Tuesday, March 30, 2010



It's clear what went on.
Thanks to Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street Irregulars he makes clear what went down.


It was well planned and the effect will continue. The name Hutaree will go down in infamy, thanks to fed exploitation of a fringe group. And as Mike says, militia will be equivocated with copkiller.

Psychological warfare indeed.

For years the tv press and Hollywood have given militia a dirty tinge, both in stories of the Islamofascist 'militias' and any mention of militia in movies and tv shows.

There has been only a lumping together as though the Constitutional Militia lays claim to the Islamo or the fringe groups like Hutaree.

Never are any who stand for Freedom shown to be decent honest Americans who want to Restore the Republic.

There have been a few attempts at a message in the ravioli re what's happening.

But the liberals etc. are like fleas infesting an old dog.

All the same are we to the liberal fools. But now some are going to increase the demonization.
And in the mind of many a cop and 'man in the street', any 3per, militia member, Freedom lover will be a copkiller or terrorist.

Then we must maintain the high ground and as I've said reconstruct what they deconstruct.

Expose THEM and show the ultimate instability that is the lot of the liberal.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Re Windows Etc

Can't imagine anyone coming here first, but if you do, please get to War On Guns and especially Sipsey Street Irregulars.

Note the handy links to the side here.

Mike Vanderboegh is doing well expressing himself as usual.

There is quite a stir re the window breaking at Demo hqs round the country and much talk of the health crap bill/now unconsttitutional 'law'.

Show your support for Mike and his efforts and express yourselves as to what we must do now and in the future to bring back this Republic.

As they say in the theater before a performance, 'break a leg' or, in this case, break a window -s-.

Incident On 10th Street

I've had quite a few incidents over the years while at our Neareastside 'gulag' (classier than ghetto).

My son and I were walking somewhere when a guy crossed the street and asked directions to a homeless shelter.

He advanced toward us and I ordered him to keep his distance. He balked and I insisted.

Engaging me in conversation, he tried to flank me, even with my son to the side watching.

I gave him directions to the biggest homeless shelter in the area, in the opposite direction from which he came.

All the time, he tried to inch closer. Did he think he could take us both?

I issued a final warning, indicating if he kept advancing, I'd defend myself. We counterflanked him, keeping a wide berth.

The whole time, we watched for the slightest hand movement.

He decided to live another night and went on, in the direction away from the shelter, of course, but leaving us alone.

The complete event took a very short time to transpire.

We kept moving ever observant.

I mention this now because what seems to be transpiring concerning the health care issue and responses to it.

The libs advance. We warn. They try to flank us and we warn we will defend ourselves.

Will they live another night?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Paddy's Day

In my shortest entry yet, I hope everyone takes care today.

Tis a day for amateur drinkers, so I will stop for a quick one then repair to my home for some Harp beer and Jamesons with my family.

Have fun, but be responsible.

Irish blood (Connolly on Dad's side and Nolan on Mom's) flows through my veins.

It's the one day the St. Clair takes a back seat lol.

Memories of Freedom (Michael Collins) and friendship (Patrick McGoohan) come to the fore.

Erin Go Bragh!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taking Care

When I was a teen, I spent a great deal of time helping to take care of my Dad, who fell gravely ill.

It took up a lot of my time. That time cut into my social life.

My Dad, even dying, wanted me to have time of my own. He encouraged me in my studies. And I managed a life outside the house.

Mostly now, I guess, people are transferred to 'retirement communities'.

It seems like mass isolation.

Sure, I know it takes a lot of time and money to care for someone in the home. And some things are best done elsewhere. Then there are hospices nowadays. At least there are more choices. And I DON'T mean 'Sotero care'.

Yet, I don't regret helping my Dad.

It gave us time together that would have evaporated otherwise.

When I'm among the old, whatever that is, I don't want to burden my kids with care, though. We've already had a lot of time together.

Maybe I can get a pretty nurse -s-.

