Sunday, April 30, 2017


I promised a post on spirit and I will deliver.  This is just to reaffirm that.

Body, mind Psyche, spirit. 

Body is physical our bods.

Mind is who we are in this life, thoughts, meanings,all encompassing.

Psyche is that which is from God.  It comes from the outside but inside too.

Spirit is the eternal us.  It is what motivates, makes happen.

The invisible is made visible.

Shed light on the noon day devils and I promise more soon.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fan Dots

Ever go to a site and have your mouse arrow get surrounded by a cluster of dots or some mobile emojilike images?  Moveit and the arrow gets chased and resurrounded.  Or, if you run the pointer offscreen, the dots mass, waiting for the reappearance?

Fans can be that way.  Followers of many stripes are the same.  They will pursue the object of their attention almost like lemmings, heedless of consequences, good or bad.

Washington or George III, JFK or Khrushchev, Churchill or Hitler and on and on, some people prefer to let the leader do the work, weather for weal or woe.

Following isn't necessarily bad.  We look to leaders to lead.  It's how and why etc.  Just don't let them do your thinking for you.  Know what they do and then decide for yourselves.

Beware the cult of personality.  It is often the grist of totalitarians/collectivists.  And when the reps of Freedom lead, remember they should be demanding you do your part.

A good leader is a catalyst.  And they don't mind criticism.  Even the slings and arrows of collectivist subversion only serve to highlight the intent to promote Liberty by those lambasted.

We will never all agree even in the Republic.  But we are set up to follow and be leaders ourselves.  don't let anyone bamboozle you.

For we are our own best fans.  And we seek leaders who know this.  The power is ours.

Jump.  How high or why?

E Pluribus Unum is not mindless dots.  It is mindful unity.

Friday, April 28, 2017


While there might be a small percentage of gays etc, there is a concerted effort to condition people.  Oh oh.  Guess I'm stepping in it huh?  Far as I'm concerned, only with collectivists.

I believe there is a mixture of nature and nurture.  There are indications some may have predisposition.  However, there are many subtle conditioners, either deliberate or happenstance, that contribute to the way we picture ourselves.

Well, we could debate all this til we're blue in the face.  And all I have to say (well not all lol) is if seduction into something, whether slow or fast, is present, then it should be condemned by EVERYONE of conscience.

Sexuality aside as it were, there is a deliberate effort to blur lines, whether moral relativism or internationalism.  The more doubt, the more confusion and the more easily controlled.

For decades now, American history has been watered down and redirected, edging toward demonization of the Founders and other groups in time, to fashion  events as nothing special, even wrong. 

The economy has been long skewed, with creeping socialism and galloping crony capitalism (that which uses capitalism for the benefit of the few instead of for all) eat the substance of work and business.

Families are disseminated and alienated, leaving many at the mercy of the state.

Bit by bit, the Republic and the world crumbles.

Maybe I was a weird kid.  I'd take a glass of milk and pour a heaping spoonful of Quik on top.  Then, instead of stirring, I'd watch the particles slowly tumble and sink.  Only when It was gone would I stir.  Little was left to blend.

So it is with our Republic.  We slowly tumble til those watching have only to wait, then install the control method.

Is it too late?  Are we being pushed/force fed til we are absorbed?

With what do you identify?  Are you holding fast to history, unadulterated by collectivist putrefaction?  Are you reaching out to something, anything like a last gasp?  Or are you breathing the air of Freedom?

Are you reversing, bit by bit, the corrosion inflicted on the Republic.  Will it ever be a place where we live, albeit with differences, in the common cause of Liberty? 

Are you caving to the collectivist politicians, liberal democrats and neocon republicans, as they play yin/yang, singsonging us into wars, not to preserve Freedom, but to keep our minds off enslavement, 1984 style? 

Are you thinking for yourselves, preferring not to hate or lie and hold the lamp of Liberty high, exposing the machinations described?

Are you just taking what's shoveled out?

Are you digging, willing to accept a total picture?

Do you ever try to force your ways on others?

Or do you hold out for discussion? 

Do you expect others to defend you?

