Wednesday, July 28, 2010


There is an appalling lack of grammar these days.

There is a profusion of incidents where the 'ly' is left off adverbs seemingLY making them adjectives. And there is the infamous 'you did good instead of you did well. Yes, I know we can know what's being said, but let me explain.

We deteriorate apace with this language devolvement.

Ohoh, I used big words that apparently many public schooled cannot understand. Quite a few I think but it would be interesting to see how many private schooled are as challenged. I've known some who are certainly, woefully uninformed, especially politically as it were.

We all have dialectical divergence and colloquialisms. It's just that it seems to me that it's one of those tip of the iceberg things.

Language deteriorization can be an indication of cultural dissolve. Collectivists like to alter at all levels. They can then change the matrix such as claiming the Constitution is a 'living' document etc. And don't forget wrong is right and orange is blue etc.

Just look at how the press demonizes 'militia', using the mideast conflagation.

Of course, language alters and terms change. But beware of attitudes.

Hey, I've been known to revert to my Hoosier roots and leave off a 'g' from 'ing' and I'll run words together.

Just watch for the tude dude.

Two Jacks

Bristow and Bauer.

Dads, agents and forces for good, albeit very down to earth good. And occasionally way out good.

Of course you can see these guys any way you like. Some might think they are super only ones. But I see them as using their 'expertise' not always well but for good.

The curlicue of intel work, of gov, wraps itself around their stories.

They both have a deep belief in their country. They both believe they are serving their country. Yet they are screwed by the same system in which they both serve. And they have sad consequence.

But,they both sacrifice much to save their daughters.

And like life was taught to me, as we get older, there is not as much black and white as there is grey.

Thanks Mr Meek, (as he got greyer lol).

That sums it up. Devotion to duty but being clear what you serve.

Do the means justify the ends? You decide. War is hell. And we may well find that out first hand soon.

Resolve and the willingness to do whatever is needed may just make up our minds for us.

I asked my daughter if she would be able to defend herself, no matter the cost.

She looked at me and said yes.

I wish the people of this Republic had that resolve.

Some do. Some don't.

Some will.

Some won't.


I'm appalled at the attitude the 'press' sometimes takes regarding criminals.

Not prisoners of the state sent away for trumped up gun charges or people who pay a price because of ridiculous gun charges or 'assault charges' aka Lautenberg.

I'm talking about real offenders.

Armed robbers come to mind particularly. So do rapists because they rob people of safety, and try to dehumanize them.

Remember about two and a half million times a year guns are used to thwart crime and often without firing a shot.

"Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's understanding." Ducard from Batman Begins

The press dares to call some of them victims. They are perps, seeking to rob and kill.

Worse, cops are guilty of calling perps victims as in the case of a breakin thwarted in a Columbus O. incident. 'The agressor was the victim'. U-huh. Uh-uh.

Then of course, Captain Obvious Cop says the homeowner is is within his rights to have a weapon. Duh.

'Earlier yesterday, friends and family members of the shooting victim placed candles and left written messages on a poster where he fell.'

How touching. I remember working at the local Juvenile Center. On visiting night, I was told to be wary of the parents and friends there. Many of them were gangers and perps. they regarded me with that glare given to 'the man'. Sheesh.

'Under Ohio's Castle Doctrine law, if someone unlawfully enters an occupied home or temporary habitation, or occupied car, citizens have an initial presumption that they may act in self defense, and will not be second-guessed by the State.'

Good. We should anyway but it sounds good, huh?

'The Toledo Blade, which prohibits its newspaper carriers from exercising their right to self-defense even after several instances where employees suffered rape and or aggravated robbery, has editorialized against concealed carry both before and after it became law. One editorial board member went so far as theorize on how he would disarm the entire American population.'

Spare no expense. Spare me! These mokes don't care as long as their ideals are achieved. OTOH I know folks whothough unfortunately are hurt, then learn to fight back. these 'press' people are going against nature. It is natural to protect oneself be it fight or flight when appropriate.

'Emergency dispatchers were still on the line as the homeowner fired his gun. Deputy Chief Derrick Diggs is quoted as saying "based on the investigation, and the interview with the homeowner, the investigation determined that this individual should not be charged."'

Jeez Louise! How magnanimous! Sure things get investigated. But it's the implication that it's wrong to have a gun in the first place that's most egregious.

Much is in the wording.

