Monday, December 31, 2012


I hithered and thithered and dithered about what to write as a conclusion to the year's musings.

There are so many things.

Since I believe we start with ourselves, I'll leave this, but only actually as a beginning.  For life goes on.  Dick Clark has crossed over, but there will be many New Years Eves, just as there were before he came on the scene.  It's what we make of life that will determine what those future celebrations will denote.

The personal note is that IMPD, in the person of bill cincebox, the detective who had my mugging case, dropped the ball.

The night it happened, I gave the uniforms a good description of the perps.  It helped them apprehend the little bugs shortly after.  And, therefore, the fault lies also with them, though I'm sure our intrepid dick was on the scene. 

I should have been transported immediately to the place of apprehension to make an on the spot ID.  Instead, this 26 year, as he said, veteran waited till next morning, when, deprived of sleep post assault, I was made to look at digital mugshots.  It was inconclusive and he, lord of the case, pontificated I could not further ID.

My lawyer, Ron Casey, after miscommunication, was mysteriously out of touch.

The conclusion is that Brandon Nabors, Shaquille Carter and Elliott Johnson have slid away.  Nabors was nabbed for actuall possession of my Glock, charged, surprisingly only with 'carrying w/o a license'.

No black on white crime, no assault charges etc.  The scheissen were nabbed as I mentioned before, after a string of crimes following my incident.

It remains these turds have my addy and phone number.  We have taken measures to ensure my home is secure.

And just to conclude, when I expressed concern the perps could come to my place, this paragon of policing said in 26 years he had never heard of such a thing.  What bs.  it's common practice to commit burglary after muggings when the addy is known.

We will see what happens this new year as events spiral round us all.

The return of my giun will happen or there will be suits aplenty.

Til later.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


It's that time of year when my daughter and I get out the Bond movies, Danger Man and The Prisoner and for several days enjoy rewatching these faves.

Part of the fun is comparing and examining the villains involved.  You need 'good' villains to make a story move.  It's true for my novels, which are proceeding apace.  More on that later next year, unless there is a catastrophe preempting life as we know it.

Bad guys in real life are what interest me for the purpose of the post. 

All through history people have had villains.  Pharaoh, Goliath, King George III, Santa Anna, Hitler, Mao, Stalin and so the list goes on and on.  Most agree the aforementioned are bad guys.  But there are those who would disagree.  They equivocate, usually to cover their own agenda, which often is to muddy the water for current villains, such as the collectivist members of our gov and their minions.  They in turn have their chains pulled by higher ups on the food chain.  Presidents are no exceptions.  Even at their best they are tips of the iceberg committee.

Or the moral equivocators demonize Moses, Jefferson, a host of military/political leaders who have fought for Freedom simply to make recent presidents etal seem 'ok'.  And I've already elsewhere talked of aggrandizing Lincoln to bolster the current occupier of the Oval Office. 

Truly, we must study history and dig into it to find truth.  For, make no mistake, good and evil have woven their way through the threads of our lives.  And no one is perfect.  But you know people by their fruits.

Adversaries push us to fight.  Why and how we fight are the crux of existence. 

Sure, a king, dictator etc might crystalize a fight against tyranny.  They have and are now.  People have individual reasons for joining.  National pride, God, other things come to play.  Rightfully, there are good purposes for fighting ie on all levels in all ways.

It boils down to control or Liberty.  It is choice.  Maybe the prolog to John Wayne's Alamo says it best: "the decision that all men in all times must face...the eternal choice of endure oppression or to resist."

I'm not going to go into what's good and evil beyond this.  We've taught our kids right and wrong with no moral equivilancy.  Not murdering, stealing, raping destroying, these and more come to mind.  There are enough who say black is white, white is black, orange is blue.  It is coming down to a defining moment.

Perhaps the most defining moments await us in 2013.  We will see.  Things are coming to a head.  And those who embrace collectivism/evil will face those who embrace Liberty/good.

Villains will be outed.  They never hide for long  Or better, they are never able to hide and people resound with 'ENOUGH'.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Old Assumptions

"We have to examine all the facts behind this tragedy. We cannot and will not be passive in the face of such violence. We should be willing to challenge old assumptions in order to lessen the prospects of such violence in the future," the occupier of the Oval Office said. "But what we cannot do is use this tragedy as one more occasion to turn on each other. That we cannot do."

Thus spake the occupier of the Oval Office after the murder of the perp's Mom, 20 children and several teachers at a school in Connecticut.

I was sick to my stomach when I heard.  But I was not surprised.  Things are moving along seemingly smoothly for our opponents of Freedom.  Old assumptions appear to be working well.

Interesting event considering the 'reelection' of the occupier of the Oval Office.  He has collective momentum and those who would be our masters are anxious to seize the day.

Nothing happens overnight.  These people who are the enemies of the Republic (It's not a whacked nor an aggrandized moniker.  They are against our Constitutional Republic and seek its downfall.  They are enemies, foreign AND domestic.) have worked long and hard to achieve our failure.  Fabian tactics, little bits at a time, compromising the Bill of Rights and basic principles, mixed with a psychological bent which has eroded individualism are still lapping at the shores like an acid sea. 

This usual dancing in the blood is particularly timed and empowered to see how much these mokes can get away with this time.

A direct assault, such as Executive Orders have already been used to compromise much of our foundation.  Will the occupier try confiscation?  We will see.  But these enemies know we are armed and a significant number will continue to resist. 

I think they will keep pushing, more boldly, and watch what we do.

We must resist.  Sounds like a broken record, but this time they think they can shove historic abuse on us.  Let them know they cannot!  Spread the word.  Let the gov agents know they work for us.  Refuse to accommodate them, no matter what.

Old assumptions indeed don't apply.  Call these collectivist thieves out.

Come what may, bit by bit, this is where WE take back our Republic.

We are NOT letting this occupier twist words.  Turning on each other is nonnegotiable.  They have turned on us.  What this marxian mangler meant was go along to get along.  NO!

To paraphrase that gungrabbing elitist, 'Mr, Mrs and Ms gov stooge, turn in your jobs.  THAT'S nonnegotiable.

Come what may and for weal or woe, we follow in the footsteps of the Founders.  It's our turn.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mugging Update One

I've finally gotten confirmation of why the case involving my gun is pending.

I can't reveal a whole lot yet, but the mokes who jumped me continued their crime spree.  Though I was out of the mix for ID, someone on 9/3/12 got the license number of these 'angels' car.  They were nabbed quickly.

The uniforms did their jobs.   They did the night I was jumped and retrieved my Glock.  And again, I gave them a description.  Without beating a dead horse, these three nabbed were indeed the goblins who jumped me.

They post bail, get out on the street and continue their chosen way of 'life' or existence. 

Can't technically prove it, but these are the three scumbags:,0,1576261.column

My gun is evidence and will be returned after proceedings are finished.  It's plausible and in writing so I'm satisfied at this time.

Thanks to Officer Jim Gray, Commander James Waters and Lieutenant Brian Moore.

As this continues, I'll post more.

And I will write about gunfights w/o much woulda coulda shoulda.

Thanks to David Codrea for his support too!

Stay safe, be observant and ready to stop the threat.

Friday, November 30, 2012

This Is Not Hollywood

I was going to call this Mugging Update.  But reading a review at Ammoland of Michelle Gesse's book, Bogus Allegations, I was struck by the injustice suffered by her husband, herself and family over a false allegation of threatening someone with a gun.  Let her words be your guide here:

And before I give you my view of what has so far happened, I just want to say that what's going on is nothing compared to the horrors suffered by the Gesses and by so many more sucked into the criminal justice system.  I think of all those railroaded by the rogue org BATFE and many more tentacles of gov.  What's happened here doesn't even come close to what the state has inflicted elsewhere.

Mrs Gesse comments about television shows and how the personas make it look like getting a lawyer implies guilt.  In fact, one can notice this on any of the 'cop' shows.  It's usually the baddies who clam up and demand a mouthpiece.  The 'innocent ' spill their guts to the cops, with blithely nothing to fear, since they have nothing to fear.  Uhuh.

My post mugging research uncovered a term cops have for those who lawyer up.  They are labeled 'uncooperative'.  God, how things have changed.  I'll talk about that later.

Mrs Gesse's comments re Hollywood remind me of what the detective assigned to my case said.

This guy was a fast talking glad handing type.  He appeared to be suffering from hyperactivity.  The next morning after the mugging he called.  Without thinking, I allowed him to visit.  He produced several sheets of computer printed mug shots and said curtly to identify the guys apprehended the night before who alledgedly mugged me.

I was tired, having not slept and I saw the faces but couldn't focus.  I waved my hand at them and said maybe they were there.  I wasn't sure.  He immediately pointed or thumped his finger at several faces, so fast I couldn't keep up, saying those were the suspects.  I asked for a lineup.  He laughed and said this wasn't Hollywood.  They didn't do that.  WTF?  I felt sure if I saw the guys in the flesh I could pick them out.  He shook his head and said I had my chance.

As for my gun, the shop had faxed the wrong serial #.  He said it wasn't my gun.  I assured him it was as the uniforms the night before had a description of the perps and my Glock.  This he just brushed aside and I said I'd get the shop to fax the correct number.  They did so.

