Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 Cops

The 'kwikee mart' type place is just three blocks from the house. My son and I fairly often walk to pick up odds and ends. There is a liquor store nearby as well.

We've been customers both places for many years.

I may have mentioned that the neighborhood around us has deteriorated. Suffice to say we are moving soon. Not 'white flight', but a more secure and better home, and then there is staying in the Los Angeles area for my work.

To make a short story long as I usually do, the 'mart' has employed sworn cops for security.

The other evening, we went to the corner to secure some liquid refreshnment. My son waited while I purchased said liquid.

We then proceded to the 'mart' for something else.

As we entered, I said hi to the uniformed cop near the door. He was friendly enough in passing. My son got his Coke and we left. I wished the cop and clerk a safe night. No problem.

The next evening, we dropped in again for a small dram and back to the store for some more Coke.

The plain clothes cop regarded us as we entered, with sort of a 'raised brow' look.

I was busy chatting with my son and didn't say hi to this guy. Something about him was a bit austere.

We went to the back and checked out the 2 liters.

As we stood there the cop asked me 'if that was a bottle of alcohol in my backpocket'. I said yep. We have many times customed at the liquor store then the mart, my carrying the previous purchase even as I had done the night before.

He immediately told me alcoholic beverages were not allowed in the store.

Knock me over with a feather!

I didn't attempt to explain our years around there and our patronization of the store. Nor that I wasn't imbibing in public etc. He was indeed 'austere'. Or had his head up his a$$.

We got the Coke and paid then left.

I did not wish him well.

Maybe the store has such a no booze policy. Still, the tude was rude and condescending. One of many only ones who needs a 'pr' course. Or an attitude adjustment

My comment to my son was 'What an a$$hole!', as we went out the door.

Cop smirked. I just need to obey huh?

Now, if the store needs guards because they have been robbed, ok, that's their decision. They have a right to protect the store the best way they see fit.

I'd recommend the clerks be armed. Then again, most of the employees at this place might not be eligible.

As for me, I protect myself and this Glock toting cop is a cyst on the bowel of my Freedom if he thinks he protects me. Doubtful though, since he is employed to keep riftraft out and deter robbery.

Twas the attitude of the two cops that interests me.

The first was nice enough as it were. He didn't seem excited that I had booze in hand. He observed and reacted properly. I was minding my own business and so was he.

The second made it his business to 'point out' the rules. He seemed to enjoy lording it over people. Sure, it's a store in a hood going 'bad'. I wouldn't want swilling drunks screwing round my store. Again, it's the 'tude dude'.

Time was cops sized up the situation. They didn't bother someone who was just going about business.

Now, they stick their noses everywhere.

I don't know these two cops from Adam. Maybe they are regular fellas otherwise. Or maybe dicks. But first impressions are important.

And there is that most important question: Who do they serve, the people or the state?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thought And Deed

Plan ahe

I always liked that one. Ah, posters from the 60's/70's.

I can tell you that measurement is important. I always hated chalking a line too short or too long. Each has its own consequence.

That's why Schluepy and other guys I knew rarely made that mistake. Construction
demands accuracy. Get plumb or get out.

IF a mistake was made, there were and are ways to rectify it without scrapping a project.

That's because the original plan was sound. It's just that something drifted off.

Plus the skill and acumen to get square, and to recover.

Reminds me of the 'watch your six' admonition.

Proper Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance.

It also refs position and attitude.

I think things through when I write. I make notes and often change words and thoughts. It's like a sketch before painting.

Of course, when one is well versed, experienced in one's trade, actions become somewhat instinctual.

It's true for handling weaponry too.

The secret is simply to practice as constantly as possible. Hopefully one might have a good teacher or teachers.

With time, one's deeds can be almost instantaneous with thoughts springing instantly to mind.

So, 'thimk' (another old poster) before you swim!

Travel Travail Tranquility

A young man's pause in between battles in the fight for Freedom.

As a brief quiet ensued...

A young man thought about how he came to be.

His Father was a decent honest man and a bit of a character. The family had some prominence and the young man of the past had worked hard, not pampered, like his nouveau riche father and mother, who chose easy ways and greed. This was due to his Grandmother and Aunt and Uncle who were polar opposites of his parents. His work demanded play and he dallied with many a woman.

