Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The kids are home and in bed. My son has had a swansong night as a 'priest' and my daughter was a vampire/goth. Maybe it's similar to their temperaments. Just kidding.

I'm not offering an analysis of Halloween. Nothing about Samhain's origins nor it's commercial evolution, nor 'religious' implications. Plenty of search engine fodder for that.

I am interested, as always, in fear. What scares us? Why?

Again, no dissertations about phobias nor deviance etc. But, as I have mentioned before, fear has always been quite a motivator. Let's face it. Literally.

We live in scary times, purportedly. Certainly they are interesting times. Since 911, we have been besieged with threats and innuendos. One horrible act has springboarded much gut level reaction.

Someone/several did something bad. Let's not get bogged down whether it's black ops or Islamic madmen. Could be a combination. We are dealing with the results.

We have the ironically named 'Patriot Act', bureaucratic TSA and "Homeland Security' (Fatherland?), to name the main egregious wounds to Freedom. They have willingly been 'accepted' by many who let others do their thinking for them. There are others, and I have met many, who say 'You can't fight this'. Nonsense.

Yes, there are many who prefer the 'authorities' to handle our security. My German professor was a translator at Nuremberg. She was well acquainted with her people being products of Nazi democracy and then Communist democracy. There are those who would rather let others decide for them, lead the way, think for them etc. We are no different.

We have been seduced and slowly coddled into the American democracy. We still have some trappings of a Republic, but it's fast fading. There are obviously those who wish to control. A few of them. Conspiracy? Depends on definition. Human nature remains. Those who are afraid, those who pander to those fears, those who believe control must be absolute are running rampant.

Now, I'm not leaving out those who could care less and plod along hiding behind recreation and other diversions. A bunch of them. There are those who are working in the aforementioned orgs who honestly believe they are serving their country, making a difference, with no choice or so they believe. Quite a few there. But, those in the previous paragraph interest me the most. And one other group. Those who do NOT buy into the fear. More than one might think. More waking up daily.

Some of the above groups could arguably be squished together as to reaction: ie indifference, compliance, resignation. Thus they 'react' to the others who take advantage. That is NOT my idea of initiative.

Those who peruse these words I ask to wake up. If already awake then wake others. Face your fears and help them to face theirs.

Beware of fearmongers who may preach Freedom. They may be wolves in sheep's clothing. Watch out for those who assure that they are here to help. Likewise, they are deceptive, though they come from another direction.

I ask, post Halloween, for you all to awaken, think for yourselves and dig. Learn. Face your fears. Spread the word that We the people are responsible for taking action. Sure we elect/appoint others. But how many accede to our wishes? How many see that we do not need the draconian measures passed in order to truly 'secure' us? This Constitutional Republic is sufficient unto itself to do so.

We should be 'self aware'. Just as many of us are in condition yellow when it comes to our personal self defense, we must be moreso for national security. Not that DHS stuff. I'm talking about applying our self awareness such as taught by Col. Jeff Cooper to our country. This is best achieved in our Constitutional Republic. The democracy we are sliding into (some claim it's over already) will only secure our enslavement, in the name of 'freedom' of course. Less restriction will foster more security because simply put, we are free. Just as I do not fear the brigand because I am armed, so a self determined country can be the same.

Fear is indeed a great motivator. May it move us to conquer it by facing it. Boo indeed.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lying Low 4

A fourth chapter of my adventures at the Statehouse this last several months and a conclusion and reflection on the nonsense of creeping democracy, or should I say oligarchy.

Previously in Lying Low 3: I further elucidated what occurred these last several months regarding reinstating carry in the Indiana Statehouse. How those who were forthcoming began stonewalling.

I have indeed been planning what might be the best course to rescind the onerous disarming of decent honest people, considering several of those who seemed willing to help have withdrawn support.

Even the SOS was unresponsive. His assistants earned their pay keeping me at arms length lol. Another little anecdote. I was at the Statehouse on other business. I had come out of the tunnel that leads to the State Government Center. The stairs to and from are right by Todd Rokita's office at the south end. I paused to take a call (a lot of my line of work entails phoning). Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his assistant start out his door. He saw me and immediately retreated and shut the door! Wow!

Similar snubs have continued with The LtG and our Governor himself (Meybe he's embarrassed that we were in high school together. Nothing heinous. Just remembrances of youthful indiscretions ie goofing around). The last time I was able to be armed in the Statehouse, June 1st, I stopped for a 'farewell' and to as always see someone. On the way out I stopped for grins at that guy's office where I had been kissed off. The girl was there along with another and a male assistant. The girl who had met me before acted sheepish and distant. The other was very friendly as was the fellow. I asked if this bird was in. The 'new' girl pointed to the guy and he said he'd ask. Oh, what was my name? I smiled and gave it. He came back through to the other side of the back offices. Then back through again acting like he had a hot potato in his hands. Finally he sheepishly (best description for him too lol) said that haha the 'friend' must have slipped out haha. Sure. The other girl, still friendly said she'd thought she'd seen him. Oh well. Did I want to leave a message? No thanks I would call. Shortly I left a message on his voicemail. A reminder that it was the last day I could walk freely at the Statehouse before my civil rights were violated. Surprise! He never called back. And after he had said he felt safe with me armed next to him a few weeks earlier. Oh, he doesn't carry. Brave man huh?

