Wednesday, January 26, 2011

They Don't Care

'They' is a right big word. Aside from being third person plural, they often is used to size up difference. It becomes impersonal.

It's a vague ref to opposition, possibly oppression. Also it represents criminal element when there is no direct pinpoint.

In 'our' case ie those who wish to Restore the Republic, they just don't care about anything except themselves.

Not too far from other criminals, it's just a matter of money and position. Some are sociopaths. That makes them devoid of normal human emotion and all its trappings. Others are just greedy little twits whether billionaires or paupers. Money can augment or deemphasize how a person lives and acts or great weal or woe come about from all social positions.

It matters not who gets hurt nor what is destroyed in 'there' mad rush to oblivion which 'they' see as progress.

I originally thought about the callous regard street thugs have for others. Thugs are liable to shoot into a crowd just to cap an enemy. Islamic thugs blow up places and think not of the suffering of innocents for all are corrupt if they are not Muslim. Some people have been killed at the expense of killing often just one person. Conspiracy or not it is true.

Before firing, decent honest gunowners make sure they are not going to create a bigger problem. The shot must be clear and no one behind etc. We care. They don't.

that is the difference a definitive quality.

Sure some useful idiots care, but they do it without thinking of the consequences.

We are abundantly aware of consequences and seek to educate far and wide.

Make a difference and be different.

Care enough to stop those who do not care. All the boxes are available when we seek self defense.

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