One day, his roving eye beheld a lovely young woman from the 'poor side of town'.

He pursued, wooed and won her.

Little did he know she had been abused by a property owner in her neighborhood. She kept it quiet and ashamed that she became pregnant, sought to flee her plight.

This handsome gentleman was her answer.

She quickly surrendered herself, both attracted and satisfied he would take her away.

This he did, spurred by her declaration she was pregnant.

He felt he had made a mistake. He didn't hate her but there was no love. He did the honorable thing and married her.

Ten years passed. There had been a son born in that time as well. He was welcomed into the family. The brother and sister were equally loved but secrets were still kept.

This young man was prepared to part with her, seeing to the children. He cared but loved another. He cared but felt obligated.

Alerted to this, the woman, afraid of being abandoned (There was never a real fear. He would have provided. But she was very insecure, possessive, due to her roving childhood and her abuse.), had a plan.

On the cusp of her husband wishing to part, she declared she was pregnant again.

He was in a quandary. How could he go, knowing a child was to be born? This was not the day of 'no fault divorce'. He was truly a man of honor. He cared. He was afraid that a child would not have his influence. He was a Father. He was responsible. He stayed.

He stayed til this youngest son was a teen.

Then the Father got ill. It took him three years to die. In that time, he imparted to his son that he would take him along to a new place if he got well. He didn't. He couldn't. He died, leaving the son alone in the midst of turmoil.

Years earlier as well as later this Mother, besotted with insecurity, would try to hold onto her kids. She did everything to keep them with her. Instead of letting them go, she clung to them as though they were life itself for her. Without them what would she be?

As this youngest son began to reach out for independence, she would smile and tell him he was the only planned baby she had.

He was puzzled til he realized the manipulative nature of this woman.

He left and wandered many a path.

Many turns, trial and error ensued. His quest led him to seek folks like his Great Grandmother and Great Aunt and Uncle. He found some, though his own mistakes took him astray.

What he ahd learned from them stuck. His love of history and his innate sense of right and wrong saw him through.

His journey brought him to those with similar purpose.

Here, he had that home away from home. A reason to use all he had.

Just to bring his wayward Republic back from the brink as he had been brought.

The noise of battle started growing once more.

Renewed, he realized that it was the course of his life that had delivered him to this place in time.

Had it not been for his forebears, both good and bad, with all the errors and success, he would indeed not be here.

Renewed, he would fight even more strongly for Freedom.

Renewed, he would pass this all to his children, for their portion was coming.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dr. Syn Alias The Scarecrow

I got the DVD from the library. It's limited release of several 10,000s sold out quickly. I'm not paying 100 bucks for it on Amazon, even with Patrick McGoohan!

I watched it with the kids. It was a sharing of a moment from my childhood and the usual discussion re history as well ensued.

Far as I know, the character is fictional. Russell Thorndike wrote a series of novels in the early 20th century about smugglung on the English southeast coast. That much is true and there were several skirmishes with smugglers and the King's revenuers (shades of moonshiners and batfuers).

The story is long and I suggest you go to Wikipedia for this as they have a good summation. Then maybe get the books!

The Disney version is based on Christopher Syn by William Buchanan, which follows and was inspired by The Further AQdventures of Dr. Syn by Thorndike.

It was originally broadcast on Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color February 9, 16, 23 1964 (as The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh).

The character is an Anglican vicar by day and the Scarecrow, leader of a group of smugglers known as the 'Gentlemen' by night.

As portrayed by Patrick McGoohan, he is very Freedom minded and hates George III's oppressive economy and thuggish tactics.

He smuggles goods through the marsh area of Romney village and uses the profits to give the locals the means to pay the overheavy taxes.

A comment to Mr. Mipps his sexton (and his 'colleague' in smuggling known as Hellspite), is significant. He mentions there is a new air of Freedom in the world. What they do in the Marsh is just a pinprick. But, he suggests, a thousand pinpricks can be very telling.........

Some of the tactics are interesting and though fictional and a Disney production, they might serve as an inspiration in some small way to 3pers everywhere.

After all, the war for Freedom against tyranny is old. And everything old is new again........