Time will tell.

Taking care encompasses taking care of oneself too.

When I DJ'd, I waxed philosophically at the end of the night.

'Taking care, so that you can take care of yourself, then take care of others.'

I believe in that for families friends and the Republic.

Taking care of ourselves is important so that if needs be, we can live on even under the worst circumstances.

Being healthy in thinking is just as important as body. I'll throw spirit in the mix as well.

It may be that we will pull together as extended families when there is a crisis demanding it.

If the situation gets graver and I think it will, there will be much suffering.

It will be easier the more we can pull together.

But even relatively alone, we can be taking care.

For the sake of the Republic, taking care, so we can take care of ourselves and take care of one another.

Republic, Democracy Or What?

I have had discussions or cussing outs with many a pragmatic soul about the state of our country.

One guy is baffled when I say we have a democracy now instead of a Republic.

Better, we have a Republic in outward form while the interior has been altered for socialist America.

But the structure has been warped so that the function has changed and could continue to rot.

I needn't elaborate all the details. Many of you 3pers and Freedom lovers in general know, including that occasional person who has helped make it that way (aka gov agent), who comes here seeking (fill in the blank), what's happened. That would include the socialist 'health care law', that was passed with vast disapproval of the American people. In spite of that opposition, it was rammed through Congress. So, even the exterior is cracked at this point.

We can still try to change the shape of Congress. There is talk that elections could be suspended. That comes up every time we sink in the flood. I think they will continue, though their value has degraded.

We had best prepare for the worst and caution/awaken as many as we can to the inevitable conclusion, which would be civil war.

Some just stick their fingers in their ears and yell as loud as they can. It can't happen here, they say.

This same guy suggests that UN troops coming here in response to war will never occur. He insists the American people would never let it happen.

Dans les yeux d'un cochon.

So many are coddled and entitled now along with being suborned by illegals that their is sufficient likelihood that it can happen.

I'm not talking farfetched conspiracy, I'm talking circumstances that could swiftly mount.

I offer Matt Bracken's 'Enemies' trilogy as a probable scenario.

Of course, the real thing would alter, but nonetheless, their is sufficient groundwork thanks to the traitors in DC and the States for concern.

Also, we keep eroding structure at a faster rate than all the preceding years.

And the crapola storm recently concerning the aftermath of Congressional treachery and ongoing demonization of militias evidences that very trend.

Will the feds push? Or will there be more downslide first and many who want Restoration of the Constitutional Republic taken out 'legally' in unconstitutional courts or with martial force?

Be vigilant and keep the high ground that we have because we wish to bring the states back to the form established by the Founders.

Expose and make accusations against those who have raped our Rights.

Go to the marches coming up, talk and arm yourselves.

Come what may, we will prevail and there will be no question as to whether we are a Republic, democracy or just a blip station for one world collectivism.

Justice will come and we will Restore the Republic!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sorry Didn't Do It

I've seen many a kid try to say 'sorry' when found at fault.

And when it's mine, I tell them sorry didn't do it, they did. I have then exacted appropriate punishment.

Often, sorry is used as a lame free pass by people so shallow, they have never or rarely been called on the carpet. There is a heavy price to pay when people are not made to feel responsible for their own mistakes or at least punished, for some of these interlopers don't care.

We often pay for these others in so many ways.

I have no doubt much of Congress has this attitude. Just look at the track record.

They deserve to made known that THEY are the perpetrators who are ruining the Republic. They need a smack on their backsides.

The flat of the sword of truth comes figuratively to mind -s-.

It only gets worse unless they are given no option bt to do right or step down.

They will decide their own punishment.

Ohoh. That sounds sooo provocative.

There is a particular person who ascribes to the sorry lip service. Once, he said 'sorry about that' then proceeded to mutter threats and epithets at me. He's only hurting himself and the time will come when payment for crime is rendered.

