Monday, March 31, 2014


If you have your health, you have everything.  Pretty much true, for then you can build on a foundation.

It's easy to take health for granted, especially when young.  As we grow older, then we give more thought to our mortality.  Me, I'm not worried.  I'll live til I die.  I will use my time.

Don't take health for granted.  Of course the red diaper baby in the Oval Office and his controllers are trying to micro manage healthcare.  We must confront and stop it.  Until then, see to your well being.

When you get sick, work to get well.  It may be a bumpy ride, but do all you and those round you can.

David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh have health problems.  Give them some slack.  And do something to help the work they are doing.

I guarantee they will feel better just knowing we are doing our part and not just waiting for them to get better so they do theirs.

Fighting for Freedom is a team effort.  Get busy.

And care about them.  Pray and or think of them.  Carry on inspired by them and others.  There is something each of us can do.  Don't run yourself into the ground.  It's share the health to play on the words of the collectivists -s-.

Our Republic is ill with compromise and the continued rot of the collectivists.  Let us bring back health.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Invaders

I generally overlooked this before.  Upon closer examination, I'm glad I looked closer.

The Invaders was a 67-68 series on ABC starring Roy Thinnes as architect David Vincent.  He's driving from a commission and it's late so he looks for a place to get sack time.  The diner he heard about is deserted but he pulls over and naps.  He is awakened by a strange hum and glow.  Before him he sees a spacecraft landing.

The socalled authorities of course think he's nuts when he tells them about it.  The series goes on as Vincent tries to expose the invasion and its purpose.  The invaders intend to exterminate mankind and take the planet for themselves.

Far as the show goes, it's pretty good science fiction/fantasy.  The guest stars are among Hollywood's best and Roy Thinnes, the star, is very intense as Vincent.  The special effects are actually interesting as far as how the invaders are dispatched.  As they die, they glow red and poof, disappear, leaving what looks like some kind of carbon imprint.  So, there is no trace, thus eliminating proof -s-.  Remember this came out in '67, so don't expect top notch stuff.  It's at least as good as Star Trek was lol.

As for the message, well for me that's the interesting part.  It's debated but there is a strong emphasis on the commie menace so prevalent at the time.  There is the atmosphere of paranoia and the old saying that is not really paranoia if they are really after you.

The invaders seem to have no emotion.  Their race advances in a self-sacrificing way, easily destroying themselves and equipment when foiled.  Sounds familiar huh?

I for one actually see commies/collectivists as very passionate about their beliefs and goals.  A particular Hollywood actor comes to mind who said he's willing to die for his liberal (collectivist) beliefs.  Yet they do lack spirit.  There ways are steeped in lies, which do not make up for truth such as we who are restoring the Republic.

As for The Invaders being a relic of the Cold War, it's not.  It's thought provoking and reminds me of a salient fact:  Communism is far from being dead.

Soul destroying collectivism is very much alive and rotting the Republic.  Look at the red diaper baby in the Oval office and those birds of a feather flocking round him.  Gaze upon those who would disarm us and burden us with ridiculous regulations bent upon making us a collective slag heap.  There are plenty of communist countries.  And don't count out Russia.  If it quaks and waddles like a duck, well what do you think?

Yep the invaders are here.   And I'm sure I'm looked at as an alarmist or nutcase etc.  Part of the Alinskyan method re side tracking.  I will not be quiet.  And I will match them blow for blow.  I will also be proactive.  I will never rest til the invaders are stopped and excised/exposed.

How's that for commitment, spirit and passion?

Saturday, March 29, 2014


There was a man who wondered what it was all about.

All his life there seemed to be two examples of people, one good, one bad, one positive, one negative.

The list went on seemingly from the beginning.

A self centered possessive mother.  A loving, giving wise great grandmother.  A grandpa who cared for him and had little but love and concern.  A grandpa who cared actually only for himself, stole inheritance and promoted selfishness.  A self centered spoiled cousin.  A cousin who was realistic but had common sense and helped others.  Teachers who taught and inspired, giving so others might truly learn.  Teachers who were know it alls, autocratic, seeking self importance.  Pastors who followed Jesus.  Pastors who followed themselves.  A bishop who cared and helped others no matter who.  A bishop who served his own fiefdom, thinking he owned others.  Head of a charitable help center who literally bled for others.  Her replacement just the opposite. 

People who built.  Those who destroyed.

He watched the seemingly unprincipled rise and succeed as he saw selflessness rewarded with punishment.

It seemed for every good thing, a bad thing attempted to neutralize it.

There was a feeling of loneliness, isolation.  He was brought to the brink of wondering 'what's the use'.

But, at the inverse summit of fear and desperation, something happened.  He remembered.

Many of the Founders lost all.  Many lost families, wealth even health.  Yet they pressed on.  There was something greater than themselves even together or separately.  Apparently painted into a corner, they knew Freedom/Liberty was worth it, even when some spit in their faces.  Others tried to take credit for their work when they did little or nothing during the fight.

The fight is never over.  Cliches come to mind like lemons and lemonade.  Silly?  Maybe.  But clich├ęs often have a tinge of truth.

The man knew, past the 'golly gee' and what could have been cynicism, that most often it's content of character that counts.  No matter position, be it leader or follower, parent or child etc, that who you are is more important than what you are.

Betrayed and spurned by old 'friends', he thought of his oldest friend, now old and ill, a shell of his former self.  Truth will out.  He knew what was more valuable and that all our yesterdays coalesce.

He came back from the edge, and pressed on, quietly helping, healing.  Also he exposed those who craved power, even at the cost of Freedom.

A line from a song in Jesus Christ Superstar came to mind.  When Simon the Zealot tried to convince Jesus to lead a bloody revolution (actually serving Simon's self interest), Jesus remonstrated him, telling him he and so many others did not understand what power or glory are.

And we know that same Man of Easter advised his Apostles to sell their coats and buy swords, knew hearts better than others knew. 

Ultimate betrayal turned into ultimate triumph.

We are in the midst of an ultimate struggle (to borrow a collectivist term -s-), which will determine A bright day of Freedom or a dark night of slavery.

If this man knew, in spite of all against him, he must step out and step up, what will you do?

What will you do?

Friday, March 28, 2014


Lordy.  Someone on Facebook removed a comment.  She 'kindly' sent me a message telling me so.

Seems she was worried it might seem 'antimuslim'. 

It started with her posting a remark about, what was it, herpes, or some other STD.  Appears ads etc were popping up on her page re such things.

I explained FB has bots that pick up on remarks one makes.  It gets absurd I said.  I illustrated this with the fact I was getting ads for dating Muslim women.

All I said was I had not wanted these ads as well as many other ad topics and that it was most unlikely I'd be dating any Muslim women.  That was the offending statement which might be misconstrued as anti.  Sheesh.

I am not Muslim.  It is most improbable I'd date women of that faith since it is mostly restrictive.

Now if I'd said I wouldn't want to endanger any Muslim ladies for dating an infidel,what would she have said as she excised my comment?

We have become way too pc.  Oh um gee um if I say this, would it offend you?  I could probably cook up something set to curdle some people's sedate peace at any price cream.

I always say what I mean and mean what I say.  Even the message in the ravioli symbolism applies.

So I explained this to my 'considerate' censor.  She never replied.

Enjoy your page.  Of course you are free to do what you did.  But one should question oneself as to why.

As I say over in FBland, I will say what I think.  You may agree, disagree or ignore.  Simple.

Reason and reasons are always welcome.

That is too much for those entangled in liberal pc mishmash.

What's that bit about breaking eggs to make an omelette?

Oops.  It might offend the chickens.