Before he checked the fax, this paragon of police work kept insisting it was NOT my gun.  i told him I could ID it by a nick in the end of the barrel.  He had trouble comprehending me.  I told him it was where the bullet came out.  With that, he withdrew his weapon with a rapid jerk and at least pointed it barrel down.  Then he asked me to point to the part of the gun I meant.  I kid you not.  You can't make this bs up or even write it in Hollywood lol.  When he did this, I thought of where David Codrea got his 'only one' appellation.  The cop who told the kids it was ok for him to handle his gun and he was the only one there qualified to do so, subsequently shooting his own leg.  Thank God this only one did not shoot himself nor me.

Later on the phone, he said the gun did not have the any mark.  I said he didn't look in the right place.  He hrmphed at that and added maybe they switched it.  Again WTF?  These thugs have that sophisticated a system of getting stolen guns on the street?  And in that short time between my mugging, robbery and their apprehension?  What a maroon this guy was.  I suggested he merely check the fax with the correct serial #.  Sheesh.  He claimed it hadn't arrived yet.  He was going off duty soon and wouldn't be back til Saturday.  It was Tuesday.

He called Saturday.  Asked if I would like to ID perps.  Called me Michael.  Then supposedly realized he had called the wrong guy.  You see, the mokes robbed another guy the night they nicked me.  Idiots.  Our star detective then said I still was disqualified from identifying anyone, but he curtly said it was my gun after all.  Duh.  He allowed I could have it back in 6 to 8 weeks.  As of now, it's almost 14 weeks.     

At 10 weeks I sent our Columbo an email reminding him of what he said re my property.  He sent a curt reply that the case was still pending and he would talk to the prosecutor assigned the case about releasing it early.  Uhuh.

He had also said previously he could bring it to me.  Hmmmm.  I was under the impression one had to go in person and retrieve property, whatever it was, but especially a gun.  Hmmmm.

I know cases can be strung out.  They wanted a stolen gun charge on these guys.  My mugging has been ignored.  I have not even talked to a prosecutor.

My lawyer, a guy who has handled a lot of legal matters for me, carries.  I notified him of what happened.  I asked for further advice and had cc'd my email to the detective.  He called while I was ironically walking.  The reception was poor and he said to call him next morning.  I did.  Got his machine.  Left a message.  No return call.  Called again several days later.  No return call.  Called just this last Monday.  As of this writing, no return call.  Hmmmmm.

I had also cc'd the email to the Commander East District.  He called.  Gasp.  Said the detective was from downtown, not one of his District guys.  So, there was nothing he could do.  Uhuh.  I'd been given his name specifically by the uniform the night of my mugging.  He told me if I was being stalled about my gun's return to call the Commander.  Uhuh.

Oh, yes.  The solicitous uniform who brought me home that night and returned to declare they retrieved my gun has been impossible to reach.  Night after the incident, he called.  Twice since, I left messages.  Nothing.  First time a woman courteously took my message and he called me.  Those other two times a gruff guy gave me a third degree and at one point seemed not to know who the officer was.  Uhuh.

There is more to this, particularly about it being black on white crime.  It is increasing nationwide and interestingly since the current occupier of the Oval Office took over.  It is also being swept under the rug nationwide including flashmob crimes.  Imagine if I'd been black and it was 3 white guys.  And all the cops happened to be white.  How about that?  Yep this ugly white m*****f***** (repeatedly yelled at and taunted-made em work though -s-) is left in the lurch.

I will get my gun back and get tothe bottom of this crapfest.

Also, I still have contacts Mr Detective doesn't know I have.  One said and I quote,'He's stupid.'  Well he could be covering up his incompetence -s-.

The bugs got my addy and phone.  I have had a little harassment.  I am vigilent and armed -s-.  One of the cops actually said 'You have other guns?'  Uhuh. 

I told this mastermind dick (short for detective like in Hollywood lol) that they might try burglary or worse.  He laughed and said he 'had been doing this 26 years and never heard of that'.  WTF?  That's common MO for many perps.  Where the hell did he police? 

I'll update this as soon as I can.  Keep thinking of me -s-.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Red Abe Dawn

Well as Bette Davis' character said in All About Eve,'Fasten your seatbelts.  It's going to be a bumpy night.'  I am daring to criticize Abe Lincoln.  Or, as his fans might say, I am assailing a great American.  You decide.

It isn't exactly a groundswell, thanks to the preponderance of MSM/historian bias, but there is evidence that Abe Lincoln had Marxist ties or at least flirted with it.  You can make what you like out of the letter Karl wrote Abe in 1864.  What a hoot.

The (Fill in the blank with whichever title you give the conflict of North and South ca 1861-1865.) 'War' boiled down to property vs labor.  Southern aristocracy vs Northern workingmen.  Nonsense.

Debate me if you like, but here is my take.

Slavery was on its way out.  Yet elements all over the country sought to maintain it if feasible.  And don't get me started on Africans selling fellow Africans to whites/Arabs (NB).  Tribal war begat business.  Even in the 'good ol' days' the USSC made pardon the pun, dreadful decisions such as Dred Scott.  There has been rot in the Republic all along.  It's just most gangrenous now.

Lincoln was in the pocket of Northern industrialists.  Talk about labor, which eventually reached new depths in 19th century sweatshops, mines etc (including children).  The South was being pressured into what it considered tribute at their expense.

You might say it's odd if Abe were a Marxist, that he would blatantly do the bidding of businessmen.  Not at all.  Politics and business are old bedfellows.  Look around today, here, Russia, China, Dubai etc.  Communism, after all, is gov monopoly of industry.  It does what it says it is eradicating.  It exploits the workers.

Marx wrote during the War of his admiration for Lincoln, 'the single minded son of the working class', his support for the Union Army, Republican Party and his hope for the workers to be promoted and to unite with those 'struggling' in Europe. 

Slavery issues were just political tools of expediency.  Abe never considered Blacks as equals and neither did Marx.  They were convenient leverage to institute what was a desired goal.

The South was following the precepts of the Founders in dissolving one union and establishing another.  I believe both sides would eventually have peacefully reunited after industrialization normalized and the Fed was put in its place.

Instead, a bloodbath ensued and spurred on by pride.  It left a rift still felt and played upon, the better to manipulate, federalize and control. 

And those banks, the bane of our Republic, had fueled continued slave trade.  Onlt 7% of Southerners had slaves.  Of course, it was 7% too much.  Lincoln's policies merely put slaves on another plantation and paved the way for a Fed which ever grows and increasingly enslaves today.

What I find disturbing is the foistered cult of fictional/childish textbook worship of personality re Abe.  The fantastic Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, though obviously fiction, demonizes the South horribly and deifies Abe.  And the film Lincoln, while well done and acted by the wonderful Daniel Day-Lewis and others, does something similar under the guise of historical drama..

Interesting that the occupier of the Oval Office greatly admires him.  I suspect this Lincoln worship is on purpose proxy of the current Soetero worship.  All said, Abe was much more of everything than O could ever be. 

Reminds me of the demonization of Jefferson in the form of trying to make him a womanizing hypocrite.  It was, in my opinion, Clinton's people's attempt to diffuse his less than stellar record re women and to point out as his middle name was Jefferson, that they were both great men with, shall we say, flaws (and to deflect examination of treasonous activity re China).  Flaws aplenty for that charlatan and no way did he come close to the genius of Thomas Jefferson, who indeed was quite human.

We should never make the Founders, nor anyone past present nor future godlike.  Remembering our humanity warts and all is our saving grace.  We should never be afraid to examine history and dig for truth.

Believe what you will about all this.  But bear in mind where we are at and how we got here.

We are great as a people first, then a Republic of States with the Fed as a glue or common ground.  That is all it is supposed to be.

Lincoln almost destroyed that with a strong national gov, dominating the States.  He did not comepletely succeed.

But we have a long way to go in order to undo his mess and subsequent debacles.

As I say, bit by bit we reconstruct what has been deconstructed.

History will not take care of itself.  We must live each day and fight to regain our Liberty or rather to make it plain it is here and will not go away.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Masque Of The Red Death

Seems appropriate post 'election' (whatever that is anymore).  I posted this url on my FB in response to the results:  It is Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens.  I considered it appropriate what with the macabre fascination with our marxist in chief.

Dancing with death and the sickening-sweet stench of collectivism seems like a natural combo to me -s-.  I also show the correlation between this and Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe.

The premise is fairly simple.  A plague has ravaged the land.  Prince Prospero has sequestered himself with a 1000 other nobles in a fortified abbey to escape the Red Death.  They throw a party to amuse themselves and while away the time as they await the end of the plague.  They are indifferent to the sufferings outside and have even welded the doors shut.

Seven rooms are colored specifically blue, purple, green, orange, white, violet and the last room is black with red windows.  I'm sure Poe had no idea of homeland security's color code lol.  And as for all save the last room, I'll leave it to the reader's individual interpretation.

A mysterious figure garbed in bloody robes and death mask, obviously representing a victim of the Red Death, is noticed by the crowd.  Prospero chases him and when facing him, falls dead.  the crowd makes to grab the figure and discover nothing, no one underneath. 

