

In spite of their sins and triumphs and ours, we are here.

Broken record again. We are now.

It's our turn.

New Orleans Nuance

There is more to the Katrina events than met the eye.

There are lots of dramas either unpublished, ignored or kept close to the vest.

Let's say, for the sake of conversation, that what I discuss here are several 'what ifs', a series of hypothetical situations based on hearsay.

First, not all guns were confiscated in New Orleans. It's a big city and its suburbs spill out.

Yes, some guns were stolen by the cops. Notable events stand out, such as the bar owner who was doing just fine and even had some business, offering his bar as a place to cope with the crisis. He had successfully fended off several brigands, until the cops, several of whom came from other jurisdictions to aid their 'brother' only ones (especially after many NOPD lit out, deserting their posts), took his shotgun and pistol. Then the predators robbed him.

Another sterling example of police state work was the disarming of an elderly lady which was recorded and disseminated at YouTube among other places.

She was explaining to the thugs, who she should never have allowed willingly into her home, that she was quite self sufficient. She had ample food and water, which she should never have shown them. Then the ultimate mistake; she let them see her revolver, stating she could also protect herself. These a$$holes then wrested it from her grip, hurting this elderly lady. They were physically and verbally abusive.

If it were me, I'd have their asses in a sling legally, individually civil suing them, making their lives so uncomfortable maybe they would even regret their actions. At least they would pay. Of course, finding out where they lived would be above the law. Then again they thought they were above the law.

Oh, yes these outstanding pieces of shite were from Cali, Highway Patrol?

Bet she never got her gun back. Those from whom they were stolen had a devil of a time reclaiming any stolen property. A bunch of legal rigmarole led them on an unmerry chase.

What I'm getting at was what I said originally. Not everyone got their guns taken. Some defended themselves. Of course, criminals did, between robberies, burglaries and rape. They always have guns.

But, decent honest citizens did as well. There was resistance. Some eluded police and troops. They studied the patterns of patrol and the methods. Some were simply under the wire. When a net is cast, some fish escape. Some played cat and mouse. Knowing the patterns, there were those who would vex their wannabe masters. Thus some of the gunfire heard was harassing, suppressing etc.

The official reports described the gunfire coming from thugs. Indeed some did as in thugs with badges firing on townspeople in response to said harassment. Some did respond to criminal behavior. But, how could one tell the criminals from the cops with many openly stealing themselves?

A certain percentage of the 'deliverers' were actually repelled. And, I cannot confirm this, but it is probable, that a few 'authorities' ended up missing.

As to whether they deserted or for some other reason only conjecture could tell. You decide.


Not your little dog too, though that could have metaphoric significance.

In toto, the sum of all parts. Every bit of it counts, though much is overlooked.

It is in the bits that we often rise or fall.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned in life. Recalling them all at once might be daunting. But they are around nontheless.

Yet here we are, in one maybe not quite neat package. It's how most people see one another.

They (Freedom suckers) try to pick us apart bit by bit. We should pick them apart instead. Quit being nice and expose collectivistds etc for the Freedom sucking mokes they are.

Yes, they are the sum of their parts. It's important to know that and study why they are what they are.

Being literate and even civil as well as low voiced and not shrill are great things to do. Then again so are being to the point and loud work. Depends on the situation.

Let the sum be appropriate to the mass.

Take apart and put together.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bullying Today

I don't like bullies. Whether it's grade school or gov., I despise them and what they do.

Guess this is a tandem piece to the last one 'Serial Fight'. So, Captain Obvious says read it first. Or after this. I won't bully you -s-.

I am very concerned about the way bullying is treated these days. As stated in Serial Fight', things have changed. It has to do with the collectivist mindset conditioning people to accept help when the normal way of things is for self help. Perhaps there is advice and support, but one helps oneself. That was the way I was taught and is the way I have taught the kids.

Now kids are bullied and commit suicide. It's not epidemic as the lamestream press would have us think. And oh, I'm not a dickhead without compassion. It is my compassion that reaches out to people to find solutions. I am sorry for the loss.

But many have lost the capacity to deal with bullying. We must be coddled and protected instead of controlling our own destinies. Jeez, cops are made to call supervisors routinely when faced with decisions previous generations would solve or at least decide for themselves on the spot.

Kids, or anyone can actually be punished for fighting back, physically or otherwise. Kids are arrested and or thrown out of school for defending themselves. Other folks are sometimes arrested for defending themselves with or without firearms. Not all the time, but enough to show things have changed.

