Saturday, May 29, 2010

45 And 78

My Sis had quite a collection of records.

She had more than a few 78's ie records that spun at 78 revs per minute. And 45's revolve at 45 rev per minute.

I used to listen to them and as I've mentioned before, increased my love of music and knowledge.

Was it a simpler time? Probably not. All the joys and sorrows of life that have been and still are presented themselves.

It could be generational. I am nostalgic about the 'oldies', but remain rooted in reality and history.

I think it comes from a time that was transitional. many of the old songs gave way to stuff that had unclear lyrics. They were there, but people got into the 'beat' more. You lose a lot when you do.

Enjoy the beat and the words together.

Then again, it might well be just another indication of dumbing people down.

I like the convenience of today's comm/entertainment systems. Discs and mp3's are fine. But, there is something about those old records, including the 33&1/3 rpms as well.

I even dig the scratches. They bespeak of humanity to me. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's how I feel. Humanity is what Freedom's all about.

If I didn't care, I'd be a liberal or (worse?) a beer swilling do nothing (Though i love my suds too -s-).

Besides, it's about r&r. Take time out and try some classic rock or pop, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Be refreshed.

Then get back into the fight.


kava said...

Tickles your fancy?

bcnu said...

Music begins where words leave off.

Mike H said...

To kava: yes

To bcnu: as long as i don't stop thinking for myself