Monday, January 31, 2011

Paying The Bills

I'm getting to the point where my efforts will start paying the bills.

I've had some success financially before, but now it's gradually going up. Mind you I'm not on easy street by a long shot.

I remember talking to Robert Wise once. Yes he was a mentor about Hollywood. No we never talked politics. He supported the GCA 68 for instance. So don't tell me about collaborating with the enemy etc. I know where I stand.

I told him one of my tickets to Hollywood was doing commercials, specifically voice overs.

He said 'whatever pays the bills'. Not everyone wins an Oscar nor makes a movie period. There are a lot of very talented folks who are never heard of. Sure we've got people who have the talent af a gnat making money hand over fist. Hey that's the way it goes.

I refuse to go down to the level of covetousness and sure as hell don't want anything of someone else's. That includes not harboring some rage of injustice that while some who aren't as talented as others profit, others languish. There are a lot of reasons for that.

I guess talent like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My views of such things are matter of fact.

Remember Passion Persistance and Practice. Follow your dreams. Find a way.

I'm working on networking and getting myself noticed. I've had the counsel of good people and we will see where it goes.

Then again we have a socalled man who is eminently unqualified to lead sitting in the Oval Office. That goes too far.

I don't like paying somebody else's bills and Soetero is doing his best to wring us dry.

Defend your finances. It's as important as your gun rights. All rights are.

Bob actually was referring to making a living. Not at all was he suggesting I be happy with that. It's merely a start.

And I'm not done til I reach the level of success that I want.

How could it be any less for the Republic?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

They Don't Care

'They' is a right big word. Aside from being third person plural, they often is used to size up difference. It becomes impersonal.

It's a vague ref to opposition, possibly oppression. Also it represents criminal element when there is no direct pinpoint.

In 'our' case ie those who wish to Restore the Republic, they just don't care about anything except themselves.

Not too far from other criminals, it's just a matter of money and position. Some are sociopaths. That makes them devoid of normal human emotion and all its trappings. Others are just greedy little twits whether billionaires or paupers. Money can augment or deemphasize how a person lives and acts or great weal or woe come about from all social positions.

It matters not who gets hurt nor what is destroyed in 'there' mad rush to oblivion which 'they' see as progress.

I originally thought about the callous regard street thugs have for others. Thugs are liable to shoot into a crowd just to cap an enemy. Islamic thugs blow up places and think not of the suffering of innocents for all are corrupt if they are not Muslim. Some people have been killed at the expense of killing often just one person. Conspiracy or not it is true.

Before firing, decent honest gunowners make sure they are not going to create a bigger problem. The shot must be clear and no one behind etc. We care. They don't.

that is the difference a definitive quality.

Sure some useful idiots care, but they do it without thinking of the consequences.

We are abundantly aware of consequences and seek to educate far and wide.

Make a difference and be different.

Care enough to stop those who do not care. All the boxes are available when we seek self defense.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beyond Victimhood

Ruthann Popcheff was a good friend of mine. She worked for Victim Assistance Program at Indianapolis Police Department.

She truly helped people in trouble. There was no bandaid treatment from her. She truly cared and was literally there for victims especially of violent crime.

It sickens me to see how 'victimhood' has become a cause celebre especially among liberals.

Mind you I am a fervent supporter of self defense in all aspects.

But it remains that bad things can happen to good people. When they do, folks need help.

Like the rest of counseling, dealing with victims is the same in that one should help people to help themselves.

Like anything now it's how victims are treated. Compassion, confidence, support, a basis to rebuild. This, carried through and you can get beyond victimhood.

Active listening and reflecting back what the victim says is the road to self help.

What is offered instead today is a wallowing in self indulgence. A careful manipulation of emotion where no one gets better.

Immediate compassion gives way to someone controlling due to lack of self. that stems from a careful excision of self replaced with indulgence and dependence.

Once actual self help is initiated, beyond victimhood is more than just a catch phrase. It is a way of life.

The difference is simple. A person is left to determine a path for him/herself rather than developing a dependency on a guru to decide for them

It's the difference between caring and burying.

Roll Playing

An interesting point was brought up about the Tucson shootings.

Could it have been a two pronged op?

There is the obvious attempted besmirching of Tea Partiers and several Repubs. Reservations aside about candidates, that was low and some of the worst bs I've seen in all my born days. Tack onto this the readied bills to squelch gun rights.

Not only was a Congresswoman shot, a supposedly 'progun' Demo (I have heard she really doesn't have all that great an opinion of gunowners. Sorry but we shouldn't go round shooting people who oppose us even tacitly), and that sweet little girl, Cristina Green among others, Federal Judge John Roll was killed too.