Of course, the figure is the Red Death itself and the crowd immediately contract and die from the plague in the black room.  The final line of the story sums up: "And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."

In light or darkness of the election the symbolism is obvious.

We must not ignore even in these perilous times, our problems.  That will lead to our undoing. 

More than ever, we must face the darkness and in comiong against it take charge.

As for elitists who are oblivious to suffering, they will find that same danger in their midst.  It will be their undoing.

We will survive the Red (sic) Death of collectivism.  My ancestors and many more lived through the Black Death of the 1300s.  Common sense and the old ways won out.

Be aware and prepare.  We will live through our deadliest times.  The collectivists and those who would be our masters always underestimate us. 

We will endure.  Not just words but fact.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Rewatched it.  As all movies do, it takes liberties with history.  But I'm reminded it's the spirit, the message that gets through.

This film speaks to me of what we can endure for love and duty.  It tells us how we live and die can be entwined. 

The wrong man became emperor.  The right man for the job is not only maligned, but he is almost murdered.  His wife and son are killed, in most heinous ways and his lands destroyed.

I wouldn't draw a direct parallel to our recent election -s-.  Certainly chicanery and deceit, Chicago style played a part.  However, neither guy was right for the job of President.  I'm not beating a dead horse, so come to your own conclusions.  But, we need someone who begins to reestablish our Constitutional Republic and marxists and rinos just do not fit the bill.

We are fortunate, in that our system is not as autocratic as the Roman Empire.  People are supposed to rule.  Yet we invariably hand over responsibility to those who do the bidding of those who would be our masters.

And I am appalled at the ridiculous slamming that occurs from people who place the blame on a party.  How twisted.  And for those of us who hit the nail on the head, we are often relegated to marginalization, a looney bin for social misfits.  Or worse, like some of good guy Maximus' supporters, there is death and decimation.

Take Gladiator as a study in fortitude.  We may have to endure seemingly beyond our limits events that 'try men's souls'.  We actually are now.  Many of us are being harrassed, jailed and some killed.  It will be so for the price of Freedom/Liberty is more than eternal vigilence.  It is fighting an enemy that never sleeps.

We must learn to sleep less and more.  We can use their tactics against them.  Figure it out.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hrolf The Ganger

He's one of my ancestors.  He was a Viking and I suppose they might have been one of the original gangs in history.  They were certainly a society, a culture all their own.

These guys were rough to say the least.  If it had been Hrolf on the Parkway (bear with me lol), he would have gutted the goblins who assaulted me and put their heads on poles at Victoria Park with signs denoting their crimes.

Well, we are civilized now huh?  Yes.  There are those who gut anmd behead but they do it for religious fanaticism, not for medieval justice.

We have civilized methods to deal with perps now.  The most effective is firearms.  But self defense is timeless and methods can vary.  I leave it to each person to apply what is needed both toolwise and skillwise for the best conclusion.

As for the legal system that supposedly proves we have advanced past Hrolf's rough justice, it's a mixed bag.  It is a major piece of the Republic we must bit by bit restore.

Hrolf by the way, went on to take Normandy.  He was made a duke.  My ancestors eventually came to England with William the Conquerer and several settled in Scotland.  Rough boys and girls fought and died and who laid the groundwork in part for Freedom as it has come about today.

Just because I'm descended from these guys doesn't make me tough.  It is a heritage of course that evokes pride.  I am here now however.  It is up to me to fight for freedom.

What makes me 'tough' is the resolve to restore the Republic, to be Free in all respects and to indeed fight on all levels for it.

The state should realize this about all of us.  We are ALL the descendants of anyone who fought for Freedom.  It is a heritage of choice as well of blood for me.

I think Hrolf is smiling.

Being Civil

There is a lot of talk about civil war these days  And there are a lot of ramifications (great word lol).  Being civil has a lot to do with it.

Being polite has nothing to do with it.  Being honest does. 

A lot of people don't want to make waves.  They rely on civilized behavior to mask cowardice.  And those who would control, who would destroy the 'experiment' that is our Republic, also rely on that.

When people speak out, not in blood filled fanatical rants, but in reasoned yet firm terms, that rocks the boat.

Our enemies have to do hazard control.  They are well studied and have prepared for a lot of exigencies.  No one can prepare for everything.  There is always an 'x' factor.  Thus there is being ready for the unexpected.  Both sides know this and take said measures.

Don't expect an explanation of that.  Its very nature precludes it.  But, speaking for myself, one must develop an ability to adjust and function no matter what happens.  One must instantly assess and act.  Not to reiterate, but my 'mugging' proved that to me.

BTW, I'm refraining from most commentary etc about that and its aftermath til it goes through the dredgy bureaucratic crapfest known as a legal process.  Needless to say, the state and its agents are performing as expected.  Stay tuned.

As for being civil, it actually requires us to shout and rally those who will rise to meet the threats we face.  It is also necessary for us to keep our heads.

Civilization is a thin veneer.  Human nature is the same, just technology changes.  That means we are capable of great good and great evil.  depends on what we want to achieve.

If or when civilization breaks down, aka the system falls apart, we will have to call upon inner strengths.  we may have to do things we ordnarily would not do.  But self defense demands such.

Then being civil will be the buffer that keeps us from deteriorating while we employ measures to stop the threat.

Being civil demands that we force damage control to overwhelm our enemies, foreign and domestic.

Keeping our heads precludes that we don't jump the gun as it were.  Those who would control us hope we attack.  We must play a delicately balanced game as we counter their assaults.

Think on your feet .

Monday, October 29, 2012


You know the type.  They are the pompous a$$ prigs who hijack religion.

Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and yes even Buddhism have had their share of, to be kind, zealots and accompanying movements. 

These people want to do your thinking for you.  Do not let them.  Some are in seemingly absolute positions of 'authority' in religious organizations.  Even if it means expulsion just make it, a 'you can't fire me, I quit' scenario.  

If you are consistent and keep truth foremost, they may keep you from an org.  But they cannot stop you from living your faith, whatever it may be.  The trick is not to let them get you to be defensive.  Then, you may seem to be protesting too much.  Be honest and avoid diatribes.  Length may or may not count.  If you can be succinct, ok.  If length exposes truth, so be it.

Mutual belief is NOT fanaticism.  It is agreement by a group in a belief system. 

Socalled fundamentalism is NOT fanaticism.  It is belief in a very 'conservative' vista.

ANYTHING can be fanatical though, when selfish interests supercede belief.  There may be a fine line, but calling for death to all but your group is a megaclue for instance, that things are off the track.

Imposing (aha) things on others is the super inkling.

We who enjoy and espouse Freedom would not force others to accept it.  Its very nature means it is freely accepted. 

We will explain it, discuss it, relate it to any and all.

Those who oppose it will stop at nothing to destroy it.  Talk about poobahs!  Emphasis on 'poo' -s-.

And if it is attacked, we defend it.  In words and deeds.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Real Two Parter

Braveheart and The Patriot are a natural combo.  The theme of the fight for Freedom is naturally passed from one to the other.

As usual, keep in mind these are movies.  As far as history goes, they are not accurate.  As far as the spirit of Freedom goes, the are spot on.  Artistic license has to be exercised in the best of projects, as it's all approximation.  I wouldn't bother with this except it serves as a disclaimer if there are a few who are either misled or are nit pickers for accuracy. 

The quest for Freedom continues.  What occured in Scotland segued to the colonies.  It was cinematically an embarrassment to some in England, an extension of the actual historical events.  I found that to be the case when I participated in a group discussion of Braveheart.  I suggested the above connection and initially received support.  Then, it wavered.  Soon, the people running the group ignored me.  And believe this or not, when I got to the site, I was tracked.  If I told you it was MI6, bet you'd say I was imagining it.  -s-

At any rate, some people want to indeed rewrite history.  Or they are embarrassed by their ancestors.  The status quo is a powerful magnet, causing some to cling to the past as they see it.

History should be a mirror or a light which points to the future.  Others make it conform to their skewed views.  As the voiceover in Braveheart says, 'History is written by those who have hanged heroes'.  It can be.  Or, as I was taught, it reveals our past, warts and all, to help us in the present to build a better future.

Back at the movies, there is the theme of reluctance.  Wallace, based on a real person, wants at first to just be left alone.  that ends in disaster because tyranny leaves no one alone.  People creep about, hoping to be ignored, under the radar if they just toe some mark.  They take quite a lot.

Some of these become collaborators.  It's the old theory that you feed all else to the alligators to keep them from eating you.  Need I say how that ends -s-?  Some reach a point, as did Wallace in movie and real life, that the only alternative to enduring oppression is to resist.

Similarly, Benjamin Martin, based on several real people, fought in the French and Indian war.  He saw and participated in some radically savage acts.  That's war.  He didn't want his family to experience it.  So he wanted to avoid conflict.  This, as we know, became impossible again in movie and reality. 

Tyranny is hungry, all consuming.  If you want a spiritual analogy, a preacher I met told me how demonic spirits behave.  He said they were not picky, that they wanted to destroy us all.

Ignoring and appeasing lead to the same end.  Facing fear and doing something go another way. 

Historically, we have fought for and attained Freedom.  We must do so again.  It is an ongoing dynamic. 

