Thursday, November 27, 2008


I hate em. There is nothing more anti Freedom than communism. There is nothing more unnatural than communism. Some have claimed it is the devil's invention. I'd say it certainly is from the dark side, as it were. Call me Captain Obvious regarding this post. Even call me a John Bircher. I don't mind. JBS is not a dirty term. It has been made dubious by careful manipulation from the 'mainstream' press and many a commie pundit disguised thinly as liberal or progressive. I only say JBS doesn't go far enough, but it's a good starting point for anyone wanting an education re communism. I recommend self study the most, however. As always, there is SO much info on this, my suggestion is to start by typing communism into a search engine. I suggest, unless you are writing a thesis etc to get a grasp of its history then concentrate on how it has progressed since the Russian Revolution (Knowing Russian and/or German is more than optional. I learned them because I'm a stickler for 'from the source' study. And it served me fighting it. More on that soon.). It should lead you on a bloody trail of lies, betrayal and inversion. Compare it to what the Founders put together.

Communism certainly applies to all of society. It is pervasive, insinuating itself into all levels of living. It's a total package.

Communism is based on deceptiom. Wrong is right. White is black. Orange is blue etc (That orange is blue came from a comparison between The Federalist/Antifederalist Papers and the Communist Manifesto purportedly by Marx and Engels). The end justifies the means. Before Marx etal raised their ugly heads, there were and have always been those who seek to force altruism, particulary in the interests of the state, thus enforcing control. There have always been efforts at 'one world government', making the whole world English or Chinese, Roman etal. Government of the many by the few is as old as mankind.

'The strength of the vampire is that no one believes in him.' (Van Helsing from Dracula, 1931). The same is said of satan, even of evil. That evil is a state of mind etc. Of course, similar doubts are cast on communism. That at least, it is relatively dead or isolated. As I said to my kids after the election, communism is quite alive and thriving, especially in the US. Sure it is the official government in China, Vietnam (thanks to politicians and other traitors here), Cuba, Zimbabwe Venezuela etc. It is still a reality in Russia, though they have become more fascist (as is China in terms of government). Let's say it's 'underground'. But I contend it is MOST active here, in the land where our Constitutional Republic has been its greatest stumbling block. Most active where our beloved Republic has been compromised, watered and dumbed down. Where we have increasingly become a democracy.

'What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.' Juliet to Romeo, from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. That which we call communism by any other name would smell as foul. Pardon the paraphrase. Communism has many other names. Lately it's progressive, derived from liberal. Socialism is often subbed for the small 'c'. Actually it's a means to the end of worldwide communism. Or as it's semi humorously known, a socialist as just a communist without a gun. Fabian socialism is the preferred way with which we are being destroyed here. A slow, relentless rot that is killing from within.

Nikita Khrushchev, Premier of USSR in the late 50's into the 60's predicted this interior overthrow with his famous 'we will bury you' comment. He made his meaning plain that it would come from within. It is succeeding. With the ascension of the pretender to the Presidency next January 20, it is entering a dark reality. And as I said before, it is a result of carefully planned steps, some very small, toward the end game.

Look at the slow descent over the history of the Republic, particularly the last 100 years and then even more scrutinized, the last fifty. I won't attempt to go into detail. There are many sources with which most readers are familiar. I ask you to guide some people ignorant of what's happened, to point them in the right direction. For those who come here, simply study all the government 'acts' edicts laws etc passed. From gun rights robbed (NFA '34, GCA '68 etc) to the economic, such as Federal Reserve, confiscation of gold to removal of the gold standard to installation of 'security' in the last eight years, we are finally on a faster track to tyranny.

I usually hate labels. The use of commie is an exception. True, it could backfire and label me as a paranoid 'Archie Bunker' type. But only if those who see these words don't think. Therein lies the rub.