Or are you prepared to defend yourselves?

With whom or what do YOU identify?

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Every Good Boy Deserves Favor. 

It's a mnemonic used by music students to remember notes on the lines of the treble clef.

It's also a play by Tom Stoppard about Soviet imprisonment of dissidents in mental hospitals, with the claim their opposition to collectivism is a mental illness.

I saw it in Chicago with Patrick Stewart and several fellow cast members of Star Trek TNG.  Pretty good.  It also reminds me that actors play parts.  They may or may not be Freedom minded.  It's remarkable how liberals play Liberty oriented people and themes, yet remain short sighted concerning ways and means. 

So, there are some trying to accrue 'evidence' that President Trump is unbalanced mentally..  They hope to tweak the 25th Amendment to oust him as unfit.  Since impeachment is unlikely, it's the best they can come up with short of assassination.  Those are the usual options for globalists/collectivists.  Bribe, discredit, kill.

Please pray and think about President Trump's safety and actually for all of us who seek to restore the Republic.

Most of it boils down to the old collectivist method of declaring orange is blue or black is white.  And that old Alinskyan refined projection/point the finger, which drapes an opponent with those flaws/crimes for which the accusers are guilty/responsible. 

The power structure will fight tooth and nail to resist giving up that which has been stolen from the People.  The broken record of globalism drawing us into one world where we become collectivist automatons is very real.  Those who manipulate will retain their wealth and control, unless we retain and strengthen our Freedom expressed through our Republic.

The controllers seek to destroy a sense of self/individuality.  Then they would lead us to destruction.

It isn't only the President.  All of us who seek Liberty are being accused similarly.

Don't fall for anything.  Look for the answers.  Collectivists hate that.

Projection.  Who is at last nuts?

Friday, March 31, 2017


And lever or spur and movement.  Some would say bludgeon or spearhead. Many names one goal.

Look up Hegelian Dialectic, Hegel and everything around them.

Thesis.  Antithesis.  Synthesis.

Problem.  Reaction.  Solution.

Terrorism/Economic Crisis.  Fear/Panic.  Antiterrorist/Bailout.  Results in loss of Freedom and further financial havoc for the middle class.

There is of course, a terrible Islamic terrorist threat.  It is bolstered by other collectivists.  Going after them and proactively excising them is critical.  It must be done without giving globalists ground.

Look and see who the domestic enemies are.  They are coming out of the woodwork.  Trump is a catalyst.  Hope he doesn't defeat himself.

Continue to study Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.  Know the enemy and its methods.

Study all the collectivist nuances.

Watch how illegals and refugees are used to destabilize the Republic.  Here I remind you citizenship is a PRIVILEGE not a right.  We are not a dumping ground.  We are a place for Freedom minded folks to gather for a freer better life.

In, around and under this, children are being raped.

Focus.  Dig.  Test.  And remember the intent of the Founders, for US to be individuals come together for one purpose, aka Liberty.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Boxed In

I always remember a scene in Arrival, the first episode of The Prisoner.

Number 6 is being 'processed' at the Village's Labor Exchange.

A squirrelly guy is asking him questions.  He is given a round peg.  Before him is a slot, shaped square.  He slowly places the round peg in the square hole.  It immediately closed round the peg, like a camera lens as the current number 2 chuckled.

Those who want to control us want us to fit.  There is no allowance for self determination.  They go to many lengths to try to make this certain.

Collectivists touch all aspects of life.  They attempt from early on to condition us to accept a particular story or style.  If we give in and just accept without questioning, they win.

Stylizing history, with all its trappings, is a prominent example. 

We are given certain facts, at least as far as they go, and are expected to accept them.  If this is accomplished, rewritten history can be taken as true.

This is why I encourage all to dig and search.  It seems sources are drying up.  Not completely, but accessibility is tightening.  And as you find textured detail, make note, collect and preserve it.

There is a fork in the road concerning more outre, at least to some, elements of history/technology.

One takes us down a swirling mass/mess of conspiracy fact and fiction.  Keep in mind, lies are used, but lies mixed with truth can be devastating.

