Saturday, September 18, 2010

Selective Memory

We've all suffered it. Maybe we've done it.

Remembering events in a certain way or picking and choosing what we want to recall.

Of course, some people are just naturals at rewriting events.

That's why it's best to immerse oneself in the facts of a situation. Then you can unmask or expose the erroneous claims etc made by certain 'authorities' and 'experts'.

I know I'm not telling most of you stuff you don't already know. I'm trying to reach those who are either new to this Freedom trail or who are finally getting down to business and getting involved.

Good refs are of course, David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh. Check out the cross refs particularly at War on Guns.

Get involved, kinda like plunging into the water. Once in, if you get over your head, hold your breath -s-.

Refutation word for word is sometimes necessary. The 'only ones' no matter what station in life like to obfuscate. Deny them this fun and have some of your own. In spite of hwat many a liberal says, they often are exclusive and try to exclude unless you agree with them. Deny them this fun too. If they ignore you, well, take your case somewhere else and let all know they have done this.

I'm not saying it's always a ball, but you can learn to lead the dance and knock selective memory into left field -s-.


I was a bit randy years ago. Well I still am but with texture now lol.

I actually considered being a gigolo when I was very young. Pay for my attention. Pay for my acting/writing? Hmmmmmmm........ Well you get what you pay for.....

At any rate, I didn't go far with that career choice. I never had a problem meeting women but something kept me from making a living at it -s-.

Of course, with elections coming I witness the pimping and people selling themselves. There seems to be a consciousness rising among the people. I hope so. Yet, in order to Restore the Republic, it will take more than just a resurgence. Nothing short of a matrix altering movement is needed.

Unfortunately in Indiana, John Hostettler is being kept from running this Fall. He was in the middle of a three way primary bid which has propelled Dan Coats, antigun RINO and statist to be pitted against Brad Ellsworth, antigun Demo. Ellsworth softsells his liberalism and occasionally votes for something to disguise his liberty sucking tendencies.

Elsewhere, there seem to be some promising races coming. We will see. I suggest not letting up, but continuing to expose, to get masks to fall and never ending pressure for the right thing to be done.

At least gigolos give the women they service something for their money. Mercenary maybe, but what you see is what you get.

Our public servants are not that. They prefer to be served and in lieu of results give nothing back.

So unless and until we get more honor involved, we will get MOS. The left right rhetoric will sing song until bold rascals come to the front.

I'm not saying I want gigolos in office, but it would be nice if more said what they meant. And we unwaveringly saw to them paying us back with results.

No Excuses

Remember Flip Wilson's 'the devil made me do it'? Meant in fun but there are those who use such a thing to excuse their heinous actions under the cloak of darkness.

Let's balance it with quotes from the 'other side'. 'It is the will of Allah'. 'It's God's will.' 'So mote it be'. Maybe. Maybe not.

This can be an excuse for heinous crimes in the name of God.

We are supposed to have free will to decide for ourselves what course to take.

How far can free will go? Does it make us irresponsible? Do we limit ourselves? Are there limits?

These previous examples bring to mind vacuous robots, programmed ciphers.

Could it be there is some kind of meeting place between our will and God's?

I've said many times blaming others is a sign of mental illness. It is certainly an indicator that one is crossing a line.

Responsibility is an awesome thing. Just following orders, be it Light or dark is at least a partial copout. You'd better know what you are doing.

And yes it could be argued that Hitler etal knew what they were doing. But even old Adolf would cop a plea and say he was following destiny.

Destiny is a path that both good and evil follow.

The crossroads are not to be taken lightly.

Just don't use 'excuses' as a crux. Face the facts. Know what you are doing.
Funny. Over the door of Del Floria's tailor shop in the Man from UNCLE, there is a saying, 'Honesty Is The Best Policy'. Interesting.

So it goes.

That Which Waits

Halloween is just round the corner or two. So, here's an offering to start my annual short story horrorfest. The gov is still scarier -s-.

No matter how far flung the barriers, That Which Waits is just beyond.

It's quiet, patient and when you're behind the wall, unseen.

If it's too quiet, TWW sorties out, very low. It might be flies, or a stench of waste or even worse, death, but TWW gives itself away to those who see and hear.

Sentries are trained to detect infiltration. It's almost always quiet, still, whether in the night or noonday. But most of the time, TWW cannot wait long and tries to provoke.

It masks itself as insanity, doubt, fear. But, it is evil. It cannot be quantified.

It's like a cold breath of wind, scurrying, whipping round, chilling at the darkest time, making us want to burrow under the covers, compelling us to lock it out.

