Thursday, May 27, 2010

Music Memory

There used to be a fine program in public schools called 'music memory contests'.

Apparently, it still operates in some schools.

It does not in Indianapolis Public Schools.

There are kids in that system who could and would do well.

It's another indication of how dumbed down the ps system is getting.

The students are being denied opportunites to sharpen there mental acuity as well as develop an appreciation of classical music.

It was a joy for me, as I loved all kinds of music as a kid.

Pieces of certain classical works would be played and the kids had to identify what piece, movement etc as well as composer.

I did well and advanced to the finals -s-.

Somewhere is the certificate of achievement hidden perhaps in one of my sister's many boxes of memorabilia.

I passed this on to my two by playing not just classics, but a huge variety of music from before they were born til now.

When they finally went to their respective schools outside of home, they actually astonished teachers with their musical knowledge, as well of course, their academic and social advancement.

Yep I'm bragging and rightfully so.

The kid's Mom and I saw to their enrichment without benefit of the state.

So if the state denies your kids that cultural gift, don't let it be a problem.

Give your kids the attention they deserve.

Share the gift of music with them (Is that not an advertisement somewhere?).

I recommend homeschool, though I realize many can't for one reason or another do so.

We sacrificed a great deal to get our kids started right.

The positive results are only just beginning and will last a lifetime.


teacher said...

"Knowledge is, in every country, the surest basis of public happiness." --George Washington, First Annual Message, 1790

T Coxe said...

As a group, 3pers etal have a vast knowledge that seems to astonish many a liberal.

Good way to shut em up too -s-.

Mike H said...

One time, at the Armed Informed Mother's March in Chicago on Mother's Day, 2000, we did just that.

As we were dispersing, we found ourselves among a bevy of liberals etc.

I mentionbed to our son to understand that many there thought us stupid louts.

I proceded to speak a Russian phrase to the then 10 year old boy.

He nodded and smiled lol.

The result was indeed astonsihment on some of the faces surrounding us!