Sunday, May 30, 2010

Peter Marshall

Senate Chaplain and naturalized citizen, his story inspired the movie 'A Man Called Peter' in 1955 starring Richard Todd as Marshall.

It was based on his wife Catherine's bio of the same name.

He's been a hero of mine for decades.

The man had such a resolve and Christian ethic. I wonder what he would say about the last 30-40 years in DC?

He was resolutely Christian and I only say this because, it seems, if one were anything else, they would have to admire him for his moral stance and honesty.

I can only imagine his view of no prayer in school.

I say they can't legislate our morality, nor our faith, whatever it might be.

I'm a bit more of a character than Rev. Marshall was, I think. But I hope I possess an eloquence and strength of faith that will last and will continue to cry out for Restoration of this Republic which Rev. Marshall loved as I do.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ethereal Vs Ephemeral

Many might think there is no difference.

I've heard people in conversation wrongly exchange one for the other.

Ethereal means roughly, spiritual or lacking material substance.

It could be immaterial, dependimg on the definition.

Ephemeral signifies lasting only a short time.

Words and meaning have great significance.

It's important to use them wisely and well.

The Founders did so. Their words are irrefutable.

Of course, the collectivists and other enemies of Freedom have tried to either water down or twist the Founders' words.

They hope people won't notice. They as always, hope no one will think.

Fools. Liars. Traitors.

Carefully placed words cannot be reconstructed to mean orange is blue as the libs hope.

Simply study and pass along the passion to study and seek truth.

Words will fail our enemies.

There is an ethereal aspect to our Republic. I leave it to you to decide what that is. It permeates material substance.

But our Republic is NOT ephemeral.

Freedom will live forever.

Words will support and aid us.

45 And 78

My Sis had quite a collection of records.

She had more than a few 78's ie records that spun at 78 revs per minute. And 45's revolve at 45 rev per minute.

I used to listen to them and as I've mentioned before, increased my love of music and knowledge.

Was it a simpler time? Probably not. All the joys and sorrows of life that have been and still are presented themselves.

It could be generational. I am nostalgic about the 'oldies', but remain rooted in reality and history.

I think it comes from a time that was transitional. many of the old songs gave way to stuff that had unclear lyrics. They were there, but people got into the 'beat' more. You lose a lot when you do.

Enjoy the beat and the words together.

Then again, it might well be just another indication of dumbing people down.

I like the convenience of today's comm/entertainment systems. Discs and mp3's are fine. But, there is something about those old records, including the 33&1/3 rpms as well.

I even dig the scratches. They bespeak of humanity to me. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's how I feel. Humanity is what Freedom's all about.

If I didn't care, I'd be a liberal or (worse?) a beer swilling do nothing (Though i love my suds too -s-).

Besides, it's about r&r. Take time out and try some classic rock or pop, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Be refreshed.

Then get back into the fight.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Duke

John Wayne would be 103 years old today.

The Duke (Said to be a nickname from a dog he had.) always was an icon to me in my childhood. My brother and I never missed any of his movies. We saw The Searchers several times at the Vogue theater in Broad Ripple (Where my bro was an usher. Used to get in for free -s-.). It had an extended run and we took advantage of that especially since there were no tapes and no DVDs and it took quite a while for swuch movies to run on tv.

I remember the crush I had on Natalie Wood as a result lol.

I won't add the obvious tributes. There are so many I don't need to do so.

Icon, hero, inspiration and all the rest certainly apply.

Even the inept Jimmy Carter gave him applause and praise when Duke received his
posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The collectivists hate him. They have tried to spread scurilous stories about him.

One guy asked how I could have a wife beater as a hero. He was referring to Wayne's second wife.

It was proven that it was actually SHE who was abusive and he fended off her attacks.

He also had his doubts and fears over friends family and work. Who doesn't?

Michael Wayne, his oldest son reminded people that his Dad was an actor playing cowboys etc.

True, but at the same time he was who he was. As a person what you saw was what you got.

I think he played roles that he mostly believed in, though he was indeed in the biz and gave the public what it wanted and it made him wealthy.