Like a silent bell, one feels the vibrations, and each reverberation ripples through time and space.

We are only as strong as the weakest link. We are only as safe as the breach in the wall.

Some are worn down and TWW creeps nearer, stalking decency and spreading murky oily decay.

Not even fitful wakefulness can banish TWW.

That is why we must have our sword always unsheathed. That is why we must outwake the sleepless.

The slithering presence will claim closer and closer til it chokes, smothers light, which must surely dim and die with a quiet last weakened flicker.

Don't wait for it. Forever hunt, always seek. Don't look for trouble, find it and fight it, meet it face to face.

For the limits put upon TWW only give it time to grow.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I remember essay questions/tests.

'Be specific' was the common instruction for them. Staying on topic and giving sound support are entailed. Dealing with the facts at hand is another factor.

This was developed early in me. We started covering it in grade school, before the dumbing down began.

All those intel tests, timed and designed to test more than just knowledge. The very principles I mentioned above were analyzed. It was the ability to think on one's feet as it were that was at least as important as the other smarts.

Now, there is a tendency for collective thinking. I wonder why lol.
Preciseness is a hallmark of our kids' education first in homeschool then outside. it is one reason why local educators are agog at how well our kids have done.

Sure there are others who have succeeded and many due to at least outside influence. Then again, some schools are better than others.

The ability to be specific serves those well who would Restore this Republic. Our opponents do just the opposite. They carp and 'Alinsky'to take focus off the truth.

The other day I turned the tables on one such.

Check out the mini dialog below:


This guy reminds me of Bill O'Reilly, little substance and mostly blow, preying on emotions. Right left R or D just points growing very much the same.


No Michael. The only thing in common between this guy and Bill Oreilly is that they both appear as old white dudes. People also say I remind them of Jennifer Lopez. Come now. They're not all alike. There are differences. Stop hating. ;-). ...Also, thank you Marilene. It's true time to actualize unconditional love. Also, it's Yom Kippur: A time to apologize and forgive people we've hurt. Maybe Bill Oreily can start a new life, change for the better, begin approaching the world with a different set of eyes. Maybe we can forgive him for his transgressions. :-p


Perhaps you have misinterpreted Erika. These pundits leave no room for thought nor analysis. Call em left right Demo Repub, they all are becoming just tools of oppression. There is no room for selfdetermination with these guys. Color has nothing to do with it. It's the content of character that is reflected in what they say. No hate here, simply criticism of a system that needs restoration. My prayer is indeed that everyone stops playing the race card and accepts people as people. If you want to talk further, please contact me.

This was all about Ed Schulz, MSNBC pundit.

It's classic re how we approach dialog and how she responded ie nada.

So now is the time to be as specific as can be.

Plain speech.

No backing down.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rat Pack

When I was a teen, the Beatles were a big deal. There were other trendy things that entranced kids of the time.

As for me, I was a fan of the Rat Pack. James Bond of course and spy shows sure, but for music of the period it was what is now called oldies and pop stuff from Dino, Frank, Sammy etc.

Of course, being older, I hope I have my own style. But at the time not unlike other teens, I imitated what I thought was cool. So I wore suits carefully cut, white shirts with button down collars and I even had a pair of suede shoes from Ballys, like the boys in the Pack wore.

Some of my friends were similarly dispose. We had a kind of teenage Indy Rat Pack, with visits to local lounges (Yes I snuck in and passed for 21. Um, is that a retro crime? Better not give Lautenberg any ideas -s-), and record collections reflecting that ring a ding ding taste.

Like just about everything else about me, I thought for myself when it came to my music. Now, just about anything goes, including Disturbed and Dixieland to rock, pop, and classical, Celtic, American Indian and you name it. I'm willing to listen to new stuff and quickly add to my base. Eclectic adds it up.

This probably sounds like part of a bio page either for a showbiz resume or some kind of Facebook/dating service.

Just my way of getting round the red barn to the point.

A different drummer was at work in my youth and is even moreso now.

I have a different Rat Pack to hang with now.

But I apply things learned early on and have matured to include the accumulation of knowledge at my disposal.

It includes communication skills and an ability to spot bs and duplicity that runs rampant in DC and locally.

Time to ring a ding those pundits and servants of tyranny who are not much above a four legged rat pack.

What's cool to me now is Restoring the Republic.

Hey, man, I hope with style along with those crazy cats that are rattling the rats' cages -s-.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bond Time Warp

Almost called this Bond Fun. Reminds me of the fan club mag for the James Bond American Fan Club in the 80's ie Bondage Magazine.

Just a fun what if post. Nope, not even political or spiritual etc. Just fun REALLY!

