Thursday, March 31, 2016


Yes socalled 'personal' posts are Freedom minded too.  It all adds up, like the soup I'm making this weekend, to a lot of ingredients which make up the whole.

I could have been cute and called this singleton, singletude or singularity etc.  But single is single.

I'm pleased that generally I'm left alone.  I mean that friends and family don't pry into my personal life.  Even people (Some fans even.  I have a few lol) I'm not around leave me be.

Alone is not lonely.  It is sovereignty.  You can be lonely in a crowd.  It's cliché but true.

Thank God I don't have one or a plethora of people trying to 'fix me up' either.  Match making might be well intentioned, but unnecessary at best and a downright pain in the keester otherwise.

Let's just say that stuff will take care of itself down the line.  And yes one can be independent and have a significant other.

So contemplate your own lives, single or not.  As said, everything comes together to make life complete.  Or at least 'addin' to' as life rolls along.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


'Too bad you have such a worm's-eye view of world events. I hope your vision improves. You are missing a lot. Like...the truth.'  A supposed FB 'friend'.

I'd posted a pic of the Occupier posing with Raul murderer Castro, other collectivist trash, all under a mural of Che Guevara.  What gargantuan pride these mokes get from their 'revenge' on JFK etal and our Republic.  I say it is a harbinger of their ultimate failure.  Let's just say pride comes before the fall.

Che, the racist psychopath who found he enjoyed killing and died a cowardly death, honored by the presence of our own little red diaper baby, doing  his best to destroy us.  Che the eliminator of many Freedom loving Cubans and other folks in the southern hemisphere.

The mini diatribe was in response to my post.

This fb friend has posted similar derogatory statements on others conservative, freedom loving posts.  He's a big brave Alinskyan hitman. 

Truth can get lost in the mud I suppose.  Happens grappling with collectivist losers.  Oh how they try to discredit and nullify truth.

Truth might be relative.  Not when qualifying Liberty against collectivist lies, which of course are truth to them.

Perhaps he was speaking from a loftier plain.  He might be an arbiter of truth insofar as there are those who wish to control us.  They use collectivists such as the Occupier, Castros, Mohammadists etal as bludgeons or even spearheads to rework the world in their one world matrix.

We will have one world someday.  Once we reform the Republic and then the world will be inspired to follow suit.  It was the intention of the Founders.

As for a worm's eye view (Haven't heard that one in ages lol), I reiterated the moke's statement to my ex.  She said where better to learn what's going on.  Down among all the people, we see the effects of the elitist birds of a feather.

I'm on the ground, not up in the air.  I'm with the people, not a bunch of pale men in dark suits whose Luciferian pride deludes them into thinking they are superior.

It's government of by and for the people.  It is not government by a set of masters who reward or punish at whim.

And yes, we can fly high as did the Founders.  We are lifted up by our efforts.

Just like these reprobates to twist symbology.

Worms get eaten.  But birds can be grounded.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Oak And Tulip

Sounds like a tavern out of a romance novel.  It's actually an impression of two different flora.

There is a bur oak tree nearby that is around 400 years old.  Thick trunk, high and wide gnarled branches, it sits silently overlooking the road and park. 

It's almost twice as old as the Republic.  It was an acorn, sprout and sapling when only my red brothers and sisters dwelt round it.  Mind you they had been around for thousands of years at least.  There time alone as it were was already done.  France then Britain claimed the land.  And, before that, tribes claimed and beat out other tribes.  Human nature was at work before the acorn was even formed. 

The oak was a young tree when whites first came to Indiana.  We know some got along and some did not with their red brothers and sisters.  There have always been those who seek to turn people against one another.  Control is the key element.  The oak began to stand tall as the War for Independence was won and Indiana was part of the Northwest then was Indiana Territory.  The oak stood tall at 200 years old.

The next 200 years saw rise and fall of both good and evil.  Repeated attempts to subvert and destroy the Republic rose and fell since before we were a Republic.  It is as I said, a constant battle.  Instead of being left alone, there are those who seek control, to decide for us instead of we ourselves.

Only time will tell what the oak will witness.  I hope it lasts another 400 years and 'sees' the Restoration of a Republic that will spread Freedom round the world.

There are a lot of tulip trees in the area.  Many are quite large and sturdy but nowhere near as old as the oak.  They are also called Jane Magnolia trees.

Currently they are magnificently in bloom, bright pink and white.  Their perfume fills the air with the hope of Spring.

The bloom doesn't last long.  The petals fall to become humus ie circle of life.

The flowers spread pollen, prolong and help propagate more.

Sometimes, a flash in the pan takes place.  Other times it is a slow steady growth that outlasts the bloom.

Both work for a cycle of development and rebirth.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Taverns And Churches

I think I've mentioned the scenario before.  Let's face it, I may repeat myself given my winding journey.  But I just had a trigger moment.  And yes that was a sarcastic swipe at those oh so trendy terms batted around these days.  So exit your safe space and hang out with my recollection.

Heard somebody mention The Patriot recently.  Great flick that captured the spirit of the War of Independence.  As for history, as always, I advise study, digging and especially searching for accuracy in these days of concerted attempts by collectivists to rewrite history in their matrix.

Specifically, there was a reference to the recruitment done at the church to increase the ranks of the militia.  It was a profound moment and the speech by the young woman was especially touching.  It was a pastiche of events of course.  That particular moment illustrated women were very much involved with Freedom.

The churchgoers seemed pretty straight laced, almost to the point of caricature.  I'm not knocking them, just observing.  They rose to the call, as did the pastor, who was based on Lutheran pastor Muhlenberg.

Not mentioned was the following scene where Martin and the French officer recruit at a tavern.  Very earthy folks there.  Some are mercenary, but most are willing to fight.  Several of these men were former militia during the French and Indian War who had served with Martin.  Rough guys for a rough job.

A similar almost caricature is evident with this scene. 

What happens at least is that in spite of pious intent or rowdy rebellion, these two groups learned to fight together for Liberty.

That's the point.  We are many different types of people.  We have internal and external reasons for serving the Republic.  We each have something to bring to the fight. 

Don't judge a book by its cover.  Devout isn't always proper.  It's the intention. 

The son tells Martin that 'these are not the kind of men we need'.  Martin responds that yes they are.  He goes on to tell about some of the horrors of war.  It is hell, but it is necessary to be free.

We are all in this world together.  What we do will tell who we are.