Not bad, I'd say.

One of the main efforts of an actor is to be truthful in a performance, whatever one plays.

He knew what fit him best.

He worked with some of the people I know and everyone talks about what a pro he was.

Even some of the liberal actors had great respect for him.

He said what he meant and meant what he said and his dedication to the Republic was nonpareil.

A tip of the hat to the Duke and a tip of the glass.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Music Memory

There used to be a fine program in public schools called 'music memory contests'.

Apparently, it still operates in some schools.

It does not in Indianapolis Public Schools.

There are kids in that system who could and would do well.

It's another indication of how dumbed down the ps system is getting.

The students are being denied opportunites to sharpen there mental acuity as well as develop an appreciation of classical music.

It was a joy for me, as I loved all kinds of music as a kid.

Pieces of certain classical works would be played and the kids had to identify what piece, movement etc as well as composer.

I did well and advanced to the finals -s-.

Somewhere is the certificate of achievement hidden perhaps in one of my sister's many boxes of memorabilia.

I passed this on to my two by playing not just classics, but a huge variety of music from before they were born til now.

When they finally went to their respective schools outside of home, they actually astonished teachers with their musical knowledge, as well of course, their academic and social advancement.

Yep I'm bragging and rightfully so.

The kid's Mom and I saw to their enrichment without benefit of the state.

So if the state denies your kids that cultural gift, don't let it be a problem.

Give your kids the attention they deserve.

Share the gift of music with them (Is that not an advertisement somewhere?).

I recommend homeschool, though I realize many can't for one reason or another do so.

We sacrificed a great deal to get our kids started right.

The positive results are only just beginning and will last a lifetime.


I used to be the deciding factor playing Trivial Pursuit in college.

The Campus Ministry used to have meetings and retreats where during rec time we voraciously played that game.

My sphere of expertise was not only entertainment (a harbinger of things to come), but a great deal of 'general knowledge'.

I was often relied upon to give a deciding cite or to settle a dispute.

A collector of minutiae am I.

Then again, one's trivia could be another's important items.

One never knows when some fact might be significant.

I feel like the intellectual equivalent of my Mom, who born in 1918, suffered in the Depression. She never threw anything out. Yes garbage got tossed but every scrap that she thought could be used over got put away, just in case. Foil, string, paper, etc was used as many times as she could use them.

We had money. But that lesson ingrained during those years of struggle kept hold of her. There may be a use for that which is commonly thrown on the scrap heap.

My 'databank' of info has been storing all kinds of information. And something I see or hear might trigger an outpouring of facts inspired by them. I don't go blank and spout stuff. Rather, if something happens and there is a good reason for sharing said trivia, then it comes forth.

I've taught the kids not only in home school past, but even now, with references that get them to thinking, investigating, digging.

There is rarely a dearth of conversation in our family.

One of us can pick up the ball and carry it to whatever conclusion is at hand.

Being so adroit has give the kids confidence and they are not often shy. Demure perhaps occasionally or quiet at the right times, but they are not afraid to engage in conversation with strangers when the time is right or ripe.

I believe we should learn everything we can, no matter the subject.

This falls to subjects that are bad as well as good. it does no good to just know the good things. We must be aware of the bad, so that we might fight it and replace it with light. Notice, I didn't say do as the bad guys do. I merely believe we need to know the enemy.

Certainly we must keep up with what's happening in and to the US. And we must certainly study our enemies.

For enemies we have, in spite of some people's good intentions to engage folks in 'dialog'. It usually ends in a no win and the original intention, even when it is for mutual benefit, gets shot down in flames.

We should hold our positions and beliefs, though I'm willing to hear what others say.

I may not accept them, but certainly that is what America should be all about.

With collectivists, we know they will not give in. Some may approach things in a Fabian method. They hammer for too much and the other side gives in a bit. There is usually a pause, the they go at it again, figuring to wear Freedom lovers down gradually.

Simply don't give in. The storm may brew and spew, but do not retreat. Don't even hold.


With facts.