If Ian Fleming's character had existed in fiction in the 30's and 40's, who would have been cast in the various roles?

I think Errol Flynn would have been a natural for Bond. He was the quintessential Brit type hero. Maybe David Niven, as Ian fleming had suggested later, could have done it, but I prefer Flynn. Love em and leave em and risk taker.

Louis Hayward or Leslie Howard would have been 'smoother' choices. Think Moore vs Flynn's Connery. Whereas, Stewart Granger would have been the era's Dalton and Douglas Fairbanks jr for a Brosnanlike Bond. Lazenby like could have been given to John Payne the lone American. Incidentally, he optioned Moonraker for a while but it never got off the ground. Nothing against Daniel Craig but I think he is the only one who is purely modern and just wouldn't translate to the past. Maaaaybeeee Richard Denning had the oomph for the part.

As for M, there are several choices.

C. Aubrey Smith might have made a very proper M. He was often cast as upper class English types and had just that touch of stuffiness that suits the head of SIS.

Henry Stephenson could have been a younger interp. Donald Crisp possibly as a stodgier M could have filled the bill.

Villains were legion in the actual films of the era and would have easily segued into evil geniuses and thugs out to destroy and conquer and get Bond.

Basil Rathbone had a smarmy but elegant air about him. He could have played Bill Tanner, M's assistant as well.

Lionel Atwill could have been Hugo Drax, if we transposed time.

Here is a fave that would have provided plenty of creepiness and menace: Bela Lugosi. He was to my mind, a great actor, though he suffered from typecasting and a series of bad vehicle choices. Imagine,'Good evening, Meester Bond', with an evil leer preparing to torture 007.

Martin Koslick had a younger presence suitable for secondary villains/henchmen.

Of course Boris Karloff had the range to play anything from thug to henchman to evil genius. 'Yes, Mr. Bond, I'll give you the brain of the wolfman', lol.

Surely John Carradine would have been employed as a mad scientist/henchman, not to mention Claude Rains.

Throw in erich von Stroheim and Conrad Veidt for monacle wearing monomaniacal villains.

Add Peter Lorre for additional creepiness.

Van Johnson or Franchot Tone as Felix Leiter, Jill Esmond as Moneypenny and Akim Tamaroff as Kerim Bey had possibilities to round out a cast.

Now for the crowning roles aka Bond girls.

Hands down, my fave would have been my longtime crush, Susan Hayward. She could have been one of the smarter, gutsier babes, maybe Tracy.

For lighter fare, there could have been Jean Harlow as Tiffany Case.

For a Honey Rider type, how about Hedy Lamarr?

Acquanetta might have played paula from Thunderball.

Lauren Bacall, Anna May Wong, Olivia DeHaviland, the list is almost endless.

And wow, how about Maureen O'Hara? Vavavoom, as my Dad would say.

Some fun what ifs at the end of summer.

Now back to the things that make us tick and the crappola coming down in this country.


I've heard and seen a lot lately about following orders.

In fact, I believe that just following orders has been around since the first order was given.

Without order there is chaos. Let's not get into the whole order out of chaos thing here. It is a way of thinking and sometimes situations are created precisely to bring this about. It is also the way of the universe and it was hijacked by the bad guys. It's that old rewriting the matrix of the universe.

And to make a short story long, most orders soundly given and soundly executed stand up to inspection. Of course, they could be orders given to commit atrocities or given to rescue.

Naturally we all think of Nuremburg and the Nazi refrain 'I was just following orders'. It depends on the orders and who gives them huh?

Illegal orders need not be obeyed. However there are consequences and they had better be good the reasons.

Maybe I seem vague but there is a fill in the blank aspect to this. And in war, well it is hell.

May orders in what may come, be sound and true. May we be clear what is significant and worthy of fighting for.

It's not ever going to be perfect, but we can strive to make it so.


OK. I mentioned in 911, my previous post, that there would be room for another topic.

Here it is.

Government pocket agencies exist. Believe me or not.

And conspiracies concerning 911 alone are a topic that deserves attention.

It is not the gov that brought down the towers, if you go along with the idea that it wasn't radical Muslims. It would be a compartment with in an agency that did the deed. Sometimes special units are assemble for particular assignments. But usually there is a group that takes on certain operations.

They can have considerable influence and budgets, those budgets skimmed and sidetracked. There is a lot of money out there and people willing to finance ops. Maybe they'd like to back one of my movies lol.

Alias, though fiction, touched on this with a rogue agency supposedly a branch of the CIA, but actually ops for a worldwide consortium. Then, a group really within the Company (popular slang for CIA)was formed to combat swimilar interests that were detrimental to US interests.