When the kids entered school outside the home, we made clear if they were attacked that they would defend themselves. From what I've seen we were fortunate as we got little resistance. There are still some old school schoolers.

Of course, zero tolerance rules mostly, thus all parties are thrown out and adjuticated. Then there are the kids who get tossed for carrying Swiss army knives. A girl at Pike High school here in Indy was castigated and suspended for having one. never mind it was something she carried a long time and used to scrape rosin from her violin bow.

It's all about the endeavor to control our every action. Micromanaging gone rabid.

The cure to this is to confront it as the bully IT is.

We must resist and hold these control freaks to task relentlessly.

It's like my motto of REconstructing while the enemy DEconstructs.

As far as understanding what causes bullying, I have no objections to this. It's how the subject is approached. Understanding has become coddling or to be nice, ahem, appeasement.

Poor Johnny feels inadequate so let's reason.

Nope. If Johnny offends, he should be punished and made to realize there are consequences for his or her, actions.

If Johnny is genuinely, say, sociopathic, then johnny should be permanently removed from the populace.

Don't back down, take some licks but finish the fight.

If we knuckle under, the bullies will finish the job.

And as I said before, never turn your back on an opponnent.

The Serial Fight

I may have told this one before. It's worth repeating.

I never have looked for a fight. Conflict has always found me. And then, I never started the fight. But I always finished it.

Once, in Junior High, this came to a particular head.

I was a quiet unassuming kid. As I've mentioned before, I was a prankster. I did my fair share of 'devilment' as my Great Grandmother called it. I never tried to harm anybody.

That quiet attitude could be mistaken for weakness. Big mistake.

Among other things, I seem to have inherited my Dad's gift for communicating with many different people. Then there are some who just don't care.

So it was with a band of punks or greasers as we called them way back when. Some of these guys were ok and a group of us worked out at the same gym etc.

There were some others who simply had it in for me. The reason? Maybe they didn't like a self reliant kid who minded his own business, who was different himself and didn't go for conformity nor group aka gang activities.

They thought I was a twinkle toes, sissy or something, at least that was the excuse for targetting me.

The harrassment got so bad, a particular punk and I arranged to meet on the grade school field of honor. We met behind the church across the street for a little knuckle dusting.

It started out with us circling one another, sizing up the situation. Or neither of us were gung ho about it lol. but as has been said, there comes a point where you have to stand up.

Eventually we mixed it up and each landed a couple of blows, including a cut above his left eye and a black one for me. One of his cohorts loaned him his pointed boots (Who was the real sissy? -s-) thinking he could land some kind of decisive kick somewhere as the fight was not going well for him. Wrong. Thanks to my big Brother and his ROTC instructors, I knew more than these bozos had 'learned' watching movies. It did not work well for him and the concensus was to apply some kind of code for the rest of the fight.

At that point, the pastor came storming out, remonstrating us and kicking us off the church lot.

With that, we adjourned to the back lot of a nearby filling station. There was a low brick wall separating the station from the field and a line of trees near the alley. Alone at last except for cars near rush hour lol, even a couple of cop cars. Funny, they never stopped.

The fight continued for a while and after wearing this moke down, remembering it would be unwise to apply some of the techniques taught me by my Bro and the Sergeants, I wore the moke down.

He ran. And as a sign of disapproval, his fellow gangers spat on him as he ran, covering his jacket with hockers. Junior High justice.

Mr. Tanoli, the gym teacher and a member of the Indy Captitols football team, walked in the library the next day to start Health and Safety class. First thing he said was,'Who won Mike?' I simply quietly said that I did. There were cheers. I was never bothered again, in Junior High. High School had new challenges, new territory.

I almost forgot. It was there previously that the 'affair of honor' was arranged. Mr. Tanoli didn't interfere, nor did he attend. He left it to us as it should be. He just wanted a fair fight.

I stood up for myself. I took a couple of blows but gave back with interest.

I got home way late for a school night. Mom, in her classic style, saw the blackening eye and a bump on my nose, bruised fists etc. 'Michael St. Clair Hiland, what have you been doing?' She was always one for stating the obvious lol.

'I've been fighting Mom. And I won.'

She left me alone. I simply told her what happened and that there was nothing else to do. There was nothing much for her to do. I think she was just glad I wasn't seriously hurt -s-.