Go at the enemies of Freedom with a ferocity not seen since the Founders.

You may even know some obscure facts aka trivia with which to save the day.

At least it won't be dull and desperate, two taboos in Hollyweird, but also for all of us in our daily lives.

Strive for more.

Don't settle for the less of monotony.

The remotest item might be the turning point in argument.

And war.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I got a kick out of the post at Sipsey Street about a rat upstaging Barry Soetero's press conference.

Yep. As the story concludes, DC was built by a river on what was a malarial swamp.

Same for Indianapolis, which is sliding into a cesspool of corruption all its own.

Small side story.

I resided in DC many years ago for a time.

One day, and this is for real, I saw a little girl say 'here kitty'. I looked past her and lo and behold, there was a rat, the biggest I'd ever seen.

Yes, the analogies are legion.

For instance, I was traveling right behind Spiro Agnew one day lol.

As for Indy, it's got its share of libs etc.

John Day the State Congressman for, where else but our district, once proposed a Chicago style handgun ban for here.

Chicago pizza might be ok (Actually, we get Circle City Pizza. They let their drivers carry -s-.), but not that rabid idiot Daley's no handgun policy.

Of course, the rats continue to gnaw at the City and State, though we are fortunate to have many progun legislators.

And we have a lot of folks who want less government. Should they be called ratcatchers?

Remember, when you have a rat by the tale, they can detach and a rat cornered can leap.

We've killed some of the four legged kind in the 'hood'.

Vermin don't like exposure, at least until there are so many they are bold even in daylight.

The two legged variety have been kept at bay because we are armed. And as for the higher ups, for the same reason and said exposure, plus determination to clean out the rats' nests in government.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I was at a friend's house with some other people. The question was asked about women's self image. I listened, but said nothing.

The woman who posed the question looked like a 'model'. That is, tall, willowy figure, long hair, prominent cheekbones, striking eyes etc. The 'image' of a model as it were.

She said she was having trouble with her self image and wondered just how far reaching it is with women particularly.

I know there are some self image problems for a great many teens, especially girls but boys too.

Too much is foisted upon them and they think they have to meet some standard set up by Hollyweird and Madison Avenue.

There is a certain selfconsciousness that either gets taken in stride or overwhelms women.

Hey, men have it too. I'm an actor, and have seen some preening in my time (Me? Well gotta look right for the camera/stage -s-.).

The discussion ranged from the esoteric to what is 'expected in society'.

For instance, it was posited that the beginning of such displeasure started with Lucifer. Probably. But closer to home as it were, we should remember that it's what's inside that counts.

Too soon and too much people rely on the surface.

Easy to say I suppose, but it's a matter of mastery of self, ie not letting anyone else do your thinking for you.

Surface is the name of the game for many in Hollywood. Of course, there is a difference in giving a good first impression and being a fake.

That old lyric from 'Secret Agent Man' comes to mind, ie 'a pretty face can hide an evil mind'. So true. I've known socalled 'beautiful' people who are the worst sociopaths extant. Conversely, there are many who are lovely inside and out.

A couple of women come to mind who shall remain anonymous. But, you couldn't ask for more decent folks in whose company you would be uplifted. Actresses and actors are not all shallow, callow nits. They are not all extraordinarily beautiful either. But the good ones have a command of themselves nevertheless.

And it's true for all walks of life. I think show biz just focuses, looks etc, cuz that's the nature of the beast.

I've met some actually evil people in the construction business, and not really remarkably, in church work among other professions, walks of life.

Call me nuts, but I have an ability to evaluate people. It's one of the attributes that was most valued by my profs in college. I'm not Frank Black (Millennium), but I can fairly accurately pinpoint problems in a client or in perps.

I can be fooled. But it's dang hard to do so. Most of the time, they are known by their deeds.

Funny thing. I've watched liberals for years, in all aspects. A sicker bunch you will not find. And lately, the parade of collectivist trash that poses as congress, cops and mayors resemble a bunch of ghouls dining on the body of the Republic.

