Sunday, June 1, 2008

Canadian Border Gun Questions

A guy on a list that I frequent mentioned a trip to Canada recently. He had business to finish, contracts to conclude. Of course, he had to pass through the checkpoint. No problem. I wish we had this along the southwestern border. It's the nature of some of the questions that has me wondering.

First, the questions were routine. He was asked if he were a citizen of the US or Canada. US. Why was he entering Canada? His unfinished business, which he explained. What kind of work? He further elucidated. After several questions re his particular work, it 'got interesting' as this guy said.

'Do you have any guns?' No. 'I mean do you own any guns?' He stated he had none with him. More insistently, 'But do you own any guns?' He was incredulous. The govdrone persisted. 'Do you have any guns at home? How many?' (????) He gave an estimate as to how many. Remember this guy was on his way back to complete work and he was tired to boot. 'How many handguns?' (WTF?) He mentioned a couple. 'What kind?' He mentioned Glock 23 and 26. 'You like the Glocks so much?' He mentioned the grip suited him. 'OK. And you have no guns in the van?' He stated he wouldn't bring them 'up here'. 'OK. Go on.'

WTF does a sovereign country's rep have asking these questions? Sure, ask what is the reason for entry. I've been asked that. Even the type of business etc. Like I said, we should have that on the southern border. But the Canadian Government has NO business asking a citizen of another sovereign country what he owns , and what kind. I'm surprised the drone didn't ask why. Then again, that wouldn't be germane to the situation.

I suspect it was a fishing expedition. The Canadian gun grabbers are very detail oriented, just like our own antis who ask similar unconstituional questions (Of course, there is no Bill of Rights in Canada). Could info be shared? I bet it will be eventually.

I would politely decline to answer. If searched, fine-not fine. If further harassed, I would further protest. If barred, I would create as much of a stink as I could.

The net is tightening, friends. This coming week, we have Marines doing 'realistic urban traing exercise' in Indianapolis. This will include 'checkpoints'.

I hope they stop my wife and/or I. They will get a lecture on Freedom they will never forget.


The name of my production company. Burly was my Dad's nickname and Rose was my Great Grandmother's name. Not only a unique name, but a way to honor two of the most important people in my life.

It also exemplifies what they stood for and what I am aiming to do in 'showbiz'. My Dad and Great Grandmother taught me to be honest with myself and to deal that way with the world. In spite of our faults, that is the way to live. I intend to tell stories that bring light. By 'light', I mean to get people to think for themselves. This will be done in several venues. I want my work in BurlyRose to reflect my commitment to Freedom and to showcase my storytelling. Below, a little bit more about myself.

After a lifelong interest in the arts,
I began acting full time in 1987, doing local community theater. I progressed to commercials including regional and worked on Eight Men Out directed by John Sayles. I continued stage and commercials locally til we moved to NYC in 91. I studied at HB Studio then made the acquaintance of Mark Lenard (best known as Spock's father in ST). He really opened me up to try a gamut of ideas. My voice work improved and I made some headway in v/o work. I met Robert Wise and he became something of a mentor for my film ambitions. I gained a great deal of common sense about how to write, produce and film movies. Jeff Corey kept my acting instruction going. Also, I have made other contacts and studied with several directors and writers. In between NYC and beginning writing, I stayed in Indy to help my wife with her Mom, who developed Alzheimer's. Since her death, we have been homeschooling our kids and I have maintained contacts in Hollywood. I am currently preparing a stage version of Antony and Cleopatra. I'm trying to convince certain people to costar and direct. That will be a 'calling card' to renew my acting. I'm going to reconnect with some of the crewmembers and casts of several shows and network with them and other folks so that I can come back to Indy and do a series of three movies concerning police work. With all the delays, I still remember what Bob W. taught me: Passion, Persistance and Practice, the Three Ps.

That is only the beginning. My plans encompass movies tv and stage and I will be acting in each medium as well as producing and writing.

I'm grateful to those folks in the 'Industry' and elsewhere who have encouraged me and supported me. I don't plan to be a big deal, I'm just a storyteller who wants my work to reflect my hopes and commitment to bringing us back to the Constitutional Republic we were and can be again.

I trust this adventure in storytelling is fruitful. It may take surprising turns and certainly will take a while. John Wayne took 14 years to make the Alamo. I am on my way to making my dreams come true and am closer than ever to achieving my initial goals.

Thanks to my wife, son and daughter, who have always been the main pillar of my support base. Thanks to all who have and continue to have faith.