Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Walter Williams

The man I said I'd vote for President in my earlier posting 'Black Presidents'.

He gave a great interview for Larry Pratt's News Hour Radio on 2/5/11.

His autobiography is called 'Up From The Projects, An Autobiography'. I'm getting it soon and should do a review here.

This guy is an Economics professor at George Mason University. He is the John M Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, as well as a syndicated columnist and author known for his libertarian views. In eco circles that's high octane stuff.

He grew up in the Richard Allen housing project in Philadelphia. Bill Cosby was a neighbor.

He served in the Army. According to Williams, he was made to serve. It was jail time or Army time. While serving, he fought racism in the ranks. The risk was great with court martial hanging over his head. Yet his efforts helped to break the racist code.

He's a prolofic writer and truthful and insightful. He spares no one. He is both persistant and consistant. Thus his communication skills are clear and I'd say has the ability to reach closed minds.

Of course the liberal race baiters are both embarressed and frightened by him. Their tired Uncle Tom remarks fall as flat as as an open can of cheap pop.

Unlike them, Williams is not petty and argues from a logical libertarian position. That is the bane of the truth spinners.

Search the web for him. He is easy to find. His columns at are nonpareil.

A man of experience and integrity, he is the antithesis of the Oval Office occupier. That fella would not do well in debate with Dr. Williams.

The usual solution is to try and dismiss him, usually derisively. Typical of the liars to avoid truth.

Walter Williams is hard to ignore.


Another of my two way streets.

It is given not forced. Don't push your way in. You might bite off more than you can chew.

On the other hand, some people can 'kill with kindness'. There can be a smothering cloying attentiveness. It is obsession. It is an insistance that you accept what's given you and like it.

Learn to be gracious. That's the keystone of hospitality. Of course that's nigh onto impossible for someone pathologically bent. They want to take care of you, whether you want them to or not.

As guests, we are obligated not to take advantage of our host. A polite request should do. We mustn't feel entitled just because we are given run of the house.

Culturally what is given and how hospitality is dealt with varies. But it is a free gift, given in personal respect for self and others.

The price is cheap if it is free.

If it is coerced, there might be hell to pay...


There is a difference between expecting good service and expecting the world to bow to you.

Courtesy is a two way street.

You should appreciate the help given you. As to whether you should never look a gift horse in the mouth may depend on who's giving the gift. Thank God for all that inductive/deductive reasoning many of us received as kids and passed on to ours.

And that help comes in many forms. And each has its own importance.

Many make a living serving others. Bartenders, wait staff, maids, concierges etal serve others every day. Often it's easy in a busy world to overlook this service. Of course some have more social interaction than others, bartenders as opposed to maid for instance.

On the part of folks who provide services, it is their responsibility to provide good service. Nothing is worse than having a bad night out or travelling. Well there are worse things like poor service from our elected employees, but that's another point.

Simply put, it is a two way street. I've seen double distilled a$$holes treat decent wait staff badly. Very badly. It's a real test of patience and sometimes courage how staff people deal with such. Believe me, when they are mistreated, staff have a way of reaping karma -s-. I've known a lot of people in the restaurant biz particularly btw.

I have seen such crappy service that some should be fired on the spot. And customers have ways of giving those people back.

I usually give the benefit of the doubt. The ultimate price to pay for poor service is never giving them my business again.

Case in point, I stopped at a local establishment and ordered a Tanqueray and tonic. The tender was marginally friendly and served it without a lime. She gave me one and didn't seem apologetic. Also she stiffed me for a buck. Solution was no tip and leaving. Could have been something else, but the atmosphere was generally unfriendly anyway.

I have also complained when the time was right about bad service. Generally I ask for the person to be asked what's up etc. A good manager/owner would do that anyway.

One night a while back, my son and I had travelled a good length. We settled at the hotel then ventured out for a brief excursion. Finding ourselves tired we retreated to the hotel and to the restaurant adjacent.