Those who would be our masters and finally immerse us in a sea of sameness, count on nonthinking. It's what got the lightworker 'elected' (along with massive voter fraud IMHO). Who cares if B.O. was born in the US or not? Who cares about his communist upbringing? Who cares that he is arguably the most antigun head of state in our history? He brings 'change', 'hope', and lots of warm fuzzies. He is a master of saying one thing and doing another. Or if you follow his leftist way of definition, he is 'staying the course' of socialization of the country we love. He and others use our system hijaceked against us. They mock us.

This seemed pinnacle of one worldliness has been a long time coming. Cutting to the last 50 years especially, the slow gradual degrade has pointed to this. It takes years and generations.

This pretender to the Presidency comes from a family steeped in leftist crapola. His daddy was a noted commie and muslim (Contradiction? Not necessairly. Remember the grand mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler). His mommy was a leftist idealist, spawned from parents of the 'greatest generation' as they say, but from the left. He was groomed by communists as a kid and nurtured into the teen years on marxist propaganda. All dupes. Useful idiots. As is actually our coming king who, it has been quoted by Jim Lehrer and one of the lightworker's assistants, is 'ready to rule'. That says a lot, n'est pas?

I realize that this missive is long, yet short. It says some things, but not others. Judge for yourselves. Communism is real. Its insidious grasp reaches to many levels, yet is just a tool for those who would control. For with a communist aka one world system in place, those who have much would have all. These people would still have their wealth and we would be serfs. Pure communism will never happen. Too many 'rich' interests. Its simply a tool to effect a system that ensures the death of individuals, save for those who crouch and give their gifts to their masters. Bought off, they are not true individuals, merely puppets. No thanks. We can beat it, you know. This seemingly unending onslaught.

Study these creatures. Know your enemies. It's a chess game. Make your move.

More soon and re my part of the fight as it were.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Scratching The Surface

If you thought Bubba Clinton was bad, get ready for B.O. Where Dubya was seemingly bland, B.O. is much more flamboyant. Perhaps showier, yet smoother might apply. Underneath is something elusive, but I get a feeling vastly more detrimental to the Republic.

This was indeed an almost miraculous election. Never has there been so little known of a person, with much in doubt. Never has the abuse of the system and ignorance run so rampant. Mind you, never is the electorate as informed as they should be on the whole. But this time, there is almost a questionless obeisance.

All of this has been carefully crafted. It has taken much groundwork, a great deal of which took place in the last 16 years. It is multi level and counts on both ignorance and enthusiasm, not in waves this time, but a tsunami. I was going to say the communist party was dancing a jig (no racism intended). Now I read that indeed they are very pleased with the 'lightworker's' ascension. The jig is up.

During Election Day, many folks reported being somewhat queasy during the process of voting. There was a vague ill feeling concerning who was running and what would happen. I felt this misgiving myself. I knew we were entering one of the darkest periods of the Republic's history.

I believe this smells of conspiracy. Don't bestow a tin beanie on me please. As I said, this has been in the works for a long time. We have been watered down, dumbed down and drained for quite a while. In the last eight years plans to destroy personal freedom have been implemented. Again, those plans have been in the works for decades. When you examine communism particularly, you see how tyranny is built incrementally. I will take a little trip down commie lane in a new post soon. It is an insidious tool in the hands of those who would control us. Conspiracy is not a dirty word. It has merely been made to be viewed askant. That, as well, is the subject of a soon to be created post.

The person taking the Oath of Office January 20th claims to be bringing unity. He is a supposed fulfillment of American history. I don't think so. One great reason is the fact he is hazy, his speeches are full of platitudes with little substance. In tandem with this is the seemingly mindless cultlike following he has engendered. Those who live for his every word do not think for themselves. They cannot distinguish what his plans are, except to say he brings change and hope. Hitler, Stalin and Mao brought change and hope as did Fidel, to begin with. What followed rocked the world and almost plunged us all into darkness. I contend this 'lightworker' will continue bringing darkness dressed in altruism aka a runaway socialistic trainwreck. It is 'false light'. As for unity, to paraphrase Jesus, this pretender to Presidency will not bring peace, but a sword (and sure as 'hell' not for the same reason to which Jesus alluded). The dimwitted will see something that is not there. Many will perpetuate racial tension. If civil war comes, it will be tinged with a veneer of race war. This includes the infusion of illegal aliens who will further divide. 'His' unity is the forced distribution of wealth and supposed leveling of the playing field. In other words, socialism leading to communism with a mighty dash of fascism. That will be the cause of a civil war. It will be covered up with the 'race war' excuse. Already the 'press' is parading white supremacists as a substantial threat. What a laugh. Of course as with Hitler etal, the lightworker and his henchmen must have scapegoats. Look for us Constitutionalist/Restorationists to be thrown into the mix. All those 'bitter clingers'. BTW I am neither bitter nor do I cling. I shout out loud what's wrong and warn others to prepare.

