Wednesday, July 28, 2010


There is an appalling lack of grammar these days.

There is a profusion of incidents where the 'ly' is left off adverbs seemingLY making them adjectives. And there is the infamous 'you did good instead of you did well. Yes, I know we can know what's being said, but let me explain.

We deteriorate apace with this language devolvement.

Ohoh, I used big words that apparently many public schooled cannot understand. Quite a few I think but it would be interesting to see how many private schooled are as challenged. I've known some who are certainly, woefully uninformed, especially politically as it were.

We all have dialectical divergence and colloquialisms. It's just that it seems to me that it's one of those tip of the iceberg things.

Language deteriorization can be an indication of cultural dissolve. Collectivists like to alter at all levels. They can then change the matrix such as claiming the Constitution is a 'living' document etc. And don't forget wrong is right and orange is blue etc.

Just look at how the press demonizes 'militia', using the mideast conflagation.

Of course, language alters and terms change. But beware of attitudes.

Hey, I've been known to revert to my Hoosier roots and leave off a 'g' from 'ing' and I'll run words together.

Just watch for the tude dude.


teacher said...

u r uh cahhhhhrd.

Mike H said...

I used to be an ace in the hole. Now I'm a two of clubs.