And that good ole boy head of that 2A group? My wife and I attended one of their monthly meetings not long before this. He was cordial (but nervous) to us in front of the group. I had info that I had said I'd like to share. He ignored me til near the end. He made a statement about how we must be vigilant lest we lose more rights. Uhuh again! I took the cue before he could conclude the meeting and made my points to the interest of most there. Quite a stir! He had his head down and seemed to sulk. After, I said 'How was that, good?' He replied distantly, 'I guess so'.

The other thing that night. He mentioned to me some meeting at the legislature that he might not be able to attend. I said with my experience, I'd be happy to meet whomever. His reply was a mumbled 'We must be careful how we present ourselves' Indeed.

I tell you all, I did nothing but present myself in a cogent polite manner. All I did was take the initiative (apparently from our head guy) and handle the situation in a no compromise businesslike way. Maybe the bureaucrats can deal with this other guy 'more reasonably'.

I'll tell you the most positive person I met was State Senator Johnny Nugent. He is not happy about the no firearms rule and sent a letter to the Governor in an attempt to persuade him to get it rescinded. No avail, even from one of Indiana's foremost Freedom fighters.

This is NOT over. There is Can the Ban for one thing and some other goodies to come soon. More on that later.

Why have I p***** in the wind over this? Partly because we must 'petition the king' at this point in our history. If we don't go through channels then we have no leg to stand on.

My reflections. Ah yes. WTF was going on? Obviously some people guard their way of doing things. They must be the voice. It's okay for others to contribute, but it must be distilled through one or a few. I prefer to disseminate to all the people. Especially those who care about our gun rights. More about how I intend to disseminate this and other things soon. Partly here of course. I'm keen to set brushfires in the minds of men to roughly quote Sam Adams.

I will tell you, that I don't give a tinker's damn about accolades. Don't need pats on the back. Nor do I need to be labeled 'patriot'. I know what I am and more importantly WHO I am! No statues nor mention in the history books are needed for me to do my duty. I do what I do because we need to restore our Republic. That is reward enough! Same with this blog. It's here for people to read. I prefer they then go forth and spread the alarm, wake people up!

The games I willingly played with this ****fest were done with my eyes open. It separates the sheep from the goats somewhat. And for every back turned to me, I wake at least one person up to 'do Freedom'. For all those unseeing or prideful eyes and unhearing ears, there are those who ARE watching and listening. Just concerned folks who care enough to study and learn the best strategy to turn this silliness around.

I commend Johnny Nugent, Jackie Walorski and others who through the legislative process, fight the good fight. I thank all of you who have put up with this rant! I hate people making something simple complicated. No Carry is a bit of a microcosm of the whole turning us from a simple Constitutional Republic to a complicated democracy. Do what you can when you can. Many hands make light work.

Lying Low 3

More rumination of how they (bureaucrats and politicians) tick.

Previously in Lying Low 2: I explained how I had been checking into the 'no carry in the Statehouse' fiat rule being foisted on the decent honest Hoosiers who visit 'their' legislature. How pro 2A people (I think) suggested I go ahead after they found out I was preparing to do so already. I began to meet more people at the Statehouse, supposedly interested in stopping this. The results were different.

I met the Secretary of State as well. He seemed receptive and expressed his displeasure at the 'rule'. He had gone on record in a newspaper interview saying so. I arranged a meeting with members of CTASC and initially the Director of IDHS. I attempted to solicit support from this 2A group whose 'head' was so glad I was doing this work. That's when the doors started to close.

I suggested people gather at the CTASC meetings. Those who did initially were too conciliatory. There was an air of 'being able to see' the threat and offering alternatives like safe storage. I put my foot down and said no, we must be adamant. We must be able to carry in the Statehouse as we always had, no restrictions. As for the threat, there was NONE. There was not even a study of the odds of an attack of any kind.

Along the way with all involved, I stressed that armed Hoosiers were grassroots counter-terrorism. There was word among the State Police patrolling the Statehouse that they were 'uncomfortable' with citizens being armed. According to one State Senator, staff were scared of armed citizens. I demanded to take a survey and as a solution educate folks so their fear of firearms woud be allayed. No avail.