Again, fiction can present fact disguised. No, I'm not in the pay of Alex Jones, nor those who pay him.

Believe it or not.

And of course, there are those employed who muddy the water, including agents who go round cleaning up messes or confusing issues or pundits who do a similar task for their masters.

That might be a topic unto itself later on.


Why think up a witty title? Succinct is better.

There are so many directions where we can go.


Whatever you think, whether you think it's Muslim radicals or some gov pocket agency (BTW, that would be a more accurate term. I hate it when people, including me, just say it's the gov. That's a topic for later.), or both, the day itself and the aftermath are where we should focus today.

Pain, horror and horrible death stain the day. So many spirits gone so quickly. They say the US was brought to it's knees that day.

I don't believe it. Also, instead of paralysis, it activated a lot of us. Emotionally, it pi$$ed me off. Didn't frighten, stop, weaken or anything else but strengthen resolve to fight.

Either the gov types and or the Islamofacists or both have a lot to answer for.

Americans always work through the pain. We will succeed.

Instead of a tool to control us, this date can rally us to stand up and shout no.

No to the tyranny disguised as safety/security and yes to Freedom.

Americans can protect themselves.

We don't need to rely on the government.

And we must restore the Republic so that our servants see to our wishes.

That is the real message of 911.

As we mourn, let us give birth to a new era of Freedom.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Our rights are God given.

Doing what's right can be different. And yes, here comes the explanation.

The radical Moslems are having fun trying to build a mosque near, not at, Ground Zero.

They are legally within rights to build there. But morally they are causing trouble.

It is being referred to as a rabat. Here is an exerpt from the 911 Stop The Mosque At Ground Zero rally in NYC. This is Rosa Leonetti speaking. 'Her sister’s husband, Lieutenant Joseph Gullickson of the FDNY’s Ladder 101 in Red Hook, Brooklyn, perished on 9/11, rescuing the victims of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.' from Atlas Shrugged and the following:

“It did not matter to the four hundred and eleven emergency workers (who died) what the race, religion, nationality or ethnicity of the men and women and children were within those towers. … We have shown much respect and, above all, tolerance during these very long nine years. … tolerance for a mayor who puts his own business interests in the middle east ahead of the long suffering of family members … tolerance is not reserved for just one religion or one ideology … Do not ask us, the family members, to be tolerant of those who demonstrate selfish self serving behaviors and attitudes.”

“Abdel Faisel Rauf is quoted this week as saying that if we don’t do this right … anger will explode in the muslim world. Well, imam, anger is exploding in America too. He stated that if this situation is not handled correctly, it could become something very dangerous indeed. Does that sound like tolerance to you? It actually sounds more like a threat. Mr. Rauf, Americans do not like to be threatened. Tolerance is not reserved, nor should it be parceled out, to those who use the excuse of building a cultural center when what they are erecting is a rabat. … A rabat was typically raised in the midst of the conquered infidel as a symbol of strength and superiority.”

'Mr. Rauf, Americans do not like to be threatened.' That's a telling statement.
We don't like our rights trampled either, though there enough who stand by as they are.

Here is the link to a great story about the event, how the media distorted or ignored the rally, what the opposition was doing and facts about radical Islamism:

It's explained better than I ever could.

Read please and spread it around.

In this Republic one's rights end at the end of the fist and before it hits someone's nose. Unless it's self defense, which may come as the radicals of all religions press us into it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Lead, follow or get out of the way. Good advice.

Unless there are too many of one and not enough of the other.

Then again, Americans are self starters. And we can be, under the right circumstances, an army of one. Small cells come to mind too.

I'm proud that we've given a 'get it done' attitude in our kids. and that means they are frequently leaders.

But, it isn't a bad thing to be a follower.

I taught the kids that in order to give orders, you have to learn to take them.

Following orders is something my son will learn firsthand in the Marine Corps.

We have the capacity in America to be followers, but also to assume command of a situation when called upon.

One of the keys to victory in the War for Independence was the fact that the Brits military setup didn't allow for followers to take over. If officers and non coms went, there tended to be a state of flux.

That doesn't mean there aren't people who cannot assume command in other armed groups. But Americans make it their business to be ready when the situation warrants it.

You have to start somewhere.

No one starts at the top. Or else, where would the experience come from?

Even in Medieval times, young nobles would have knights train them in combat and leadership roles.

It is so much more true now since in our Republic we are all sovereigns, thus our individual responsibility we can assume command of a situation whatever it may be in time of necessity.

be a follower. Be a leader. Get in the way of tyranny.