It was late Friday night and the place was busy, apparently a popular spot in town. The waitress was nice and we shot off our orders. It took a bit to focus we were so tired. The orders had backed up so we waited. My son was so tired that he put his head down on the table and dozed! It's not a practice I condone usually but with the delay etc I let it go.

It finally came with much apology. I said I understood. I had watched this kid serving. She did her job, not great, not bad. I could tell she was sorry and she was truly concerned we were so tired.

The food was good and I tipped her. That's it and we sauntered gratefully to our room.

Another note. The concierge was great. She bent over backwards to help us and didn't flinch when I mentioned a shooter's club -s-.

Just some examples and a point to make.

Make sure what's going on. Expect and even demand when appropriate, service. Don't be an ass. But if needs be, don't put up with bad service. I've seen people allow themselves to be bullied when they actually received crap on a platter in attitude (motel rooms I've known and hated+bad tude as it were rather than 'make a scene'.

One quick last tale. My then wife and I reserved a room when going to NYC. She found a place cheaper than the last time. We soon found out why. It looked like a thrid world hovel. these mokes demanded the whole stay's money up front and looking at the room, it was in broken shape with moldy batroom, crappy bed and the furniture was actually broken. We booked it to the other place and had a great stay after I told them they should get a grip on what sells.

Depend on it. If you settle for bad service, you will get it.

Mutual respect is recommended.

Everybody should care how and what they do.

If they don't, make waves.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sure I could wax philosophically about how we wall ourselves off and distance ourselves from people/events. Lord knows I've done it maybe too much.

Fear of failure, fear of success extend to 'phobias'. Phobias can be negative conditioning such as say, an accident keeping one from driving. But here we are talking covers for the core fear of success/failure.

Shifting the blame like the old standby, 'I didn't do it' or if caught, 'sorry' sounds like our friends in elected office again.

How lonely we can be inside ourselves. We can reach for something that is satisfying, even make a gesture, grasp it partly, then let it go. We can be attracted to what is good for us and then get lost in diversions and end up dead ended. Some of us should be blogging instead of surfing lol. Well, unless the surfing is um research.

Ok. I've been spread thin. But when I make a promise, only an act of God will stop me. I might get slowed down, but I won't stop.

That's the ticket. Walled up in a prison of our own making, there must be a way to escape. Look around. Scope out the setup. See where the cracks are, where the gates are rusted, where the drain pipes go.

Stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage. Richard Lovelace was right on the money with that. He wrote it in prison during the Bishop's War. For more on that simply look it up (A great deal of the homeschooling my kids have experienced had to do with them looking up things, including many they asked about.).

At any rate, if one is in a 'real' prison, it needn't stop one from expression. Look again at all the people falsely imprisoned by the government just to shut them up. That has greatly NOT worked. Don't be afraid to speak your mind!

Likewise, don't allow fear to wall up your statements. Crack open the wall with a flood of words, set to the theme at hand and sally forth.

You never know what brushfires in the minds of men, to borrow from Samuel Adams, you might start.

You never know til you not just try but do.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Ever looked at say a Hollyweird photo of a given actor/actress?

There is a lot of lighting and makeup involved.

Ever see a celebrity sans those things? They often look quite different. Things are clearer in the light of day.

I'm not saying you shouldn't put your best foot forward. I'm getting new headshots myself lol. Whatever it takes to sell the product, so I can get my message across eventually.

And there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. Maybe you can't afford some classy spa, I can't, but trying to live a healthier life is worth a shot and it can be done cheaply and effectively.

I'm not here to talk the ins and outs of such things. I figure people can find there way with a little common sense and homework.

I'm interested in what's behind the hoopla, what dwells under the mask, past the fence.

If what makes you tick is off, negative, then the best acting in the world won't hide it, at least for long.

I've said it before and am likely to say it often that what my Great Grandma said is true. 'It's who you are not what you are.' You can't run from yourself forever.