Quoting from another film, John Wayne's Alamo, we face what all people in all times have faced.  To endure oppression.  Or to resist.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yes I'm referring to the scum who jumped me, but to more than them. 

There are roving bands of low lifes who roam, sometimes let out in a particular area, looking for a crime of opportunity.  It usually involves assault and theft.  It may include burglary, home invasion and rape.

These pukes don't care.

I told my tale to a few folks on Facebook.  Among the responses I noted were the ones that asked why.  Why.  Who would do this and why did they do it.

I answered simply that there were 'people' (though these have given up their humanity) who didn't give a fig about anything but themselves.  They take what is not their's, and the price can be fatal or at least injurious to others.  And these thugs hope they meet folks who wonder why. 

I can't do more than tell people that thugs exist.  I hope I help wake them up before they themselves get jumped and that they prepare to defend themselves, family and property.  I don't think I'd be here if I hadn't used some of my skill, though not enough.

Matt Bracken's trilogy illustrates what might well happen when civilization collapses.  I believe these rovers are readying themselves.  They fancy themselves street soldiers.  Don't over or under estimate them.  For when it comes down to it, they will find out what war is all about.

Mind you, I am not seeking them out.  But if these schmucks make a second mistake, I will stop the threat.  The warrior has indeed reawakened in me -s-. 

Again, I have debriefed with some whom I trust.  I have practiced and will continue to do so close quarter skills both armed with gun or blade and unarmed.  My awareness is back up, having dwelt among the lotus eaters too much.

I will talk of gangs soon.  They are a cancer which needs to be excised from the Republic.

The scheisskopfs who jump people are of course cowardly.  Three on one is their usual number, but there is always more than one.  Exceptions in there being just one on one can happen, if they think they can take someone.  Don't let em.

Learn.  Spread the word that these creeps exist.  If folks turn their back and blitely ignore the thug factor, it is at their own peril.

Perhaps my event serves as proof to a few at least.

Know these thugs are around.  Spread the word.  Be ready.  Let them know they don't have an easy path ahead.  Give em the hell they deserve.

Also, I'll be letting people know what developments come from my assault.  There will be some interesting revelations in a few weeks.

Watch your six.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Everything Is Going To Be OK

I watched The Beaver with Mel Gibson.

Whatever you think of Mel, this flick is pretty good.  Directed by Jodie Foster, it's well done all around.  It is a tale of descent into mental illness and denial with tragic then better results, in that people emerge from their problems facing things head on.

Rather than a critique, I suggest you get it and see for yourself.  It'll cost you about 90 minutes.

What caught my attention was the short sentence that is the title of this piece.

At the end there is a note about the value of truth.  One of the points is that 'everything is going to be ok' is misleading.  It is often not the case.

We cradle, hold tight, a child in our arms after something bad happens, whatever it may be.  It's a natural tendency to say everything will be ok.  We want it to be.  But we cannot take back whatever occurred.  All we can do is go forward.  I think that's what we really mean.

Things are going to shake us up, rock our world.  What does remain is being there.  We can't take back something bad.  We can be with people and help them through the aftermath.  We can rebuild.

Maybe, just maybe, everything will be ok from that point on.  It's likely to be an uphill battle however.

Facing problems including fears and dealing with them will point us in the direction of making it right.  Things can only be ok when we are indeed honest with ourselves and others.

It's true for kids, family, friends etal. 

It's true for this Constitutional Republic.

Friday, September 28, 2012


It popularly means to overlook, let go, give up resentment.  It is a primary part of of many faiths/religions.  What does it mean?  I will tell you my view.

Mistakes are made, either by ourselves or others around us.  We can allow them to gnaw away at us.  We can obsess.  Then, we fall into either blaming other people or damning our circumstances.  Or we can let it go. 

That doesn't mean we actually forget.  We must remember or else how can we truly learn?  It's what we learn and how we deal with it. 

Maybe mistakes is too light a term.  Rape, assault, collectivism destroying the Republic are sins against humanity.  There are many more.  Cheating on many levels, lying and many more could paint a very dark picture. 

Should we understand these things, the good and bad of human condition?  Of course, for it's our nature to understand.

Should we limit this understanding?  Let me explain.

I was attacked a few weeks ago.  You can read about it under the post 'Mugged'  Three thugs, who were black, jumped me.  They shouted racial epithets.  What to do as a result?

There is the liberal bleeding heart answer which entails the 'woe is me' entitlement view that these guys were just acting out frustations because the system oppresses them.  That's crap.  Liberal/collectivist solutions exploit social malfunction and high jack it.  And all the social babble in the world isn't going to help you when three slugs are attempting to beat you up.

There is no excuse for such behavior.  Understanding it comes down to this:  There have always been predators who use said excuses to maraud.  They deserve punishment.  They respond only to 'stimuli', if I may use a psych term much abused by those who try to control us.

You see, there is understanding after all -s-. 

Can some people be helped?  I used to work on the street as a student minister.  Yes some can be helped to help themselves, if they are willing to do so.  There are some kids, criminals all, who have been turned away from that life.  But, some are hardwired.  And the way it's been ingrained as with gang society, there are some who, like child rapists, stay predators.

These asses would have been delighted if I had tried to 'reason' with them.  They would have laughed, in there minds denigrated me and after robbing me possibly killed me.  And btw, these mokes were not newbies, having long rap sheets.  And even if this were initiation, the result is the same.  For them it was jail.  It was almost death or at least incapacitation.

Monsters on all levels, from street thugs to those in 'high office' are the same.  They hide behind good intention.  Even those whose reasons are good, they are useful to maintain tyranny.  Or they are wiped out.  Like Mike Vanderboegh says, paraphrasing, that the idea of Gandhi and his notion of passive resistance would have floated down the Ganges with his bayoneted, beheaded corpse, if the Japanese had invaded India.

So, this post has evolved even as I write it.  It's become more than it was originally.  Let's cut to the chase.

Forgiveness to me is not excusing bad things.  It is simply not letting them get to you, eating you alive.

In that case, I may 'forgive' but I sure as hell will NOT forget.  I remember and will do what is best for me to go on living.  Wrong is wrong.  I will not let hatred control me.  But I will defend myself on all levels.

Problem solved?  Well life goes on and I hold up my head, which thankfully, is still attached to my body -s-.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Operant Word

Operant conditioning.  It is real.  A simple study of basic psychology reveals it.  How far it goes and what it does is the great murky swamp of possibilities.

Our behavior is modified by consequences.  That's the crux of operant conditioning.  Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive and negative punishment and extinction are the common terms psychologist B.F. Skinner coined.  The definitions below sum up this tool: 
  1. Positive reinforcement (Reinforcement): occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by a stimulus that is appetitive or rewarding, increasing the frequency of that behavior. In the Skinner box experiment, a stimulus such as food or sugar solution can be delivered when the rat engages in a target behavior, such as pressing a lever.
  2. Negative reinforcement (Escape): occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by the removal of an aversive stimulus, thereby increasing that behavior's frequency. In the Skinner box experiment, negative reinforcement can be a loud noise continuously sounding inside the rat's cage until it engages in the target behavior, such as pressing a lever, upon which the loud noise is removed.
  3. Positive punishment (Punishment) (also called "Punishment by contingent stimulation"): occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by a stimulus, such as introducing a shock or loud noise, resulting in a decrease in that behavior.
  4. Negative punishment (Penalty) (also called "Punishment by contingent withdrawal"): occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by the removal of a stimulus, such as taking away a child's toy following an undesired behavior, resulting in a decrease in that behavior.
I got these from Wikipedia and I know its track record for iffiness.  But my Psych background guarantees this stuff is accurate.  And whatever one thinks, these are applied in daily life.

Further, these are factors that alter effectiveness of consequences: 
  1. Satiation/Deprivation: The effectiveness of a consequence will be reduced if the individual's "appetite" for that source of stimulation has been satisfied. Inversely, the effectiveness of a consequence will increase as the individual becomes deprived of that stimulus. If someone is not hungry, food will not be an effective reinforcer for behavior. Satiation is generally only a potential problem with primary reinforcers, those that do not need to be learned such as food and water.
  2. Immediacy: After a response, how immediately a consequence is then felt determines the effectiveness of the consequence. More immediate feedback will be more effective than less immediate feedback. If someone's license plate is caught by a traffic camera for speeding and they receive a speeding ticket in the mail a week later, this consequence will not be very effective against speeding. But if someone is speeding and is caught in the act by an officer who pulls them over, then their speeding behavior is more likely to be affected
  3. Contingency: If a consequence does not contingently (reliably, or consistently) follow the target response, its effectiveness upon the response is reduced. But if a consequence follows the response consistently after successive instances, its ability to modify the response is increased. The schedule of reinforcement, when consistent, leads to faster learning. When the schedule is variable the learning is slower. Extinction is more difficult when learning occurs during intermittent reinforcement and more easily extinguished when learning occurs during a highly consistent schedule.
  4. Size: This is a "cost-benefit" determinant of whether a consequence will be effective. If the size, or amount, of the consequence is large enough to be worth the effort, the consequence will be more effective upon the behavior. An unusually large lottery jackpot, for example, might be enough to get someone to buy a one-dollar lottery ticket (or even buying multiple tickets). But if a lottery jackpot is small, the same person might not feel it to be worth the effort of driving out and finding a place to buy a ticket. In this example, it's also useful to note that "effort" is a punishing consequence. How these opposing expected consequences (reinforcing and punishing) balance out will determine whether the behavior is performed or not.
These factors and the whole ball of wax are used for weal or woe.  And the real crux is the lack of humanity involved.