He had just ruled preliminarily that The Feds aka Obama etal could not seize citizens' money ala Roosevelt's gold seizures.

Curious he was wiped just a few days after this and his work terminally halted.

I could go on about what ifs and there are a lot of curious ones in the course of our history, but this got little play except in more sensational circles. So it must be nuts huh?


With the continued rape of our Freedom it does make one wonder. And throughout history people have been eliminated for cause.

This will get buried deeper like any other affront to our knowledge and 'Jedburghed' Just coined the phrase after the character in Edge of Darkness whoo tidied things up for politicos etal and admitted that a lot of conspiracy stuff was mixed with truth to keep people either discredited or to lead them down a rosy path.

Think for yourself. You decide.

But Roll's gone. Watch your six -s-.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Hand

Sounds like one of those schlocky flicks where a severed hand gets attached to a surgeon or piano player and then makes him kill people. Or it crawls and kills on its own lol.


Could be about the 'invisible hand' or power behind the throne.


Might be about the hand that rocks the cradle ruling the world.

Okay. I'm free associating.

I've always been fascinated by analogies, metaphors etc. These symbols, as said many times, can be used for weal or woe.

Some of us can feel like puppets, being pulled with invisible strings by an unseen hand. That hand has many faces and they all have alphabet bureaucracy written all over them.

The hand doesn't like those of us who recognize this manipulation. It pulls other strings to bring us either back in line or cut us and dump us.

Well, we can cut the strings too. And we know we don't need a hand pulling.

A hand up is nice. One to anothe4r, reaching out and bringing others clear of undue influence.

I could hand you such stories all day, but I know you see the point.

That hand we use to help can also be a bare knuckles brawler if needs be.

It can also write and lead others to think and un manipulate.

Ever scene a kung fu bout? Where hands fly and counter.

It's a mental match that could resort to skills at hand.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Woman Without A Face

There was a time I was a student minister, it seems in a past life almost.

Part of the duties/training/ministry was to make hospital calls.

At the time I was used to sick people. My Grandpa died at home from cancer that had spread to the lymph glands. We all had a hand in his care. This was in the day when folks took care of their own. It's very rare now.

I made myself available to anyone when I was at the hospital. Woulda been kinda stingy of me to restrict ministering to just parishioners huh?

Most of my work involved praying with and listening to folks who were patients and their families and friends.

Counseling is a funny business. People come to a counselor, minister shrink etc with varying problems. What's a problem for one might not be for another etc. Often though, counsel is sought in times of crisis. Be it ill health, marital woes, personal struggles, there is often a point where things seem hopeless or pretty bloody rough. It is healing to seek words from another.

There are many who, when faced with whatever daunts them, want to dump it all in someone else's lap. Instead of solving their own problems, they attempt to have a surrogate take on challenges that are actually their own.

Now it's often good to seek an outside ear, even when one has competent friends, parents, teachers etal. But it remains that folks many times pass the buck. Well they try to do so.

As a counselor, I have best summed it up by saying good counseling/therapy boils down to helping people help themselves. that's good advice for people in almost any situation.

Sure, you might mneed to sort things out. How cuh better to sift around with the help of another. Someone on the outside might see something too close or otherwise overlooked by the person in need.

Helping people help themselves is a lost art for some in this entitlement ridden long suffering Republic.

It's the only cure for what ails us or else we will succumb to a police state.

What of the woman without a face you may wonder at this point.

One time I was visiting another at a local hospital. Across the hall I heard someone say 'hi'. I turned and there wasw a woman whose head was covered in bandages. Two holes for eyes, one each for the nose and mouth. I said hi back.

She had been in an accident where her face was so disfigured, she literally had none. It would be a long painful process to rebuild.

As we talked she was very matter of fact about it. Scared, sure. But she was certain she would pull through. She was not going to let this get her down for good or stop her.

Her voice was gentle almost healing. Quite something for one so set back.

I realized that I was not there for her. She was there for me!

Some counselors get too set in their ways. They give in to an overdose of selfconfidence. Wait til that world is shaken!

That woman without a face had a soul, a spirit that was ready to get going. There was no 'woe is me', nor excuses. It was 'Let's get through this cuz I've got a lotta living to do'!

Yes some need guidance. But then they need to be pushed out of the nest, unless they become too comfy.

A lot of people with faces could still learn a lot from this faceless woman.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook Follies

I've been on a forced vacation from Facebook.

This supposed communication wonder has bots that automatically expel you for supposedly 2 days if you violate their rights and responsibilities.

My particular sin is having too many ignores and probably though not yet substantiated a complaint that I bothered someone.

Here's my side.

Being in showbiz, I network. Most people do to some degree or another, whatever their line of work or hobby. I have approached strangers and have come away with friends. As for Hollyweird, it's pretty much standard practice.

