Friday, May 21, 2010


I got a kick out of the post at Sipsey Street about a rat upstaging Barry Soetero's press conference.

Yep. As the story concludes, DC was built by a river on what was a malarial swamp.

Same for Indianapolis, which is sliding into a cesspool of corruption all its own.

Small side story.

I resided in DC many years ago for a time.

One day, and this is for real, I saw a little girl say 'here kitty'. I looked past her and lo and behold, there was a rat, the biggest I'd ever seen.

Yes, the analogies are legion.

For instance, I was traveling right behind Spiro Agnew one day lol.

As for Indy, it's got its share of libs etc.

John Day the State Congressman for, where else but our district, once proposed a Chicago style handgun ban for here.

Chicago pizza might be ok (Actually, we get Circle City Pizza. They let their drivers carry -s-.), but not that rabid idiot Daley's no handgun policy.

Of course, the rats continue to gnaw at the City and State, though we are fortunate to have many progun legislators.

And we have a lot of folks who want less government. Should they be called ratcatchers?

Remember, when you have a rat by the tale, they can detach and a rat cornered can leap.

We've killed some of the four legged kind in the 'hood'.

Vermin don't like exposure, at least until there are so many they are bold even in daylight.

The two legged variety have been kept at bay because we are armed. And as for the higher ups, for the same reason and said exposure, plus determination to clean out the rats' nests in government.


teacher said...

Rats sh*t where they eat.

Hoby Gilman said...

They are getting messier and more careless as they get more exposed.

Easy to track -s-.