This applies to technology as well.  It should serve mankind yet often is used instrumentally to control..Also, advances can be held back for most, because people get into a rut of acceptance of their 'lot'.

The other road opens us to possibilities, to dreams becoming reality.

Mind you, conspiracy is a perfectly legitimate term.   The very word has been hijacked so that people can chase their own tails  Or, we study how we are manipulated, how a cabal seeks to control.

Think and act outside the box.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


“And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the ring passed out of all knowledge.”          Galadriel in Lord of the Rings

Perspective. Never accept the status quo.  Always dig, research.  Look beyond the obvious.  That's why I encourage people to do research themselves.  I offer food for thought.  It's up to others to make the menu work.

There is great concern about child rapists.  Rightly so, we must expose and stop them, rescuing kids without panic.  I'm glad to hear of recent arrests and further exposure of the monsters.

As said, the child rapists are in all walks of life.  And many know them as family, friends and/or neighbors.  Again, this is not to  incite paranoia nor distrust.  It is wise to be cautious however.  There is, in many cases, betrayal.

Many child rapists are capable of hiding their evil.  No matter who they are, once discovered, all else is at best tarnished.  It most often destroys.

It has been brought to my attention that a person, prominent in clan affairs, is a convicted child rapist.  I was stunned.  The man has been a font of knowledge and history concerning the clan.  It has brought betrayal on several levels, as such discovery always does.

Betrayal of trust, for the kids, his family, associates and all of us who are proud of our clan, is the fallout with which we deal.

The crimes he committed are his, not anyone else's.  He alone is guilty of child rape.  We need not take the rap for him.

A clan is an umbrella.  We are all under it as members, a worldwide family.  In a family, we find many different situations.  We are not rubber stamped.  There can be quite a mix of good and evil.  And in spite of 'ties' we can choose with whom we associate. 

Once I got over the shock and actual sick feeling, I examined what this has or could do to the reputation of the clan.

Our history goes way back and can be traced to Viking/Norman roots.  There are the sociopolitical elements, with many lives and lines researched.  There are also more fantastic pieces of our genealogical puzzle.  Those have always been under attack.  Now opposition has fuel for the fire thanks to our 'wayward' criminal member.

I'm proud of our history and am related to several notables.  I've always noted those who question certain aspects of our heritage.

I have always said that no matter your genealogy, this is your life.  Today is your turn to live.  Good or bad past, we have the choice to lead/live our lives for weal or woe.

I can't walk on water nor turn it into wine.  But certain people are a gift not just to bloodlines, but to all of us.

Nothing done can assail us and succeed in stopping us unless we let them.  Morality is God's gift to the world and we choose to do right or wrong.

Get through the hurt and maintain honor, fortitude, nobility of heart; what we should be.  Help others, be there for them when evil touches.  Rescue the kids.  Stop and expose those who destroy.

For my fellow clanspeople, I suggest we live according to our motto.  Commit Thy Work To God.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Not the Confederate States.  We'll talk about that later as it's become a contentious subject and I contend it is an historical entity demonized by collectivists.

I'm talking about child sexual abuse.

It is a subject you must research yourselves.  I often encourage all to do so no matter the subject.  That way, you have the facts, can compare/contrast and see what is real and not.  As always, this is a palette for a portrait., food for thought.

There is nothing more evil.  Yes evil.  It is NOT love.  Pedophile means child lover and the term philos means dear, friendly.  Different words for different love in Greek.  Only been in use for about 100 years.

It is rationalization for maladjusted sexual feelings toward prepubescent children.  Paraphilia is sometimes used for attraction to pubescent/teenage children.

These creatures fervently believe they are right.  In my opinion, they are all psychopathic.  And of course there are varying degrees of evil.  Make no mistake, anything to do with child rape on any level is evil.

They are not all hiding in the bushes nor roving in vans.  There are organizations and 'clubs'.  And these monsters are at all levels, financially, socially, ethnically etc.

Many are organized and do indeed stick together.  They would not, of course, be beyond throwing some under the bus in order to survive.