The moke who challenged me seemed to shrink into the woodwork. I was not bothered again. There had been other runins before, but this was the capper.

Imagine what would happen now. I'm not even going to describe. You know the drill.
Terrorism, jail, juvie, expelled...

Threats and guns etc. Generations of entitlement and self indulgence have bred this situation rife with psychopathic mokes who think violence is manhood and winning is killing. Great grist for antigunners.

Except there are a bunch of us who remember what it was like and have imparted how to be men and women.

And in case any doubt we can weather the storm, take the blows and come out on top, let me remind you one of the things my Brother taught me.

Never turn your back on an opponent.

And that stuff my Bro and the Sergeants taught me that I wouldn't have employed in a school fight? I'm not in school anymore.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


So I'm divorced. Life goes on. And so does the matchmaking.

I'm fortunate that I'm not deluged with remarks like 'Oh my wife has a friend', my sister just got divorced, 'we know a great gal', etc. Thanks but no thanks. When the time comes for dating etc, I make that decision for myself.

It's as though people think you must be lonely and just can't bear being 'alone'. Alone is not lonely to me. It is being on my own.

It might be in part 'misery loves company', but not always. I think people honestly believe others can't get on with life save for a partner.

That may be true for some, such as an elderly person who has had a lengthy relationship and feels truly lost. This I understand. but some of us are not wired that way.

I prefer being alone. After 20 years, I have looked forward to living alone save for the kids, thpugh my son is 21 and daughter nearly 16.

And yes, I have been a yenta, ie someone who matchmakes, when It comes to the kids, but not seriously. They are both capable of making independent choices. If they seek my advice, I will give it. And yes, I give advice, admittedly whether always asked or not. It depends how one does that. Using a hammer or a key makes a difference.

It's a matter of trust. I trust my kids. they trust me. So we have some give and take.

And as well intentioned as it may be, please trust me. I make up my own mind when it comes to relationships.

And after the misadventures of my previous marriage, I like living on my own. It's very good for her too. That's divorce. Leave me alone and I leave you alone.

I need my space, man -s-.


It used to be a mark of wisdom. Age was revered. Nowadays not as much.

I see these inane commercials where some chick is so repulsed by some dude with grey in his beard, or he's bald, or too 'small' etc. Oh lordy!

Our personal fears are played upon and it seems to work with some. I figure take me as I am. Sure I'll put my best foot forward. I even shower and apply deodoranr -s-.

Far as age goes, I've known older people who are dumb as a box of rocks or are double distilled a$$holes. Generally I give them benefit of the doubt and I practice common courtesy, unless there is a reason not to do so.

What's terrible is the disdain some have for older folks. So many things in Hollywood are youth oriented to the exclusion of people who often actually pay for the stuff kids buy.

A certain amount of that is ok. But it's disproportionate. I'm reminded that a group of older writers sued and won against some of the studios. The reason for the suit was discrimination as younger writers were hired, excluding age and experience.

My kids have respect for their elders, with the same caveat I apply. I told one of my daughter's friends that everyone has to be some age.

I get ribbed about my back and eyesight. And I rib back that age and skill/stealth can overcome youth and strength.

Actually it does boil down to what you do with what you've got.

If it weren't for the past, where would the future go?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Touchy Feely

The bureaucratic monsters at TSA are at it again like a mishapen juggernaut bent on destruction.

I watched a traumatized six year old girl being poked and prodded by one of the oafs with a cracerjack badge on the news.

She pleaded for her parents to make them stop. The parents were 'powerless' to stop these jackoffs. Uhuh.

I've had dealings with the local mokes who run TSA in Indiana.

David Kane is the Federal Security Director for TSA Indianapolis. He certainly enjoys his position and can't help bragging about the latest outrages violating our Freedom. His is the 'reasonable' companionable face of these Freedom suckers.

One of the last times I wore my gun at the Statehouse before our civil rights were violated, I had taken the bus downtown. That very day TSA tried searches at selected busstops. Fortunately, they didn't molest me. I would have refused and ambled down the street. The idea so far has not caught on.

I told Kane I had taken the bus. Oh Indygo didn't 'allow' guns on board their buses. I told him what they didn't know didn't hurt them. And I certainly expressed my disdain for his little experiment for checkpoints at busstops. He just smiled and told be to be careful lol. I told him I always was -s-.