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I've known quite a few and for a long time. Quite a clique.

It is not easy to enter that private club. Some would argue that today it's not even worth it.

I'm always curious about people, what makes em tick. The 'shrink' in me?

To me, it's very important to understand the inner workings. Others prefer to deal with the results. I use both to reach answers (Like studying the collectivist mindset and /or the antis way of thinking/reacting.).

Some people pursue what they perceive to be power. Some choose to try helping others. Some swing on a pendulum between these.

There were those who wanted me to become a counselor to/for cops (As well, some wanted me to BE a cop. Almost did.). I did indeed help some cops I knew with their problems. And problems range a gamut.

Thoughts of suicide are common. Cause can be quite varied. Some get caught doing something either unprofessional or compromising. Others just cannot cope or 'burn out' dealing with life on the streets and home life. Power and 'service' again.

Most of the cops I knew joined to help people. Help. That word is a honey trap. Best of intentions sour the more you hit the streets. There is so much of the down side of life, the worst of humanity (usually ignoring the worst in their midst). Then there is the corruption, sell outs, compromise. Set that to the tune of 'them vs us', it overwhelms the best intentions.

Because of the us vs them attitude, 'help' has developed into a kind of false help. We are supposedly incapable of helping ourselves, so cops will decide what's best, enforcing the 'law'.

There has been a lot of change over the past 30 years. The cops I knew are mostly gone. So is the notion of 'peace officer' maintaining the general peace. Law enforcement aka serving the state has greatly replaced serving the people.

I remember ride alongs. It was fairly common for citizens to accompany cops on patrol, for a shift or a portion thereof. It was at least feasible. This is how I met many cops who became friends.

The latitude then was fairly wide (at least for me). I experienced police work as firsthand as it can get without taking the oath and getting the badge. There was trust and as far as that goes it was well founded.

These guys would not wait for SWAT. They would risk themselves for the safety of others. Quite the opposite of now for many of them (though I wager there are still some who have). 'Policy' dictates that they wait, for officers' safety. Does that sound like 'us first'? So much for protect and serve.

And policy also dictates that a line officer waits to run procedure around with a superior. Gone greatly are the days when cops thought for themselves. Now it is almost a committee that decides what to do in a situation.

A guy I know was just transferred back to patrol duty. I called the station house to ask him some questions. At one point, there was no answer. I called later and the receptionist answered. It took seemingly forever to contact him. In the 'old days', I would have been quickly put in touch.

One of the questions I asked was wtf was going on with dispatch. I reported a shooting in the alley behind the house. The dispatcher actually LAUGHED! Also, ridealongs were being clamped down.

I'd gone out with a friend's daughter who had been partolling for a year. We got along and I contacted her district to arrange another ride. They acted suspiciously of me. I received a call from the captain. He was upset and perplexed that I would ask to ride again so soon. He said such rides were usually a once or twice thing a year!

Lomg ago. I had a signed waiver allowing me to ride whenever I liked. And the waiver was a simple exemption. Now it had a bunch of legalese and exemptions of exemptions.

It appeared they don't want 'civilians' getting too chummy, nor knowing what goes on streetwise.

I asked this captain how long he'd been on the department. 30 years! He answered hesitantly like I was prying. I reminded him of former policy and his reply was to simply say the 'new directive' was for 'everyone's good'. Everyone's? I think not!

My friend answered when queried (over an open line), that 'things have changed'. Then silence. People were being watched and the public was being discouraged from learning 'too much'.

I pray that those cops who still care such as the Oath Keepers, are steadfast enough when the time comes to actually take that Oath seriously and protect and defend the Constitution. Some have resigned already, disillusioned by how they are supposed to serve the state and not the people.

I hope we keep some on the inside so we ALL serve Freedom now and in the future.

Sidenote: That 'friend' who said things had changed has distanced himself from me to the point we don't talk anymore. Maybe he is embarrassed that I talked him out of suicide twice and know about his breakdown years before. Or maybe 'job security' forced him to choose work over friendship.

And finally, one night I was crossing 10th street to return home from a store (More on taking a walk round here later.). A cop, very young, drove by. He glared at me. I merely stared at him til he was far away. Staredown.

I'm not too good at being the serf bowing to the 'blue knight'.