Thursday, June 30, 2011

Waiting For God

In the movie Defiance, the Bielski brothers, leaders of a Jewish resistance band or otriad, infiltrate the Vilnius ghetto.

They attempt to talk the inhabitants into fleeing to the forest, to join their Resistance community.

There is a great deal of hesitation and over intellectualization, or rationalization.

Many felt it was safer to deal with the devil they knew. It's the equivalent of saving some while sacrificing others. I prefer the analogy of feeding some to the wolves so that you are the last.

I have faith. I believe in a Maker. I don't just summarily knock others. But, a point was made in the movie, substantiated in fact, that some, fearful of leaving, decided to 'wait for God'. Those who waited in Vilnius, Warsaw and elsewhere, died. Slaughtered. Killed on the spot or led to trains and taken to camps then shot or gassed.

God is often used as an excuse of one kind or another. People have killed in God's name. People have been killed in God's name.

I believe God wants us to get off our butts and do. Something? Fight resist change expose make accountable stand fast or be mobile.

Waiting is death.

Those who chose to go to the forest had a chance to live. Some died fighting. But they resisted.

God's action is in our hearts. Our minds. Our actions.

Don't use God as an excuse

Don't wait

However, timing is everything. and what appears to be waiting is maneuvering for position.

Don't wait and avoid the rush. -S-

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ISC Trashes 4th Amendment

Ohoh. The same Statehouse where decent honest folks can't carry guns has done it again.

The Indiana Supreme Court has declared that a cop can enter anyone's home anytime, even illegally and there is nothing that can be done save for lawsuit.

That was the original story. Since then, for those who would expect 'business as usual', nothing has really been done.

Oh, there was a stink made. Demands for the justices involved to resign etc, the usual emo stuff.

The Governor Mitch Daniels, has done nothing. The Legislature has demanded the SC reopen and redefine.

There is a deadline coming and then the court won't look at the case again. Yeah.

I'm waiting for the lawsuits.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Number 2

Gotta be one of the worst jobs ever.

Of course, I'm talking about the constantly changing position in the Village in the TV series The Prisoner (Pat McGoohan's original).

Seemingly answerable to the mysterious Number 1 and later revealed a collectivist committee, Number 2 is the usual head adversary to Number 6.

This guy/gal is caught in the middle of the collectivist conundrum. No matter how much pressure is brought to bear on 6, their is inexorable stress on 2 to deliver. There is no real caring. There is only the outcome of the machine to make others conform and to reveal secrets which are none of 2's nor anyone else's business.

Some of the 2's seem to disappear. Others tend to be demoted or sent back out into the world to quietly promote the Village as the blueprint for society. It is obvious they are doing the bidding of their 'masters'.

Failure is poorly tolerated. Some 2's, however, appear to have more pull than others.

It is souless, manipulative and devoid of all that is good about humanity. Or that which is human is exploited for the endgame, which is obviously to eventually make the world a socialist moshpit.

Some people 'thrive', more exist as a second banana. There are those who artfully dodge responsibility. 2's occasionally try this and a few succeed. Most of the time they pay for their errors.

The other reason for such heavy overturn is to keep a level of instability involving 6 and others who are fellow prisoners. It's part of a Nacht und Nebel, or Night and Fog that instills hopelessness in the populace.

There is even an election once in a while which is only surface much like the puppet pollings in Soviet, Chinese etal regimes. Oh yes, much like elections have become in the US.

2's take the heat. We must look behind and beyond them for those who truly control.

The Hydra can be vanquished.

Don't fall for the rhetoric.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Are Things In Tora Bora

This Bin Laden character, and he was in many ways, died several years ago in Tora Bora.

At least that's what Eric L. Haney claimed years ago. The raid on Tora Bora almost ten years ago was supposed to cinch Osama's demise.

Haney, by the way, is the author of Inside Delta Force and produced 'The Unit television series about specop activities. His educated guess got as little attention as possible of course. And now that Bin Laden is officially dead, any argument to the contrary is laughed off like those 'whacky' people who believe the Twin Towers fell due to place charges instead of the widely accepted story that the planes did the job.

Whatever the truth, and it has been played with enough (I should do a post on how intel goes about formulating stories/scenarios), the results are worth studying.

The results of 911 are obvious, with an increasing loss of liberty and the continued press for us to be chattel.

As for Tim Osman (A name purported to be code for OBL when under CIA tour of US), he has been a useful bogeyman. Now his 'death' has been used as a trump card to take people's minds off Barry Soetero's Oval Office troubles.

Is any of it real? All I'm asking is for people to think about results.

Loss of Liberty. Having villains gives reason to machinations to remove liberty. Carefully crafted scenarios wind and twist til truth is lost.

Results. Just look and see where we are now.

