Thursday, March 24, 2011


My my the current 'president' had made plenty. Or maybe they are indeed at least partly on purpose.

Take Libya. Please.

What's the point?

It could lead to more wasting resources (It already has), and take us down a perilous path of disseminating and even fragmenting the military.

It could be a 'look over here', while elsewhere catastrophe strikes closer to home. Also not as much, it might be a faltering fumbler trying to look tough and give his dwindling followers something to 'cling' to.

Or all of the above.

Politicians have a hard time learning from their mistakes. They simply make more false promises.

And the atf. Golly! Project Gunwalker, thanks to brave gov ops and the courageous efforts of David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh has um pardon the pun, 'exploded over the net and now lamestream news.

An attempt to restrict gun rights by claiming guns are being sold near the southern border and finding their way into the hands of drug dealers in Mexico.

Actually the ftroopers have 'allowed' guns to be sold and let go over the border. One is evidence in the murder of an agent.

These mokes are being pressured to atone.

So far mild results but with the hope of pressure that will blow it wide open.

I'm abbreviating this simply because you can go to David's and Mike's sites for all the details.

I'm just mentioning mistakes. Here getting caught in a lie, it could potentially be the undoing of atf (yes noncapitalized to show my disdain) and certain cabinet members.

It's dangerous because gov caught fibbing doesn't like to own up. It prefers to cover up by bribes, extortion or destruction.

The culprits are know to us and the appropriate action will be determined by how the bad guys respond.

Admit your mistakes guys. Do better. Or get out.

We are watching and we are many.


Peter said...

Rock and a hard place. Quite a chess game.

Mike H said...

The countermoves even more.