Skinner treated people like, well the rats used in experiments.  The human factor is ignored.  We are not rats, robots or cattle to be herded with such tools.

Now these methods can be applied to us.  We do not have to accept them.  We have free will, self determination.

Oh yes.  You might look at Lost.  It's rife with Skinnerism.  Examine the faith, fate, fact angles.

Also, with self determination comes self respect.  We clean up our own messes.

So, study this stuff.  Take a peak at Marxism and its myriad spawn.  Study your enemies.

Bit by bit construct and undo them.

That way, you will not be put in a box -s-. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Exercise And Diet

They are good things.  Yet, they only work when they are made to work.  Will and intent must be the catalyst and the daily operation.

What you eat and how you exercise are just as important. 

I'm not here to describe all that is, but it probably means to cut down or out the ice cream and cigs -s-.

Content is more important than volume.  Usually.

If there were no variables, there would be no variety.

And no, this is not code lol.


I enjoyed the tv series, The Pretender.  And barring any hollywood aggrandizing, they do exist.  Geniuses who can assume many walks of life.

My definition of genius is pretty much this:  Imagine a large rock or post in the middle of a river or rush of water.  That rock/post stands firm, the water rushing around it.  The rock/post faces forward.  Extrapolating, it can see through the flood, to a point beyond, past the confusion.   There is a singular purpose, excluding all else, leading to a solution.

Intelligence work has utilized a lot of outre methods, some stranger than others.  But people can at least grasp genius.  It doesn't take one to figure it out -s-.

What sticks most about the series is the idea of an elite which exploits said genius.  it does not value humanity and sees only commodity.  Control, deceit, exploitation rule.  It is run by a pack of hierarchical sociopaths who use one another as much or more than anyone else.  Sound familiar?

Often through fiction we can see reality more clearly.  Sometimes the more fantastic, the bigger the message in the ravioli. 

Jarod, the Pretender of the title, has escaped the Centre (name for the elite org) and assumes professions to bring justice to the wronged and to punish abusers.  Again familiar?

And one other thing.  Fiction is ok.  But whatever the message is, it must translate to reality for it to be effective.

Remember the rock and the river.


What a word that is.  I soft peddles assault, kind of like pedophile does the same for child rapists.

I got assaulted Monday night, August 27. 

I was on what is usually a routine walk.  It was a route I oftenb take, but at varied times.  Even late at night there has been no trouble.  Til now.

So it's time for a warts and all narrative.

About 11pm, i was walking back home, having completed half the hike.  It was quiet and I thought I was in condition yellow.  I'd heard dogs barking in the alley behind the parkway and figured someone was rummaging, probably looking for a crime of opportunity.  I became the opportunity -s-.

I passed a certain street out of a dark spot, where I was very aware.  What happened, simply, is that I dropped my guard.  I rounded a curve into well lit street.  I heard mumbling behind me and looked.  There I saw the lowlifes, three of them. 

As I turned to flee, I said I thought you guys were gonna jump me.  The 'leader' said 'yeah you ugly white motherf****r.'

I needed to put distance between us but slipped in the wet grass and mud.  Thats' when the little shitems got me.

I defended best I could and sustained some punches to the face, which were attempts to disorient me.  As I resisted on my knees, I failed to retireve my Glock 23, in a fannypack.  They ended up grabbing the pack and after a brief tug of war, ran with it.

I went to a nearby home where the lady called the cops as I called my son.  I advised him to stay there with his guns, to defend if the the little bitches decided to visit.

The cops and EMTs came.  Checked out photographed and questioned.

These mokes were pulling this crap and the cops were one step behind them.  Til that night.

The idiots assaulted someone else a bit away and the cops nabbed them, their car and my gun and mags.

I'll get the Glock back after a few weeks.  There will be no stonewalling as they have proof it's mine and my lawyer is on retainer for whatever I need.  Also I know how cops think and I've known some of them for decades.  Also, The way I comported myself had a lot to do with it.  I wasn't panicked, I was concise and know how to talk.  Should I have gotten my lawyer there that night?  I decided not.

Now, the lessons learned.

I was fortunate.  The scumbags didn't kill me.  They didn't know what they got til they ran away.  In this case, the cops were spurred to quick action.  The angels had smiled on me.

I should have been more aware.  Too much relying on old rhetoric such as 'stay in condition yellow', when I was saying words and letting my mind wander. 

I should have had my backup gun and small fighting knife on my person.  No more fanny packs.  I will use retention moves that I will practice every day, moves I was allowing to lie fallow.  Words are not enough.

If attacked I will stop the threat up to and including killing my assailants.  My life is more valuable than street scum.

I will follow through.  I've spoken of a gentleman whose intentions were good.  He carried and sought to rescue a waitress who was being beaten and robbed.  The moke stopped when the man produced his weapon and bade him stop.  he turned and shot the would be Samaritan, killing him.  The manm thought probably the bastard would stop by just the mere presence of a gun.  As with words, that isn't enough.  You have to be willing.

The good news is my threshold for pain is still high.  I will not live in fear nor give into it and my attitude is aggressive concerning these parasites who don't care as long as they steal, what happens to anyone but themselves.  These stains have no power over me.  They will not control where I go nor how I live.  I will not look for trouble but I will do what I must in the midst of it.

And no, my preparedness is not the scum making me live a certain way.  Self defense is a way of life.  It is not a fear reaction.  It is a call to arms.

Life can be quick and violent.  Closing the distance happens in a flash.  Be prepared to inflict pain and to withstand it.

This was a wakeup call.

I woke up.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pearls Of Wisdom

When I was in high school, my World History teacher made class very interactive.  Every day, there was a quote on the blackboard.  It might be from any source, but it always was thought provoking and we invariably discussed it.  We didn't stop there.  We were each encouraged to either quote as did our teacher, or we could come up with something of our own.  We referred to this as 'pearls of wisdom'.

My favorite was 'This above all, to thine own self be true'.  Hamlet, Act 1, scene 3

Be loyal to what's right for you.  Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.  Good advice when taken in the right context.

Polonius was self serving, duplicitous.  The quote is seen of course in a healthier light.  The point is for those of us who seek to do the right thing, being honest and helpful, it's a natural way.  For Polonius, Hitler, Putin, Obama etc., it means something else entirely.  It means equivocation, coverup, justifying wrong.  Currently that boils down to such an event as the gunwalking affair for instance.

Will I get in trouble for lumping modern politicians with fictitious and classic villains?

Well, I'm being true to myself.  I'm telling the truth as I see it.  Take it or leave it, come what may.

I'm grateful to my teachers of that time for helping to nourish inductive/deductive reasoning, for simply thinking for myself.

Discussion, reason, facts are always the basis for this.  I don't say things on a whim.

Look at the body of evidence and decide for yourself.

Whether this sketch is a pearl of wisdom remains to be seen.

But, I am being true to myself -s-.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Hate This

"Assault weapons laws resemble hate speech laws. Hate speech laws usually begin by targeting a few words that almost no one approves. Once the system for controlling and punishing “hate speech” is put into place, there is little or nothing to stop it from expanding to punish more and more types of everyday speech. Similarly, once an assault weapons law is on the books, there is little to prevent politicians from vastly increasing the number of weapons banned under the law. The main effect of banning assault weapons is to give government an excuse to arrest and imprison millions of Americans while doing little or nothing to reduce crime. America has a limited number of police, and politicians must decide who the real public enemies are. If Mr. Clinton signs an assault weapons ban, it could signal the start of an attack on gun owners’ constitutional rights that could far surpass all previous gun bans."-- James BovardAmerican author, lecturer

We have been fortunate in riposting these efforts.  So far.  But there is a tendency to lump us all together those of us who value Freedom, into knuckle dragging 'right wingers'.  The list of offenses is long and egregious.  I hate these real haters.

They finger point and cherry pick re hate.  And in that plus their tendency to lump us all together is their weakness and downfall.

I urge you to counter them and show them as they really are.

Whatever you believe, there is a Biblical passage encouraging people to 'hate what is evil'.

What is more evil than the illogic and thin skin of our accusers?

Be sure, shine the light on real hatred and get ready to have 'rhino skin' against the slings and arrows of outrageous fools.

The attacks continue and what Bovard said is ever recrudescent.

Be even moreso.


It was a television series in the mid 60's that ran five years.  It's success doubtless had to do with the fact that the events portrayed had taken place just twenty years before.  Many kids then had Dads who had fought in WW2 or many men and women who helped in the war effort.  Certainly there were many who experienced that time firsthand.

The show illustrated the daily grind of the many missions which made up the whole, the objective of victory.

Talk to those who took the oath then and now.  Learn that singular purpose made up of all who seek victory aka Restoration of the Republic.

Like the Freedom sought in the past, the brushfires in the minds of many will lead to a world not just US, but a world that is Free, self determining, from many One.  What a 'one world' that would be -s-.

