Sunday, April 30, 2017


I promised a post on spirit and I will deliver.  This is just to reaffirm that.

Body, mind Psyche, spirit. 

Body is physical our bods.

Mind is who we are in this life, thoughts, meanings,all encompassing.

Psyche is that which is from God.  It comes from the outside but inside too.

Spirit is the eternal us.  It is what motivates, makes happen.

The invisible is made visible.

Shed light on the noon day devils and I promise more soon.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fan Dots

Ever go to a site and have your mouse arrow get surrounded by a cluster of dots or some mobile emojilike images?  Moveit and the arrow gets chased and resurrounded.  Or, if you run the pointer offscreen, the dots mass, waiting for the reappearance?

Fans can be that way.  Followers of many stripes are the same.  They will pursue the object of their attention almost like lemmings, heedless of consequences, good or bad.

Washington or George III, JFK or Khrushchev, Churchill or Hitler and on and on, some people prefer to let the leader do the work, weather for weal or woe.

Following isn't necessarily bad.  We look to leaders to lead.  It's how and why etc.  Just don't let them do your thinking for you.  Know what they do and then decide for yourselves.

Beware the cult of personality.  It is often the grist of totalitarians/collectivists.  And when the reps of Freedom lead, remember they should be demanding you do your part.

A good leader is a catalyst.  And they don't mind criticism.  Even the slings and arrows of collectivist subversion only serve to highlight the intent to promote Liberty by those lambasted.

We will never all agree even in the Republic.  But we are set up to follow and be leaders ourselves.  don't let anyone bamboozle you.

For we are our own best fans.  And we seek leaders who know this.  The power is ours.

Jump.  How high or why?

E Pluribus Unum is not mindless dots.  It is mindful unity.

Friday, April 28, 2017


While there might be a small percentage of gays etc, there is a concerted effort to condition people.  Oh oh.  Guess I'm stepping in it huh?  Far as I'm concerned, only with collectivists.

I believe there is a mixture of nature and nurture.  There are indications some may have predisposition.  However, there are many subtle conditioners, either deliberate or happenstance, that contribute to the way we picture ourselves.

Well, we could debate all this til we're blue in the face.  And all I have to say (well not all lol) is if seduction into something, whether slow or fast, is present, then it should be condemned by EVERYONE of conscience.

Sexuality aside as it were, there is a deliberate effort to blur lines, whether moral relativism or internationalism.  The more doubt, the more confusion and the more easily controlled.

For decades now, American history has been watered down and redirected, edging toward demonization of the Founders and other groups in time, to fashion  events as nothing special, even wrong. 

The economy has been long skewed, with creeping socialism and galloping crony capitalism (that which uses capitalism for the benefit of the few instead of for all) eat the substance of work and business.

Families are disseminated and alienated, leaving many at the mercy of the state.

Bit by bit, the Republic and the world crumbles.

Maybe I was a weird kid.  I'd take a glass of milk and pour a heaping spoonful of Quik on top.  Then, instead of stirring, I'd watch the particles slowly tumble and sink.  Only when It was gone would I stir.  Little was left to blend.

So it is with our Republic.  We slowly tumble til those watching have only to wait, then install the control method.

Is it too late?  Are we being pushed/force fed til we are absorbed?

With what do you identify?  Are you holding fast to history, unadulterated by collectivist putrefaction?  Are you reaching out to something, anything like a last gasp?  Or are you breathing the air of Freedom?

Are you reversing, bit by bit, the corrosion inflicted on the Republic.  Will it ever be a place where we live, albeit with differences, in the common cause of Liberty? 

Are you caving to the collectivist politicians, liberal democrats and neocon republicans, as they play yin/yang, singsonging us into wars, not to preserve Freedom, but to keep our minds off enslavement, 1984 style? 

Are you thinking for yourselves, preferring not to hate or lie and hold the lamp of Liberty high, exposing the machinations described?

Are you just taking what's shoveled out?

Are you digging, willing to accept a total picture?

Do you ever try to force your ways on others?

Or do you hold out for discussion? 

Do you expect others to defend you?

Or are you prepared to defend yourselves?

With whom or what do YOU identify?

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Every Good Boy Deserves Favor. 

It's a mnemonic used by music students to remember notes on the lines of the treble clef.

It's also a play by Tom Stoppard about Soviet imprisonment of dissidents in mental hospitals, with the claim their opposition to collectivism is a mental illness.

I saw it in Chicago with Patrick Stewart and several fellow cast members of Star Trek TNG.  Pretty good.  It also reminds me that actors play parts.  They may or may not be Freedom minded.  It's remarkable how liberals play Liberty oriented people and themes, yet remain short sighted concerning ways and means. 

So, there are some trying to accrue 'evidence' that President Trump is unbalanced mentally..  They hope to tweak the 25th Amendment to oust him as unfit.  Since impeachment is unlikely, it's the best they can come up with short of assassination.  Those are the usual options for globalists/collectivists.  Bribe, discredit, kill.

Please pray and think about President Trump's safety and actually for all of us who seek to restore the Republic.

Most of it boils down to the old collectivist method of declaring orange is blue or black is white.  And that old Alinskyan refined projection/point the finger, which drapes an opponent with those flaws/crimes for which the accusers are guilty/responsible. 

The power structure will fight tooth and nail to resist giving up that which has been stolen from the People.  The broken record of globalism drawing us into one world where we become collectivist automatons is very real.  Those who manipulate will retain their wealth and control, unless we retain and strengthen our Freedom expressed through our Republic.

The controllers seek to destroy a sense of self/individuality.  Then they would lead us to destruction.

It isn't only the President.  All of us who seek Liberty are being accused similarly.

Don't fall for anything.  Look for the answers.  Collectivists hate that.

Projection.  Who is at last nuts?