All you have to do is look at public office, where the opposite is the norm. Just like the star/actor who is told they are great so much they begin to believe it, these mokes take themselves way too seriously. It's a big price to pay.

Sic transit gloria mundi or loosely translated, fame is fleeting, should be conveyed to them all every day. Perhaps Memento mori is more appropos. It means 'remember you must die', in other words you are not a god.

Another phrase might be closer to what the slave would whisper to the triumphing general. 'Respice post te! Hominem te memento!': 'Look behind you! Remember that you are but a man!', as noted by Tertullian in his Apologeticus.

It's our duty to make this clear.

And it's imperative we realize it for ourselves. Where else do you start but at home?

And it is wise for us to watch our backs.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


The earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunami were among the most devastating in recorded history.

There are a lot of natural disasters pummelling the planet and at any given time. These times of crisis can define many things, people and places.

It is the old story of what to do in a crisis.

Many of you probably know of the Chinese symbol for crisis which indicatess a forked road. Crisis is a time for opportunity and many of us must realize we don't know what will happen until it does. We can speculate. We can prepare. But we will not truly know til we experience.

Maybe though it is the bouncing back that is the real test.

The rebuilding which must inevitably come. Knock us down and we get back up. Destroy and we rebuild.

Do we ever learn from our mistakes? Is there no way to avert natural disaster?

We can predict events and outcome. We can see where we have been.

Perhaps the best we can do is never give up.

And if hindsight is 20/20, then let's learn from the past.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Source

Where does it all come from?

There was a show called 'Charmed'. Don't turn away if you are of a particular faith. There is a point!

On the show the Source was the source of all evil. Doesn't sound like a bad moniker pardon the pun. After all the devil has many names.

It fell according to Scripture and Jewish teaching and took a third of the angels along. Not satisfied (voraciousness is a trait of evil, always consuming-check out the Screwtape Letters) with that, it plotted to rewrite the matrix of Creation.

The crapfest continues today and has taken the form of collectivism. It's reared its ugly head always so the latest crop of mokes is no different from any in the millenia before.

Let the Source, leader, manifesto, think for you. It is the sickest resentment of the individual. It is a pathological distrust of humanity. It's so twisted that the delusion that people must have their thinking done for them. Nothing screws up this bs more than those who do think for themselves.

Oh yes. The REAL source is Godgiven Freedom. It is obviously the antithesis of this false light.

Let's remember the source and get back to basics.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


My my the current 'president' had made plenty. Or maybe they are indeed at least partly on purpose.

Take Libya. Please.

What's the point?

It could lead to more wasting resources (It already has), and take us down a perilous path of disseminating and even fragmenting the military.

It could be a 'look over here', while elsewhere catastrophe strikes closer to home. Also not as much, it might be a faltering fumbler trying to look tough and give his dwindling followers something to 'cling' to.

Or all of the above.

Politicians have a hard time learning from their mistakes. They simply make more false promises.

And the atf. Golly! Project Gunwalker, thanks to brave gov ops and the courageous efforts of David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh has um pardon the pun, 'exploded over the net and now lamestream news.

An attempt to restrict gun rights by claiming guns are being sold near the southern border and finding their way into the hands of drug dealers in Mexico.

Actually the ftroopers have 'allowed' guns to be sold and let go over the border. One is evidence in the murder of an agent.

These mokes are being pressured to atone.

So far mild results but with the hope of pressure that will blow it wide open.

I'm abbreviating this simply because you can go to David's and Mike's sites for all the details.

I'm just mentioning mistakes. Here getting caught in a lie, it could potentially be the undoing of atf (yes noncapitalized to show my disdain) and certain cabinet members.

It's dangerous because gov caught fibbing doesn't like to own up. It prefers to cover up by bribes, extortion or destruction.

The culprits are know to us and the appropriate action will be determined by how the bad guys respond.

Admit your mistakes guys. Do better. Or get out.