The Rain On The Rock

Ray Bradbury dying got me to thinking.  His writing always did.  I read his stuff in grade school.  Not in school, but at the library and at home.  And in light of how schooling has nosedived, how we homeschooled our kids, here are a couple of statements from Bradbury with which I agree:

'Libraries raised me. I don't believe in colleges and universities. I believe in libraries because most students don't have any money. When I graduated from high school, it was during the Depression and we had no money. I couldn't go to college, so I went to the library three days a week for 10 years.'

'You can’t learn to write in college. It’s a very bad place for writers because the teachers always think they know more than you do—and they don’t.'

There are teachers who, worth their weight in gold, point you on the way and leave you to develop on your own.

Two of the greatest, Heinlein and Bradbury, have inspired me to be my best.

As for the rain on the rock, it is not a fabian socialist steady erosion of Freedom.  It is the constant drip, drip, drip that wears away the collectivists, that erodes the disease seeking to eat us up.

Read about these great writers.

Add your own drops to the resistance as we wear down the wearers.

And hey, don't be a clone of Bradbury nor anyone else.

Be yourself.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving Pictures

I will not let a monster destroy my life, my faith, my rights.

It seems a worthy thought in light of the Aurora shootings.

And I'm not even mentioning the perp's name nor much about his behavior.  I prefer to remember the victims.  There is too much emphasis on the killers.  And there is never enough discussion of reasons.

Is there a deadening of feelings due to video games and movies?  Ultra violence permeates society.  We wallow in vicarious death.  But is it explanation aplenty?  I think some kids etc are conditioned and it's debatable if people can be made sociopaths.  If I recall, some of the audience thought the perp and his actions initially were a stunt.  After the movie started? Uh-uh.

I'm not gonna waste time talking about what I'd do, except mention I'd probably ignore the stupid no guns rule.  The perp did, knowing he'd have a target rich environment.  I would defend myself.  How etc would depend on the given circumstances.

What's interesting is the timing.  The UN gun treaty was being debated.  What a lovely fulcrum to lever support for it.  Also, along with legally raping the Reese family (gunstore owners), it might take attention away from an obviously criminal Attorney General (and President) and the gov's gunwalking whoas.

Of course the usual suspects moan and groan that we need more gun control.  Ad nauseum in the extreme, the blood dancing continues.  The attending arrogance is everywhere.

I encountered it on Facebook.  couldn't resist some sarcasm re flea markets and gunshows.  There are the more insidious.

The cheek of some who play the old card of Repubs bad, Demos good is hilarious if not for the apparent seriousness of tone.  They are actually just socialist polls, stringing gullibles along.  And yes there are plenty of decent people who place their hope in such, denying the truth.

Moreso, one of them  declared all veterans, seeing the horrors of combat,  know 'assault weapons' are just for killing and should be banned from use except for police and military.  Sops are given to a gutted conciliatory Second Amendment for the nazilike 'sporting purpose' (which was gone after later).  This gentleman who purportedly believes the rhetoric, certainly is NOT keeping his oath.  The Constitution is subject to 'interpretation', which means its eventual eradication in the name of progress aka communism.

I'm  happy to note as of this moment the UN treaty seemes temporarily scuttled.  Efforts by the occupier of the Oval Office have gone underground again and others' attempts are not getting traction.

Some of us are indeed connizant of the fact our enemies never sleep and that we must sleep less.  There are those confronting the BS.  Our usual suspects (lol), Codrea and vanderboegh and so many more are not letting the criminals get away with this.

One other note.  I believe sociopathy is cultivated and many cross a line who would not save for the triggers in place.

My kids play games and have guns.  They know the difference between fantasy and reality.  they also know how to defend themselves.

And they sure as hell don't blame guns nor any other social triggers for what happens.

We and so many more are willing to confront both the liars and the dupes, toe to toe.  It made certain people on Facebook wary of me for instance.

Let's keep up the momentum.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Jericho Redux

Keeping in mind this is a television show, I think it bears reexamination, concentrating on the brief second season.  I suggest you get both seasons and see for yourself btw.

Briefly, 23 cities have been nuked.  The country has been divided.  East of the Mississippi a remnant gov based in Columbus O (Indy was nuked along with DC etc.  You'd be surprised about my hometown.  Lotta secret work here etc).  West has a gov in Cheyenne Wy.  texas opted to rebecome an independent country again. 

There is a lot of black ops in this show.  It's worth watching just for that -s-.  Robert Hawkins is the secret agent with a conscience.  If we have guys like him when the time comes, restoring the Republic will still be a bloody drawn out affair.  But such people will help make it winable.

Civil war is on it's way at the end of the season as the remaining bomb is delivered to Texas and they side with the US.

The Allied States in the west, is the illegal union foisted upon citizens by those who fomented the bombings in order to wrest power.

As we know power is never given up.  Thus a civil war which has as yet to be portrayed (I hope it does), is in the offing.

It is implied that it will be a long bloody war, since even with proof of conspiracy, the AS will fight to keep tyrannical control (They hold a constitutional convention and almost immediately the 2A is removed -s-).  They are aided and abetted by an all purpose company, Jennings and Rall, which blends with the gov and enforcers past the AS military in the form of 'Ravenwood', which does official thieving and thug work.  Anything sound familiar?

There is a strong resolve to right the wrong and bring the AS down. 

I'm not saying this is a primer for what lies ahead in reality.  But it's worth studying.  It could be a pallette for a portrait -s-.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


The Lord High Mayor of NYC has struck again. He has demanded a ban on high capacity soda pop.   Let me just simplify this.

Megalomaniacal billionaire Bloomberg is using a health issue to impose more control over the public.  These health issues are nebulous areas which may have some basis in a popular opinion backed by possible facts that all the sugar and caffeine is bad for you.

It's the same premise for smoking bans, helmet laws and even tracking sex offenders.  I encountered one who said they would come after them as a test to come after any of us.  It's one thing that he said I agree on.  No one denies child rapists are evil except for them.  So what's the harm in keeping track of them?  Helmets and or seatbelts save lives so where's the harm in demanding people use them?  What's healthy about smoking?  Foods are full of empty calories and chemicals ad nausea.

It's simple.  We need to regulate ourselves.  It is OUR choice, not the choice of gov.  Many make mistakes.  We should learn from them.  We should not imperil others.  People have a right to protect themselves etc.

The s.o.b. who hurts kids was right though.  They will come after us.  They already have and will not stop til total control is implemented.

Yes we must stop monsters who rape kids.  We must also stop monsters who destroy Freedom.  I see no difference.

How?  Sure we pinpoint them.  Real criminals can and will be punished. 

How far are they going to go before we take back our rights?  Yes, even to make mistakes. 

We should make those who choose to smoke to be places they freely choose.  Let those who don't take an implied risk or seek places where they may be free of smoke.  By choice.  That's all surface though.

It will get worse before it gets better.  And the controllers will bring punishment on themselves.

BTW, billionaires aren't the problem.  Bloomberg would be an ass w/o it.  It's what you do that counts.

Ex Libris

From the books.  I'm stretching it again.  But, I'm an artist so I claim artistic license -s-.  Yes, I have a rather large personal library.  Several subjects are covered as I have a lot of interests.  If the FBI and FSB want to know more, well I have no secrets.  Or do I?  lol

My work continues apace on a novel series which should include four books.  There will be an historical novel inspired by the series. 

I am continuing short stories and at some point I'll publish those too.

I might do some short short stuff  here and will continue four posts.

There are scripts including one I am still going to film in Indianapolis.  Maybe more later.

I've said the novels will tick off a lot of people.  Maybe they'll cause a snoring fit.  The chips will fall where they may.

Oh yes, there are 2-3 albums somewhere along the line.  Some will be pop, a little blues and some surprises, including to me -s-.  Throw in a couple of duets (No promise who they may be.  That will depend on timing who wants to do it etc) and stir then bake for a while.  We'll see what pops up.

A personal post re my career in fabulous showbiz.

What's it got to do with Freedom, the Republic etc.?  Everything.

We should be free to pursue our lives as we wish, as long as we don't hurt others.  Art is a great way to get points across -s-.

As for how much pain my work causes, either quality content wise or if it 'touches' the enemy, we will see.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Ok, it's a bit of a stretch but I couldn't resist -s-.  And it has nothing to do with the previous No Mas Pantalones.

In fact, I'd say it's the opposite.  We'd best be getting some steel pants, because the problrms just are not going away.

I've talked how the enemies of the Republic are relentless.  They have dedicated themselves to our destruction since before the Republic began.

Every mistake made, each problem we make for ourselves is exploited by happenstance or due to manipulation deliberately ar rhe hands of our collectivist foes.

Communism is NOT dead.  It gets wavy and indistinct but it's always there, whether you taste foreign or domestic battery acid.

Thus I speak of how our enemies never sleep and warn we must learn to sleep less.  We simply cannot drop the ball..  Each of us can do something from exposure to fighting on any other level that will be demanded.

Pray for the guys in the forefront of the fight, such as David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh etal.  Speak out or depending on the portion, lay back.  When your time comes do your job.

They have ultimate contempt for Freedom, for everything we hold dear.  And they do something about it. 