These creatures are vicious and powerful in the highest places of life.  Cunning, they employ collectivist methods to stop those who would bring them to justice.

Learn and get the word out.  Don't jump to conclusions, but don't overlook evidence.  No witch hunters need apply.

It's horrible, devastating and soul destroying.

We must help those victimized and endangered.

Face it.  It's repulsive and evil hopes people are too turned off to take action.

Do not point fingers as do the collectivists.  Find out.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Tumultuous times continue.  I advise everyone to keep up on current events.  Speak out to whatever extent you might.  Decide what you can do to help Restore the Republic.

I sound like a broken record sometimes.  But I can't emphasize enough what I just said.

I'm doing my part aside from here in several ways.  And you should acquaint yourselves with elicitation.

Turtles are remarkable creatures.  For the sake of research on these remarkable reptiles, Wikipedia has a pretty good reference page.  I always vet Wiki because they tend politically to fudge and sometimes open to hacking.

Now to the point.  Symbology.

Turtles can retract their heads and feet/flippers.  The shell is resistant to predators. 

They can be aggressive and some can bite, but they are mostly defensive.

They move relatively slowly but steadily.  Remember the tortoise and hare fable.

The Romans had the testudo (tortoise) formation as a defense against missles. 

Of course there are limits in terms of defense.

I'd advise study as to how and when to be a turtle.

Sometimes one simply has to come out of one's shell.

Monday, February 27, 2017


As usual, the collectivists have appropriated aka stolen resistance.

Mind you, it is a term that can freely (sic) be used by anyone.  Traitor or Freedom fighter?  Depends on your viewpoint.

The collectivist dweebs hijacked this to show dissatisfaction with President Trump.  They are suffering because their red diaper hero is gone.  Well he does have a mansion/bunker near the White house and all the trimmings of a shadow government.  He is cheering the Bolshevik thugs on.

They turn resistance totally around in true Alinskyan/projection.  To them tyranny is Restoring the Republic.  As David Codrea says, to progressives every day is opposite day. 

Perhaps they fashion themselves on the commies in Eastern Europe, China, Cuba etc.  Romantic images of barbaric thugs.

Here is my notion of resistance:

Not red not dead.  Alive and Free.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


It is seen as weakness by collectivists/globalists.  Of course it is not.

I've spoken many times of our heart is our strength and it's true.  It's how the heart is approached and what emphasis it's given.

The collectivists appeal to emotion.  They want people to go off half cocked.  Just look how they respond to our President.  It's how they always respond.  Shrill rampage.

True heart doesn't work like that.  Because it is balanced with reason aka heart and head. 

We care about others and hopefully how those others are affected.  We more largely expand that caring to the world.  It's how we respond that tells a tale.

For instance, we don't like violence.  Wanton destruction on many levels is repugnant to us.  But if we don't defend ourselves, violence will win.  Self defense is our answer.  We are willing to stop a threat, to whatever extent we must.

There are people, I use the term loosely, who have no value on life or decency.  They steal kill rape leaving a trail of destruction.  They don't care about laws stopping them.  They only care if they get caught.  Or stopped.

Normal humans care about ourselves and others.  We will not allow the psychopaths of the world ravage us on any level. 

The collectivists have a twisted sense of protection, if they have that.  Some of these loons try to sympathise with the monsters.

It's all about control.  If only we surrender our selfprotection.  Actually there is no guarantee even then.  Submission only.


Our hearts direct us to protect what is dear to us.

Our heads teach us how.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


It's getting pretty vociferous out there.

The collectivists, as agents for the globalists, are acting up everywhere.  The activity varies, such as crass references on Facebook/Twitter to riots. 

I've dealt with, I'm sure, very mild attacks and snubs compared to many let alone President Trump.  However, it is worth a bit of time to study the modus operandi used against all who advocate Freedom.

I've experienced unfriendings, two particularly simple.  I 'defended guns' and was too antiHillary.  This was before Trump's landslide.

My view is indeed simple.  I proclaim, mostly on my own page, the 2nd Amendment with articles etc supporting this basic Freedom.  Likewise, I fleshed out the perfidy, to put it mildly, of the former Democratic candidate for President.  It isn't pretty and I refuse to be anything but honest.

