Friday, March 28, 2008


It stands for Counter Terrorism and Security Council. They supposedly 'develop and implement a comprehensive state strategy to address terrorism in Indiana'. The members range from Lt. Governor to the Director of Indiana Homeland Security, Superintedent of the Indiana State Police, the Adjutant General of the 'Military Department of Indiana' (National Guard...), distict courts, departments, commissions, chief justice, a state representative and state senator. Quite a bunch. Very impressive. Stacked deck.

They appear to be predominantly antigun or at least the 'reasonable restriction' group. They are all for 'public safety' in regard to counter terrorism. How convenient. Like all the 'reasonable' security measures undertaken since 911. This is the gang that prefers power to be in their hands and not the hands of the people. It's 'for our own good' blah blah blah.

Mind you, there are people among them who really care about what happens to us. They are visitors not members. They are concerned about safety. They make an effort to help and realize the value of sovereign people taking care of themselves They are being used. Most of the visitors are cut from the same cloth as the council. I am convinced that this is less of a two sided coin. Applications of technology could be used for safety etc. It will be used for tyranny. History bears out that we slide to the side of least resistance.

I visited them for several months. At first, I was accepted sort of, rather like a curiosity. When they learned I was adamant about carry in the Statehouse, most became distant, even sullen. I was made to feel most unwelcome. In spite of supposed 'friends' who were supposed to help me (and didn't), I persevered and observed.

BTW, the CTASC meetings are set up to be most inconvenient for the public to attend. They are at 10:30 on the first Wednesday of the month at the Govenment Center Indianapolis. Reminds me of the public meetings for such things as carry in the Statehouse. Published in the want ads at the back of the paper. Also, the boring nature of much of the proceedings tends to put off many. My advice is to be patient and listen.

I took my son along one time. THAT caused a flurry of curiosity. I introduced him to the Lt. Gov. By that time she avoided me like the plague. Why? I simply was trying to make sure our civil rights were to be upheld. She claims to be pro 2A. Heard her say once that 'they' were making sure our gun rights were protected. Gee, thanks. That um is OUR bailiwick. Anyway, I introduced him mentioning he was planning to be a Marine pilot and aerospace engineer. Couldn't help braggong lol. She replied that I must have brought him to see how 'democracy' worked. Sheesh. I was speechless. My son saved the day with his repartee. All the while, the IDHS Director was behind my son - listening. We laughed later and said he was a bit too close...

That little comment summed it up. Democracy. This is a Constitutional Republic. Our Lt. Gov. is sorely uninformed. No wonder they look with suspicion on anyone 'outside' their cabal interested enough to participate in their meetings. They don't care about us. They care about instituting control.

One more story. My wife came along one time. THAT really got their curiosity up. Buzzzzzz. Who's that etc. The TSA guy was very friendly. His 'I see you brought reinforcements' comment was cute. While this went on, his minions were busy checking her out on their blackberrys. So efficient. I pointed out the obvious re loss of our rights. He just smiled. Killing us with 'kindness'?

It's a matter as with all that is happening, of the people reassuming control of the government. Otherwise, we roll over like good little boys and girls and buy into, what's 'practical or necessary' for the moment.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I'm almost speechless. Quite a feat for me har har. The socalled 'series finale' of Jericho lived up to its reputation as a thought provoking, inspiring multifaceted show. BTW, get the DVD of the first season and watch the second at About dropped my socks in the first few minutes.

Gray Anderson, the Mayor of Jericho, is at a 'constitutional convention' for the Allied States of America. He's chatting in an elevator with another delegate. The delegate says there was a 20 minute orientation, an hour round table discussion, a two hour lunch, a 1000 member 'town hall' meeting and boom, no more Second Amendment. Gray says that it would be easier to 'pacify' the country if the people can't shoot back'. WOW! This has NEVER been stated on any other show so bluntly. Let me tell you about Jericho.

Jericho is a small town in Kansas. Suddenly, the people there witness a nuclear explosion from the area of Denver, Colorado. It turns out that over 20 American cities were taken out simultaneously (Indianapolis included, hmmm). The story that follows is a blueprint for what could happen and what has been thought up both by those in gov and the storytellers here. Again, as with all my blogs, please see this for yourself and spread the word. Interestingly as well as wikipedia are good starting points.