My advice:

Ask to talk to your lawyer. Then when interviewed by the 'press'(gang), be concise. Try not to give statements that can be extrapolated or altered in any other way.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. At least we can clarify that especially when we Restore the Republic.

Don't let em demonize you. Demonize and rightly, the skanks.

As said in 'Where Eagles Dare', paraphrased: A skank is a skank is a skank is it not?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lumpy Redux

Well, I went in for a CAT scan not long ago.

This was in response to my Colonoscopy (Sounds like an arthouse movie title lol).

For those not in the know, they found some polyps, removed them and said they were benign, BUT they were precancerous. Ugh.

Sooo, the Doc said there was some king of lump squishing my colon from the outside. He ordered a CAT scan, since it was undetermined what said lump was.

Got to drink two marvelous dye concoctions, a blood test (Never can have enough of em. But to be honest, I would suffer again to be sure I was healthy) thankfully in a sports drink, withing an hour and I got scanned.

The result indicates I have a lipoma pressing my colon.

A lipoma is a 'fatty' tissue, nonmalignant, that can grow with tendrils.

I've had a couple removed from my lower back. I have one on my upper back that is not causing trouble. I'm to call Doc in another week, but I doubt there will be any surgery.

So, I thank all for thoughts and prayers.

If by chance, there is something newly odd, I'll publish an update.

If not, then me and my lipoma have a date with my arthritis of the loweer right lumbar and hip to do the rhumba.

Seriously, thanks for caring.

Now, back to work (Both Freedom and that writing thing).


I purchased a bottle of one of my favorite adult beverages last night.

Good thing I had my trusty State ID. Now, in Indiana, thanks to VSI (Very Self Important) State Senator Tom Wuss, uh Wyss, and his Freedom choking cohorts, one must show a photo ID to purchase alcoholic beverages NO Matter WHAT ONE'S AGE.

I haven't been carded in, well a hell of a long time.

This crap is now State law!

I am truly remiss at doing something about this. I let it slide. I'm ashamed of myself.

These liberals dribble away and assault us from all sides, but that's no excuse.

I will do everything I and others might do to get this bs repealed.

Then, again, we mere mortals can't carry in the Indiana Statehouse anymore since the fiat rule was put in place, slapping us and the Indiana Constitution in the face.

It's all done 'for our safety' and to cut down on crime so they say.

Of course, it will cause more crime and will only encourage scourges like Wyss to go after more Freedom.

Folks, as you know, it's about control, pure and simple.

Naturally, Wyss himself said all the worry about smart cards was just right and left wing extremist parqanoia.

He puffs himself up and dares to tell us what's best. He does NOT listen.

There will be a day when he will answer for his crimes against the people, hopefully first getting voted or impeached out then facing a trial for treason in the people's court.

We must all not just note what these idiots do to us, we must them. Watch what they do and let them know in no uncertain terms we have had enough.

Then perhaps he will whistle a different tune.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yep. It's a part of me.

I sing. And I will be doing some album work in the future.

Culturally, singing has been with us since, well, before 'recorded history'.

And music, whether beating two sticks together, on up to the kaleidoscope of symphonies, bands, groups and solos, will always be with us. It sings in the blood and keeps us going.

Musical notes correlate with numbers in math. I believe the very Creation sings in its own way. There is such symmetry, such rhythmic pulse, that it's obvious to me there is a Creator.

As a medium, music can affect us in so many ways.

It can incite, excite, soothe, focus, just name it.

Songs of all kinds frequently run through my head. I never have a dull moment lol.

I've mentioned music before and will again. For anyone interested, when I do some album work, I'll have a web page by then and will let people know about it.

My thought as always re music is to take time and enjoy and be inspired from the vast array available.

The most important music?

Freedom singing in our hearts!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


How far the fine profession of acting has risen.

There was a time when actors were less than tolerated. Yet they were sought for their unique talents when it suited the powers that be.

And all through history, the telling of tales, of stories has been important historically as well as diversionally and for entertainment.

Thus, there are as many reasons for actors etal as there are for existing.

No, it's not the noblest profession.

But, it just might be a contender for being the oldest.

And at its best can reflect our human condition. So there can be nobility in that -s-.

There were the days, prompted by prudery, where actors were considered a devious bunch. Some hotels wouldn't let them stay in their rooms.

Of course, I understand why some dislike Hollywood. There are moral reasons for some, aesthetic reasons for others.

Some have honest concerns and others are just jealous because they do not dare to even try.