We are watching and we are many.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've actually had some and even before my excursion in showbiz. Guess that includes radio too.

I've had the privilege of having some folks appreciate efforts I have made. It does make one feel good.

I never sought that out. I've approached work as an end in itself. I like doing a good job. And I'm happy when people like the results.

We were covering a basketball game. My duties at a small station ranged from taking out trash to djing to game color, commercials and talk shows. As the evening progressed, several kids, mostly girls came up to get my autograph and make request. The last was something I encouraged. It gave the kids some participation and you probably know is common at stations.

I enjoyed interacting with the listeners. It was greatly a younger audience but actually there was a wide variety of folks. I liked spinning tunes and chatting on the air. And I was pleased people liked it!

You had to backtime songs then. Some had leadin melodies, allowing time to quip or comment on the tune or just about anything, mostly ending with the call letters.

I could write a lengthy tome about that time and probably a longer one about my adventures outside the station lol. But fans are the center of interest today.

Without them many an artist would be forgotten. It's also symbiotic and though I say the job is its own satisfaction, of course I was glad people liked my show etc. But there has to be a limit.

Fans can be a support base. They have brought shows back like Star Trek and to a lesser degree, Jericho for example. However, artists, being true to a message craft etc, happen to strike a chord and therefore give people something they have learned to want.

Fans have also given advice about projects. They can be in tune and from the outside help steer something to a satisfactory conclusion. Still an artist must know when to listen but also must listen to their own creativity. Balance and vision must be maintained.

I hope if I garner a fanbase, it's for something that gets them to think as well as entertain. I'm working on it.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Am Not A Number

March 19 was Pat McGoohan's birthday. I just don't forget.

And in all the time I knew him we didn't talk about The Prisoner nor Danger Man.

We talked about a number of things and he encouraged me to pursue my dreams, along with some of the ins and outs concerning showbiz.

But today, I am drawn to The Prisoner.

Maybe Lost engenders more discussion about what's going on re show or life, but Thr Prisoner surely focuses on individuality and how a cold force attempts to manupulate us, treating us like cattle.

I can see the similarities and I think there are aspects of Lost that give a nod to The Prisoner. Iconic comes to mind. Someone had to lead the way.

I am not a number. It's an old story.

Over the decades gov has found improved ways to box us and categorize us. Numbers and computers are a natural. The whole educational spectrum seems concentrated on drilling it into kids to go here do this don't question.

The whole thing goes against the grain. It always has. I didn't like being shepherded, primarily because I was not a sheep. I had this irritating quality of thinking for myself. I welcomed guidance, but I have never suffered fools well. Give me the bare bones and leave me to it.

Show me what's what. Critique me and show me where I can improve. Then leave me to do so on my own.

Too much spoonfed society. Of course that's perfect for those who would be our masters.

We sure made sure the kids were left, with us near, to do for themselves. Now we are not as near. They are fine.

I remember Schluepy, my late friend who employed me to paint while I attended college.

I thought I knew what I was doing. He gave me a brush and told me to go at some trim.

Shortly he quietly stopped me and said,'Let's see here...' He proceeded to show me how to paint trim with skill acquired after years of craftsmanship. He taught me how to add paint to the brush, drain the excess, to feather and keep a steady line.

I've never forgotten nor the fact he quietly showed me the ropes. There were no kid gloves or worries about self esteem. He possessed the gift to teach.

I was not treated as a number and Schluep sure as hell wasn't.

It boils down to skill begetting skill, which is kinda hard to do in a box.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I'm myself.

Still learning I know pretty well who I am.

I scare people, for several reasons methinks.

That I don't fit into a hole round or square is not unusual for me.

Cliches like marching to the tune of a different drummer come to mind.

I'm not a good old boy. I'm not a metrosexual. I'm not a homosexual.

My cousin was gay and there was not a more decent honorable man around. He helped me when I needed help.

We're a little bit busy trying to Restore the Republic.

