Friday, July 16, 2010


I purchased a bottle of one of my favorite adult beverages last night.

Good thing I had my trusty State ID. Now, in Indiana, thanks to VSI (Very Self Important) State Senator Tom Wuss, uh Wyss, and his Freedom choking cohorts, one must show a photo ID to purchase alcoholic beverages NO Matter WHAT ONE'S AGE.

I haven't been carded in, well a hell of a long time.

This crap is now State law!

I am truly remiss at doing something about this. I let it slide. I'm ashamed of myself.

These liberals dribble away and assault us from all sides, but that's no excuse.

I will do everything I and others might do to get this bs repealed.

Then, again, we mere mortals can't carry in the Indiana Statehouse anymore since the fiat rule was put in place, slapping us and the Indiana Constitution in the face.

It's all done 'for our safety' and to cut down on crime so they say.

Of course, it will cause more crime and will only encourage scourges like Wyss to go after more Freedom.

Folks, as you know, it's about control, pure and simple.

Naturally, Wyss himself said all the worry about smart cards was just right and left wing extremist parqanoia.

He puffs himself up and dares to tell us what's best. He does NOT listen.

There will be a day when he will answer for his crimes against the people, hopefully first getting voted or impeached out then facing a trial for treason in the people's court.

We must all not just note what these idiots do to us, we must them. Watch what they do and let them know in no uncertain terms we have had enough.

Then perhaps he will whistle a different tune.


Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Mike H said...

It was revised. Now if I recall, you have to look younger but it's still silly.