I now return you to whatever normal is -s-.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dads 2011

Sounds like a new movie, maybe a comedy starring your favorite lovable galoot.

I don't know any lovable galoot Dads myself. Dads with different kinds of senses of humor, easy going seemingly until things get rough, then you see the toughness emerge.

Neither do I know any bumbling idiot Dads. Are there some? It would be easy to say the liberal ranks are full of them. I have seen caring loving Dads among liberals. It's just that their perspective is skewed or screwed politically/socially. The same for so-called conservatives. I hate labels.

I will say that the best Dads sacrifice, whether it's money, position, self, for their kids to make it. They want their kids to be better, to improve, to build on what's before.

Not that Dads can't have a life of their own. I wonder about parents who 'live for their kids' to the exclusion of themselves. When the kids are gone, what do they have?

I believe in getting right with yourself. If you don't, how can you be any good for others?

I am not painting a picture of perfection. There is always room for improvement. Learning from your mistakes is paramount if you want to be successful and set a good example.

I'm grateful to those who came before, such as my Dad, my Grandpa (My Mom's Dad. My Dad's wasn't worth the powder to blow him up as my great Grandmother would say. More on that later.), cousin Walter, my big brother and others who were friends outside of blood family.

Yet, I still have to make my own bed and lie in it. It's something my predecessors drummed into me. It's something I have attempted to pass on to my kids.

I was robbed of that opportunity with my oldest daughter (I will talk more about that later too.). I have had the good fortune to be blessed with the opportunity to carry through and continue with my son and daughter now.

I have a son on his way to become a Marine pilot with an interest in aerospace engineering. My daughter wants to be an actress. They have a good foundation, provided by both their Mom and Dad.

As for being a Dad, I couldn't ask for anything more.

Nobody's perfect. And to all the Dad's who have done what they can in spite, for some, of being robbed of chance, for better or worse -s-, I salute you!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mediocrity Rising

There are people with promise. They may not be stars. They don't register in the top percentage. But they have an innate understanding of people.

If these people make an effort, the can be leaders. They rise above what people expect of them or see on the surface.

Academics aren't the only measuring stick for success. I've always said life is school and most of the learning is done outside the classroom. And even in class, it's up to each student to learn what they need or at least to meet a set standard.

The terrible thing is seeing people conditioned into being given good grades. Cutting slack is not just cheating, it's theft.

I had a prof for a marriage and family class in college. Yeah, they have a class for everything. I'd been married once and lughed that should qualify me.

A girl in class was very displeased. She received a C. This scholar confronted the prof, saying she always got A's.

He told her if she wanted an A in class, she had to do A work. That did not include sleeping with him. She either studied and made the effort or got what she deserved. Cheeky huh?

I hate to see people dispirited, trod down and told they must accept their 'lot' in life. What could be more un-American? Figuring out our own limits was the method I learned. Trial and error was the tool.

People can be convinced either to try and accept mediocrity or they are bribed to rise only to mediocrity. They are sold a bill of goods that make mediocrity look like the top.

If we have a population rising only to mediocrity, we risk downfall.

If we find what works for us, we have a chance to rise above.

But, we must learn and think for ourselves.

At least we will have the chance.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Primary Free For All

It's that time again. Well it was with everybody jossling to get in line to show why they are the best choice to represent us. The Fall Fun Frenzy is still ahead then the choosing next year of the latest puppet in chief.

The Prisoner episode Free For All comes to mind. You cannot 'command' anyone to be free. After an attempted brainwash, Number 6 thinks he has control of the Village. He attempts to take control of operations and tries to neutralize security, raving frantically for the residents to obey him and be free. It was all a ruse to demoralize him and chip away at his psyche, to get him to conform, talk. Didn't work. They forgot about free will. He had forgotten it temporarily, but it saved Number 6.

If we could only remember that. Free will. The collectivists haven't forgotten. That's why they attempt desperately to erase it.

But it's inbuilt and even though many have let it go, it remains. No doubt a small force will remember and even if impatient or confused, it will rise again as a beacon leading to Freedom.

Then we could stop the stupid game in the Spring and Fall, truly picking reps of by and for the people from the people.

We could finally 'obey ourselves' and be Free.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


1. To gradually or unconsciously assimilate some principle or object.
2. To undergo osmosis.

Osmose comes from the biological term osmosis, "the tendency of a fluid, usually water, to pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution where the solvent concentration is higher, thus equalizing the concentrations of materials on either side of the membrane." Osmosis derives from endosmose, with endo- being French for "inward" and osmos meaning "push, thrust" in Greek.

I'm never at a loss for words. Almost all my life, since I could read early on, I've used the dictionary to expand my vocabulary. Needless to say, the kids have done likewise. To this day, I still send them 'words of the day' from a couple of online dictionaries. Education, like love, never ends.