We hate the evil we fight.  Marshal that, control it and do your part.  Show we will sleep less, are more dedicated, not in a pissing match, but because they wish to enslave or kill us.  And we have a RIGHT to stop them, by any and all means. 

There are many ways to fight, so choose your weapons.  We are lifelong Freedom fighters.  And as the reds teach, teach your children what is right with a tenacity that is slackless.  Deal in specifics and do not rely on just saying we are better than they are.

Prove it.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

No Mas Pantalones

Liar liar pants on fire. I could write a spacious diatribe re that little childhood taunt. Appropriate perhaps, since the behavior of so many is childish and said taunt very apt. There's an insurance commercial where two insincere salesmen keep answering questions with lies as their pants smoulder then burst into flame. Trying to be trendy one says 'no mas pantalones' Spanish for no more pants, plus the reference to 'liar liar...'. Sure the nod is obvious. The collectivists are losing their pants while the Republic loses its trousers. Those silly liberals are losing as long as they are exposed. It's a combo spotlight and feet to fire that is their downfall. We must be more unrelenting than any Fabian socialist in pressuring them. These mokes lie pathologically and delude themselves it's for the 'cause'. And the ones who pull their strings, they are stone cold psychopaths. Yep, turn the tables on 'em. Make 'em lose not just their pants, but the war. Because, what they do and would do to us if they win is untenable.

Under Pressure

Here is a small reveal: Under Pressure form David Bowie and Queen was the first song I played as a DJ. 'Pressure, pressing down on me'. Nope, I'm not commenting on those guys. I like to leave certain opinions up to each person. But I reserve the right to give mine and exchange ideas. That must be one of the greatest saving graces when we are under pressure. It comes from so many places on so many levels. It's worldwide, national, state, local, gtoup and individual. Part of the idea is to keep people so busy that they don't have time to address the issues. It's not diversions like sports (ok unless it gets obsessive) or hobbies (same). It's grinding away with the gov putting more taxes, laws, statutes on our backs like a load of leaden kaka. We are kept so busy, we wonder if we are alone. Isolation, limitation and resignation bear down. The way out is to realize we are not alone! Now, I know a lot of us are in the company of like minded folk. A glance to the right can tell you something about that. I'm reaching out to those who think it's no use. We are stronger together than apart. So, this is my 'Captain Obvious' post. But, I bet we all know people who are lost in a sea of bureaucracy. Open up their worlds! Remember phone trees? One person calls someone maybe two. They in turn do the same and so on. Pressure can be handled. Just don't blow your lid -s-.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


What is truth? Good question from Pontius Pilate. That's because people frequently find truth relative. They see what they want to see. That's also why MSM are so effective. Taking facts and creatively bending them, or leaving out, or emphasizing certain things at certain points is sadly an art. Pravda is Russian for truth. Why it was such a joke in cold war days. Mastery of manipulation extended back in US news and, for that matter, whenever people have wanted to know what was going on. Some folks want to be told, want to be cared for, controlled. Marga Meier, who taught me German and Medieval History talked often of the divided Germany. There was likely less control in West than in East. But now it is a worldwide tendency to 'edit' events. Accept that, or be like me and how my brother and many teachers taught me to dig. With the internet, it's easier to snap to something and get the unadulterated evidence so vital to 'pravda'. Things are quickly and in some cases viciously covered up. That's why you should check the people in the right column here. These guys and gal can refer you to further Freedom seeking spots. It boils down to interpreting what's going on. Believe or equivocate, it's up to you. The truth will not only give you the means to be Free, it will be a faithful guide, if you choose to believe.

Damn Traitors

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague." --Marcus Cicero Well, he certainly had a way with words, huh? Of course, Cicero saw Julius Caesar as a threat to the Roman Republic. His dictatorship was supposed to be temporary. We can't be sure if that's what Julius had in mind. The point is Cicero saw Caesar's rise to absolute power. And we know it corrupts absolutely. Mind you, none of this is just cut and dried. There was a lot of intrigue and factionalism, eventually leading to Cicero's death, after Caesar's assassination. Don't look for exact parallels re our Republic and the Roman one. We have the only true Constitutional Republic in world history. Rather than go into a big lecture, go research. Our history is there for the study. I'm simply thinking traitors. It's not just paranoia, more than a Red Scare, though that was real and communism is very much alive. Traitors offer the knife in the back. They lie and use half lies to rot the fiber of Freedom. Alinsky comes to mind as well as the tactics of the Soviet machine. Compromising our way out of Freedom continues. Therefore, contravening that continues apace. The collectivists love to paint our history and ourselves in the worst possible light. The goal is to discredit, perhaps even compromise us. I think the goading is to push Freedom minded folks to do something rash. Here is my suggestion: Countermove/intel them. Traitors are many and have existed for centuries. Remember Adams' Sedition Act. Statism/Federalism surely destroys us without commies. However, they work hand in hand, resulting in strange bedfellows. Liberals think they can have their cake and eat it too. Many long for the new dawn, the impossible dream of collectivists always. The State rules but some are more equal than others. Don't be paranoid. Face traitors with truth ie, our heritage of the people ruling, self government. I'm sure we are still in for the fight of our country's life. Power is not willingly surrendered. Neither will our rights. As I have said, we fight an enemy that never sleeps. We must learn to sleep less.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Nowhere Man

I thought it was a provocative series. How's that for Hollywoody wording? -s- Thomas Veil is a photojournalist. He's at his favorite restaurant with his wife and knows the owner personally. He gets up to use the restroom. When he comes back, his life has been erased. No one recognizes him. He's kicked out and his home is not his anymore. His wife denies knowing him and is with another man. ATMS don't work, his Mom had a stroke and is incapable of recognizing him. His best friend is dead. Everything is gone. Totally erased. It seems his circumstance is based on a photo he took called Hidden Agenda. It depicts four men hanged in South America. His proof is in negatives of the shoot. A secret organization chases him to retrieve them. So most of the series is about Veil keeping the negatives from them and trying to find out more about them. It's revealed he was part of an experiment in brainwashing called Project Marathon. All the facts he thought he knew were implanted. He is a covert op, his code is Gemini and Heritage House is investigating the Organization and Marathon. Hidden Agenda is indeed that as the people actually killed were four Senators. He watches a tape explaining all at the end of the series but it's left up in the air. What's this got to do with anything? Everything. Don't doubt for a minute that mind games are not played. There are people who devise them full time. They just are not as intricate as portrayed in Nowhere Man. However, people do disappear for one reason or another. People go off the grid on their own or are disappeared by others. You can make of this what you will. Reality is what people agree on. And it just might be that if we don't have a strong sense of self, that reality will be what we are told instead of what is in our hearts and minds. Somewhere out there lies the truth.........

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nyah Nyah Nyah

Blaming others. A crux of the disfunctional. If you ascribe blame to someone or something else, it takes off the pressure, no matter how skilled the frameup nor how hackneyed. It may actually work, at least enough for the blamer to not only feel justified, but to be exonerated in the eyes of other. Doubt is the keey. Take false accusation of child abuse. In a divorce (not mine btw), the wife points the finger at the husband. Wishing to inflict the maximum injury, she says he 'molested' or raped the kids. She will go as far as brainwashing them into thinking he did. She plants doubts even in the minds of these loved ones. Not much love there to do that to them either in reality or to warp their perception. The husband successfully contests this crime and is exonerated. Yet there will be those who wonder if he DID do something. And, his kids have been hurt anyway. It may take a long time to rebuild relationship. It is at best a scar that remains. It can be overcome of course. Time and care can take people past victimhood, to survivorship, to victor. Never has Crockett's motto 'be sure you're right, then go ahead', been more true. Impeached President Clinton lied then pointed the finger in the form of bombings to take off the pressure of scrutiny re his rapist past. Of course his impeachment should have concerned his selling out to China and not diddling a Mossad agent in the Oval Office. There are still folks who think the sun rises and sets in him and his wife. All I say is sheesh. On a person level, there are those disturbed ones who can't face their mental illness so they accuse others of the very things that plague them. So deep in denial do they become they should take advantage of a sale at the dive shop on scuba suits. If you are on the receiving end of any of this, no matter what level, stand tall. Weather the storm and fight back with truth. There may be those who think otherwise, but you can 'repoint' at them with their sickness. Make it abundantly clear, without being vindictive, that they are liars, pure and simple. Stand for truth in the Republic when it's attacked, and yourself and others. For truth is the basis. Oh yes. One thing. In standing fast, don't let them rattle you so that you appear desperate. That's guaranteed to add credence to their lies, for masny might think 'aha, you protest too much'. Stand steady in the storm, no matter how hard it gets, and be a victor!