Sometimes that evil, that vapid sickness that infects collectivists shows in the faces of many, like a reverse Dorian Grey. They can be feral too, when they enact and send lackies to do their bidding.

Looks are great.

But delve underneath.

Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.

And again, watch their deeds.

Actions speak louder than words.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Toy Guns

Oh my!

I remember being in the Miami airport many years ago.

I saw a toy gun package for The Rebel which was a tv series starring Nick Adams as Johnny Yuma, a Confederate soldier, who after the Civil War, wanders West thus the series premise where he meets some conflict each week and resolves it etc.

The first season of the series had Yuma carrying a converted to cartridge Colt Navy revolver and a sawed off shotgun, double barrel cut to the point of the forestock and the pistol grip.

I had my eye on the toy shotgun.

No problem. We bought it and we were on our way back to Indy.

Oh my!

Now, there would be no toy guns sold in airports, nor would it be likely that one would be allowed on a plane thanks to TSA rules.

I had quite a collection and wish I had em now. Toys were much more realistic then and didn't have silly orange tips on the barrels.

Mattel Tommyburst capgun that looked like a Tommygun, a pump action shotgun with ejectable shells, many pistols including several 45 Autos and sixguns and a toy Winchester leveraction among a heck of a bunch more.

I may have mentioned this before. I knew the difference between the toys and the real ones in our home. That collection included several military rifles and pistols, a host of revolvers and shotguns.

I slept in a bedroom full of them. No locks, just rifle racks and display tables and guncases. Security? That was easy with me and my brother -s-.

One of the main things today is the conditioning kids undergo.

The whole 'guns are bad' no violence at any cost mantra comes to mind.

Yet, kids still play cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, spaceman, with Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica etc playing a part.

Sticks are used or in the case of my son, he would 'invent' guns with Duplos when a tyke.

My daughter didn't play with toy guns as much, but she sure knows how to use the real thing -s-, as does her brother.

Try as the collectivists might, they cannot rewire kids. They may confuse some but play is play.

We would let the kids play and form their own ideas with us parents as a basis.

I tell the kids don't love violence but be prepared to use it in self defense.

I remember after the dope dealing pedo tried to grab Erica, she asked the next day if Mommy had her gun when they went out. Yep. Back out into the cold cruel world the very next day.

I'm convinced liberals cannot tell fantasy from reality.

It is THEY who have boarded the Hollywood violence train.

And we watch a variety of films. Yet again the kids knew early on the difference between the screen and the streets.

So children play and grow up.

How they grow up will determine if Restoration of this Republic will work and hold.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Squirrel In The Toilet

We had a squirrel in our toilet when I was a kid.

My Sis was getting ready for bed. Suddenly, there was a bloodcurdling scream from the bathroom.

We ran in and she was pointing at the toidy.

Lo and behold, there was a mostly drowned squirrel, sloshing away.

Result, my Brother got it out and took it to the backyard where he dispatched it with an old 22 Mossberg rifle.


Well, except for teasing her about nearly being bitten in the butt.

Brings a smile for us all to this day lol.

And, this was well in the city limits of Indianapolis, but decades ago.

Where we are, we've gotten a couple of rats and coons. This, on the neareastside near the hooker/drug havens.

When help is needed immediately, animal control is only minutes away -s-.

Selfdetermination still exists and there are many more around the city so disposed.

We have BB guns and have plinked in the back yard, including shooing away pigeons from the dog's bowl.

I found out it's now illegal according to city ordinance. Oops. One of the antigun city-county council members mentioned it at a campaign meeting when my ex ran for the council. I remember Angela Mansfield, who has drafted ridiculous gun ordinances for Indy, drawing in her breath and saying, 'Oh, THAT'S not legal'.

I regarded her as some curiosity in a zoo or perhaps a sideshow.

Of course, the plinking we've done was with safety in mind. The same as firearms safety.

It was the same now as when I was a kid.

Archery is one of our interests. My Brother had a target set up at the garage entrance, away from the street with the empty garage as a backdrop. He'd spend quite a while perfecting his archery skills. That was again long ago.