Suffice it to say, I'm well known in town re security issues. Don't know about no fly list as I haven't flown in years.

The following is a link to an actual TSA blog re a seemingly fictitious story about troops being searched in Indianapolis. Blogger Bob is the TSA shill. NB how he manipulates the subject. It's lengthy so try speed reading lol.

There is a lot of skepticism but only one person echoed my feelings that TSA should be disbanded.

The bureaucratic excuses run rampant.

Afraid I'd get in trouble because if someone touched my kid, I'd have to respond.

We'd see though it's gov, how a dedicated campaign of lawsuits would feel.

There have been efforts but once entrenched, the only solution is dissolution.

Flying is way down and the industry has been hurting. It's not enough.

This abuse continues because it is allowed to continue.

Where will it end?

The long trail of abuses originally led to a War of Independence.

So ot will today if these mokes do not cease and desist.

True Or False

Maybe it should be called truth or consequences.

False allegations. Such as the recent case of a high school teacher accused of having sex with one of her students. Sounds like a broken record.

It was proven conclusively that she was innocent and the kid who accused her was a serial liar. It isn't always the case of course. There are plenty of monsters looking for opportunities to take advantage aka rape kids. And the packaging doesn't make any difference.

One of the female teachers convicted of having sex with her students was actually rather foxy looking, at least as far as I could see. But looks are abrogated when such an abomination is committed. They aren't all gnarly looking raincoat donning freaks. Ted Bundy looked like a yuppie.

Yet, there is something about these things. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. I believe that. Look at their eyes. There is something blank. Or worse, something murkily malevolent.

Then look at the eyes of parents separated from their children by the horrible bureaucracy perpetrated against them. Bewildered and lost, severed from those they most dearly love.

I am first to tell you that any parent who betrays trust should be dealt with. But what of those who are decent honest people who care for their kids? What if they are falsely accused of hurting their kids?

I have worked for the rights of noncustodial parents. I have seen how sick malicious parents have schooled their own children to lie concerning abuse.

It's as repulsive as the actual child rapists who have always plagued society.

There is no cure for it. There is only containment or eradication.

Falsity cannot be confronted with truth alone. It must be dealt with action.

Don't just take it.

Chase the chasers.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


But may be the biggest word next to if for ramifications.

It's a qualfier.

You can have welfare but... You can have freebies but... You can have guns but... You can have healthcare but... And on and on...

It can express doubt and reticence. I'd like to help but... I'd write Congress but... I'm sorry about kids who get raped but... I know the gov is controlling us more but... I'd like to make a stand but...

Where but for the grace of God go I.

In reality buts are running in short supply. What was once a comfortable way of either copping out or being threatened, people are being held accountable.

We are called to do right, no ifs ands nor buts...

13 Points

That's all that kept Butler from claiming the Championship.

Almost, that word again, but not quite.

Butler has always had good teams. I remember how good sports were years ago. And among my friends at school were several sports people including a Halftime Honey -s-. I've always been cross cultural relating to people. It's who you are, not what you are.

Sports are not necessarily 'bread and circuses' any more than a couple of drinks are bad for you, unless of course they are. They can be good stress relief, depending on the emphasis.

Some of the participants actually have interests outside their work. That's healthy. A little time away can make us better at what we do.

Enough rambling huh (lol)?

The drive that contributes to winning can keep one going in the shadow of defeat. It might be initially devastating, but what then?

Are you going to cave or rise above?

Apply this to anything else. Anything.

Haqve a setback. Wallow in self pity and sympathy or work through the pain and be strengthened by empathy.

Kinda cliche stuff here.

But cliches are based in truth.

Fall down, stay down.

Fall down, get up and go for it, again and again and again til you win.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Greaser And The Sergeant

A certain JROTC Sergeant was leaving campus to go to his car and head home.

He, along with the other Sergeant at this high school, were World War 2 vets. They both had served in the Pascific theater. Many were their stories of war at the gut level. They relayed these tales never to brag in some warped way, but to instill in their students the realities of war. They described the way war affected them and the reasons for waging it at the time it occured.

They could be quiet, even soft spoken at times, though not when barking commands lol. These Sergeants had served well and knew there was never anything to prove, there was just doing.

As he approached, lounging on his car was a greaser. Those were the guys romanticized in Grease. The moniker came from the hair oil and greasy preps that decorated their hair, swept back often with a curl hanging on the forehead and a 'ducktail' of hair in the back. That was the way the lateral hair came together in back, meeting in the middle.