Friday, April 27, 2012

More Smoke Signals

Smoke is a great analogy/metaphorical device. Wispy, cloudy, thick, thin, smoke can be sweet as sage or caustic as a chemical fire. It can also convey messages itself aka smoke signals used a long time by American Indians for long distance comm. I also see smoke as a red flag. Where there is smoke, there is fire comes to mind. We all know about smoke and mirrors. Obfuscation is the name of the socio-political game. It is the tried and true tool of the collectivists. Thought I'd touch on a few of the current crop. Take the Trayvon-Zimmerman game for instance. My impression is that Zimmerman is being railroaded by the usual race baiting suspects. Under the guise of righteous indignation, racial division is being fomented. Pair that with the questioning of castle doctrine/stand your ground laws and we have a nasty rights sucking event. The Republican Primary Senate race is huffin' and puffin'. Our dear antiFreedom Lugar is scared. He has real opposition for the first time. Richard Murdock offers Constitutionality,he has promised to serve the people not the state and I know personally he is progun. OTOH, we have a man as it were who has voted for every Freedom sucking bill, revels in power as a lackey to the state, or if you will, thinks he IS the state, and rivals Chuckie Schumer as a manipulative antigunner. As a result Lugar is running one of the most egregious mud slinging campaigns I've ever seen. He's lying and of course mixes it with the truth. Let me summarize and say Murdock has been doing his job as State Treasurer. The apparent coup de gras is a proLugar blip by our esteemed Governor, Mitch Daniels. Our Man Mitch my Aunt Fanny. He is showing his true colors as a RINO statist as he claims Lugar is the best thing since sliced bread. He classically twists the rhetoric claiming it is Lugar being attacked by Murdock. Did Mitch hold hands with Alinsky? He has nothing to lose, as he is kaput next election. Thank God Becky Skillman isn't running. That's another story -s-. Thanks Mitch for promotin g a 'man' who should never have been Mayor of Indianapolis let alone Senator. And speaking of smoke, we have a citywide 'smoking ban'. Yay. Breath easily all you statist prigs. You can now go to a local establishment and prattle about how self important you are without enduring smoke. For centuries, bars have been places where people also smoke. It's implied at least til now, that you go to one, if you don't smoke, you know people do. But we must be considerate. no, make that exclusionary. Now smoke free we can all be healthy as what is actually a ruse to gain more control tightens its grip. I'm not saying smoking is good for you. I gave up cigs long ago though I like a good cigar with my whiskey. It's my choice. Choice. The factor always missing when these effete snobs seek to impose themselves. Health is important. Yet it is MY calculated risk to enter a 'smoking establishment' let alone smoke. Let nonsmokers open a nonsmoking bar. Let people who smoke and who CHOOSE to work there alone. Oh yes. I digress. It's ultimately about control. Be it self defense with racial smoke, elections with aspersions cast on Freedom or smoking, we see the smoke signals rise. Time to pay attention and get a big ol industrial fan to blow bloviating away.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Half A Billion

Big doin's re the Mega Millions last week. Got up to 640 million bucks. That's a lotta dough to most but a few people on this planet. Turns out three people share the pot. Stil a formidable chunk.

Well, IRS will financially rape them first so expect around half to survive.

I was asked what I'd do with half a billion bucks.

Though I never discuss monetary affairs with others, I'd sure put it to work.

Specifically what I'd do and where it would go remains even theoretically my business. However, I'd invest and help people help themselves.

You can bet I'd further the cause of Restoring the Republic. I would pick and choose how I'd go about it though. My money, my show.

And Yes investment, making it work would be a major part too. That again is my business.

Oh, I'd help dispell the myth of the 1 vs the 99 percent. That crappola is just another nail in the coffin of the middle class.

Mostly, inspite of what some think, I'd stay me. I would NOT allow material stuff to dictate my being, my content of character.

Money is energy converted then reconverted to energy. It is a tool. Period.

No April Fool. Just the way it is -s-.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


I wear a lot of sweats among other casual clothes, especially at home. Sure I can dress up and I was told I was devastating in a tux (Guess that's Hollywoodese for handsome, I hope lol). But I run around for workout, hikes etc in sweats or shorts and t's in Summer. Naturally, a lot of the tops have hoods, called hoodies in the 'hood' -s-. They keep my noggin warm lol.

There has been a lot about hoodies the last several days floating around the net etc. Obviously that's because of the incident involving Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Trayvon was shot by George. That is a sentence that has been poked and stretched to look about any way it could possibly look. For a sample just type the kid's (Trayvon) name in a search engine. For fair decent reporting try War On Guns reachable from here. For the usual MSM crappola, go about anywhere.

Rather than reiterate stuff you most probably have seen, I'd simply like to give my two cents.

There is a lot of artful and not so adroit manipulation to either keep or to drive a wedge amongst blacks and whites. We have race baiter/problem profiteers Jackson and Sharpton spewing the usual drek calculated to fire emotion w/o thought.

The end game is to divide for control and to disarm. Old tactics receive a fresh whitewash (pardon the pun?).

All the what ifs and lack of action in other matters should be bandied about. The obvious prejudice -s- of collectivist/racists should be spotlighted.

Here is what I'm going to do. I'm gonna wear my hoodies if it's cold. No other reason. Ohoh I guess I don't care about kids and shootings. On the contrary, I'm acutely sensitive to any action involving guns and all the questions involved. I'm wearing my gun for protection as is my right. Thus, it is my responsibility to use said tool properly. I will also continue to go about in condition yellow at least. Check out Col. Jeff Cooper's color alert system re threat assessment.

I will respect others unless they give me a reason not to do so. I will continue to value others for the content of their character, not the color of their skin or any other consideration.

If I must defend myself, I will do so. That is that.

Hate is a disease that spreads the opportunity for manipulation by those who would be our masters. We will all be on the reservation/plantation IF we let them pull our strings.

Let ALL the facts see the light of day re Trayvon/George. Of course the system is broken. True justice will only come once we restore our Republic. It's a Republic for all not a few.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Please and thank you go a long way. They were among the first pieces of human interaction I was taught.

Probably talked about this before here. Well, it never hurts to repeat something this elemental.

I wager most who venture here have good manners. They respect themselves and others. It's basic civilization.

I came across another news blurb that Americans are getting ruder. Hmmm. MSM must be examined with a jaundiced eye.

Yet there does seem to be MORE rudeness these days. Is it absentmindedness or a by product of the gimme generation? Some of both probably.

Yet again, across eco classes etc I've known incredibly polite people. Not submissive let anything happen behavior, but simple please and thank you, asking not reaching. I sense self respect among many and though technically 'poor', quite a few who possess that quality that is a building block that brings us together and makes the Republic great.

Where I see the most lack of respect is among collectivists who try to manipulate us. They who do not believe or accept self rule revel in lack of social graces. It's another way to divide and conquer.

Adjust your attitude or adjust your altitude comes to mind. Lack of self discipline bleeds onto those of us who teach the opposite. I remember some kids in a rental next door with boundary problems wantonly picking the flowers one spring. The parents barely remonstrated them. They even left it to us to tell them what was right.

Other monsters were rude and disregarded private property. The parents DEFENDED them saying they were just kids. No comment, except to say they were dumb as rocks. Sheesh.

It's this kind of thing that contributes to the rot from within we face. It all adds up.

Mob rule will become a reality unless those who have manner go beyond polite.

There will come a point where that self discipline will come to bear on neobarbarians.

We'll have to 'teach em some manners'.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I watched my Dad die. It was a hot summer day. The window was open and there was a breeze. But not in the room and it was cool as well. And quiet. As death? He rose once and said,'I'm not ready to go yet.' He reclined once more and began leaving in spite of his protest. 'Uh uh', repeatedly, til there was silence. His argument spent, he left. The breeze rushed in with its afternoon warmth, as if to carry him aloft. The vacuum was gone and life went on.

Is it morbid after all this time to tell this short story? It's one of the most intimate moments in my life. I'm virtually revealing it to the world here. Well, if the world happened by this tiny corner of the internet.

There is a reason and tale behind everything that happens. Most of the time it's confined to few or possibly none left.

My Dad was sick for several years. He suffered greatly and so did we along with him. If he had lived he would have had lots to do. But it wasn't to be.

And life for the living goes on and I believe it does for those who cross over.

Just savor what there is and weather the storms and ride through triumphs great and small.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's In A Gate

Somebody stole my exwife's backyard fence gate.

Is there anything people won't steal lol?

In light of all the crimes in high and low places and impending conflict let alone the tornados, it's kinda small potatoes. But it's funny after the fact and typical too.

Apparently some scavenger, not content with discarded appliances, descended on the alleyway behind her house and literally lifted the gate from the frame. Admittedly, it was made easier because a hard freeze and a falling tree did it in. So, it was held in place with wire and easy to snip and grab. One of those quick fixes til it could be dealt with.

Predators and all sorts of scum constantly look for opportunities to ply their trade as it were. An unlocked door, a car left out, or any number of chances to rip off their fellow people. Some are more intricate, planned incursions. Watching comings and goings for whatever woe is in store is more common than the sheeple think. It serves us well to be observant. I say at least be in condition yellow or observant readiness. But all it takes is a blink, a turn of the back andnot being able to be everywhere for crime to occur.

Cams can help, if you can and always be armed is a given.

Yet it just takes a bit and poof.

I can tell you if anyone invades her house, they will be in peril. All I'm gonna say. We were together long enough for personal security to be well established.

Oh and she took the gate from the front and replaced the purloined one.

Just as well. The fence isn't complete there. It's a weird place except internally.

That security thing would make it a very bad place for bad people -s-.

So what's in a gate? A message that thieves are taking more and more.

Soon they will get less and less. That's on any level you care to land.