Saturday, September 18, 2010

No Excuses

Remember Flip Wilson's 'the devil made me do it'? Meant in fun but there are those who use such a thing to excuse their heinous actions under the cloak of darkness.

Let's balance it with quotes from the 'other side'. 'It is the will of Allah'. 'It's God's will.' 'So mote it be'. Maybe. Maybe not.

This can be an excuse for heinous crimes in the name of God.

We are supposed to have free will to decide for ourselves what course to take.

How far can free will go? Does it make us irresponsible? Do we limit ourselves? Are there limits?

These previous examples bring to mind vacuous robots, programmed ciphers.

Could it be there is some kind of meeting place between our will and God's?

I've said many times blaming others is a sign of mental illness. It is certainly an indicator that one is crossing a line.

Responsibility is an awesome thing. Just following orders, be it Light or dark is at least a partial copout. You'd better know what you are doing.

And yes it could be argued that Hitler etal knew what they were doing. But even old Adolf would cop a plea and say he was following destiny.

Destiny is a path that both good and evil follow.

The crossroads are not to be taken lightly.

Just don't use 'excuses' as a crux. Face the facts. Know what you are doing.
Funny. Over the door of Del Floria's tailor shop in the Man from UNCLE, there is a saying, 'Honesty Is The Best Policy'. Interesting.

So it goes.

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