The thing I hate is how some rag about Hollywood, then slink into the cinemas and have some guilty pleasure and leave to slam movies again.

Kinda like visiting a whorehouse huh?

In fact, that was a sign in some towns, 'No whores or actors allowed'.
Reminds me of the 'no dogs or Indians' signs.

Yes, there are leftists in Hollywood. They seem to predominate. I believe it was planned.

Media can be a powerful battlefields for the minds of many.

We can do something about it. It is the same plan as Restoring the Republic.

We take it back bit by bit.

There is a powerful consortium of manipulators but to be fair (though they are not), the reason it's called show business is simple. It's a profit making business.

Though true, we can still make movies that care about where we are and what we are doing.

And in these financially troubled times, a little escapism is not bad. I sought some when I was taking care of my dying Dad. Then I got my butt back home and helped out.

The trick is not to lose yourself nor be taken in by cheap attempts to sell collectivism or anything else that scuttles Liberty's boat.

And acting is a gift, a craft which I share btw with many, including my daughter.

As with all things, it's what you do with it that counts.

Where Eagles Dare

Here's to Independence!

Here's to a carefully crafted plan executed well!

Here's to the spirit of Donovan, Stephenson, Fleming etal who dared to implement plans that stultified the enemy.

I was talking about Where Eagles Dare a movie with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood based on the Alister McClean novel not long ago.

Along with 3 Days of the Condor, Ice Station Zebra, The Third Man and a handful of others, Where Eagles Dare is a quinessential spy thriller.

Whether you believe this mission took place or not, I suggest you study how something can be carefully put together and carried out.

The one thing to expect is the unexpected. No one can plan for all contingencies.

Yet, it is the ability to improvise that can make for success.

Studying the mission and all details is essential. But, without the ability to act alone, all can be lost.

Knowing what to do takes study, including technique, contingency planning, using the enemy's resources against them and many more.

I'm not saying anyone can become an agent, just that many can do a specific job that adds to the whole.

For, to be free, we must use all the tools in the toolbox.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kids' Ransom

It is criminal how the state holds the fate and relationships of parents and children in their cold dark hands.

It's the bottom line, not what happens to the people that counts to these gods in black robes and their suited minions.

The state has quite a racket and garners a nice percentage of the take.

Should parents take care of their kids after a split? Yes. There should be an effort to be sure that kids have what they need. But it must be done with all in mind. Too often the aforesaid bottom line chokes the life out of relationships, not to mention the tricks of the spiteful exspouse who smears the other parent to 'get back at him/her'.

With the current system, there is no excuse for noncompliance.

My oldest daughter and I are victims of this cold machine.

Just to clarify, the following re my first ex is my opinion (backed by actual proof) so let the chips fall where they may.

After a few years of serial infidelity and raising my daughter alone for about a year, we served papers on one another.

I tried to have the evidence introduced in court that she had on several occasions, cheated on me, while I stayed home with our daughter. This led to her taking off for about a year, leaving sole care of my girl to me.

The god in black robe refused to allow it and stated that the best interest of the child was for her to be with the mother. Common then and still a problem now. Not as much thanks to the efforts of noncustodial parents rights groups.

My daughter was taken from me and I was assigned so much to pay for the privilege of staying in the picture. It was like a ransom for the love of my girl.

Of course, under the circumstances, I sought to do the 'right thing' and pay.

Visitation was spotty as is the case so often.

And my daughter was brainwashed. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as 'parental alienation syndrome'.

I remember at one of several hearings to increase my payments (with the implied threat of jail for noncompliance), my lawyer (a grreat guy btw-kept me out of jail when I did fall behind), he commented, after meeting my oldest that she 'had been turned upside down'. She did indeed display characteristics of brainwashing. The lackadaisical attitude was one and the 'one track mnindset' was another.

It was heartbreaking and tumultuous for this loving Dad to be treated so criminally.

And worse, for a once loving daughter to be turned into a contempt filled liberal. Yep, she had told me of her support for much of the drivel we are fighting to remove.

The increasing power of the state over our lives makes for a system that does not care save for what the state wants, not the people. This was a case in point. There are many examples of noncustodial parents getting shafted by the courts and the ex.

So called 'women's lib' a purely socialist invention is to blame as well.

Men and women can do many things together and what they can't do they compliment each other in the doing.

But the collectivists want an equality that divests us of recognizing difference except for the equally socialist 'diversity' so that instead of coming together, we stay apart, thus more easily ruled.

