Friday, March 25, 2011

The Source

Where does it all come from?

There was a show called 'Charmed'. Don't turn away if you are of a particular faith. There is a point!

On the show the Source was the source of all evil. Doesn't sound like a bad moniker pardon the pun. After all the devil has many names.

It fell according to Scripture and Jewish teaching and took a third of the angels along. Not satisfied (voraciousness is a trait of evil, always consuming-check out the Screwtape Letters) with that, it plotted to rewrite the matrix of Creation.

The crapfest continues today and has taken the form of collectivism. It's reared its ugly head always so the latest crop of mokes is no different from any in the millenia before.

Let the Source, leader, manifesto, think for you. It is the sickest resentment of the individual. It is a pathological distrust of humanity. It's so twisted that the delusion that people must have their thinking done for them. Nothing screws up this bs more than those who do think for themselves.

Oh yes. The REAL source is Godgiven Freedom. It is obviously the antithesis of this false light.

Let's remember the source and get back to basics.

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The least we could do.