When I questioned a State Police rep, she of course claimed that it was not so concerning reticence regarding armed citizens (of course). Asked who told me that, I smiled and replied, 'Cops I knew'. She didn't press it (smile). I'm sure the meeting with CTASC was just to show 'they listened'. I believe they had NO intention of rescinding there unnecessary 'rule'. Check my post Friday Meeting 3/30 for more.

At this point, I noticed a withdrawal of the smiling backslappers. The 2A group guy failed to respond mostly and refused to spread what I was doing, except a brief blurb. When I insisted, he, begrudgingly, published a letter explaining what was happening. This after much had been done and support re meeting etc was pointless.

After a fairly cordial phone call, the 'friend' of the aforementioned guy stopped answering my calls. One time, with my son along, I stopped by the office. The receptionist was friendly. I asked to see him. She said sure and went in the back. A moment later, she stuck her head out and asked my name. I gave it and she disappeared again briefly. She quickly came back and seemed awkward. She said he wasn't there and must have slipped out without her seeing. Uhuh. I left my card and asked her to have him call me. She haltingly said ok. My son and I smiled at each other and joked about the obvious snub. Better to laugh at cowardice!

I accidentally bumped into him after a CTASC meeting while I was taking a call regarding my business. The look on his face was 'oops'! He apologized about not seeing me. However he remained evasive about having lunch with him again and even more about meeting the Lt. Governor (which I had done twice already in passing). I told him I just needed 5 minutes. Please arrange it? He begged off and left.

An amusing aside. At a previous meeting, my son indeed accompanied me. I introduced him to Becky Skillman and bragged about his wanting to become a Marine pilot and aerospace engineer. She smiled and said she hoped he enjoyed this lesson in 'democracy at work'. HUH? I stood slightly agape. My son finished my answer lol. I was too stunned to educate her to the fact that we are a Constitutional Republic. I shouldn't have been so surprised. 'Democracy' is used far too often to decribe us. Then again, that is what we are becoming or have become.

Next 'episode', I'll conclude and offer an opinion regarding this silliness.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Lying Low 2

Looks like I'm writing a movie sequel lol! Just more elucidation re my activities lately.

Previously in Lying Low: I claimed I wasn't hiding, wasn't defeated nor disgraced, but I was biding my time, gaining strength and remaining ready for action. I particularly covered what's happening in Indy, my hometown. Let's see what's happening elsewhere.

During this time, I have been comtemplating what I will be doing at the State level re our gun rights. I've been reviewing what's going on in Indiana both good and bad. I'm sure some of my views will be seen as either too weak or too strong. Regarding this, I remember what Ben Franklin said to Thomas Jefferson in '1776'. Jefferson was between a rock and hard place concerning slavery. He had written against it in the Declaratuon. Some of the Southern states demanded he remove that portion. He relented, reasoning that it was more important to pass the Declaration and officially commence the War of Independence, than lose at the beginning. My ref is the line'One step at a time Tom'.

So, take all the talk of lifetime permits, permission to traipse about DNR armed, 'castle doctrine' etc with a big grain of Constitutional salt.

These 'steps forward' as it were (though Constitutionally, we the People have the Right to these things, not begging the State) pale for me because of my old bugaboo, carrying in the Statehouse.

Set aside for a time the FACT we have that RIGHT endemically. I have petitioned several levels of state government. No avail. Dealing with the bureaucracy that arbitrarily set this up, a fiat rule, admittedly not even legislatively, is like p****** up a rope. The all powerful siren song of 'security' rears its dolorous tones. I expected a certain amount of opposition. The DHS types have a one track mind. It is the circumstances involving me in this tug of war that gives me pause.

I was asked very cordially by the head of a certain 2A org here in the Hoosier State to do what I could to either stop the no carry or abate it and at least draw attention to it (I was asked after I mentioned I was doing this anyway). I mentioned I have been involved in 2A affairs for several years. You will rarely find my name though. I do not crave attention personally, only focus on the infringements that are slowly choking us to death as a Constitutional Republic. Great great I was told. Glad you are as committed as we are etc. The old 'we are all in this together routine'.

I was given the name of his 'friend' in the Statehouse. I approached this individual while I was taking the initiative to contact the CTASC (Counter-Terrorism and Security Council) group responsible for the onerous 'rule'. I was told this guy was a big supporter of Freedom/2A. This man did NOT have anything to do with my contacts. I hoped he might be an 'insider', maybe an ace in the hole' who could arrange meetings with higher ups.

I met him and he seemed ok if just a little nervous. I was going to the CTASC meeting and he said he'd go with. Fine. The more the merrier. He cautioned I shouldn't 'interrupt' (This was a public accessible meeting). A red flag. He made no attempt to introduce me to anyone. Second flag. Didn't matter, since I took the initiative anyway and had met the Lt. Gov, for instance, previously at a meeting of the aforementioned 2A group. After, he and I had a nice lunch and thanks etc. For what I'm not sure lol. He sent a followup note stating he applauded my 2A efforts and would help any way he could. Ok. In the 'biz' we exchange those notes too. They can be sincere or not. No difference here. In the next installment, I will elucidate and give impressions of the results of my efforts to get this bs rule rescinded.