Let's seek to do away with this horrible system.


Just as we are Restoring the Republic, so be it with this part of the Restoration.

It is another bit that we will take apart and replace with justice.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Elian Gonzalez

Elian has become quite the poster boy for Cuba.

The land that brought us the criminal butcher Castro brothers and Che Guevera and so many more commie dupes and monsters, is using Elian and his daddy as collectivist puppets in traditional style.

The obviously brainwashed Elian, now a bigtime 'socialist' hero says he is not mad at his Miami relatives.

The commie dupe says a 'large part of the American public supported his being reunited with his little commie dupe daddy.

Probably there were some. The usual list of traitors and 'sympathizers' who lust for us to become a 'worker's paradise' like Cuba. this includes all the Hollyweird sycophants as well as our dear leaders.

Then again, communists lie.

Here's a quote from Elian's caring Dad:

When asked about the family's Miami relatives, however, Gonzalez's father, Juan Miguel, shot back that he was still angry, "because, at any moment, having the boy there and with me giving them opportunities so they can reunite the family, they let themselves get carried away with other things."

Other things huh?

Like Freedom and the hope that Elian's Mom had for a new and better life here, free of the oppression, murder and black magic (more on that later) that was and sadly is the hallmark of Fidel etal.

The family wanted Elian to be healthy and happy and to be raised in an American environment. Sure, they were proud of their heritage. Americans are like that.

He was when here. he responded positively to his family, and they to him.

Then, that Chinese collaborator Clinton, directed the reprehensible Reno to snatch him from his family and return him to a Dad who apparently cared less about him before it became an issue and the commies goaded him to demand Elian back.

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of his kidnapping, Raul 'the Ghoul' Castro took the typical opportunity to slam the US re our 'lies and imperialism' etc, the usual commie crap. I refuse to use a nicer term. Communism is crap, period.

Elian was said to no longer be our toy we the US, the 'enemies of the revolution'.

When Elian was taken, he was sedated supposedly because of his 'agitated state'.

It was the beginning of his indoctrination into a place that is supposed to be so great that folks like Chevy Chase and Danny Glover have extolled its virtues.

Notice, they don't live there they live here, with all the amenities the US has to offer.

I doubt they would last long in their precious 'worker's paradise'. After all the Castros, with the help of Guevara etal murdered countless teacher, soldiers and leaders who were anticommunist. What would stop them from offing the sycophants once their usefulness is over? Those pamered babies might complain about conditions, though to be a devil's advocate, the commies usually give the best to the celebrity pundits and treat them so well. Think Jane commie Fonda.

Before I barf at the ageless hypocrisy and double dealing these mokes have wrought, there is an esoteric side.

Santeria is common in Cuba. Both Battista and Castro had orishas and santeros (spirits and priests) and paleros and palos (the dark side as it were opposite numbers) respectively.

Believe it or not, a palero predicted Castro's downfall if a boy escaped the island at the time Elian did.

It is said that is the secret reason he was brought back.

Fat lot of good it did.

Fidel is either dead or wasting away anyway. Sin catches up with people.

Now, you might ask why I mention this.

It's important to a great many people.

It doesn't have to be to you. You don't have to believe.

But they do.

And in a country that claims religion is the opiate of the people, Santeria is tolerated, while Christian churches are government approved aka the toe the party line.

Whatever you believe, it is typical behavior of those followers of Marx/Lenin who say black is white and orange is blue.

Color it red.

As in the blood of so many sacrificed including the Bay of Pigs.

Pray for the Freedom of the Cuban people.

1776 Redux

I very much enjoy the restored director's cut of 1776.

It aint history. It's a musical.

Yet, it captures the spirit of the time. That spirit thing is a bit of a cliche. One of my favorites -s-.

Given that fact, it is a good way to at least introduce what happened in the forming of the Republic.

And since we are in a neo battle to restore said Republic, it's noteworthy to compare and contrast two of the songs.