Let each answer the call. The more the merrier.

I hate labels and as I said pigeonholing is for pigeons.

I can wear jeans or a tux. In Hollyweird you might see me in both lol.

Just a mini diatribe in response to not meeting someone else's expectations.

Doing too much? Not doing enough?

We will see...

Be yourselves!



Haven't been to one in ages.

Took my son to pick up a K98 Mauser. 21. We also barhopped two weeks ago. I found myself getting older lol.

The fear and paranoia invoked by the F troopers is epidemic.

Used to be you could josh people. Yesterday I dared to in passing say 'Bet you'll answer no to all those' in ref to the idiotic 4473 commanded by those who would control us.

The clerk 'helping' him told me rather loudly that I was forbidden to 'help' him fill it out. What cowardly douchebags, not to mention a$$holes.

Obviously didn't have any intention of same. Last time I filled out one, I was joking rather loudly, poking fun at the ftroopers. Not anymore apparently.

Used to be gunstores were places rather like public forums where people could freely express their opinions. Now when I walked away from the counter mentioning we had the gov to thank for this I was looked upon with a mixture of disdain, fear, suspiscion and a couple of nods.

I was there to witness my son buying his first gun on his own. Ok we were a little late at 21. Better late than never lol.

It's too bad it had to be in a fed sanctioned legal web, something that has been perverted into permission to exercise a right.

Big surprise! My son was 'approved' after his background check. Sieg Heil! How ironic considering the rifle he bought was issued to the Wehrmacht and had been a Red Army 'capture' gun.

He's a decent kid if I say so myself who is becoming a Marine pilot soon. He wants to serve his country.

It is a country that is continually restricting his and mine and your rights.

Funnily enough he contacted one of his friends who is in the UK. That poor kid is 'jealous' that my son can purchase a firearm with so much ease, lol! Sour laugh.

Is it the fault of the employees? Yes and no. It's everyone's fault.

Here we are in this sh**pit after letting the slow slide into a Titaniclike sinking.

Then again the place still employs the horseass with whom I argued about such things just a few years ago.

He talked about how one day they would line the downtown gov building with bins into which would be poured our accumulated treasures of Freedom. How the nra museum would be a place for me to take my grandkids (still future) to see what guns were.

I argued how we could resist. Let's suffice it to say in my own crude way that I reiterated what Vanderboegh, Codrea etal say.

It was met with haughty disdain.

What kind of warpo was this to be selling them then?

Oh, it's just business.

I pointed out it was our business to stop that kind of theft/rape of rights.

He even had disdained our homeschooling and was astonished my son could speak Russian and was learning German let alone my daughter speaking Spanish. After showing they held their own in other academics, he had kept a surly eye on us. Hope peezdah isn't censorable -s-. Describes him well. Or perhaps the Lakota pey shah might be appropriate for him and these guys held by the nuts by a bunch of kill crazy bureaucrats.

Now it seems the poison has spread further. Even some of the older guys were wondering if I could have been a fed provocateur. I knew this by attitude, so if you want their side well ok.

When I walked away from the counter so my son could conclude his purchase and mentioned 'government' the atmosphere was electric. Also one guy turned and stared at me in a surly manner. What surprise. He was a cop. Where have all the gunloving cops gone? I used to shoot with several. They are either dead or retired and gone off.

If I'd had it to do over, I would have had my kid do a face to face. Pretty sure that's what I'm doing from now on.

The gov a$$kissing was so loud, I could hear the sucking sound.

I felt like I was in an Orwellian nightmare.

Well that nightmare is real.

And we must find our way out.

Or else.


Whatever you drink. It means health.

What is health?

It is Freedom.

Michael Collins comes to mind. There is much about him and I encourage you to research him. One of the sources would be Mike Vanderboegh's Sipsey Street Irregulars blog. There is also plenty about Collins on the net and the movie starring Liam Neeson is recommended.