Though we have trees and a perfect backdrop, it's now forbidden to practice in the city limits.

Perhaps they are afraid of a Robin Hood type insurrection, ahem.

Would we break an ordinance to live as we always had as responsible citizens?

I venture to say that such activity is now 'don't ask, don't tell'.

We get creatures including bats, mice, birds and squirrels in the house occasionally.

Do we wait for Animal Control aka the state to shoo them away?


All of these rules and regs are of course simply for control.

Accidents happen.

But they are few, and usually happen to idiots who don't think and follow safety rules.

Yet, they are an excuse to stop us from exercising the simple pleasures of BB's and bows.

It's the same premise as the gun laws which infect our Freedom.

They are to 'protect' us aka 'public safety'.


As in the past whether it's a squirrel in the toilet or a bunch of rats in the legislature, we are capable of taking care of ourselves.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


The word reminds me of that part of the Magnificent Seven where Chico, the hispanic kid who joined the 7 penetrates the camp of Calveras the bandit who is tyrannizing the village the 7 have decided to not just defend, but teach the villagers to defend themselves.

Chico snatches a sombrero and ambles into the bandito camp. He overhears some of Calveras' plans and how many of his thugs have been killed. He even lights a cigar for Calveras!

This is essential to gather info/intel on the enemy.

Now, I don't know anybody gathering info in the collectivist camp and don't want to. They are easy to watch and evaluate, what with their big mouths and leftie bragging 'rights'.

But there is a need to know.

It is part of the 'great game' as the Brits called the gathering of intel especially in the mideast/India.

It is part of an invisible war which can only be won if some pretend to be the enemy while they gather info that cannot be gotten any other way.

The fifth column is not a bad term. It refers to an enemy within an org or nation that works against it.

Of course the commies have long used this to destroy opposition, including here in the US.

So, it is imperative we give ourselves the advantage by acting covertly and collecting intel.

It is only bad if it is bad as it were.

Therm 5th column has a negative connotation especially in reference to commie activity in the US.

But, that is just the point.

We must know our enemy.

One of the best ways is to get information from within, like the proverbial 'source that cannot be named'.

We should remember what and for whom we are fighting.

If we do so, and our intentions are for the right, then being undercover is actually exposing the enemy.

As said before, they do a good job of that themselves.

But counterintellignece is just that.

It is part of reconstructing as the enemy has deconstructed

It takes a particular kind of guts to do so.

To seem to be the enemy can grind one down.

But it's worth it and anyone who does so should be honored just as much as those who stand up militarily or politically and oppose those who are destroying the Republic.

It's a tradition that Ben Franklin would hail.

He certainly could have been our first 'secret agent' as he went about his diplomatic work and smiled as he disseminated those who would destroy the young Republic.

So, I salute and thank those who have that kind of resolve, to the end that instead of the Constitutional Republic falling it is the socialist web that undermines us that falls.

Sometimes with a smile -s-.

May 1

Happy May Day.

This day has so many meanings and reasons for being.

There is the commie celebration with goose stepping minions and missles and grim faced salutes to show the might of the 'people' (joke intended-it's the state -s-).

And of late there are the demonstrations by illegals demanding 'rights' to which they are not entitled. No coincidence that they picked May 1, many being leftist agitators.

Before that there is the celebration of spring among pagans. May poles were and still are danced around. And then couples would prance into the woods to celebrate the 'rites of spring' aka get it on.

May Day is also a verbal distress signal in voice precedure radio comms. It is from the French 'venez m'aider' which means 'come and help me'. It's always repeated three times, mayday-mayday-mayday to distinguish it.

We are going to need a lot of help. We are receiving it and still need more.

For our purposes, it's figurative and don't use it except in imminant danger such as downed aircraft or sinking ships, etc.

Then again the Republic's ship has been sinking for a long time.

Many are working to not just plug a leak, but to refinish/restore it.

I've found the seemingly unlikeliest person or thing might just apply in time of need.

Keep alert and be ready for any emergency.

Don't panic. Stay level headed. State the business at hand and go from there.