It is the historic warning to these gov brats that WE the People want them to do right or leave eventually if needs be by arrest.

When the time comes, they will know as will the world that sorry didn't do it.

They did.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


It's where our enemies try to end run us.

They are trying to rob us of kids who think for themselves.

There is such enthusiasm among the youth.

We have tried to inspire independent thinking in our kids.

Yet, we know there are those who try to muddy the waters and they will try all through the rest of their education and frequently in all of life.

Many of us have weathered storms whether just attempts at confusion or outright attacks on our credibility.

Some of us have lost friends and family taking a stand for Freedom.

Certainly recently some of us have had attempts at either character assassination or attempted damage to our psyches/stress levels.

We weather the storm with dogged determination that we will triumph, that we will make this Republic what it should be.

Teach the children well.

Teach them to think for themselves and to question.

My kids and I don't agree about everything. We are not in robotic lockstep.

Yet, concerning Freedom and the purpose for which we are here, our love of history sees us through.

It takes effort to raise kids to be independent thinkers and doers.

It's worth more than its weight in gold.

All the time, collectivists hammer us and try to take as many kids with them that they can.

One of their 'hopes' is that those of a certain generation will die out and not leave enough to take up the banner of the Republic.

The libs take their time, whittling away at Liberty.

If only they can take the great energy of youth and channel it into idealistic efforts to further, unbeknownst to them, their own enslavement. Unthinking verve is like a flood, rushing and destructive.

If we take an active hand in determining how kids think, we can show the libs for the shallow manipulators they are.

And that flood becomes a force of nature that cuts through like a stream irrigating the fields of Liberty.

And if you have no kids of your own, 'adopt' some.

Be an example of what to be in spite of any flaws you have.

Show how to rise above them for the lasting good of Freedom.


There is a significant amount of information about the number 6.

It is the human number aka mankind.

Vav is the Hebrew letter representing six.

Shaped like a hook, it is the 'vav' of connection. Mostly translated as 'and'.

Example: Bereshit (Genesis) 1:1, God created the heavens and (vav) the earth.
Kinda ties together body, mind, spirit.

There is also the six winged angel that can connect to god.

The six pointed star aka the house of David. That star has much more of a significance re male and female and more.

Then there is the cube. It takes up space. It is six sided. It is a constant.

Six means completion, as is the universe and north, south, east, west, above and below.

Yet, there is much to rectify in that creation.

There is the six day creation story. Man was created on the sixth day.

Of course there is the famoous 666 attributed to antichrist in Revelation.

It can refer to how Lucifer was made lord of the earth thus trying to hijack creation and rewrite it in a new matrix.

We had a doozy of a time chatting about that and Eschatology in general when i was studying for the Lutheran Ministry.

The number is affirmed by repeating it three times. It invokes nothing unless somebody wanted to invoke what I call bad juju.

There is hidden power in numbers according to some. But numbers are just that, as are colors shapes and any number of things.

All can be used for weal or woe.

Bet some of you are wondering if I've gone off the deep end.


I feel it's important to mention there is a spiritual aspect to life.

Again, I'm not asking anyone to agree or disagree.

In the time I knew Patrick McGoohan, we never talked of the Prisoner, let alone Secret Agent, so there was no talk of 6 and/or its meaning for the character of Number 6.

I think Pat liked to leave that up to whatever conclusions each person came to.

Wikipedia has a comprehensive list of meanings for 6 including mathematical, scientific, spiritual meanings as well as use in art and film etc.

And most importantly, we come back to Freedom.

The fact is I can express what I wish here. I have covered a pretty eclectic patchwork.

To me that's life and I wouldn't have it any other way -s-.

And though I disagree with some about many things, I will indeed defend their right to see things as they wish.

Here's a bit of a postscript:

I started this article some time ago, as seen by the publishing date.
Since then, we have had a move by feds to arrest and stop a group of very fundamental Christian militia folks.