Believe me, I wasn't distraught when these hive insects spurned me.  I did let them dump me though.  I have several acquaintances there who are , shall we say, divergent.  It reminds me of Ambassador Sinclair telling Garibaldi to 'stay close to the Vorlon and watch out for Shadows.  They move when you're not looking'.  Or keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The sophistication of provocateurs and trolls varies.  I've easily swatted some gadflies and had to excavate others.

A solid basis in history, including knowledge of collectivism in its varied forms, serves one well. 

Now as to attitude, there is a shared emotion.  That is hate.  Again variations occur and skills sets are commensurate. 

Some are more able elicitors and employ subtle and overt methods to find out what certain people know.  Beware and learn verbal martial arts, for this is indeed weaponized communication.  They often approach their goals in a somewhat cheerful manner.  Their wording is especially telling.  Note well what is said and not said.

The same can be said for dour, negative posters.  They seem a throwback to the traditional soviet style drones.  One in particular I could see in cap and long coat with a Tokarev strapped on.  I have, in this particular case, allowed some enlightened history to poke through.  I remember there are many of all stripes viewing dialogs.

There is the spewing of pernicious invectives concerning the President and all of us who seek to Restore the Republic.  I ignore most but can't resist occasionally countering all out lies and venom

Demonstrations aka rioting has increased.  This employs useful idiots, true believers and mercenaries.  Don't be fooled that they are all snowflakes easily melted.  There are hardcore subversives/insurrectionists.  Some have military training, antimilitia if you will. 

And there are the '24' like manipulations in gov itself. 

Watch your six on all levels and in the face of hate be firm of faith and conviction.

Collectivist/globalist hate stems from that ancient hate, unfathomable of the fallen.

It is countered by that which stood up against it.

And it will be puzzling and proactive for those who hate.  Hate is all they have.

We who seek Liberty have more.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


A businessman in the Oval Office encourages me.  It is edgy in the sense of having a bold, provocative, or unconventional quality.  No doubt it's also the common definition as well ie:  nervousness.

I come from a long line of businesspeople and military.  Some of it has rubbed off at least to the point where I have business sense even in artistic endeavors.

Now there are many dishonest businesspeople.  Of course.  Just as there are in every walk of life.  They take a short cut.  No muss no fuss?  Hardly.  But it becomes easier the more it's done.

Wealth is good or bad, depending on how it is acquired and used.

Some just acquire through underhanded ways.  They hoard and make it look as though they share.

Others are above board and make their wealth work for them.  One way is to use it to help people help themselves.  No not a gimme help themselves.  There's enough of that. Helping people heal themselves by giving them opportunities to be self reliant.

We will see what develops between now and the end of February.

Give and take, analysis, resources.

Edgy no?

Monday, January 30, 2017


Certainly a lot of talk and continued two way exploitation.  Poverty.  Institutionalized partly due to that nit LBJ etal.  It's become an orgy of theft and dependence.

I believe with Trump, we have a catalyst to give people opportunities of which they have been robbed for decades.  He's already undoing a great deal of weblike miasma with much more to go.  No wonder the collectivists and their globalist masters have their knickers in a knot.  Freedom, self determination, a real chance to succeed, are in the offing.

I'm not going to go on about it.  The perfidy is well documented.

On the tail of MLK Day and Black History Month looming, content of character is on my mind.

My Mom grew up poor during the Depression.  They did the best they could and never
starved. Clothes were saved and passed down, everything from soap to soup was used. Also, she often quoted an oft stated sentiment from those days.  ''If you are poor, you can at least be clean.''

There is real pride, self worth and hope/determination.  This is shared by all colors.  It's not limited to any group.  All are welcome.

Now, it's not a 'know your place' thing.  On the contrary, it is maintenance.  Gotta take care of yourself.  There is no gimme attitude.  Well, there wasn't.

People made do but hoped for more.

I'm not a cult of personality guy for anyone.  But, with Trump we can all take the bull by the horns.  It is anticollectivism time.

