Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sky Is Falling

Things are bad.

How bad are they? Ask Chicken Little aka Henny Penny. Or don't.

The original fable has been made in many forms. Like most things, it can be reinvented to suit the aims of anyone, usually collectivist wish fulfillment.

I like the original, at least the version I know growing up.

An acorn falls on Chicken Little's head. He or she runs amok warning that the 'sky is falling'. Rounding up a group of panicked animals, they encounter Foxy Loxy, who invites them to safety in his den, where he proceeds to eat them all but Chicken Little, who manages to escape. Little runs home, cowering in fear.

Things are bad.

And there are plenty of people willing to lead us running amok, or lead us like Judas goats, to slaughter.

Fear mongering is one of the oldest forms of control brought freshly to the social front lines. Just look at the attempts to disarm us and join the panicked or falsely cossetted crowd of sheep.

As free individuals, we have the right and should use the common sense to figure out for ourselves just where we are in terms of disaster.

Panic never gets anyone anywhere.

The voices we should listen to re our Republic's destruction and rebirth, are those who indeed allow us to think for ourselves.

So, be concerned, but be concerned to do something about our troubles.

Don't get eaten.

That old story of democracy being 2 or 3 wolves with a sheep deciding what's for dinner and a Republic being an armed sheep rings true.

So something in a state of disrepair should be examined and ways found to rebuild.

Let the elite eat cake.

Those who fight for Freedom eat that which nourishes.

Hey, have a slice of sweets now and then though lol.

Just don't let it weigh you down -s-.

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henry said...

I could use an omelette.