The 'big fella' as Collins was called, was a great leader and we could all learn from studying him and Ireland in the early 20th century.

Health is the subject today.

Don't drink yourself sick. Have a good time. R&r is very important. Keeping focused is just as important.

Having a healthy view of what goes on is equally of consequence. Or we might pay the consequences.

Look to yourselves and your friends and family.

Slainte (slahnche)!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Death's Door

We all are gonna die. Whatever you say and however you define it, there is a cessation of breath.

Some of us have an idea when, and most of us don't.

The men at the Alamo knew they were doomed. They stayed.

I don't want to get schmalzy about that and the nobility in the face of certain death but it's inevitable. There comes a time that a choice must be made.

I watched my Dad die. It was slow and took several years.

When he was on his deathbed, in the very last hour of his life, he had been semi comatose til he rose up and said,'I'm not ready to go yet.'. Didn't do any good. Within the hour, after lying back down, he 'gave up the ghost'.

There is no hide and seek concerning death. Ready or not here I come might apply though.

Many of us have no inkling when death is coming. It can be sudden and untimely.

Many become ill. They are given a set amount of time to live. They may or may not expire at the given time.

I would never tell you to give in. I will only say that I intend to live til I die. It's a personal motto.

Sudden death has touched a lot of us. There is no living in fear though.

In answer to that, I will use my time. It's my other personal motto.

When the time comes and I am at death's door, I will cross over.

My feeling is that death is transition.

On then to the next dance...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Black Presidents

I read we are not to criticize 'our Black President'. This rhetoric nevers gets old for some. It was old for me before it was young.

The idea we shouldn't 'criticize' the President harks back to the idea that 'self esteem' can be damaged when pointing out faults. That kind of coddling goes hand in hand with all the rancid package of entitlement plaguing our people. The world now appaently owes folks a living and being too rough on little Johnny (or Barack) will damage his psyche.

On the contrary. We MUST criticize. We have to evaluate the good and bad. We are compelled to discuss the ins and outs. Evaluate. Discern what's valuable and what's not. Learn from your mistakes and improve.

This is different from berating, ie scolding and condemning. That of course is something this liberal mindset of not criticizing 'our Black President' seems to do with reckless abandon. Hypocritical huh? Big surprise.

I have a hunch that he has a hard time accepting criticism.

Calling the current occupier of the White House Black is understandable. It's been a long time coming. OTOH he is only technically six percent Black and that from Africa, not African American. Sheesh. How dare I? Black is Black huh?

Just as an aside, I think there are a few Presidents who may have had Black blood. Details are available on the web. A great deal of it is debatable. But there are fors and agins, so make up your own mind if you feel you must.

Hey, I'm part Indian from both sides. Ok.

Gotta go back to the content of character thing ala Dr. King. Ohoh. That entails evaluating people. Yet look at the works of this 'Black' President. Look at the socialist drivel, the bailouts, the kowtowing to others that litters his occupation and sullies even more than Clinton, the Office of POTUS.

A little final note. Someone claimed the Occupier was called socialist as a code for n****r. I disagreed. He is not a n****r, he is a marxist. Oh dear, that caused a storm...

I added that I would love to have a Black President. I would vote for Walter E. Williams.

That would be the difference between um black and white.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First And Foremost

Who is a first responder? Anyone who is at the scene first, usually us!

That would be, say, someone being robbed, burgled, raped or at the scene of a fire or earthquake or any number of other events including health issues.

It is simply the person or persons who respond/s first.

Simple and not.

I'm not putting down emergency crews. I've seen and known many who serve honorably, even to 'the last measure'.

I'm just saying those to whom emergencies happen can sometimes know and do better first off.

It's part of helping oneself. Such as self defense.

We can't wait to be rescued. We must take the initiative ourselves.

Developing the ability to at least take initial action is endemic to survival of each of us and for the Republic.

Waiting is more than wasteful.

Wait for help in picking up the pieces -s-.