Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dads 2011

Sounds like a new movie, maybe a comedy starring your favorite lovable galoot.

I don't know any lovable galoot Dads myself. Dads with different kinds of senses of humor, easy going seemingly until things get rough, then you see the toughness emerge.

Neither do I know any bumbling idiot Dads. Are there some? It would be easy to say the liberal ranks are full of them. I have seen caring loving Dads among liberals. It's just that their perspective is skewed or screwed politically/socially. The same for so-called conservatives. I hate labels.

I will say that the best Dads sacrifice, whether it's money, position, self, for their kids to make it. They want their kids to be better, to improve, to build on what's before.

Not that Dads can't have a life of their own. I wonder about parents who 'live for their kids' to the exclusion of themselves. When the kids are gone, what do they have?

I believe in getting right with yourself. If you don't, how can you be any good for others?

I am not painting a picture of perfection. There is always room for improvement. Learning from your mistakes is paramount if you want to be successful and set a good example.

I'm grateful to those who came before, such as my Dad, my Grandpa (My Mom's Dad. My Dad's wasn't worth the powder to blow him up as my great Grandmother would say. More on that later.), cousin Walter, my big brother and others who were friends outside of blood family.

Yet, I still have to make my own bed and lie in it. It's something my predecessors drummed into me. It's something I have attempted to pass on to my kids.

I was robbed of that opportunity with my oldest daughter (I will talk more about that later too.). I have had the good fortune to be blessed with the opportunity to carry through and continue with my son and daughter now.

I have a son on his way to become a Marine pilot with an interest in aerospace engineering. My daughter wants to be an actress. They have a good foundation, provided by both their Mom and Dad.

As for being a Dad, I couldn't ask for anything more.

Nobody's perfect. And to all the Dad's who have done what they can in spite, for some, of being robbed of chance, for better or worse -s-, I salute you!


henry said...

Back at ya!

mum is the word said...

From a Mom, returned!