Monday, October 1, 2007

Lying Low

As opposed to the low lying of some politicians and bureaucrats? LOL I decided to go with the grammatically correct. After all I'm married to the daughter of an English teacher(smile). Laying low is quite popular and was the first thing that crossed my mind re this missive. Lay or lie, here we are.

You may have noticed I posted nothing this last September, save for three plus one on the 30th. Wish I could say I've been lazing about sipping single malt while viewing a mountain vista or ocean horizon. Nope. Neither have I been defeated nor disgraced. I haven't been hiding. Believe me, I have been getting noticed elsewhere. As for certain aspects of our Restoration, I have been biding my time, gaining strength and remaining ready for action.

If the current Mayor of Indianapolis, Bart Peterson, gets reelected, we will face a continued downturn. It is approaching a dark age, resembling the hollowed out liberalized husks such as Chicago, Gary IN, Detroit, etc. Crime and corruption, those old cellmates, are rising here. Taxation is obscenely bloated. First, the property tax skyrocketed. Then the corrupt City County Council ramrodded a 65% tax increase as a vicious one-two punch. They cite skyrocketing costs, risen crime, inflation, theusual culprits. The real reason is corrupt business practice, including an unwise expenditure for a new stadium and a botched consolidation of police and sheriff departments. For a real detailed lowdown and many more sites, check out .

The risen crime rate is due in part to the consolidation. Police are stretched thin. They have been badly redistributed. Touted to save ten million dollars, we are already in the red. There is question of where some of the money has gone, and not just that 10 mil. There has never been a proper outside auditing of the books here since Bart took office. The coverup has been 'we know where all the money is'. I bet.

There has been a call for a thorough investigation of the thieves running the store. There already is. Bart and the gang just don't know who, what and where. I look forward to the findings.

My beloved hometown is becoming a place I do not recognize. Not because of civic improvements, or even sports venues, let alone so many new folks. That last factor is good and healthy. New blood is always needed for honest business and community enterprise. the bad, however, comes with the good. There is an incursion of gangs including MS13 bringing a reign of terror. Thank God we can still go about armed. I look for new infringements there soon. I'm not afraid to venture out mind you. But, I do look a lot closer wherever I go. It will only get worse. And all the lollylanded statements by the Mayor and his henchmen will not make it go away.

I anticipate the real increase in crime will call for our attempted disarmament. That's standard liberal kneejerk reaction. Thank God again for the decent honest cops and concerned citizens who are exposing the filth under the whatewashed sepulcre here. Thanks as well that we are still armed. It's saved me and my family.

That's enough for now. Suffice it to say a great deal of my time is spent fighting this encroaching darkness. God help us to get our city back from the clutches of the socialistic bandits seizing power now.

So much for addressing whether I'm hiding and my getting noticed. As for defeat etc., look for part two.

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