What happens to the people in this small town is the crux of the story. It is about America. Call it a microcosm if you will. It is about what people in this country could do if faced with such crisis. It's about devotion, loyalty, patriotism. It's about deceit, disloyalty, treason.

This show has sparked discussion across the country. It has caused debate about what could happen and what will happen to these united States. People are examining what to do and what is the content of character that makes us American. Never have I seen fiction touch so deeply. Or is it quasi fact? What is the measure of being American? What will we do when faced with 'crisis'? Do we rely on ourselves or on the 'authorities'?

Now, I don't have a problem with some tv. There is room for all kinds of entertainment and enrichment. Of course there is too much room for c***. I don't watch 'reality tv'. The exceptions are the ABC Home Improvement and America's Funniest Videos. The former is people helping people who help others. The latter is just plain poking fun at ourselves. Who doesn't need a smile with what's coming?

I intend to examine Jericho more. Particularly how the show 'flows' and specific characters and organizations.

If you are caught midstroke, what, how will YOU do?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nickels and Dimes

It's easy to do. Budgets get out of hand. We fly on fumes thinking we can make it til next week. A couple of miscalculations and poof, our stability is gone. Just a little here can't hurt. Or a bit of that. We can afford it. Then the piper must be paid. We go from independence to indebtedness. So it is with these united States too.

All the rules, regulations and statutes have choked us. We have been undercut and undermined. Little by little, our rights have been p***** away. It's a slow trickle or death by a thousand cuts. Many nails in the coffin since 911.

One of the glaring examples of how our Freedom has been compromised is the nonsense about no guns in the Indiana Statehouse. Don't worry. I'm not going to reiterate the idiocy I endured last year dealing with the politicians and bureaucrats. It's simple. A fiat rule was installed endrunning the Legislature and against the 2A and the Indiana Constitution clause ensuring our right to keep and bear arms. It was done by a committee that had no reason except the vague but common premise that we will now be more secure. You don't want to know what just flashed through my mind just now regarding these 'saviors' Well sand and hammers is one thing -smile-.

Then there is the matter of 'licenses'. They are begging the government's permission for protection and a host of other rights and customs (such as marriage).

The excuses are profuse but boringly dull. It's for the children. We will be safer. It's common sense. It's reasonable. That last is a frickin dandy. Liberals' definition of reasonable means that which is closer to their goal of, in this case, disarming us. Reminds me of the Islamic definition of peace: Submission. Awfully similar n'est pas?

This nickel and dime routine is in every facet of our lives. There are those trying to determine what we eat, where we live, how we live, all the way of course to what we think. The Bill of Rights is being shredded or according to some, about done.

I believe our enemies will not go for an all out ban on guns for instance. It's easier to 'compromise'. Then many just whine and complain or ignore our Republic's death. Any all out ban would trigger a civil war. The same could be said about handling illegals. Said about dozens of other things including trade organizations.

Wake up! Also, get folks to take a bit of time to see what's going on outside of the 9 to 5 world, outside of games and tv etc (Nope. Not biting the hand that feeds me re tv etc. A little is a lot . And most of my personal work is to wake up and bring Light).

Where you see the nickel and dime effect, speak up and out. Don't let the enemy get away with it. One person can do some. Alert others. Inspire. Many hands make light work.

Make no mistake, twenty odd thousand gun laws and those unlawful 'acts', such as '68 Gun Control Act, could be here to stay. UNLESS, we move. Unless we DEMAND change and revocation. I recommend starting small and working our way back. Go after local things and march toward the bigger. Use the tactics of incrementalism these fabian asses have taken for their own (using truth instead of lies). Grow and make the supposedly progun orgs to go after the big issues while there is a resounding grassroots resurgence of Freedom.

The libs use the socialist term 'working together'. So can we. However, we come from individuals brainstorming and uniting whereas they become a lockstep machine. We control ourselves. They are under the lash. We think for ourselves. Others think for them. Common cause of Freedom or common cause of slavery. Take your pick.