We can maintain such as feeding folks so they can think straight then feed themselves.  All we need is for government to get out of the charity business.

If we are truly getting back to having the power as in Constitutional Republic, we have that power within to lift ourselves and work with others too.

It may be a seemingly eternal way of life.  We shall see.

Stay clean.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Not chapstick, though it's winter here and some are chaffing with the Trump win.

Chopsticks are the traditional utensils in China and other Oriental environs.

It takes some dexterous skill, but they can be used with aplomb.  China's like that.

I urge people to study China's history.  There are parallels with the West and differences too.  Cultural differences are interesting but I'll let you research.  They have contributed much wherever they go and many things we take for granted had origins in China.

China has had designs on conquering the world for millennia.  The Red Chinese are no exception.  It is a combination of military, economic and social subversion.

All collectivism leads to control. 

We have flavors of communism with some mixed with fascism such as Red China.  There is Islamic supremacism which masks itself in religion.  The others proclaim the state as god.

All relinquish individuality, with few in charge.  They also mask something else.

There are a very few, some string pullers, but several who remain in the shadows.  Old families old money.

Without using labels (call them what you want), its all about a hierarchy or lowerarchy and without going into detail, it is also spiritual.  I'll deal with that soon.

So study it all.  People are good or evil or straddling.  Many worldwide crave Freedom.

And they obviously won't let it be generally known, but Communist China is wracked with little revolts.

As a result, they crack down, including mobile executions.

We all know where that eventually leads, though with our Chinese world neighbors, it's a very winding road.

Brushfires of Freedom in the minds of men and women will not be put out.

Sure it's a hit and miss.  But Freedom is rising worldwide.

We are on the verge of the most crucial time in history.

Regardless, there are two kinds of people; those who seek Freedom and those who prefer to be told what to do.

Learn to use chopsticks, new skills and sew seeds of Liberty where you can.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Passionate Calm

Wowee.  That big ole hourglass got turned over and so has the world.

President Trump.  What a pleasure to have an actual president instead of a pretender, an occupier who was a former 'community organizer'.  I like the way Joel Gilbert referred to him.  Agitator is a better application.  It is an activity steeped in Marxism, meant to stir up and unbind the Republic.  Gilbert said he believes the occupier didn't think of himself as a president.  The occupier, good little Marxist that he is, loathes the Republic and all its appellations.  Not Trump.

Thank god for a businessman instead of a lawyer/politician.  Antimarxist doesn't even cover it.  But it's a good start.

Of course, power is never surrendered easily.  The collectivists are using their usual tricks to try and derail Freedom.  So far it's failing but they will never give up.  Neither will Trump nor those of us working to Restore the Republic.  I always say we fight an enemy that never sleeps so we must learn to sleep less.

I also boil down our enemies to useful idiots, true believers and string pullers.  A trifle oversimplified perhaps but nonetheless true.

The useful idiots have been unleashed in typical collectivist fashion. From outright rioting to jabbering sing song slogans, crowding people and assault (mostly by paid thugs), under the guise of 'protest', they try to hide behind free speech.  well, that ends when marches and slogans become mayhem and assault.

The stupidity of the useful idiots is legion.  They barely spout and spew hate like hating white men etc.  When questioned, some just display the middle finger (a popular collectivist retort) or they, if seeming to listen, are shooed away by handlers aka true believers.

The true believers, in league with the thugs, attempt to either assault verbally or physically, anyone opposed to them, including passersby.

Self defense is called for when they try this.  Go to for articles on counter methods.

One tip, don't take the bait, don't rise to the occasion.  Be watchful, wary and try to evade unless close observation is called for.  Be with others and watch each other's backs.

The socalled MSM try to play down these activities.  They try to make Freedom minded people take the blame.  Indeed, these days what was called alternative is the reliable source, instead of collectivist shills.  Don't rise to their bait either.  If interviewed, try to phrase things so the cannot be misquoted, unless they censor.

Cover yourself every way possible.

These 'people' are predictable but insidious

Be passionate.  Stay calm and ride the storm which Freedom brings when fighting tyranny.