Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mugging Update One

I've finally gotten confirmation of why the case involving my gun is pending.

I can't reveal a whole lot yet, but the mokes who jumped me continued their crime spree.  Though I was out of the mix for ID, someone on 9/3/12 got the license number of these 'angels' car.  They were nabbed quickly.

The uniforms did their jobs.   They did the night I was jumped and retrieved my Glock.  And again, I gave them a description.  Without beating a dead horse, these three nabbed were indeed the goblins who jumped me.

They post bail, get out on the street and continue their chosen way of 'life' or existence. 

Can't technically prove it, but these are the three scumbags:,0,1576261.column

My gun is evidence and will be returned after proceedings are finished.  It's plausible and in writing so I'm satisfied at this time.

Thanks to Officer Jim Gray, Commander James Waters and Lieutenant Brian Moore.

As this continues, I'll post more.

And I will write about gunfights w/o much woulda coulda shoulda.

Thanks to David Codrea for his support too!

Stay safe, be observant and ready to stop the threat.


teacher said...

Good news. The wheels of justice grind slowly.

Mike H said...

As for my lawyer, there was some miscommunication. However, I have been checking out others, in case I need 'more than one'.

Mike H said...

Can't wait to find out about prelim with little angel Brandon Nabors. Later on, I'll do a post about him, Shaquille Carter and Elliott Johnson, who will probably be painted as victims of circumstance. Curly wouldn't laugh.

Mike H said...

Ronald D. Casey is my attorney.

Mike H said...

William Cincebox is the detective who 'handled' my case.

D Copper said...

Republican, Beech Grove City Council, wife is BG Mayor's secretary...........That's Det.C