Check them out:

Cool Cool Considerate Men

Oh say do you see what I see?
Congress sitting here in sweet serenity
I could cheer; the reason's clear
For the first time in a year Adams isn't here
And look, the sun is in the sky
A breeze is blowing by, and there's not a single fly

I sing hosanna, hosanna
Hosanna, hosanna
And it's cool

Come ye cool cool conservative men
The likes of which may never be seen again
We have land, cash in hand
Self-command, future planned
Fortune flies, society survives
In neatly ordered lives with well-endowered wives

We sing hosanna, hosanna
To our breeding and our banner
We are cool

Come ye cool cool considerate set
We'll dance together to the same minuet
To the right, ever to the right
Never to the left, forever to the right
May our creed be never to exceed
Regulated speed, no matter what the need

We sing hosanna, hosanna
Enblazoned on our banner
Is keep cool

What we do we do rationally
We never ever go off half-cocked, not we
Why begin till we know that we can win
And if we cannot win why bother to begin?

We say this game's not of our choosing
Why should we risk losing?

We are cool

To the right, ever to the right
Never to the left, forever to the right
We have gold, a market that will hold
Tradition that is old, a reluctance to be bold.

I sing hosanna, hosanna
In a sane and lucid manner
We are cool

Come ye cool cool considerate men
The likes of which may never be seen again
With our land, cash in hand
Self-command, future planned
And we'll hold to our gold
Tradition that is old, reluctant to be bold.
We say this game's not of our choosing
Why should we risk losing?

We cool, cool, cool
Cool, cool, cool
Cool cool men.

Is Anybody There?

Charles Thompson

I have been in anticipation of receiving a reply
In response to my last fifteen dispatches
Is anybody there?
Does anybody care?
Does anybody care?

John Adams

Does anybody see what I see?
They want me to quit
They say, John, give up the fight
Still, to England, I say, Good night forever, good night!
For I have crossed the Rubicon
Let the bridge be burned behind me, come what may,
Come what may
The croakers all say we'll rue the day
There'll be Hell to pay in fiery Purgatory
Through all the gloom, through all the gloom
I can see the rays of ravishing light
And glory.
Is anybody there?
Does anybody care?
Does any body see what I see?
I see fireworks,
I see the pageant and pomp and parade
I hear the bells ringing out
I hear the cannons roar
I see Americans - all Americans
Free, forever more

How quiet, how quiet the chamber is
How silent, how silent the chamber is
Is anybody there?
Does anybody care?
Does anybody see
What I see?

So. Quite a difference, no matter how you define the songs, especially the first.

Nixon made the people involved pull Cool Cool Considerate Men. He felt it was an affront to his fellow conservatives. Yeah. The Neocons hate it.

Be it a leftist ruse to portray many of the Founders as selfish materialistic bastards, or an honest assessment that some were less than gung ho to rock the boat, or that there were those who professed to be one way and actually were another aka RINO, it couldn't contrast more with Is Anybody There?

John Adams plaintive cry, alone and in almost dark contrasts with 'Cool' with many and fully lit.

Adams actually foresaw the things spoken of in the song.

It is the backbone of resolve and the kind we need now to renew the Republic.

My vision is for Freedom to be renewed and those who obstructed it to be tried and found guilty of treason and sedition and thus punished.

May we never get lost in the oohs and aahs of fireworks.

Rather, may we create our own sparks.

As Mr. Adams found he was not alone and moxy and determination to be Free, scars flaws and all prevailed.

So mote it be again.

House Hunting

I'm about to embark on that trek. There are two roads to go. Old or new. I favor old. Character, experience. Just check it out to make sure it's sound. Bugs, termites, rot, mold etc can be hidden from a first look. Look deeper. Get a small team to check it out. If you like what you see, thoroughly, should you buy it? Maybe. There are other factors to consider.

Price, location, layout, are major considerations.

There is one critical consideration.

I must fing a house in the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township so my daughter can attend North Central High School.

We considered paying tuition, but they turned her down.

She was top of her class, 4.0, President of her class, and Vice President of the Drama Club. She was also voted one of the most popular students by teachers and other students.

Oh, well.

Now, the other irony of the situation is that I am soon to go to California so I can be hands on with acting/writing there.

She may come with me and I will intro her to the biz as she wants to be an actress.

The excitement of life never stops, thank God.

It would suck if it did!

Interesting that her destiny and mine are intertwined. Or maybe that's as it should be for now, considering all that is happening.

We will see.

And yes, there is an analogy re housing and the Republic.

Didn't think I'd let THAT slide did ya? -s-

I favor old for the Republic of course.

We just need to rennovate, not whitewash.

The basic structure is sound and the location is ideal.

The price is beyond rubies and the layout is classic colonial lol.

Let's stay busy with it.

For no matter where I am, be assured I will do what I can to see this old house stay standing.