We're running out of change.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


As you may suspect, I am a lifelong student of history. I've studied since I was a child. Military history particularly interests me. I must credit my brother for being a tutor and intellectual sparring partner then.

Along with the study of history comes, quite naturally, research in genealogy. It's fascinating how my family heritage entwines with the Founding of these united States and the fight for Freedom even before that.

My ancestors were allies and fought beside William Wallace. One of them hid Wallace on his property, called now the Wallace Cave. Another consolidated the Orkneys and explored part of North America before Columbus. Mind you, there is dispute there, but my research and talk with eastern coast Indian tribes gives credence to this being true. To those who doubt, I say 'believe what you want'. My family has sought and shed 'Light' for many centuries. We have attempted to help others help themselves and share a desire for Freedom long before it became common. All this led to the Founding of our Constitutional Republic and my family's contributions.

Most notable was a gentleman who was President of the Continental Congress for a term and then Governor of the Northwest Territory. He knew and was friends with many of the more famous Founders. When his competence was in question, several, including Washington and Jefferson came to his defense. He was exonerated. Mind you he was not a great General nor did he care for Indians much (His daughter made up for this and I myself am part American Indian to boot). But this man put his life and fortune and honor on the line just as all those known in the books.

My wife is a direct descendant of Rob Roy MacGregor. Among the legends there is truth and Rob Roy certainly fought for justice for his clan and his people. BTW, Jim Bowie was also a member of Clan MacGregor and my wife has an ancestor who fought at the Alamo. She is a descendant of one of the original authors of the first Indiana Constitution.

We are proud of all of this and have instilled a love of history in our children. There is more to our heritage but this I share in relation to American History. There is more to it than this.

For one thing, we don't live in the past. We don't pat ourselves on the back about our heritage. Proud as said, yes. Inspired personally, yes. We are 'partly' a sum of our parts as it were. My Great Grandmother would say, 'It's who you are not what you are'. I have always taken that to heart. It's our turn now.

No matter who one's Grandpa etal were, it's our turn to stand for Freedom. No matter our bloodlines, we share the Founders as common ancestors for all. If you have folks who stood for Freedom be proud and inspired. Ready to now stand yourselves. Share your stories and learn from them and others. Then go forth.

The main 'thing' I hope my future Grandkids and family remember about me is simple. That I did ALL I could to bring this country back to a Constitutional Republic. That I would NOT shut up and spoke out even at peril of life and limb. I believe it will come to that for many of us soon. That I am prepared to protect and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights to the best of my ability, no matter the extremes nor the cost. That I pass this down to them, that they may do their part in turn. That their 'before' helps them to carry on.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Alamo

Never forget.

Shortly after this time I'm writing in the morning, the first assault began. There were two more before all the defenders paid the ultimate price. As said in 'Zathras" re battle, most names are not known, though most are available. And again, I suggest those curious to check as much history as they can.

There were many men fighting. Property owners, pioneers, businessmen, and the 'dark side' of slaveholders and gunrunners etc. People from the States, from Germany, England, Scotland etc. Many skills, many lives, many motives. As many motives, I think, as men who fought. They chose to delay and harass that megalomaniac Santa Anna. They chose to die that morning together. For Freedom.

They wished to live in a Republic inspired by that unique experiment just a few decades previously by men just as flawed, but who saw somethimg greater than themselves.

With all the flaws warts, sins, they succeeded.

Now, with all the flaws, warts, sins will we? So much water under and over the bridge. Will we rise to meet the challenge?

There are some people I don't care to call as friends. Some who seem to seek glory or a name or whatever. I don't care. If they serve Freedom, they can have their share. Some who want things done 'their way'. Some who are personality wise (to me at least) are double distilled A*******. Alright. They can have it. To live as we should, in a Republic that is an inspiration to the world is enough for me.

Let's get the job done. The place where all people are sovereign, self determining and are left alone to be all they can be. Then I call all who seek this allies.

That job is not any easier now than in 1836, 1776 or probably 2260.

Let us do as THEY did. Stand for Freedom as forged by the Founders. We need to work out the kinks (kings?) still. Hatred racism and all the other refuse still exist. Let's work Beyond that and make a Republic the Founders and defenders of the Alamo can be proud!