Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sure I could wax philosophically about how we wall ourselves off and distance ourselves from people/events. Lord knows I've done it maybe too much.

Fear of failure, fear of success extend to 'phobias'. Phobias can be negative conditioning such as say, an accident keeping one from driving. But here we are talking covers for the core fear of success/failure.

Shifting the blame like the old standby, 'I didn't do it' or if caught, 'sorry' sounds like our friends in elected office again.

How lonely we can be inside ourselves. We can reach for something that is satisfying, even make a gesture, grasp it partly, then let it go. We can be attracted to what is good for us and then get lost in diversions and end up dead ended. Some of us should be blogging instead of surfing lol. Well, unless the surfing is um research.

Ok. I've been spread thin. But when I make a promise, only an act of God will stop me. I might get slowed down, but I won't stop.

That's the ticket. Walled up in a prison of our own making, there must be a way to escape. Look around. Scope out the setup. See where the cracks are, where the gates are rusted, where the drain pipes go.

Stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage. Richard Lovelace was right on the money with that. He wrote it in prison during the Bishop's War. For more on that simply look it up (A great deal of the homeschooling my kids have experienced had to do with them looking up things, including many they asked about.).

At any rate, if one is in a 'real' prison, it needn't stop one from expression. Look again at all the people falsely imprisoned by the government just to shut them up. That has greatly NOT worked. Don't be afraid to speak your mind!

Likewise, don't allow fear to wall up your statements. Crack open the wall with a flood of words, set to the theme at hand and sally forth.

You never know what brushfires in the minds of men, to borrow from Samuel Adams, you might start.

You never know til you not just try but do.


Michael Schofield said...

A team might help.

Number 2 said...

“Questions are a burden to others; answers a prison for oneself.”
--A sign from the Labour Exchange; Arrival