Thursday, February 28, 2013


I was downtown.  It was cold, dark and rainy.  This added to the feeling of foreboding that is growing not just here but in cities all over the US.

The City County building, seat of city gov, seems like some statist fortress out of Heinlein or Bracken.

I urge everyone to one, not be intimidated and two, to follow up by meeting budding tyranny in the eye.

It won't change at the metal detectors.  But study them and see what tudes the 'guards' have.  The atmosphere has indeed changed over the last say 20 years.  A cop I knew warned of it when things started to gum up re comms inside the IPD.

I'm making this short, not to actually get in a quota, but to sift through data past and present which is both personal and 'governmental' shall we say.

I have always worked well under pressure.  Now are the times that are indeed trying my and our souls.

Please search yourselves and see what tudes are within you and without.

I will be back with more soon.  Stay the course. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Memory Merry Go Round

I'm not afraid to say things.  Self expression has never been a problem for me.  I just want to make sure I'm right then go ahead as Crockett would say.

I've been married twice and divorced twice.  Each was a different situation, with different players in the parts save for me.

My first exwife died last week.  Found out by way of her second ex who is a friend of my second ex's brother.  WTF lol.  Gotta laugh.

I was pretty much a kid back then.  I should have known better.  But hind sight is 20-20.

The point is the memories brought back.  Very little good except for our daughter, my current kid's half sister.

My first ex left a lot of the marriage to be done by me.  She shirked a great deal of her responsibilities.  Later, her older sister admitted my ex was a spoiled brat for whom too many things were done.  Sounds like our entitlement state huh?

The penultimate act of irresponsibility was leaving for a year, with her friend, another brat, to 'find' themselves.  They left their husbands and kids to find what?  I really have to restrain myself re comments.  How could someone do this?  Well many have and today we have so many kids products of the state's care.  It's no wonder there are street scums like the guys who jumped me.  i'll have something to say about them soon.

I raised our daughter alone for a year.  had a business travelled and managed a home .  Hmmmmm.

When she came back she demanded a divorce.  Judge gave her sole custody in the best interest of the child.  I was railroaded and was not even allowed to speak.

It tore me up. and my daughter and I have been alienated for the most part ever since.

When I married again, my wife and I opened our home to her.  She enjoyed it and even liked her kid brother, our son (future Marine pilot soon now -s-).

Then her Mom and her second hubby put the kabosh on it when she seemed to like it better than their place.  There is more to it, such as their sketchy lifestyle, frequent moves and unstable lives.  This included my daughter doing a lot of the work there, as I had done.  Good God.  She even had to care for her two little brothers in my ex's new 'home'.

I hope this is taken by any reading it well.  I'm not badmouthing, though it might be argued by some.  I am only telling the past as I experienced it.

My oldest daughter and I did well without her and would have continued to do so.  Would coulda shoulda come to mind.  Perhaps there was more I could do.  I can tell you the man I am today would NOT have let this lie.  Fortunately my now second ex and I actually had the kid's best interest at heart and we sought and received joint custody, all things uncontested.

Let's suffice it to say the fly by night lifestyle had its toll on my daughter.  Apparently it did to the second husband.  They divorced.  He was complicit in alienating my daughter, but claims no now.  Further, somewhat amusedly, my second ex told me he tried to brush off his doings to my daughter's manipulation!  It's a miasma that I am glad is not part of our lives.

Reasons for my second divorce are between my ex and me.  Our kids are fine and well motivated.

Who suffered the most from the misadventures of my oldest's mom?  My oldest of course.  It's sad we didn't have the relationship my son and daughter share with their parents.

Confused?  It could be, but I was at the eye of the storm, watching the franticness unfold.

Point is, a lot of people are on personal merry go rounds of disfunction.  Misery loves company.  i refued to play this game.

And yes with entitlement, it has damaged our Republic's infrastructure.

We must get off the merry go round, quit spinning, get our bearings and start anew.

Easy?  No.  Doable only with commitment and going in with eyes open.

As for my first ex, may she rest in peace.  I bear no ill will save to tell what had transpired.  I do so for weal or woe, with no apologies.  Personal lives go askew.  It adds up eventually to a whole country doing so.

Again, let us bit by bit get back what is lost and don't let past mistakes rule us so that we are doomed to repeat them.

Responsibility demands that we do so

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Floating Ps

In the midst of my business/busyness, it is wise (sic) to remember what Bob Wise said about the 3 Ps: Passion, Persistence and Practice. 
Also age old advice for not just showbiz but for all: Never be dull or desperate.
And a two way street: Caveat Emptor.

Just thoughts floating around as indeed I am busy.  Not too busy to speak out for Freedom -s-.

That Bob Wise thing is curious.  He was a liberal democrat and thumped for GCA 68.  But he had sound advice re my career.  Wouldn't care to traipse where he did politically as in buds with the Clintons and his wife a huge supporter of Kerry etc.  However, it goes to show you we find meaning where we can (as Sinclair on Babylon 5 would say -s-).

Those Ps are good points for what we face.  So are not being dull or desperate no matter what we do.  Being measured and emphatic go a long way lol.

Always question aka Caveat Emptor.  That means ALL in politics.  We are supposed to be their bosses after all.  Never look a gift horse in the mouth.  Check out the whole damn thing lol.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Task Focus

Task focus. Imagine you are in a prescription room in a pharmacy. You have to inventory. Full bottles are easy as they are full price. Open ones have to be estimated. The only pills that have to be counted out are Schedule 3 narcotics.  Prices are in code. It's a big room. Don't look around. Concentrate on what's in front of you. Bit by bit you will get the job done.. It's self defeating and exhausting to look around. If you just do that which is in front and keep moving, you will get done. 

This is good for whatever faces you or wherever you are in the midst.

It's not the length of the post, but what is said.