They can believe whatever they wish and do as they wish, unless it is detrimental to others.

I've heard they might be trying to Fort Sumter with the feds. If so, they should stop.

We must keep the high ground and be ready to defend ourselves if attacked.

They should consider that fomenting a fight could be considered murder.

If, on the other hand, it is the beginning of some culling of Freedom lovers, then heaven help us all.

Then numbers will have a very basic meaning.


Don't get cocky.

Satisfaction is ok as long as it's temporary.

There are always new goals, new challenges.

I have always enjoyed satisfaction at a job well done. There are so many.

Yet resting on laurels leads to stagnation.

Fairly obvious, but I like to shake myself up and pass it along.

Past mistakes are at least as important to remember, study, analyze.

Satisfaction like fame is fleeting.

There is no satisfaction at a job left undone. There are so many.

And to those who deem it satisfactory to pass a collectivist health bill, may you be dismayed at how we deem you unsatisfactory.

I will be satisfied when we Restore this Republic.

Well, it will always need fine tuning and protection against the self satisfied -s-.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Supremes

Here we go again.

The 2A is what it is and says what it says.

"Let the laws be clear, uniform and precise;
to interpret laws is almost always to corrupt them."
-- Voltaire
[Fran├žois Marie Arouet] (1694-1778)

(Now this takes its place as my shortest entry.)

Texas Declaration And Constitution

The latter was cobbled together while on the run from Santa Anna before San Jacinto.

The former was signed while the Alamo was besieged.

Both documents borrowed heavily from the US Declaration and Constitution.

The increasing tyranny of Santa Anna was countered and a new nation was born.

Slavery, however, was maintained and an owner could not free slaves without permission from the Congress.

Neither Indians nor Blacks could become citizens.

Hispanics and Anglos fought side by side for Freedom, though in retrospect it was watered down with the aforementioned policies.

Slavery, of course, continued in the States til the end of the War of Northern Agression ended in 1865.

This slavery issue is the bugaboo the collectivists point to in order to show how flawed our history and system are.

The issue was not as simple as the libs would like it to be.

It took time for the economy to shift and actually slavery was on its way out as early as the Founding of the united States. It was a system that died hard and so textured that I urge all to research our Founding and the Texian Revolution to see how intricate it was.

Slavery and infighting were endemic to all peoples, white red and black. Multiply that with trying to launch a government.

First things first was what Franklin said, concerning slavery at the time of the signing of the Declaration in 1776 (Franklin, btw, was first president of the first antislavery society in the States.).

And it was that way in Texas, whose history was tumultuous until and even after it became a State. There were continued naval battles with Mexico all through the brief history of the country. And though hostilities officially stopped when the Mexican War ended, there was a Mexican enmity that exists even to this day (Reconquista, Aztlan, La Raza anyone?).

Nothing comes easily.

That is the difference between those of us who want to Restore the Republic and the collectivists who want a democracy.

They think all would be easier if we let the state handle our lives.

Is that not nouveau slavery?

And in spite of all the mistakes, have we not come to a better life in America?

We have been tried in battle both militarily and socially, and we have come out with more than we entered.

The race baiters and other hate mongers would continue to divide us. It is easier to control/conquer people at odds, because united we are unbeatable.

They will not stop until we are one big puddle of complacency. We cannot have a Bill of Rights in the collectivist 'paradise'. We can only have what government deems good for us, given to us with a pat on the head, 'for our own good'.


It is for the good of those who benefit by controlling us and yes profit from it.

Slavery indeed.

We must not stop til we are Free.

We must restore the principles that bore us.

We must learn from history lest our enemies rewrite it.

We are Free in our hearts.

We must strive to be Free in deed as well.

So be different, but unite.

Don't give up our uniqueness. Now THAT'S diversity for we blend into the mix, the melting pot.

We are rich in heritage and have more in common than apart.

Stop the enemy.

E Pluribus Unum.