Wednesday, June 1, 2011



Like the figure of justice, blindfolded, holding scales and a sword, which represents impartiality and punishment or exoneration.

Take the wolf in sheep's clothing.

I've written and talked about appearances before and will again. They are in all our lives.

It's usually best to put your 'best' foot forward. It's like honey and vinegar. How we get a point across is important

The underlying reasons for our appearance will come out sooner or later of course.

The good and the bad both use it.

True portrayal versus false front.

What is real prevails while falsity eventually is discovered, if people bother. Some prefer to stick with appearances.

Appearance can also mean a coming forth. When an actor makes one, it's usually in conjunction with a project, film etc. The actor projects what the audience wants to see. Or, the audience is given what someone else wants them to believe.

To know the person, event or panorama, to see past the mirror and see what's inside. To make the effort and leap beyond the obvious.

Representative. To stand for something or someone. To mean it. Or not.

There is always a choice.


teacher said...

Terse huh?

Mike H said...

Appears that way.

henry said...

Happy D-Day.

Mike H said...

Same to you.

kava said...

You ready for your closeup?

Mike H said...

Past ready.