Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lying Low 4

A fourth chapter of my adventures at the Statehouse this last several months and a conclusion and reflection on the nonsense of creeping democracy, or should I say oligarchy.

Previously in Lying Low 3: I further elucidated what occurred these last several months regarding reinstating carry in the Indiana Statehouse. How those who were forthcoming began stonewalling.

I have indeed been planning what might be the best course to rescind the onerous disarming of decent honest people, considering several of those who seemed willing to help have withdrawn support.

Even the SOS was unresponsive. His assistants earned their pay keeping me at arms length lol. Another little anecdote. I was at the Statehouse on other business. I had come out of the tunnel that leads to the State Government Center. The stairs to and from are right by Todd Rokita's office at the south end. I paused to take a call (a lot of my line of work entails phoning). Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his assistant start out his door. He saw me and immediately retreated and shut the door! Wow!

Similar snubs have continued with The LtG and our Governor himself (Meybe he's embarrassed that we were in high school together. Nothing heinous. Just remembrances of youthful indiscretions ie goofing around). The last time I was able to be armed in the Statehouse, June 1st, I stopped for a 'farewell' and to as always see someone. On the way out I stopped for grins at that guy's office where I had been kissed off. The girl was there along with another and a male assistant. The girl who had met me before acted sheepish and distant. The other was very friendly as was the fellow. I asked if this bird was in. The 'new' girl pointed to the guy and he said he'd ask. Oh, what was my name? I smiled and gave it. He came back through to the other side of the back offices. Then back through again acting like he had a hot potato in his hands. Finally he sheepishly (best description for him too lol) said that haha the 'friend' must have slipped out haha. Sure. The other girl, still friendly said she'd thought she'd seen him. Oh well. Did I want to leave a message? No thanks I would call. Shortly I left a message on his voicemail. A reminder that it was the last day I could walk freely at the Statehouse before my civil rights were violated. Surprise! He never called back. And after he had said he felt safe with me armed next to him a few weeks earlier. Oh, he doesn't carry. Brave man huh?

And that good ole boy head of that 2A group? My wife and I attended one of their monthly meetings not long before this. He was cordial (but nervous) to us in front of the group. I had info that I had said I'd like to share. He ignored me til near the end. He made a statement about how we must be vigilant lest we lose more rights. Uhuh again! I took the cue before he could conclude the meeting and made my points to the interest of most there. Quite a stir! He had his head down and seemed to sulk. After, I said 'How was that, good?' He replied distantly, 'I guess so'.

The other thing that night. He mentioned to me some meeting at the legislature that he might not be able to attend. I said with my experience, I'd be happy to meet whomever. His reply was a mumbled 'We must be careful how we present ourselves' Indeed.

I tell you all, I did nothing but present myself in a cogent polite manner. All I did was take the initiative (apparently from our head guy) and handle the situation in a no compromise businesslike way. Maybe the bureaucrats can deal with this other guy 'more reasonably'.

I'll tell you the most positive person I met was State Senator Johnny Nugent. He is not happy about the no firearms rule and sent a letter to the Governor in an attempt to persuade him to get it rescinded. No avail, even from one of Indiana's foremost Freedom fighters.

This is NOT over. There is Can the Ban for one thing and some other goodies to come soon. More on that later.

Why have I p***** in the wind over this? Partly because we must 'petition the king' at this point in our history. If we don't go through channels then we have no leg to stand on.

My reflections. Ah yes. WTF was going on? Obviously some people guard their way of doing things. They must be the voice. It's okay for others to contribute, but it must be distilled through one or a few. I prefer to disseminate to all the people. Especially those who care about our gun rights. More about how I intend to disseminate this and other things soon. Partly here of course. I'm keen to set brushfires in the minds of men to roughly quote Sam Adams.

I will tell you, that I don't give a tinker's damn about accolades. Don't need pats on the back. Nor do I need to be labeled 'patriot'. I know what I am and more importantly WHO I am! No statues nor mention in the history books are needed for me to do my duty. I do what I do because we need to restore our Republic. That is reward enough! Same with this blog. It's here for people to read. I prefer they then go forth and spread the alarm, wake people up!

The games I willingly played with this ****fest were done with my eyes open. It separates the sheep from the goats somewhat. And for every back turned to me, I wake at least one person up to 'do Freedom'. For all those unseeing or prideful eyes and unhearing ears, there are those who ARE watching and listening. Just concerned folks who care enough to study and learn the best strategy to turn this silliness around.

I commend Johnny Nugent, Jackie Walorski and others who through the legislative process, fight the good fight. I thank all of you who have put up with this rant! I hate people making something simple complicated. No Carry is a bit of a microcosm of the whole turning us from a simple Constitutional Republic to a complicated democracy. Do what you can when you can. Many hands make light work.


Anonymous said...

I subscribe to that 'good ole boy's' newsletter. He sure likes to rule the roost. When he said he was a retired Teamster, man was that a red flag. I've had dealings with that mafia ridden bunch. I have doubts about him but will continue to 'watch' what he does and do what I can to bring back our 2A rights.

BTW, what do you think they said about you to cause that 'friend' guy etal to be nervous about you?

mikeh said...

Glad I checked my old posts.

Maybe that I don't wash my undies?

tired of jt said...

Our ego centric little 'friends' probably think you are just blowing hot air. What you say is inconsequential. I wiil help you prove them wrong.

Anonymous said...

Confront these jokers and embarrass them with the truth. What can I do?

Anonymous said...

Be quiet. Watch and learn. Let em think you are going along. Then........

mikeh said...

Glad again I check my previous posts.

Since this 'stuff' a year ago, and before the now concluded 2008 session, Jacie Walorshi dropped me from her email. She apparently changed her addy. What did I say Jackie? What did I do that made you do this? Am I taking this too personally? Or were those comments we exchanged a little too sensitive?

Interesting in retrospect that Michelle Miliken's comment re you precipitated the 'stonewalling' I experienced.

Did our comments re a certain head of IDHS garner attention?

Sorry if I don't follow PC dictates re questioning our security. I thought you felt the same. Did they 'get to you'?

Anonymous said...

How long has MM worked for the compamy?