Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ISC Trashes 4th Amendment

Ohoh. The same Statehouse where decent honest folks can't carry guns has done it again.

The Indiana Supreme Court has declared that a cop can enter anyone's home anytime, even illegally and there is nothing that can be done save for lawsuit.

That was the original story. Since then, for those who would expect 'business as usual', nothing has really been done.

Oh, there was a stink made. Demands for the justices involved to resign etc, the usual emo stuff.

The Governor Mitch Daniels, has done nothing. The Legislature has demanded the SC reopen and redefine.

There is a deadline coming and then the court won't look at the case again. Yeah.

I'm waiting for the lawsuits.

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mm said...

What do you expect from Mitch? He hasn't changed much since high school/college.