Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two Jacks

Bristow and Bauer.

Dads, agents and forces for good, albeit very down to earth good. And occasionally way out good.

Of course you can see these guys any way you like. Some might think they are super only ones. But I see them as using their 'expertise' not always well but for good.

The curlicue of intel work, of gov, wraps itself around their stories.

They both have a deep belief in their country. They both believe they are serving their country. Yet they are screwed by the same system in which they both serve. And they have sad consequence.

But,they both sacrifice much to save their daughters.

And like life was taught to me, as we get older, there is not as much black and white as there is grey.

Thanks Mr Meek, (as he got greyer lol).

That sums it up. Devotion to duty but being clear what you serve.

Do the means justify the ends? You decide. War is hell. And we may well find that out first hand soon.

Resolve and the willingness to do whatever is needed may just make up our minds for us.

I asked my daughter if she would be able to defend herself, no matter the cost.

She looked at me and said yes.

I wish the people of this Republic had that resolve.

Some do. Some don't.

Some will.

Some won't.


teacher said...

I know you are busy.

Hope all goes well.

Peter Smith said...

It will take some trained agents and mil to do their part in the scheme of things.