Far as FB goes, as I said in a previous entry, I got it to keep in touch with certain folks. It's cheap and if you can arrange it, you can engage in realtime chat.

I managed to connect with some people I didn't know in the biz along with actual friends.

My approach has been and always is courteous and straight forward. Some have 'friended' me and others have not. No biggie. I figured there would be those who wouldn't for whatever reason/s they have.

It's just another way to contact pruposeful, energetic folks who have a positive drive and with whom I might work. Nothing more or less.

The length of time is as long as a person wants to take or they can opt to ignore in a quiet way. Again no harm or foul. I've done it myself. One guy I know pretty well didn't friend me for quite a while. He doesn't use FB much, It's not a big deal to him.

I simply got irritated the bot declared me trying to contact people I didn't know. Duh. That's how you network. Or there is the option of knowing someone and having them introduce you.

That's worked for me in the real world. It's how I met Robert Wise and Patrick McGoohan for instance among many more.

Now, I'm not making a big thing of this. My career has existed before FB and jolly well might after.

The reason for bringing it up here is simple.

I wonder what people who are either addicted to FB or 'depend' on it (close to) do if they are banned?

Oh no! The sky is falling!

As for me FB is just another tool for comm and if it becomes onerous, it gets the heave ho from me.

I've been fortunate to have met some very nice folks both in and out of the show biz industry there and will keep in touch no matter what.

Chalk this one up to a polite rant if you like.

And I am full well aware of security issues. One should be careful what one gives up anywhere let alone online.

The net should be a tool not the other way around.

As for friends, it opens up the question of what a friend is.

That can vary and as for what I consider close friends, they are few and far between.

Actually trust issues can vary to a degree but close friends trusted implicitly are VERY few.

I call it common sense, something a machine does not comprehend.

Families And Fables

At the strong behest of Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy etal, The History Channel has pulled its eight hour mini series on the Kennedys.

The producers are having a hard time finding a place to broadcast it.

What could be so detrimental that a family that has rightfully been exposed as counter productive to this Republic would stoop to censorship? It's happened before and many coverups have been perpetrated and incidents glossed in the fairy dust of conspiracy.

What skeletons in the closet are too scurrilous that if brought to the light of day, they would permanently besmirch people who have been proven, on record, to sanction just about everything socialist and Republic destroying.

It seems to be a matter of personal integrity, at least what I've gleaned from searching the web for the whys and wherefores.

It's well known that Jack and Bobby liked women. How they spent their private lives is none of my business. Do I think it's personally a good idea to spread it around when married? No.

And as for politickin', well, they both had hits and misses. I'm not interested in beating all the dead Kennedy horses.

It just strikes me curiously that they are being protected after the fact. And hey, if the libs got the Reagan film out years ago why not this opus? Reagan wasn't exactly all that he could have been in my opinion either.

I dislike anyone posted to sainthood especially political leaders. They were and are human beings, some good some bad and many in between.

As for family intrigue like Joe Sr. going against Jack and his latter day policies, what's so surprising about that? Joe was wonky compared to his son. Don't forget his shenanigans before and during WW2 re nazis etc.

Hell, Jack would be considered a fringe Demo now. The slide to the left is an avalanche.

My Greatgrandmother, Rose Belle St.Clair Hiland was a lifelong Demo. She campaigned before women got the vote and was a firebrand about suffrage.

I can't say for sure, but I think she would tell the collectivist mess of the DP to take a hike. She struck me in retrospect as a proto libertarian.

Sidenote: Grandma would have been 139 on the 13th. She crossed over at 103.

As for family intrigues, mine was a Hoosier version of the K's. There were plenty of thieves, back stabbers and opportunists to go round, including my paternal grandfather, whom I only called by his first name.

There were also many decent honorable folks. In fact most were of that persuasion. Those included my Dad, Great Uncle Emmet, cousins Walter Sr and Jr. And many more. There was even an ancestor who was a notorious drunk and roue who had more decency than most politicos these days.

Maybe I'll do a miniseries on my family. People wouldn't like it because they were not 'famous'. But they got things done. Even the bad guys and self absorbed toffs amongst them.

I suppose there will always be people either glorifying or besmirching public figures. So mote it be.

Almost forgot that General who was President of the Continental Congress for a term and Governor of the Northwest Territory. He was a crappy General but he put his butt on the line with Washington, Jefferson and the rest, many of whom he counted as friends.

Guess it's why in my study since early childhood of history that I woulc and still do dig. May not always agree with some, people come to different conclusions sometimes, but at least I think for myself and require that others dig for details.

So, somewhere The Kennedys will air or go to disc. Don't know if I'll watch it.