Now, I used Score and VO5. I looked like a bad Dracula wannabe -s-. It was the attitude that most of these guys had. Arrogant a$$holes, usually lazy and disdainful of education. Of course there were some who weren't and I might talk of stereotypes another time.

This guy leaning on the hood of the Sergeant's car was of the former ilk. A troublemaker, he'd been thrown out of school before. He was a bully and may have dropped out. He may have woken up and made something positive of himself. Don't know. But it's what happened next that I recall.

Seeing this miscreant leaning on his hood, the Sergeant warned him to get up and move away.

The punk just smirked and didn't move.

With that, the Sergeant picked him up and threw him to the ground.

That was it. He didn't try anything else and slunk away, end of story.

And it was. The Sergeant suffered no repurcussions for assaulting a student. The student was banned from the campus.

Imagine if that happened now. The Sergeant would probably be at least remonstrated if not fired for assault. The punk's parents would probably file chaqrges against the Sergeant and the school.

Poor baby. He was just misunderstood.

BS! He had been allowed to get as far as he did. The Sergeant put an end to it, at least as far as pulling crap on campus goes.

I'm not here to debate what's happened in the States. That should be obvious to most. Of course, many don't. It's why I publish stuff here and the people featured to the right on this page and many more, get out the word.

Incidentally, the Sergeant only threw him to the ground. He could have done so much more. Hand to hand combat with Banzai chargers and cleaning out rat's nests island to island gave him plenty of experience. The kid got off lucky.

And the Sergeant was in complete control of himself. That made him and his fellow instructor great role models for up and coming future members of armed forces.

This was a man who took his oath seriously. He took Freedom seriously.

There are those today like him. But oh my pc is wrapping itself around them.

They still have that personal power that made them responsible then and now. And when things get rough, they will stand with other citizens and get rougher.

There are fewer now.

But along with the rest of us, there are enough.

An Almost Life


A word 'almost' as big as 'if'.

Almost can be devastating.

Several POWs almost escaped from Stalag Luft Drei aka the 'great escape', as in several were murdered many recaptured and more not able to escape at all.

Almost can be an excuse.

What if someone puts some effort into something and fails? They can say they tried then wallow in the excuse that they just couldn't make it. Halfhearted effort yields the hoped for response. It's safe to almost succeed.

Hey, Yoda said 'there is no try, there is only doing' or something like that. The point is for some things almost doesn't cut it.

To have made an effort and fail for me means I'm gonna make an effort til I succeed. Jeez, I sound like one of those late night commercials for motivational (fill in the blank).

Some things just don't tolerate failure, such as Restoring the Republic. There is no almost. We either take back what has been lost as it were or we do not.

Be even more persistent than those deconstructing. Construct bit by bit. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

Gradually, there will be no more almost. There will be well done.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I think it was the Star Trek OS episode 'Miri' where the long lived kids used to have foolies. That would be pranks designed most likely to fool the rabid adults so that the kids survived.

April Fools Day was fun for me as a kid. Always a prankster, never harmful, I loved to 'surprise' people.

Sometimes in the realm of foolies, the tables can be turned. It's part of the fun, the give and take of pranking. You wait for the right moment and counterstrike -s-. It's a great way to break the ice and make friends. As for those who don't like practical jokes, I avoid people without a sense of humor.

One of the common pranks is to declare something that one wouldn't usually say or do. Or, a statement is made that is unlikely or hoped would happen.

Say a gunowner says he/she is giving up his/her guns. Haha. Or how about a funny from my Bro's school paper, 'Russia Invades The US!' Hoho. Or the current Administration rescinds all gun laws. Hehe.

Sometime maybe I'll talk about past April Folls jokes. But hey, not today. If I told everything, there would be no mystery. It would be boring lol.

To accept a joke or prank pulled well with good grace is healthy.If you have a thin skin stay home.

Ok, how can so many be fooled for so long by politicians into thinking all is either well or going completely to hell? It's the road too often travelled. It's the same mindset that wants to be taken care of, to be told what to do.

Get those people scuba suits. Yep, they are deep in 'de Nile'.

Now, I'm gonna give up and abandon any effort to be free. I'm puttin' my mind on hold and doin' what I'm told.


Wouldn't want to disappoint my fam and fans lol.

And I sure as hell won't disappoint those who would be our masters.

They'd miss me.