Friday, July 28, 2017


Well, ahem, it has many nuances.

Reach out and touch someone can mean that, as it says or can mean the motto of the sniper.

Call a friend, family member, associate.

Romantic, erotic, familial or just a nudge to get past a place.

Touched by an angel even.

Reminds me of the series that was popular late 90s early 2000s.

Kinda schmalzy series with Roma Downey (damn good actress and hell of a gal) as Monica 'an angel of the Lord' sent to help folks in various stages of life, with commensurate lessons to be learned in each episode.

Pretty radical programming for network tv?

Yes and no.

Religion is the opiate of the people said Lenin. I agree. WOW!!!

If people relegate themselves to blindly following and not doing, if they don't think for themselves, if they think they are not involved and all is 'left to God', then yes, it is an opiate.

Now 7 years after I wrote the above, let me just say touch.

Set brushfires of Freedom in the minds of people.

Get them to think for themselves.

I'm a broken record.  But I'm not beating a dead horse.

I save a great deal of what I write and archive a lot of others' writings, including historical documents.  This is disbursed and necessary with the rewriting of history by collectivists.

So call it rehash, fry it up and slap an egg on it.  Season it with Liberty and serve.

Let your touch be light but firm and leave those touched with a feeling of opening a window and letting the fresh air inside.

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Waste not want not.