I sure would like a copy of The Path To 911. Heard the Clintons put a kabosh on distribution because of the unfavorable portrayal of Billy Jeff's actions re bin Laden. Lotta intel people got screwed big time. And John O'Neill, the lead Fibber investigator got royally done in. He died in the Towers that morning after resigning from the FBI and taking a job as Security Chief for the Towers. Deliberate death? It's at least a big hmmm, knowing how the mokes jerked the chains of good field ops.

Families of choice can mean more than families of blood. I feel that way today with many of my own gone, but a larger crowd of Freedom minded people whom I respect and yes some I trust. That's not easy to come by.

So remember, but don't forget if you get my drift!

On With The Dance

The usual suspects are dancing in the blood of tragedy. I think David Codrea etal used the term before me. But hey it's a very apt one.

The suspects are the Freedom sucking collectivists who apparently had a host of bills ready to attempt shoving down our throats when just a such a horrid day happened.

The callousness, sickness and yes downright evil is nonpareil. How could people be this way? Then again, how could people rape kids for instance? I see little difference in perfidy. It's an age old question and though worthy of study, this is not the place for it.

What is noteworthy is the fact people are not lying down and taking the liberal crap. More are speaking out and not letting this embarrassing baloney hold sway. I am hoping more and more are truly awakening and now watch the employees they have installed in government.

Actually the Freedom suckers seem to be tripping on their appendages in this blood dance and they ae slipping in the blood of innocents. There is an accountability that they cannot stand thus their pathetic attempts to silence truth.

John Green, the father of 9 year old Cristina, who was murdered by the leftist f*** (whose name I will leave out as this is a time for those hurt and all who really care), spoke through his grief that the people of our country must not be held accountable nor made to have more restrictions placed on them. A brave and wonderful man who must be a great Dad.

I grieve for the loss and pray for Congresswoman Giffords and the other wounded and dead, that only good will come of this and light and healing prevail.

May the dance continue, not in blood but in the Light of Freedom. Those who value this Constitutional Republic will continue to take the lead.

Friday, January 7, 2011


A thorny problem. Not really. Some of the acacias aren't thorny.

They are beautiful hardwood trees. Wonderful furniture wood that takes a high polish, the acacia seyal is thought to have have been used to help build the Ark of the Covenant. On the other hand, some make great firewood. All in all they are a useful genii.

Bet you thought this might be another of my outre aka weird entries. Depends on your view. I've actually lost some followers because I didn't stay on topic. Nah. I'm precisely on topic. For Freedom encompasses things as seemingly obscure as the number 6 and as useful as acacia. Don't know if it's ever been used in gunmaking though -s-.

Obviously, much of my stuff is symbolic. So much of life is laden with symbols. The acacia can be one such representing steadfastness as the acacia can be planted for erosion control. That one should be obvious now and as recently as the attempted further erosion of rights after the Arizona shootings.

In Freemasonry, the acacia represents purity and endurance of the soul. It can also signify resurrection and immortality.

Strength and comfort, ever needed and present, can be reminded to us from the acacia.

Let it be so as the fight for Freedom never rests and endures forever.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Division Of Labor

A great deal of the Armed Forces are not combat troops.

Most, in fact, are supportive.

It takes a team to make an army.

Quartermaster, recon, intel, combat, all the elements including maintenance etc.

Just like our bodies. A cliche again. Starting the year with them maybe I'll get better, lol!

All the parts of the human body contribute to the whole. That's not communism, it's cooperation. Each person contributes something toward the whole. It's not at the expense of any other parts. It's one part doing its job, then another , then another etc.....

And the best part is teaching the whole thing ie each person to help themselves.

In the days to come, there will be much division of labor. Each will contribute to the rest. And so on....

And each may teach others so that they are not dependent on one or a part.

Sharing a burden makes it easier to bear.

Teaching others is a gift that keeps on giving.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


At the request of myself, I'm editing this entry simply because I refuse to let my having been ill deter me from even providing a short piece of quality.

Here we are. On the threshold of hope and change as it were.

The new year always lends itself to transitory hopes and wishes which usually get swept away on the fast track to reality.

Make your dreams come true. How's that for another seemingly cliche statement?

We can. It takes guts ie determination and well, passion persistence and practice.

That's opportunity in a nutshell.

It's a dogged determination to make things right ie 'new'.

So take the enthusiasm and make it work toward your goals.

Don't let the Freedom robbers win. They will try to endrun us as usual.

(Update note: They are indeed trying this after the Arizona shootings. I'll have more soon re this.)

Concepts such as Freedom, Constitutional Republic etc are old. They have gestated into what we stand for in these united States.

Everything old is new again!