It has nothing to do with being Black. As I mentioned to my 'brother' who happens to be Black descent, it is the content of one's character and not the color of one's skin that counts. We've known this for most of our lives. Our pretender will be found wanting as do all socialists/communists eventually. I wish our first Black President was a man to be admired, who would help heal and assist in bringing Restoration of our Constitutional Republic. I'd be proud and delighted to vote for a man or woman such as this. Instead, this man will further our destruction. And the usual suspects he is assembling will join with the usual race baiters to make sure we indeed stay at odds. So much easier to control. It will backfire.

I have an analogy that I will be using frequently. You can stand in a pit full of s***. You can b**** and moan about how horrible it is standing in the crappola. You can lament about getting out. OR you can do something about getting out. Call it a broken record, but this never gets old: Spread the truth. Get the message out re what's happening. Be resolute and stick to your principles. Don't equivocate. Don't compromise. Declare we are restoring our Constitutional Republic. shed light on the lightworker and his ilk. Don't let them shut you up. The proof of his perfidy is all over the web. Arm yourselves with reality. And guns. Defend your rights. Say NO to the theft of your rights. Say NO to race baiters. Fight on ALL levels. Pick your battles and their means. Don't be shaken. Don't be drawn out. Stand tall. Be firm of resolve. If we don't the night will come and darkness will encompass US and the whole world. It may be unrecoverable then.

The more Light the more our enemies cannot hide. They want to shut us up. Though things are bad and we could lose, the pretender to the Presidency and the gang of thieves and thugs KNOW we can WIN. They are afraid of that. Don't let up. there are many more of us than they know. There can be more. Set brushfires 'in the minds of men' as Sam Adams did. That Light will grow and never be quenched. The Light of Freedom.

I'm only scratching the surface here. Get busy and DIG. Person by person, bit by bit, we will Restore the Republic.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


How appropriate for the time of the season eh? Parties, trick or treat (rather true for the election), pretend occupy our time. Well, time is running out. The masks are falling.

As an actor, I've worn several masks ie characters. I have portrayed good and bad, noble, fallen and those who are confused. I hope to play many more soon. I do so because I love the art. Also, I wish to truly tell stories and make a lasting mark for light. That is to come. For now, think 'of the world'.

In Hollywood, the world of actors artists celebrities etal, is a life of facade. It is projection. Here (as it were) is oneself. There, on camera, is a character. Here, is the actor/artist/ interviewed. Seen is part of a person. The impression concerning a particular film, moment, even a world event. The true self goes home to, in my case a family that not just waits, but is busy itself. The lights are off. We are breathing, sweating, living. No more impressions. This is where (as I used to say when a preacher) the 'rubber hits the road'.

I believe that the masks are falling all over the world. There seems to be an 'honesty', a transparency forming.

No longer are we accepting face value. We are demanding more. We want to know 'what's going on'. We must look at ourselves.

Scarier that Halloween methinks. There is no place to hide. We MUST look at ourselves and one another. We must see our true selves. There is no place to run.

It seems to produce a nauseous quality. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Seeing our families, neighbors, candidates, let alone ourSELVES bereft, wanting. Pray for the masks to fall.

On the other hand...It might show us up to the task. In spite of ourselves, we may be ready, able to go forth. To do what?

You ask me.