Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mediocrity Rising

There are people with promise. They may not be stars. They don't register in the top percentage. But they have an innate understanding of people.

If these people make an effort, the can be leaders. They rise above what people expect of them or see on the surface.

Academics aren't the only measuring stick for success. I've always said life is school and most of the learning is done outside the classroom. And even in class, it's up to each student to learn what they need or at least to meet a set standard.

The terrible thing is seeing people conditioned into being given good grades. Cutting slack is not just cheating, it's theft.

I had a prof for a marriage and family class in college. Yeah, they have a class for everything. I'd been married once and lughed that should qualify me.

A girl in class was very displeased. She received a C. This scholar confronted the prof, saying she always got A's.

He told her if she wanted an A in class, she had to do A work. That did not include sleeping with him. She either studied and made the effort or got what she deserved. Cheeky huh?

I hate to see people dispirited, trod down and told they must accept their 'lot' in life. What could be more un-American? Figuring out our own limits was the method I learned. Trial and error was the tool.

People can be convinced either to try and accept mediocrity or they are bribed to rise only to mediocrity. They are sold a bill of goods that make mediocrity look like the top.

If we have a population rising only to mediocrity, we risk downfall.

If we find what works for us, we have a chance to rise above.

But, we must learn and think for ourselves.

At least we will have the chance.

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