Lying Low

As opposed to the low lying of some politicians and bureaucrats? LOL I decided to go with the grammatically correct. After all I'm married to the daughter of an English teacher(smile). Laying low is quite popular and was the first thing that crossed my mind re this missive. Lay or lie, here we are.

You may have noticed I posted nothing this last September, save for three plus one on the 30th. Wish I could say I've been lazing about sipping single malt while viewing a mountain vista or ocean horizon. Nope. Neither have I been defeated nor disgraced. I haven't been hiding. Believe me, I have been getting noticed elsewhere. As for certain aspects of our Restoration, I have been biding my time, gaining strength and remaining ready for action.

If the current Mayor of Indianapolis, Bart Peterson, gets reelected, we will face a continued downturn. It is approaching a dark age, resembling the hollowed out liberalized husks such as Chicago, Gary IN, Detroit, etc. Crime and corruption, those old cellmates, are rising here. Taxation is obscenely bloated. First, the property tax skyrocketed. Then the corrupt City County Council ramrodded a 65% tax increase as a vicious one-two punch. They cite skyrocketing costs, risen crime, inflation, theusual culprits. The real reason is corrupt business practice, including an unwise expenditure for a new stadium and a botched consolidation of police and sheriff departments. For a real detailed lowdown and many more sites, check out .

The risen crime rate is due in part to the consolidation. Police are stretched thin. They have been badly redistributed. Touted to save ten million dollars, we are already in the red. There is question of where some of the money has gone, and not just that 10 mil. There has never been a proper outside auditing of the books here since Bart took office. The coverup has been 'we know where all the money is'. I bet.

There has been a call for a thorough investigation of the thieves running the store. There already is. Bart and the gang just don't know who, what and where. I look forward to the findings.

My beloved hometown is becoming a place I do not recognize. Not because of civic improvements, or even sports venues, let alone so many new folks. That last factor is good and healthy. New blood is always needed for honest business and community enterprise. the bad, however, comes with the good. There is an incursion of gangs including MS13 bringing a reign of terror. Thank God we can still go about armed. I look for new infringements there soon. I'm not afraid to venture out mind you. But, I do look a lot closer wherever I go. It will only get worse. And all the lollylanded statements by the Mayor and his henchmen will not make it go away.

I anticipate the real increase in crime will call for our attempted disarmament. That's standard liberal kneejerk reaction. Thank God again for the decent honest cops and concerned citizens who are exposing the filth under the whatewashed sepulcre here. Thanks as well that we are still armed. It's saved me and my family.

That's enough for now. Suffice it to say a great deal of my time is spent fighting this encroaching darkness. God help us to get our city back from the clutches of the socialistic bandits seizing power now.

So much for addressing whether I'm hiding and my getting noticed. As for defeat etc., look for part two.

Don't Give Up The Ship...

...Sell it! Like making lemonade out of life's lemons. Or something.....

There are lots of people who want us to give up. It may be about a life choice. Perhaps someone doesn't have the oomph or chudspah to advance. They are happy to be big ducks in a small pond. Or possibly just invisibly plodding through life. They see someone who wants more as a threat to their stilted view. Misery loves company. They would rather exist as wannabes (Often highly critical of those who 'make it'. Or they lose themselves in adoration of same).

To be in show biz one must have a thick skin. Truer words are never spoken. There is a lot of rejection. There are those who try to discourage. They talk about odds. To quote Han Solo, 'Never tell me the odds'! I focus ahead. Eyes on the prize. Planning ahead.

If the front door closes, try the back. Or a window. Or dig into the basement. Whatever it takes. This applies to just about any goals, not just my aspirations as a writer, actor etc.

Whatever you want, go for it! Mind you I'm talking lawfully, morally, spreading light and justice etc. I say this in case some smarty says Hitler was motivated. Haha.

This extends to bringing the country back to a Constitutional Republic. Those who seek absolute control over us would like to see us give up. They want us to throw up our hands and cry 'Enough'! The bureaucracy is set up specifically to bog us down. We must turn the tables. We will eventually boot their flabby butts.

Don't forget the example of the Founders. Talk about thick skins and 'stick toitiveness'. We can do no less.

Make THEM sweat. Make THEM wait. Expose them and use, instead of raw emotion or just cold facts, a combination of head and heart.

This enemy who tries to stop us never sleeps. We must sleep even less. Face to face trench warfare with the facts, in the mud and mire. It might get dirty and bloody. Then, I'd rather have scars than medals.