Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Toy Guns

Oh my!

I remember being in the Miami airport many years ago.

I saw a toy gun package for The Rebel which was a tv series starring Nick Adams as Johnny Yuma, a Confederate soldier, who after the Civil War, wanders West thus the series premise where he meets some conflict each week and resolves it etc.

The first season of the series had Yuma carrying a converted to cartridge Colt Navy revolver and a sawed off shotgun, double barrel cut to the point of the forestock and the pistol grip.

I had my eye on the toy shotgun.

No problem. We bought it and we were on our way back to Indy.

Oh my!

Now, there would be no toy guns sold in airports, nor would it be likely that one would be allowed on a plane thanks to TSA rules.

I had quite a collection and wish I had em now. Toys were much more realistic then and didn't have silly orange tips on the barrels.

Mattel Tommyburst capgun that looked like a Tommygun, a pump action shotgun with ejectable shells, many pistols including several 45 Autos and sixguns and a toy Winchester leveraction among a heck of a bunch more.

I may have mentioned this before. I knew the difference between the toys and the real ones in our home. That collection included several military rifles and pistols, a host of revolvers and shotguns.

I slept in a bedroom full of them. No locks, just rifle racks and display tables and guncases. Security? That was easy with me and my brother -s-.

One of the main things today is the conditioning kids undergo.

The whole 'guns are bad' no violence at any cost mantra comes to mind.

Yet, kids still play cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, spaceman, with Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica etc playing a part.

Sticks are used or in the case of my son, he would 'invent' guns with Duplos when a tyke.

My daughter didn't play with toy guns as much, but she sure knows how to use the real thing -s-, as does her brother.

Try as the collectivists might, they cannot rewire kids. They may confuse some but play is play.

We would let the kids play and form their own ideas with us parents as a basis.

I tell the kids don't love violence but be prepared to use it in self defense.

I remember after the dope dealing pedo tried to grab Erica, she asked the next day if Mommy had her gun when they went out. Yep. Back out into the cold cruel world the very next day.

I'm convinced liberals cannot tell fantasy from reality.

It is THEY who have boarded the Hollywood violence train.

And we watch a variety of films. Yet again the kids knew early on the difference between the screen and the streets.

So children play and grow up.

How they grow up will determine if Restoration of this Republic will work and hold.


xftrooper said...

The whole debacle with f-troop's slamming down on those pellet guns indicates yet another low and just how far these Freedom rapists are willing to go to stop us.

teacher said...

There is no limit to imagination is there?

Children will find a way in spite of the attempted conditioning.