I remember more than one of my high school teachers particularly scoffing at me if I didn't prepare well. I was told that knowledge didn't come by osmosis. Boy were they right!

Nothing but good old honest studying and listening did the trick. Now, some of it came more easily than others, but I had to make the effort. We were taught skills which survive to this day.

There is a type of 'teaching' that spoonfeeds students. It is more akin to brainwashing, programming and comes close to osmosis.

Put your mind on hold and do what you're told seems to work well for those who seek to make Americans and for that matter, anyone anywhere, obedient cabbages.

We are about waking people from the stupor allowing osmosis.

And that very act of sending words, choosing discussing, is the key.

I'm leak proof and intend to help others be so.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happily Ever After

I always found that disquieting, even as a child. I wasn't morbid. I liked and still do like happy endings. But they are rarely so inclusive. Fairy tales tend to be.

I prefer a story that leaves the ending up to the person hearing it. We should be able to determine an outcome on our own.

It's part of the learning process I made sure the kids adapted. It's simply thinking for yourself.

Maybe 'happiness' is relative. Collectivists are happy when their plans move forward. Hitler danced when Paris was taken. The smug look on the faces of the criminals inside the Beltway is evident when Freedom robbing measures pass into 'law'.

I know what happiness is for me. It's seeing my kids grow into self sufficient Freedom loving individuals who take responsibility for themselves and the destiny of these united States. It's seeing people tak an active hand whatever it may be and however seemingly slight, in taking back the Republic.

Happily ever after is more of an up and down thing. It varies in success.

That's good enough for me if, if we are serious about undoing the crimes against us and redoing what's right.

What's right?

If I have to explain, maybe it's too late?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sky Is Falling

Things are bad.

How bad are they? Ask Chicken Little aka Henny Penny. Or don't.

The original fable has been made in many forms. Like most things, it can be reinvented to suit the aims of anyone, usually collectivist wish fulfillment.

I like the original, at least the version I know growing up.

An acorn falls on Chicken Little's head. He or she runs amok warning that the 'sky is falling'. Rounding up a group of panicked animals, they encounter Foxy Loxy, who invites them to safety in his den, where he proceeds to eat them all but Chicken Little, who manages to escape. Little runs home, cowering in fear.

Things are bad.

And there are plenty of people willing to lead us running amok, or lead us like Judas goats, to slaughter.

Fear mongering is one of the oldest forms of control brought freshly to the social front lines. Just look at the attempts to disarm us and join the panicked or falsely cossetted crowd of sheep.

As free individuals, we have the right and should use the common sense to figure out for ourselves just where we are in terms of disaster.

Panic never gets anyone anywhere.

The voices we should listen to re our Republic's destruction and rebirth, are those who indeed allow us to think for ourselves.

So, be concerned, but be concerned to do something about our troubles.

Don't get eaten.

That old story of democracy being 2 or 3 wolves with a sheep deciding what's for dinner and a Republic being an armed sheep rings true.

So something in a state of disrepair should be examined and ways found to rebuild.

Let the elite eat cake.

Those who fight for Freedom eat that which nourishes.

Hey, have a slice of sweets now and then though lol.

Just don't let it weigh you down -s-.

Monday, June 6, 2011

You Nazty Spy

Being a collector of conspiracy theories, I find this one and its sequel doubly fun, even beyond the usual high jinks of the Boys aka 3 Stooges.

This and their short, I'll Never Heil Again, were comic masterpieces (as were all their work to one degree or another) that really stuck it to the collectivist wave that was sweeping the world and resulted in WW2.

One can get a very serious point across through humor. It's like shouting or laughing at the devil, if you will -s-.

One of the angles I like is how it's shown there are factions, orgs, people etc who manipulate behind the scenes, fomenting war in order to control. Whether anyone has benefitted from this remains to be seen in that the same control freaks seek to do so today.

Have a look at the wikipedia pages for these gems.

Note the satirical dialog and in jokes.

Til next time: Beblach!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



Like the figure of justice, blindfolded, holding scales and a sword, which represents impartiality and punishment or exoneration.

Take the wolf in sheep's clothing.

I've written and talked about appearances before and will again. They are in all our lives.

It's usually best to put your 'best' foot forward. It's like honey and vinegar. How we get a point across is important

The underlying reasons for our appearance will come out sooner or later of course.

The good and the bad both use it.

True portrayal versus false front.

What is real prevails while falsity eventually is discovered, if people bother. Some prefer to stick with appearances.

Appearance can also mean a coming forth. When an actor makes one, it's usually in conjunction with a project, film etc. The actor projects what the audience wants to see. Or, the audience is given what someone else wants them to believe.

To know the person, event or panorama, to see past the mirror and see what's inside. To make the effort and leap beyond the obvious.

Representative. To stand for something or someone. To mean it. Or not.

There is always a choice.